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Onboarding Guide to theMicrosoft Azure Enterprise Portal(Indirect Enrollment)Enterprise Azure Operations – Updated July 2016Microsoft Azure1

Table of Contents Overview of Roles on Microsoft Azure Portals Activation of the Microsoft Azure Enterprise Portal Adding Departments, Accounts, Subscriptions, andAzure Services Overview of Reporting and Notification 2016 Microsoft Corporation 2

Enterprise Azure Roles and ntPortalMgmtPortal3

Invitation to Activate Your EnrollmentIdeally, before logging into the Enterprise Portal, theEnterprise Administrator should identify the accounts ofthe individuals they want to fill these roles:To activate your service, the initial EnterpriseAdministrator should go to https://ea.azure.com andlogin using the email address listed in the invitationemail that was sent.NOTE: If the Enterprise Admin email is listed as aMicrosoft Account and you have not created a MicrosoftAccount associated with the email address from whichyou received the invitation, you will need to do sobefore sign on by going to https://signup.live.com andutilizing this email address when creating a MicrosoftAccount.We recommend scheduling a conciergeonboarding meeting where our staff canprovide an overview of Enterprise Azure,answer questions and get you started right.http://aka.ms/AzureEntSupportChoose the problem type: Enterprise PortalChoose the category: Scheduling anOnboarding or Concierge SessionIf you would prefer to use a different email address toactivate your enrollment, please request a new ID beadded by submitting a ticket hereMicrosoft Azure4

Types of Authentication CredentialsPersonal Microsoft Account ve.comtony@my company.comtina@my school.edujoseph@my ngo.orgAccounts and Passwords are set by accountowner on:http://signup.live.comPasswords are reset on:http://login.live.comWork or school account tony@my company.com tina@my school.edu joseph@my ngo.orgAccounts and Passwords are set by your companyor Active Directory Domain administrator on:Synchronized Azure Active Directory in the Cloudor Office 365 (See slide notes for details)5

Log In and Activate Your Online Serviceshttps://ea.azure.comAdministrator in theappropriate fieldsFor a personal Microsoft Account it is a passwordyou have created. For a Work or School Accountyou must have a cloud-based Azure ActiveDirectory and the password is provided by yourOrganization.6

Manage Enrollment PanelYou begin at the enrollment level.The focus will be highlighted in blueYou can move to Department,Account and Subscription levelYou can moveto reporting,notificationsand help fileviews on theleft handnavigationpanelRelatedaccounts isthe same asthe accountview on topYou can see and addEnterprise AdminsFeedback can be providedthrough the comment iconHoveringover theheadshoticon willallow youto see yourlogincredentialsand sign outRead Only RoleFlag for thosewho can see butnot editItems with ablue pen areeditableLanguage Selectionand Support linksare on each pageYou addnotificationcontacts here7

Adding/Editing Enterprise Admins and Notification ContactsTo focus on a specific Enterprise Admin hover over it. An edit pen and delete icon will appear. Selecting edit will open ascreen to update notifications and selecting the x will open a screen to delete the adminClicking on the Add buttons will bring slide outs in fromthe right side of the screen.Fill in the action box with appropriate details8

Department/Account Setup MethodologyFunctional TeamsFinance, Marketing, Sales, etc.Geographic LocationsNorth America, Europe, Asia, etc.Business DivisionsAutomotive, Aerospace, Medical, etc.ApplicationsApplication 1, Application 2, etc.9

Manage Departments PanelYour view focus will behighlighted in blueClicking ontheDepartmentwill open aDetails viewwhere youcan view andedit detailsDefault view usesIcons. You can toggleto a list view hereFilter to showonly activestatus itemsYou can addDepartmentsandDepartmentAdmins here.Clicking onadd willbring a slideout from theright handside of thescreen withan actionbox to fill indetails.10

Manage Department DetailThe most recently selected department willbecome the top left focus icon and it will alsomove to the top of the list viewRelatedaccounts willnow showaccounts withthedepartmentfocus setClicking on theedit pen opensthis overlaidview.11

The Department Administrator RoleDepartment Administrator - The Department Administrator has ability to do the following: Create Department Administrator (Department focus – click on add administrator) View/Edit Department properties such as name or Cost Center (Department focus – click on edit penicon) Create a new Account Owner on the Department they administer (Switch to Account focus – click onadd account) Remove the associated Accounts from the Department they administer (In Account focus – hover overaccount and then select the x icon to delete) Download usage details of the Department they administer (Switch to Reports panel on left – SelectDownload Usage focus) View the monthly Usage and Charges associated to their Department if Enterprise Administrator hasgranted permission to do so. (Switch to Reports panel on left – Select Usage Summary focus)12

Important information before you add Account Owners The first time you login to the EA Portalas an account owner you will see thiswarning It is important to read and understandbecause your existing subscriptions areabout to be converted and benefitscould be lost A Visual Studio subscriber who is addedas an Account Owner will lose theirindividual monthly Azure credit untilthey take further action See additional details on the next slideMicrosoft Azure13

CAUTION: EA Account OwnersEA Account Owners cannot use the same login for the EA and other Azure offers. Doing so willconvert the other Azure subscriptions (e.g., Visual Studio subscription Benefits, BizSpark, MPN,Pay-As-You-Go, etc.) that they own into the EA.For example, if a user is added to the EA Portal as an Account Owner and logs in with theMicrosoft account that is also used for their individual Visual Studio Azure Benefits, then this VisualStudio Azure Benefit subscription will be converted to the EA Dev/Test type, losing the 50(professional), 100 (platform), or 150 (enterprise) monthly credit they receive.To recover your individual Visual Studio Azure Benefit after you authenticate as an EA AccountOwner (having used the same login for the EA as for your Visual Studio subscription) you musteither:1) Delete this Account Owner from the EA Portal (after removing or moving any Azuresubscriptions they own) and have them sign up for their individual Visual Studio Azure benefitsanew, or2) Delete the subscriber from the Visual Studio Administration site in the VLSC and reassign thesubscription, having them use a different login this time—then they can sign up for theirindividual Visual Studio Azure benefits anew.Microsoft Azure14

Manage Accounts PanelYour view focus will behighlighted in blueFilter to remove deleted accounts from view.Once deleted they show as Inactive butremain for historic billing info. They can bere-added as wellView My Account opens the Account Detailscreen where you can edit your account namefor exampleYou can addAccounts Here.You can selectaccountsacross alldepartmentsor filter bydepartmentDev/TestClicking on add willbring a slide outfrom the right handside of the screenwith an action box tofill in details.You can see anddefine Cost Center atthe Department,Account andSubscription Level15

Create or Associate an Account. Confirm Account Ownership by signing into the Enterprise Portal with the Account Owner email address provided. Receipt of emailnotification is not required for login. Account Owners can log in by going to https://ea.azure.com.IMPORTANT NOTICE:The association of an Account and its subscriptions happens on the day the Account Owner signsinto the enterprise portal and thereby confirms association of the account owner email address.Existing subscriptions transferred to an Enterprise Enrollment will be immediately transitioned tobilling on the Enterprise Enrollment on that day. The Account owner is responsible for paying anyoutstanding charges on the payment instrument prior to the association date.All usage on transferred accounts will be billed based on terms of the Enterprise Enrollment.Subscriptions that were using a different offer type for payment like Pay As You Go on a credit cardwill be converted to Enterprise Offers. The automated process will rename the subscriptionappending the words (converted to EA) to the end of the subscription name so that you know ithas made that transition.Warning: If an account has subscriptions with special pricing (including no charge services),once transferred, the account will begin incurring costs based on the terms of the AzureAmendment to the Enterprise Enrollment.16

Manage Accounts PanelAuth Type:Shows the Authentication method requiredfor each accountStatus:Active if account owner has logged in.Pending if account owner has not logged in.Inactive if the account owner has been deletedStart Date is the date the account owner firstlogged in. End date is end of EA contractperiodDev/Test shown asYes if the accounthas been enabledto create EADev/TestsubscriptionsDev/TestDepartment isUnassigned untilset by Enterprise orDepartment AdminHovering over the accountreveals the Action Icons.Options are Edit Account,Delete Account, ChangeAccount Owner andTransfer Subscriptions17

Manage Accounts Panel – Edit AccountDev/TestDev/TestIf an account owner has Dev/Testselected, this enables them to createEnterprise Dev/Test subscriptions, butit does not change any of theirexisting subscriptions to EA Dev/Test.At the point of creating a newsubscription, they can choose eitherMicrosoft Azure Enterprise or EADev/Test.Note: Only active Visual Studiosubscribers are authorized to use theservices within an EA Dev/Testsubscription. Also there are no SLAguarantees for EA Dev/Testsubscriptions.18

Manage Accounts Panel – Change Account OwnerThe Selection box willhighlight eligible transfercandidates in dark boldtext.Candidates are madeeligible by being active andhaving created at least onesubscription.Please note limitations andcontact support if there isa failure.Status will appear at thetop of the window aftersubmission. Transfers arenot instant. If the transferhas not completed in anhour please contactsupport.19

Manage Accounts Panel – Transfer SubscriptionsThe Selectionbox will show asubscriptionlist to selectfrom.Select thetarget from thebold darkeligibledestinationaccounts.Continue on totransfer thesubscription inthe finalwindow.Status willappear at thetop of thepanel.20

Manage Accounts Panel – Transfer SubscriptionsWhether doing an ownership change (transferring all subscriptions) or individual subscription transfers, to see thetransfer status you will have to first deselect the Active filter to show subscriptions in non-active statuses. You will alsonotice that the subscription is in Active Transferring status until the transfer is completed and at that point will show asTransferred Out and the same GUID will now show as active in the destination account with the start date being thetransfer date. You can see that in the second image below with the GUID moving from billtest145078 to billtest50187421

Subscription Setup MethodologyOnly the Account Owner has the abilityto create Subscriptions. Subscriptionsmay have any combination of servicesassociated to them.Creating different Subscriptions for eachenvironment of your applications andassigning a different ServiceAdministrator and Co-Administrators toeach subscription can be used to helpcontrol access to development projectsand environments within yourorganization. 22

Manage Subscriptions PanelFilter by Department and AccountOnly Account owners will have an addsubscription linkSetting a Cost Center value atthe subscription level can only bedone after the subscription iscreated. To do so, hover over thesubscription to reveal the editicon and then click on it.Within the popover box you canset or edit the subscription levelCost Center23

Adding a New Subscription24

Adding a New SubscriptionWhen it is ready you will see a link to take you tothe management portal. You will need to comeback to the account portal to customize thesubscription name or sign up for preview features.Subscription Creation is done on the Account Portaland can take a few minutes so you are offered a fewtutorials while you wait.25

Edit Subscription Details26

Add Subscription from Subscriptions List27

Account Owner with the Dev/Test boxchecked - Add Subscription fromSubscriptions ListAccount Owners only see the EADev/Test offer option if they havethe necessary permissions (set byEnterprise Admins in the AzureEnterprise Portal)28

Signing up for Preview FeaturesOnce your account is associatedwith the Enterprise Agreement youcan log in directly athttps://account.windowsazure.com/The Account Portal is also whereyou sign up for Preview Featureswhich are added on a subscriptionby subscription basis by clicking onthe try it now button.29

Azure azure.com/ResourceManagerNew PortalClassic Portal

Azure Management Portal31

Adding an Ownership Role to a subscriptionRole Based AccessThe owner role only operates on the Azure Management PortalTheir role includes the ability to:1) Provision/de-provision azure services within the subscription2) Manage the other roles within the subscription3) Open support tickets for issues within the subscriptionThey do not get any email notification when they are added to a rolebut they can now access the subscription at portal.azure.com32

Azure Service Level Helpwww.azure.comThe items are selfexplanatory.Documentation, NewSupport Request,Manage existingSupport Requests, etc.33

Opening a Support RequestChoose the New Support Request Icon or menu item and fill out the needed information in panels. Below is an example ofrequesting a quota increase for more cores within a subscription.At the end you must click on the create button and when successfulyou will also get the support ticket number for your reference. Note:for technical support you must have a technical support contract inplace. If you do not, for EA customers it is ordered as a line item SKUon a Purchase Order. See our slide on Support Plan Tiers.34

Reports for Indirect EnrollmentsMarkup or no MarkupThe presence of thesetwo reports indicatesthat the Partner haspublished a markupfor your enrollment.Note: If no Markup is published your Partner owes you a monetary commitment balanceamount, a monthly list of prices and regular feedback on your spend at those pricesThe Add Markupfeature basicallyprovides IndirectCustomers with aDirect Customer viewwhich includes pricesand costs in both theUsage Summary andin the DownloadUsage Data reportsthrough the presenceof the Resource Rateand Extended Costcolumns35

Reports – Service Usage Report36

Reports – Usage Summary – Monthly ViewYour view focus will be highlightedin blue. Hover over the month youwant to focus on for detailsM is the Monthy view and Q is theQuarterly view. Click to toggleNotificationsin the UI willshow up likeemails to beread in a slideout from theleft.New graphical summary shows Monetary Commitment if applicableas a blue line. Hovering at the data point shows the amount monthby monthCharges aresummarized onthe side and colorcoded. Green isspend against amonetarycommitment, Redis Overage, Yellowis charges billedseparately byinvoice andPurple isMarketplacecharges billedand invoicedseparately37

Reports – Usage Detail – Monthly ViewService – Each of theMicrosoft Azure servicesthat have been utilized byone or more subscriptionsduring the calendar monthUnit of Measure – TheUnit of Measure used tocalculate charges eachmonthConsumed Units – Theamount of serviceconsumed (hours, GB, etc.),during the selected monthIncluded Units – TheUnits consumed that are Charged Units – Theincluded at no cost orUnits consumed that arepre-paidbillableNote: To learn more aboutpricing, billing and metering,click here.Unit Price – Thecommitment pricing perunit used to calculatemonthly chargesUsage Charge – Theamount of money appliedagainst your monetarycommitmentScrolling down will show usage and charges by categories incolor coded and labelled sections for: charges against monetarycommitment, charges in overage, charges billed separately andmarketplace charges also billed separately38

Reports – Usage Summary – Quarterly ViewCurrent quarter highlighted. Clickon other quarters to change thefocus to that quarterBeginning Balance,Purchases, andAdjustments showpre-paid balance.Utilized showsspend against thatbalance. ServiceOverage andCharges BilledSeparately showamount billed backin arrears byinvoice.Please note thatCharges BilledSeparately andAzure Marketplacecharges areinvoiced separatelyand not against themonetarycommitmentbalance. They arebilled backquarterly in arrears.39

Reports – Usage Summary – Filtered UsageYour view focus will behighlighted in blueTwo Views by Service and by Hierarchy: Service is AzureServices, Services Billed Separately, Marketplace etc. andHierarchy is Department, Account and Subscription Level40

Reports – Usage Summary – Filtered UsageYour view focus will behighlighted in blueI have chosen Charge by Hierarchy then the “Third PartyCompany” Department, then the “Store Simple Test”account, then the “Microsoft Azure Enterprise” subscriptionA click on the account orsubscription in the panel expandsthe panel for that view. Clicking onthe three dots contracts the view41

Reports – Download UsageEnterprise Administrators have the ability to download all account andsubscription daily, SKU-level usage data associated with the Enrollment. Account Owners have the ability todownload usage data from subscriptions associated with their account and can only view cost data if it isenabled by the Enterprise Administrator.Balance andCharge: showsthe usagesummary viewof monthbeginningbalance andcharges againstthat balanceUsage Detail:shows themonthly viewof thedetailed dailyusage for allaccounts andsubscriptionsMarketplaceCharges: showsthe details forconsumptionbasedpurchases.Fixed monthlycharges are nothere.PriceSheet:showshistoricserviceprices42

Reports – Download UsageYour view focus will be highlightedin blue.This is the Advanced Report focuswhere you can choose a date rangeand account set for a custom reportSelecting the API Access Key focusopens this view, where you cangenerate, regenerate, delete andcopy API keysYou will beprompted toconfirm youractions forAPI keyactions whenyou click onthe icons43

Reports – Price SheetNew in this UI is the ability todownload the price sheet in an excelspreadsheetYour view focus will behighlighted in blue.Clicking ontheInformationicon willshow thebaselinenegotiatedrate and thecurrent rate.Customersget thebetter of thetwo rates.Commitment prices are pricesnegotiated against a pre-paidmonetary commitment balanceOverage prices are those in excessof a monetary commitmenttherefore billed back in arrears44

Reports – Power BI ReportingNote: MicrosoftAccounts (MSAs)are notsupported forPower BI. Youmust have a validWork or SchoolAccount withauthentication inAzure ActiveDirectory (AAD)in order to usePower BI.45

Reports – Power BI ReportingDefault Dashboard: Customize and drill downby clicking.Default Reports: Customize and drill down byclicking.Datasets: Update automatically or can berefreshed on demand and you can build yourown Dashboards and Reports from the dataset.46

Overage and Quota Threshold NotificationsIndirect Customers and their Partners47

Periodic Usage & Lifecycle Email NotificationsMonetary Commitment Balance &Unbilled Usage: The emails provide a usagesummary only. If the partner haspublished a markup costinformation is available in UsageSummary and Download Usagereports. Each Enterprise Administrator hasthe ability to change the frequencyof the notification to daily, weekly,monthly or turn them offcompletely. A Notification Contact can beadded to receive notifications onthe same frequency or can be setup independently on their ownschedule To modify notification settings:hover over the admin account andthen select the edit pen on theright, a popover will appear withnotification settings48

Lifecycle Email NotificationsLifecycle Email Notifications: Coverage Period End DateApproaching Emails are sent toEnterprise Administrator 60, 30, 7day prior to the AzureAmendment Coverage Period EndDate Disable and De-provision DateApproaching: Inform theEnterprise Administrators on anenrollment that the coverageperiod end date has past by morethan 10 months and that theirAccounts and Subscriptions will bedisabled after the coverage periodend date has been exceeded byone full year. Email is sent 60, 30,15, 7 and 1 days prior to end ofgrace period.49

Our Tiered Support OfferingsFind details on our support offerings /W6T-00002 EA SKU as PO Line ItemW6T-00003 EA SKU as POLine ItemSupport can be purchased through your channel partner.If you have already placed an order for a support planand the order is pending, you can be temporarily enabledfor technical support. To do so, please click on this link tocreate a support incident. Please select a Support Type of“Support Offers and Pricing Information” and a ProblemType of “Enable Temporary Technical Support”. In thedescription of the issue, please indicate that you haveordered or are in the process of ordering a paid supportplan, the plan that you ordered (e.g., Standard,Professional Direct, etc.) and provide a description of yourissue.50

Microsoft Azure Services and Support ResourcesHelpful LinksMicrosoft Azure Enterprise Portal – To view your enterprise level accounts, subscriptions, monetary commitment and overage balances and tocreate accounts and subscriptions https://ea.azure.comMicrosoft Azure Management Portal – To deploy and host your applications once you have created a subscription on the Microsoft AzureEnterprise Portal https://manage.windowsazure.comMicrosoft Azure Account Dashboard – To update your subscription name or Service Administrator informationhttps://account.windowsazure.comDemos of the various roles and portals and features can be found at our Channel9 Blob portMicrosoft Enterprise Portal Support – For Enterprise Portal Access, Administration and onboarding requests, go here:https://aka.ms/AzureEntSupportMicrosoft makes no warranties, express or implied. You may copy and use this document for your internal, reference purposes only. 2015 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. Microsoft, Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Azure logo, Windows Live, and SQL Azure aretrademarks of the Microsoft group of companies. All other trademarks are property of their respective owners.51

Microsoft Azure Support Resources (continued)Service Dashboard – Current status on the health of Microsoft Azure Services can be viewedat the service dashboard at ashboard/If you wish to receive notifications for interruptions to any of the services, you can subscribe tothe respective RSS feeds from that pageService Level Agreements – To view service level agreements associated with Microsoft Azureservices, go to the SLA homepage at /52

Appendix for Managed Service Provider (MSP)Enrollments53

Manage Departments Panel - MSPYour view focus will behighlighted in blueClicking ontheDepartmentwill open aDetails viewwhere youcan view andedit detailsMSP Departments areidentified with theMSP badgeDefault view usesIcons. You can toggleto a list view hereFilter to showonly activestatus itemsYou can addDepartmentsandDepartmentAdmins here.Clicking onadd willbring a slideout from theright handside of thescreen withan actionbox to fill indetails.54

Add Department - MSPContact Information has required fields with are noted witha*When you click the add department buttonand select yes for MSP the informationitems will appearIt is important that the Company Name and Address arerecognizable by Microsoft for billing and revenue purposesAlthough allother fieldsare optionalthere may beimportantfields foryour use inmanagingMSPdepartments55

department administrator -the department administrator has ability to do the following: create department administrator (department focus -click on add administrator) view/edit department properties such as name or cost center (department focus -click on edit pen icon) create a new account owner on the department they administer (switch to

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Smart Onboarding is a robust new hire onboarding solution that supports the talent you are hiring, regardless of whether they are contractors, temporary workers, or internal employees. Smart Onboarding supports industry best practices throughout the talent's life cycle, including preboarding, onboarding and offboarding. Smart Onboarding has .

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Le genou de Lucy. Odile Jacob. 1999. Coppens Y. Pré-textes. L’homme préhistorique en morceaux. Eds Odile Jacob. 2011. Costentin J., Delaveau P. Café, thé, chocolat, les bons effets sur le cerveau et pour le corps. Editions Odile Jacob. 2010. 3 Crawford M., Marsh D. The driving force : food in human evolution and the future.

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