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Golf Gossip July 2022, Volume 7 Proud to be an American What’s Inside: Changes . . . We have a Winner . . Home ’N Home . . August Play Schedule . Queen of the Green . HSTP Qualifying . Dear Patti . . July Photos . . . . July Photos . . . . Tournament Winners Tournament Winners August NNGA Tournament . August Birthdays . CVGC Cloud 9 Couples . 2 2 2 3 3 3 3 4 5 6 7 7 7 8 Hello Ladies! I t’s hard to believe we are more than halfway through 2022. I hope you had a great 4 th of July Celebration. We have so much to be thankful for. Thank you to everyone for your fabulous red, white and blue outfits and for your amazing cart decorating. Congratulations to Jan Nolan and Margie Stephens for winning the best-decorated cart. They each received a small first aid kit for their golf bag. Got a boo-boo on the course, see them! Thank you to the Clubhouse for the delicious cheeseburgers and fries. We had great representation from members at our General Meeting and I look forward to seeing you all in green August 2nd for our Queen of the Green challenge! Kelly King, President

Noteworthy Reading Changes! Changes! Read all about it! N ow that the Board has taken responsibility for all Golf Genius Administrative activities, effective AUGUST 1st, the following changes will be implemented: You must either sign-up in Golf Genius OR contact the Pro Shop by Friday noon before the next Tuesday to play. If you are not on the tee sheet by Friday noon, your name will not be on a pre-printed scorecard and you will not be eligible for the prize fund (although you must still pay into the prize fund). However, you are still eligible for KPs and/or chip-ins. You will only have access to sign-up for one week at a time. Every Tuesday afternoon/evening an automated email will be sent from Golf Genius to let you know the tee sheet is open for sign-ups. This reduces the amount of administrative time for the Golf Genius Administrator. ALL Tuesday hole-by-hole play scores will be automatically posted by the club team members responsible for that week's for score posting. Please do not post your own individual score for any of Tuesday's play. This ensures NO duplicate posted scores, once again reducing administrative time. We Have a Winner! C ongratulations to Jeanine Felix who correctly guessed that the team on the right (consisting of Pam Bast, Kelly King and Suze Ericson) was spelling C-A-T! Jeanine received a prize of unspeakable value for her correct guess! Home N’ Home in Fallon Thursday August 11th! T he Fallon Women’s Golf Club is hosting the Home N’ Home this year on Thursday, August 11th. Cost is 60.00/person and includes greens fees, tournament fee, breakfast snack, lunch and raffle tickets. Format is a four-person Scramble. Tee time is scheduled for 8:00 a.m. We will be carpooling from Carson Valley Golf Course. Meet up time is 5:45 a.m. for a 6:00 a.m. departure. Sign-ups are happening now, so be sure to reserve your spot. It’s going to be a hot one so bring plenty of water, a hat, sunscreen, cooling towel, and anything else you can think of to cool you down. Contact Donna Sugden, Tournament Chair, if you have questions.

August Play Schedule August 2nd—Shamble “Queen of the Green” August 9th—President’s Club (Eclectic Week 1) August 16th—President’s Club (Eclectic Week 2) August 23rd—Criss-Cross (1/2 Handicap) August 30th—Stroke Play (HSTP Qualifying) August Theme — Queen of the Green! P utting prodigies, our next General Meeting and theme day is August 2nd. Let’s celebrate your putting proficiencies. Get your game on and your proven putting prowess ready for a battle of the green. The two players who have the least number of putts will each receive a prize of unspeakable value! This is also our General Meeting day. The Clubhouse will be offering a Chicken Caesar Salad for 8.00. Please make sure you RSVP to the email sent out for the lunch special. High Sierra Team Play Qualifying Qualifying for HSTP: Tuesday, July 26th HSTP Tournament Play: Friday, August 26th, Incline Mountain Course Dear Patti Patti Parker’s Monthly Rules Advice Column Dear Patti, I had a great tee shot (well, almost great), but it could be out of bounds. What are my options to recover from not being a straight shooter? Signed, “If Only I Could Hit Straight” Dear If Only I Could Hit Straight, It is great that you are asking what your options are so you know how to carefully choose your next shot. You have two options. Your first option is to take stroke and distance for a one-stroke penalty. Be sure to call a provisional if you are unsure if your ball is out of bounds, then tee up your ball and hit it again. If you choose this option, hope and pray that your next tee shot lands in the fairway! Your second option is to advance to the fairway from where your ball went out of bounds, and take two club lengths in for a twostroke penalty. Refer to CVWGC Local Course Rules #6 on your clipboard. Consider your options wisely and have a great round!

Proud to be an Amerian — July Photos Land of the free because of the brave! Editor’s Note: We had a lot more pictures when I couldn’t play! My first time out on July 5th, I totally lost my photo-feeling so we’re slim on pictures and have Suze to thank for the only on-course photo taken. Some of you (not to mention names, Linda) are quite relieved however! I’ll get my mojo back eventually. Suze Ericson and Joan Scariani — don’t they look proud to be an American! Suze Ericson, Nora Stevens, Jan Nolan and Patti Parker on a hot July golf day (7/12/22) Post-play cards and socializing on July 12th. Front left, Jan Nolan. Behind her to the left, Gwynn Guiette. Across from Gwynn, Linda Davis. Across from Jan Nolan (left to right): Beverly Hefferly, Nora Stevens, Mary Milligan and Joan Sciariani. Standing in line at the bar: Patti Parker and Suze Ericson. Behind the bar, Steve, our most-excellent Chef! Just finishing up their round on July 12th, Ursula McManus, Judy Brooke, Jennie Citron and Debbie Steele. Gail Ellingwood and family boating on Priest Lake in Idaho. Judy Brooke and Vicki Kemp at the Barracuda PGA Championship at Old Greenwood Golf Course in Truckee. Judy Brooke and family camping at Fallen Leaf Lake for their annual family camping trip. Her family has been doing an annual camping trip for over 45 years. Vicki Oland and her “clan” golfing on the 4th of July at Carson Valley Golf Club.

Proud to be an Amerian — July Photos Land of the free because of the brave! Jeannie Hansen’s new baby, an Aussiedoodle, Migo. Jeannie’s actually not sure how long it’s going to take Migo to get her trained. Gail Ellingwood and two of her girlfriends backpacked to Twin Lakes in the Desolation Wilderness. It was a 5.5 mile hike that took 6.5 hours. They climbed from 7,000 feet to 8,000 feet. This is Gail cooling off in the creek about one-mile from their camping destination. Jeanine Felix and Margaret Fay Judy Brooke with her husband, Gary, on Hole #4, July 20th. It was a beautiful golf day! Getting ready to golf (L-R): Jeannie Hansen, Ursula McManus, Rhonda McClelland, Vicki Oland, Claudia Meyer and Mary Stephans. (July 26th) Jennie Citron, Patti Parker and Janet Brown making a statement! Kelly King’s goldendoogle, Neva, enjoying the SeaDoo on Topaz Lake. Tracy Aselson and Joni Taylor trying to stay cool at the NNGA BTG Partners Hat Cutler Tournament hosted by Lakeridge Golf Course July 24th. A prize is given to the team with the best hats. The “Blues Sisters”: Sandie Trainer, Margie Stephens and Debbie Steele A picture of the wonderful bracelets that Jeanne Hansen made for all the ladies for the 4th of July. Thank you, Jeannie!

June 28th & July Weekly Tournament Winners June 28th—Stroke Play (HSTP): Flight 1 Winners: Flight 1 Winners: Gross: Linda Davis Gross: Linda Davis Net 1: Lorna Johnston Net 1: Mary Milligan Net 2: Donna Sugden Net 2: Claudia Meyer Net 3: Margie Stephens Net 3: Gwynn Guiette Flight 2 Winners: Flight 2 Winners: Net 1: Sandy Trainer Net 1: Beverly Hefferly Net 2: Jan Nolan Net 2: Suze Ericson Net 3: Janet Brown Net 3: Margie Stephens Flight 3 Winners: Flight 3 Winners: Net 1: Patti Parker Net 1: Jennifer Citron Net 2: Suze Ericson Net 2: Patti Parker Net 3: Mary Stephans Net 3: Sherrie Thorne Closest to the Pin: Closest to the Pin: Hole #1: Jeannie Hansen Hole #1: Linda Davis Hole #5: Jennifer Citron Hole #5: Janet Brown Hole #17: Beverly Hefferly Hole #18: Beverly Hefferly Chip-In Winner: Hole #11: Jeanine Felix July 5th—Yellow Tee Tournament: July 12th—Blind 9 (1/2 Handicap): Chip-In Winner: Flight 1 Winners: None Flight 3 Winners: Net 1: Patti Parker Gross: Linda Davis Net 2: Nora Stevens Net 1: Melinda Johnson Net 3: Margaret Fay Net 2: Sandy Trainer Net 3: Gwynn Guiette Flight 2 Winners: Closest to the Pin: Hole #1: Linda Davis Hole #5: Janet Brown Chip-In Winner: Net 1: Joan Scariani Net 2: D-D Woodruff Hole #6: Linda Davis Net 3: Judy Brooke Hole #17: D-D Woodruff

July 19th—Even Front/Odd Back: Flight 1 Winners: Gross: Lorna Johnston Net 1: Kathy Belvel Net 2: Pam Bast Net 3: Linda Davis Net 4: Kelly King Flight 2 Winners: Net 1: Beverly Hefferly Net 2: Diane Bartsch Net 3: Mary Milligan Closest to the Pin: Hole #1: Debbie Steele Hole #5: Debbie Steele Hole #18: Janet Brown Chip-In Winners: Hole #17: Beverly Hefferly Hole #4: Jan Singyke Flight 3 Winners: Net 1: Deb Warzynski Net 2: Judy Brooke Net 3: Suze Ericson Net 4: Patti Parker Suze Ericson, Deb Warzynski and Judy Brooke—three winners! NNGA August Women’s Tournament Schedule August 6-7, 2022 NNGA Amateur Championship @ The Club at Arrow Creek Register Here August 13, 2022 BTG Partners @ Plumas Pines Golf Course Register Here August 15, 2022 Nevada State Women’s Partners @ Hidden Valley Country Club Register Here We want not only your photos for future editions of Golf Gossip, but also any fun/funny tidbits of golf gossip you experience with your golfing partners! You can email your pictures and stories to: August Birthdays Sara Cleary 8/1 Jan Singyke 8/24 Jeanine Felix 8/31 Thank you for helping make Golf Gossip fun, informative and worth reading. Judy Brooke Vice President & Editor Assistant Editor: Suze Ericson

August 2nd—Shamble "Queen of the Green" August 9th—President's Club (Eclectic Week 1) August 16th—President's Club (Eclectic Week 2) August 23rd—Criss-Cross (1/2 Handicap) August 30th—Stroke Play (HSTP Qualifying) August Play Schedule August Theme — Queen of the Green! P utting prodigies, our next General Meeting and theme day is August

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