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TECHNICAL INFORMATIONPLEXIGLAS Solid sheet, block, multi-skin sheet, corrugated sheet, tube and rodPLEXIGLAS GS/XTApplication Characteristics of PLEXIGLAS PLEXIGLAS GSPLEXIGLAS XTcastextrudedabsolutely colorless and clearabsolutely colorless and clearbreak-resistant to impact-resistant (PLEXIGLAS Resist)break-resistant to impact-resistant (PLEXIGLAS Resist 45–100)unequalled resistance to weathering and agingunequalled resistance to weathering and ageinghigh-quality surface and planarity; high-gloss, matt(PLEXIGLAS Satinice)very good surface; high-gloss, textured or matt(PLEXIGLAS Satinice)solid sheets, blocks and round rodssolid sheets, tubes, round rods, multi-skin sheets, corrugated sheets2 mm to 160 mm solid sheet/block thicknes1.5 to 25 mm solid sheet thickness,multi-skin sheets 8, 16 and 32 mm thickstandard size 3050 x 2030 mm up to 25 mm thickstandard size 3000 x 2000 mm from 30 mm thickstandard size for solid sheets 3050 x 2050 mm ( extra lengths)over 40 standard coloursover 20 standard coloursgood resistance to diluted acids and to alkalis,limited resistance to organic solventsgood resistance to diluted acids and to alkalis,limited resistance to organic solvents.very easy to work, similar to hardwoodeasy to work, similar to hardwoodeasy to thermoform over a wide range of conditionsvery easy to thermoform under optimum, constant conditionseasily and firmly bonded, e.g. with reaction adhesives(e.g. ACRIFIX 2R 0190, 1R 0192)very easily bonded, also with solvent adhesives(e.g. ACRIFIX 1S 0116, 1S 0117)burns more or less like hardwood; very little smoke generation;combustion gases are non-toxic and non-corrosiveburns more or less like hardwood; very little smoke generation;combustion gases are non-toxic and non-corrosivemax. service temperature approx. 80 Cmax. service temperature approx. 70 CPLEXIGLAS Ref. No. 211-1 02/2

PLEXIGLAS Solid sheet, block, multi-skin sheet, corrugated sheet, tube and rodSurvey of PLEXIGLAS grades and relevant product groupsPLEXIGLAS GSPLEXIGLAS GS 0F00Standard solid sheet (and also rod) gradefrom 2 to 25 mm thickness, largely UV-absorbing.PLEXIGLAS GS 0F00Standard grade for blocks from 30 mm thickness, UV-absorbing.PLEXIGLAS LED (for backlighting)UV-absorbing grades especially for backlighting, with LED-optimisedproperties, such as maximum transmission and optimum light diffusion.PLEXIGLAS LED (for edge lighting)Transparent, UV-absorbing, “forward-diffusing” special grades for edgelit and ultra-slim illuminated signs and light objects.PLEXIGLAS ResistSpecial solid sheet grade with greater impact strength and lower rigidity,with high-gloss or matt surfaces, UV absorbing, for windscreens ontwo-wheeled vehicles, trade show booth construction and store fixtures,protective glazing.PLEXIGLAS SatiniceColourless and coloured standard grades with one (SC) and two (DC)satin surfaces for furniture, displays, illuminated signs and light objects.PLEXIGLAS GS ColoursTransparent, translucent, opaque, fluorescent standardand special grades.PLEXIGLAS GS 0A31UV-absorbing special grade for applications requiringhigh UV protection, as well as for areas with strong sunlight.PLEXIGLAS GS 0Z09UV-absorbing special grade with increased heat deflection temperatureand better chemical resistance.PLEXIGLAS GS 0Z18UV-absorbing special grade for exacting demands(e.g. for fibre-optic cables).PLEXIGLAS GS 241, 245, 249Special grades approved for aircraft glazing, UV-absorbing, of highoptical quality.PLEXIGLAS GS 24581UV-transmitting, highly UV-resistant colourlessand transparent-coloured special grades for tanning beds.PLEXIGLAS Soundstop GSUV-absorbing special solid sheet grade, complies with ZTV-Lsw 06,EN 1793 and EN 1794 for noise barriers.PLEXIGLAS Soundstop GS CCUV-absorbing solid sheets with integrated PA threads,complies with ZTV-Lsw 06, EN 1793 and EN 1794 for noise barriers.PARAPAN High-gloss solid acrylic sheets in 18 mm main thickness with specialopaque standard and special colours for furniture fronts.1Europ. Patent EP 1 164 633PLEXIGLAS Ref. No. 211-1 02/2Page 2/7

PLEXIGLAS Solid sheet, block, multi-skin sheet, corrugated sheet, tube and rodSurvey of PLEXIGLAS Grades and Relevant Product GroupsPLEXIGLAS XTPLEXIGLAS XT 0A000Standard solid sheet grade; largely UV-absorbing.Special grade (0A000 HQ) with high quality suitable for mirror coating.PLEXIGLAS XT 0A070Standard grades of tubes and round rods; UV-transmitting.PLEXIGLAS XT 0A370UV-transmitting and highly UV-resistant colourless solid sheet grade(e.g. for conservatories, sun terraces).PLEXIGLAS XT 0A770UV-transmitting, highly UV-resistant colourless special grade for tanning bed canopies; thickness max. 3 mm.PLEXIGLAS XT 0A570 (UV 100)Family of UV-absorbing and UV-protecting standard grades for glazingof pictures and exhibits.PLEXIGLAS XT ColoursTransparent, translucent, opaque, standard and special grades.PLEXIGLAS Hi-GlossA noble appearance and special deep-view effect are thecharacteristics of these high-gloss solid sheets, which areavailable in various colours.PLEXIGLAS LED (for edge lighting)UV-absorbing, “forward-diffusing” special grade for edge-litand ultra-slim illuminated signs.PLEXIGLAS OpticalTransparent solid sheets with a non-scratch coating and very goodabrasion and chemical resistance. Available with a high-gloss (HC)or matt (HCM) surface finish.PLEXIGLAS ReflectionsAttractively mirror-coated and reflective solid sheets with a metallic,high-gloss or satin-finished surface.PLEXIGLAS Satinice 0D010 DFSolid sheets and tubes satin-finished on both sides and withdiffuser beads evenly distributed throughout the material,for light objects, signs and illuminated signs.PLEXIGLAS Satinice SC/DCColourless and coloured (multi-coloured), co-extruded standard andspecial grades with one (SC) and two (DC) satin surfaces for furniture,displays, illuminated signs and light objects.PLEXIGLAS Resist 6 45, -65, -75, -100Standard grades of solid sheets with higher, graded impactstrength and reduced rigidity, UV-absorbing.PLEXIGLAS TexturesSolid sheets with a variety of classical surface textures, combined withtrendy colours.PLEXIGLAS Heatstop XT / SP / WP 3IR-reflecting standard grades that greatly reduce incident solarradiation of solid sheets, multi-skin sheets with a water-dispersingNO DROP 4 coating on one side, and corrugated sheets; for domedand continuous rooflights, patio and conservatory roofs, etc.;UV-absorbing.PLEXIGLAS Alltop SP 2Group of multi-skin sheets with a water-dispersing coating on bothsurfaces.PLEXIGLAS Resist SP / WP 5Groups of multi-skin sheets with higher impact strength, with a waterdispersing NO DROP coating on one side, and corrugated sheets; UVabsorbing.PLEXIGLAS Soundstop XT 7UV-absorbing special grades of solid sheet, complies with ZTV-Lsw 06,EN 1793 and EN 1794 for noise barriers.2Europ. Patent EP 530 6173Europ. Patent EP 548 8224Europ. Patent EP 149 1825Europ. Patent EP 733 7546Europ. Patent EP 776 9317Europ. Patent EP 600 332PLEXIGLAS Ref. No. 211-1 02/2Page 3/7

PLEXIGLAS Solid sheet, block, multi-skin sheet, corrugated sheet, tube and rodTypical property values (at 23 C and 50% relative humidity)Mechanical propertiesPLEXIGLAS GS0F00; 0Z09PLEXIGLAS XT0A000; 0A070PLEXIGLAS Resist45; 65; 75; 100UnitDensity ρ1.191.191.19g/cm³ISO 1183Impact strength acU (Charpy)151545; 65; 75; no breakkJ/mISO 179/1fuNotched impact strength aiN (lzod)1.61.62,5; 4,5; 6,0; 6,5kJ/m2ISO 180/1 ANotched impact strength acN (Charpy)--3,5; 6,5; 7,5; 8,0kJ/m2ISO 179/1eAMPaISO 527-2/1B/5Tensile strength σMTest standard2– 40 C110100-23 C807260; 50; 45; 4070 C4035-Elongation at break εB5.54.5-%ISO 527-2/1B/5Nominal elongation at break εtB--10; 15; 20; 25%ISO 527-2/1B/50Flexural strength σbBStandard test specimen (80 x 10 x 4 mm3)11510595; 85; 77; 69MPaISO 178Compressive yield stress σdF110103-103ISO 604Max. safety stress σmax. (up to 40 C)5–105–105–10MPa-Modulus of elasticity Et(short-term value)330033002700; 2200;2000; 1800MPaISO 527-2/1B/1Min. cold bending radius330 x thickness330 x thickness270 x thickness;210 x thickness;180 x thickness;150 x thickness--Dynamic shear modulus G at approx. 10 Hz17001700-MPaISO 537Indentation hardness H961/30175175145; 130; 120; 100MPaISO 2039-1Abrasion resistance in Taber abrader test(100 rev.; 5.4 N; CS-10F)20 –3020 –3020 –30; 30 –40;30 –40; 30 –40% HazeISO 9352--Coefficient of friction μplastic / plastic0.80.8-plastic / steel0.50.5-steel / plastic0.450.45-Poisson’s ratio μb(dilatation speed of 5% per min;up to 2% dilatation; at 23 C)0.370.370.41; 0.42. 0.41; 0.43-ISO 527-1Resistance to puck impact from thickness---; from 5mm; -; --Similar toDIN 18 032.Part 3PLEXIGLAS Ref. No. 211-1 02/2Page 4/7

PLEXIGLAS Solid sheet, block, multi-skin sheet, corrugated sheet, tube and rodThermal propertiesPLEXIGLAS GS0F00; 0Z09PLEXIGLAS XT0A000; 0A070PLEXIGLAS Resist45; 65; 75; 100UnitTest standardCoefficient of linear thermal expansion αfor 0 – 50 C7 · 10 –5 ( 0,07)7 · 10 –5 ( 0,07)7 · 10–5; 8 · 10–5;9 · 10–5; 11 · 10–5(0,07; 0,08; 0,09; 0,11)1/K(mm/m C)DIN 53752-APossible expansion due to heat and moisture555; 6; 6; 8mm/m-Thermal conductivity λ0.190.19-W/mKDIN 52612W/m KDIN 4701U-value k for thickness21 mm5.85.85.83 mm5.65.65.65 mm5.35.35.310 mm4.44.44.4Specific heat c1.471.471.47J/gK-Forming temperature160 – 175150 – 160150 – 160; 140 – 150;140 – 150; 140 – 150 C-Max. surface temperature (IR radiator)200180- C-Max. permanent service temperature807070; 70; 70; 65 C-Reverse forming temperature 80; 90 80; 80 80; 80; 75; 70 C-Ignition temperature425430- CDIN 51794Smoke gas volumevery littlevery littlevery little-DIN 4102Smoke gas toxicitynonenonenone-DIN 53436Smoke gas corrosivenessnonenonenone--Building material classB2B2B2-DIN 4102Combustion behaviorClass 3EClass 3EE-BS 476, Part 7 6DIN EN 13501Vicat softening temperature115103102; 100; 100; 97 CISO 306,Method B 50Heat deflection temperature under load (HDT)--- CISO 75deflection 1.8 MPa105; 1079594; 93; 92; 90--deflection 0.45 MPa113; 11510099; 98; 96; 93--PLEXIGLAS Ref. No. 211-1 02/2Page 5/7

PLEXIGLAS Solid sheet, block, multi-skin sheet, corrugated sheet, tube and rodAcoustical propertiesSound velocity (at room temperature)PLEXIGLAS GS0F00; 0Z09PLEXIGLAS XT0A000; 0A070PLEXIGLAS Resist45; 65; 75; 100UnitTest standard2700 – 28002700 – 2800-m/s-dB-Weight sounded reduction index Rwat thickness4 mm2626-6 mm3030-10 mm3232-Transmittance τD65 92 92 91%DIN 5036, Part 3UV transmissionno; nono; yesno; no; no; no--Reflecion loss the visible range(for each surface)444%-Total energy transmittance g858585%DIN EN 410Adsorption in the visible range 0.05 0.05 0.05%-Refractive index nD201.4911.4911.491-ISO 489Volume resistivity ρD 1015 1015 1014Ohm · cmDIN VDE 0303,Part 3Surface resistivity σ ROA5 · 10135 · 1013 1014OhmDIN VDE 0303,Part 3Dielectric strength Ed(1 mm thickness) 30 30-kV/mmDIN VDE 0303,Part 2Optical propertiesElectrical propertiesDielectric constant εDIN VDE 0303,Part 4at 50 Hz3.63.7--at 0.1 MHz2.72.8--Dissipation factor tan δDIN VDE 0303,Part 4at 50 Hz0.060.06--at 0.1 MHz0.020.02--Tracking, CTI-Value600600--PLEXIGLAS Ref. No. 211-1 02/2DIN VDE 0303,Part 1Page 6/7

PLEXIGLAS Solid sheet, block, multi-skin sheet, corrugated sheet, tube and rodBehaviour towards waterPLEXIGLAS GS0F00; 0Z09PLEXIGLAS XT0A000; 0A070PLEXIGLAS Resist45; 65; 75; 100UnitTest standardWater absorption (24 hrs, 23 C)from dry state;specimen 60 x 60 x 2 mm3413841; 45; 46; 49mgISO 62,Method 1Max. weight gain during immersion2,12,12,1%ISO 62,Method 1g cm-Permeability tocm2 h Paxwater vapour2,3 · 10-102,3 · 10-10-N24,5 · 10-154,5 · 10-15-O22,0 · 10-142,0 · 10-14-CO21,1 · 10-131,1 · 10-air8,3 · 10-158,3 · 10-15-Röhm GmbHAcrylic Products-13Riedbahnstraße 7064331 registered trademarkPLEXIGLAS is a registered trademark of Röhm GmbH, Darmstadt, Germany.Certified to DIN EN ISO 9001 (Quality) and DIN EN ISO 14001 (Environment)This information and all further technical advice is based on our presentknowledge and experience. However, it implies no liability or other legalresponsibility on our part, including with regard to existing third partyintellectual property rights, especially patent rights. In particular, nowarranty, whether express or implied, or guarantee of product propertiesin the legal sense is intended or implied. We reserve the right to make anychanges according to technological progress or further developments.PLEXIGLAS Ref. No. 211-1 02/2The customer is not released from the obligation to conduct carefulinspection and testing of incoming goods. Performance of the productdescribed herein should be verified by testing, which should be carriedout only by qualified experts in the sole responsibility of a customer.Reference to trade names used by other companies is neithera recommendation, nor does it imply that similar products couldnot be used.Page 7/7

TECHNICAL INFORMATION PLEXIGLAS Solid sheet, block, multi-skin sheet, corrugated sheet, tube and rod . Patent EP 530 617 3 Europ. Patent EP 548 822 4 Europ. Patent EP 149 182 5 Europ. Patent EP 733 754 6 Europ. Patent EP 776 931 7 Europ. Patent EP 600 332. PLEXIGLAS Ref. No. 211-1 02/2 Page 4/7

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