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Data AnalyticsProfessionalDuration: 3 MonthsSQLIntroduction to DatabaseWhat is Database PackageDifference between SQL & DatabaseInstalling MySQL Server databaseSQL BasicDDL: Create, Alter, Drop, etc.NOT NULL, UNIQUE,PRIMARY & FOREIGN KEY, COMPOSITE KEYCHECK, DEFAULTDML: Insert, Update, Delete ,etc.DQL : SelectAutoincrement fieldSQL CommentsSQL AliasesSQL OperatorsArithmetic operatorsLogical operatorsConditional operatorsLike, between, in operatorsSQL JoinsInner JoinLeft JoinRight JoinFull JoinSQL ViewsCreating ViewUpdating ViewFetching Data From ViewSQL FunctionsString functionsAggregate functionsDate & time functionsWorking with SubqueriesUnderstanding SQL subqueries, their rulesStatements and operators with which subqueries can be usedUsing the set clause to modify subqueries

Understanding different types of subqueries, such as where, select, insert,update, delete, etc.Methods to create and view subqueriesStored ProceduresUnderstanding stored procedures and their key benefitsWorking with stored proceduresStudying user-defined functionsAdvance TopicsQuery optimization using indexSavepointRollbackImporting/exporting databaseTableauTableau - HomeTableau - OverviewTableau - Environment SetupTableau - Get StartedTableau - Naviga onTableau - Design FlowTableau - File TypesTableau - Data TypesTableau - Show MeTableau - Data TerminologyTableau - Data SourcesTableau - Custom Data ViewTableau - Data SourcesTableau - Extrac ng DataTableau - Fields Opera onsTableau - Edi ng MetadataTableau - Data JoiningTableau - Data BlendingTableau – Work SheetTableau - Add WorksheetsTableau - Rename WorksheetTableau - Save & Delete WorksheetTableau - Reorder WorksheetTableau - Paged WorkbookTableau – Calcula onTableau - OperatorsTableau - Func onsTableau - Numeric Calcula onsTableau - String Calcula onsTableau - Date Calcula onsTableau - Table Calcula onsTableau - LOD Expressions

Tableau – Sor ng & FilterTableau - Basic Sor ngTableau - Basic FiltersTableau - Quick FiltersTableau - Context FiltersTableau - Condi on FiltersTableau - Top FiltersTableau - Filter Opera onsTableau - ChartsTableau - Bar ChartTableau - Line ChartTableau - Pie ChartTableau - CrosstabTableau - Sca er PlotTableau - Bubble ChartTableau - Bullet GraphTableau - Box PlotTableau - Tree MapTableau - Bump ChartTableau - Gan ChartTableau - HistogramTableau - Mo on ChartsTableau - Waterfall ChartsTableau - DashboardPower BiIntroduc on To Power BiIntroduc on to Business Intelligence (BI)Various BI toolsIntroduc on to Power BIWhy Power BIPower BI ComponentsIntroduc on of Power BI DesktopInstalla on of Power BI DesktopData Transforma on – Shaping & Combining DataShaping data using Power Query EditorForma ng dataTransforma on of dataUnderstanding of Data typesNaming conven ons & best prac ces to considerWorking with ParametersMerge QueryAppend QueryGroup by of data (aggrega on of data)Duplicate & Reference tablesFillPivot & Un-pivot of data

Custom columnsCondi onal columnsReplace data from the tablesSplit columns valuesMove columns & sor ng of dataDetect data type, count rows & reverse rowsPromote rows as column headersHierarchies in Power BIData Modelling & DaxIntroduc on of rela onshipsCrea ng rela onshipsCardinalityCross filter direc onUse of inac ve rela onshipsIntroduc on of DAXWhy DAX is usedDAX syntaxDAX func onsContext in DAXCalculated columns using DAXMeasures using DAXCalculated tables using DAXLearning about table, informa on, logical, text, iterator,Time intelligence func ons (YTD, QTD, MTD)Cumula ve values, calculated tables, and ranking and rank over groupsDate and me func onsData Visualiza on With Analy cs Understanding Power View and Power MapData visualiza on techniquesPage layout & Forma ngPower BI Desktop visualiza onForma ng and customizing visualsCustom visualiza on in Power BIDrill downDrill throughPage naviga onsBookmarksSelec on pane to show/hide visualsComparing volume and value-based analy csCombina ons charts (dual axis charts)Filter paneSlicersUse of Hierarchies in drill down analysisTheme for corporate standardsPower BI template for design reusability

Mastering the best prac cesPerformance analyzer in Power BI for monitoring performance of reportPower BI Q&A (Natural Language Query visual)Sync slicersTool ps & custom tool psTables & matrixCondi onal forma ng on visualsWaterfall chart, KPI, Donut chart, Sca er chartGeographical data visualiza on using MapsPower Bi Service, Publising & SharingIntroduc on to Power BI ServiceIntroduc on of workspacesDashboardCrea ng & Configuring DashboardsDashboard themeReports vs DashboardsBuilding workspace AppsSharing reports & dashboardsAdvance ExcelAdvanced Excel Course - Overview of the Basics of ExcelCustomizing common options in ExcelAbsolute and relative cellsProtecting and un-protecting worksheets and cellsAdvanced Excel Course - Working with FunctionsWriting conditional expressions (using IF)Using logical functions (AND, OR, NOT)Using lookup and reference functions (VLOOKUP, HLOOKUP, MATCH, INDEX)VlookUP with Exact Match, Approximate MatchNested VlookUP with Exact MatchVlookUP with Tables, Dynamic RangesNested VlookUP with Exact MatchUsing VLookUP to consolidate Data from Multiple SheetsAdvanced Excel Course - Data ValidationsSpecifying a valid range of values for a cellSpecifying a list of valid values for a cellSpecifying custom validations based on formula for a cellAdvanced Excel Course - Working with TemplatesDesigning the structure of a templateUsing templates for standardization of worksheetsAdvanced Excel Course - Sorting and Filtering DataSorting tablesUsing multiple-level sortingUsing custom sortingFiltering data for selected view (AutoFilter)Using advanced filter optionsAdvanced Excel Course - Working with ReportsCreating subtotalsMultiple-level subtotalsCreating Pivot tablesFormatting and customizing Pivot tablesUsing advanced options of Pivot tablesPivot charts

Consolidating data from multiple sheets and files using Pivot tablesUsing external data sourcesUsing data consolidation feature to consolidate dataShow Value As ( % of Row, % of Column, Running Total, Compare with Specific Field)Viewing Subtotal under PivotCreating Slicers ( Version 2010 & Above)Advanced Excel Course - More FunctionsDate and time functionsText functionsDatabase functionsPower Functions (CountIf, CountIFS, SumIF, SumIfS)Advanced Excel Course - FormattingUsing auto formatting option for worksheetsUsing conditional formatting option for rows, columns and cellsAdvanced Excel Course - MacrosRelative & Absolute MacrosEditing Macro'sAdvanced Excel Course - WhatIf AnalysisGoal SeekData TablesScenario ManagerAdvanced Excel Course - ChartsUsing ChartsFormatting ChartsUsing 3D GraphsUsing Bar and Line Chart togetherUsing Secondary Axis in GraphsSharing Charts with PowerPoint / MS Word, Dynamically(Data Modified in Excel, Chart would automatically get updated)Advanced Excel Course - New Features Of ExcelSparklines, Inline Charts, data ChartsOverview of all the new featuresAdvanced Excel Course - Final AssignmentThe Final Assignment would test contains questions to be solved at the end of the Course

Tableau - Line Chart Tableau - Pie Chart Tableau - Crosstab Tableau - Scaer Plot Tableau - Bubble Chart Tableau - Bullet Graph Tableau - Box Plot Tableau - Tree Map . Waterfall chart, KPI, Donut chart, Scaer chart Geographical data visualizaon using Maps Power Bi Service, Publising & Sharing

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Analytics HOME Administration About Analytics 1 4 About Analytics This chapter introduces SonicWall Analytics. Analytics is designed to evaluate data collected by the firewall ecosystem, make policy decisions and take defensive actions using application- and user-based analytics.

In-Database Analytics: Predictive Analytics, Oracle Exadata and Oracle Business Intelligence Charlie Berger Sr. Director Product Management, Data Mining and Advanced Analytics . 12 years ―stem celling analytics‖ into Oracle Designed advanced analytics into database kernel to leverage relational

Building your data and analytics strategy The tools every data professional needs to build a world-class analytics organization. What’s on the chief data and analytics officer’s agenda? Defining and driving the data and analytics strategy for the entire organization. Ensuring information reliability. Empowering data-driven

Oracle Analytics Cloud is built on a high-performance platform with flexible data storage, and provides you with a complete set of tools to derive and share data insights. Oracle Analytics Cloud supports your entire analytics workflow. 1-1. About Oracle Analytics Cloud. Features of Oracle Analytics Cloud. Editions: Enterprise and Professional

Q) Define Big Data Analytics. What are the various types of analytics? Big Data Analytics is the process of examining big data to uncover patterns, unearth trends, and find unknown correlations and other useful information to make faster and better decisions. Few Top Analytics tools are: MS Excel, SAS, IBM SPSS Modeler, R analytics,

A Hyperion Product Update What's New in Hyperion System 9 BI Essbase Analytics and Enterprise Analytics? Release summary Hyperion System 9 BI Essbase Analytics (Essbase Analytics) and Hyperion System 9 BI Enterprise Analytics (Enterprise Analytics) are analytic database engines within Hyperion System 9that allow our customers to develop and deploy custom applications.With . 5 Introduction 1 See the TDWI Best Practices Report Next Generation Data Warehouse Platforms (Q4 2009), available on Introduction to Big Data Analytics Big data analytics is where advanced analytic techniques operate on big data sets. Hence, big data analytics is really about two things—big data and analytics—plus how the two have teamed up to

The Marketing Analytics Director is a marketing analytics professional Q.36 The degree to which the Marketing Analytics Director is a marketing analytics [H3] 11 Q.38 The degree to which the Regulatory Environment impacts adoption and use of Analytics 12 Q.40 The effectiveness of Data Governance in the company 13 Favorable corporate risk .