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MONTANA TECH FACULTY/STAFF HANDBOOKTABLE OF CONTENTS100SECTION I: ORGANIZATION AND ADMINISTRATION10101MONTANA UNIVERSITY SYSTEM10102BOARD OF REGENTS10103COMMISSIONER OF HIGHER EDUCATION (BOARD OF REGENTS’ POLICY 204.3)10104PRESIDENTS: DUTIES & RESPONSIBILITIES10105CHANCELLORS: DUTIES & RESPONSIBILITIES (BOARD OF REGENTS’ POLICY 205.2.1)11106LOCAL EXECUTIVE BOARD (BOARD OF REGENTS’ POLICY 217.1)11107COLLEGE ADMINISTRATION: SUCCESSION11107.1Chancellor11107.2Provost/Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs (VCAA)11107.3Vice Chancellor for Administration & Finance11107.4Vice Chancellor for Development & University Relations11107.5Vice Chancellor for Research; Dean of the Graduate School12107.6Associate Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs; Dean of Students12107.7Succession in Absence of Chancellor12108MONTANA BUREAU OF MINES & GEOLOGY12109CAMPUS COMMITTEES, COUNCILS, AND BOARDS13200SECTION II: FACULTY ORGANIZATION AND PROCEDURE14201THE FACULTY14201.1Policy Boards14202ACADEMIC FREEDOM (BOARD OF REGENTS’ POLICY 302)14203FACULTY CODE OF CONDUCT14204RECRUITING & SELECTING NEW FACULTY15204.1Recruiting and Selecting Full-Time Faculty15204.2Recruiting and Selecting Part-Time Faculty17205FACULTY RECORDS17206EVALUATION, TENURE, PROMOTION AND MERIT – NORTH CAMPUS FACULTY17206.1Faculty Tenure (Board of Regents Policy 706.1)18206.1.1Probationary Appointments18206.1.2Reappointment & Non-Reappointment of Probationary Personnel18206.1.3The Award of Tenure191 Page

206.1.4206.2Administrative PositionsProcedures to Apply for Tenure1919206.2.1Midterm Tenure Evaluation20206.2.2Peer/Colleague Review of Faculty Performance20206.2.3Responsibilities of the Faculty Member and the Administration20206.3Procedures to Apply for Promotion in Rank21206.3.1Academic Rank21206.3.2Years of Service Requirements22206.3.3Application Process and Assessment22206.3.4Accelerated Promotion22206.4Performance Evaluation: Full-Time Faculty, Part-Time Faculty, and Deans23206.4.1Evaluation of Full-Time Faculty23206.4.2Evaluation of Part-Time Faculty23206.4.3Evaluation Portfolio23206.4.4Request for Peer Review of Evaluation for Reconsideration of Evaluation Results27206.4.5Evaluation of Department Heads27206.4.6Evaluation of Deans28206.5Evaluation, Tenure and Promotion Deadlines28206.5.1Faculty Tenure/Promotion28206.5.2Tenured or Probationary Faculty – Evaluation Only30206.6Merit Awards for Union Faculty Members30206.7Merit Awards for Non-Union Faculty Members31EVALUATION, TENURE, PROMOTION AND MERIT – HIGHLANDS COLLEGE20731207.1Faculty Tenure31207.2Procedures to Apply for Tenure – Highlands College Faculty32207.2.1Faculty Tenure Evaluation Committee32207.2.2Application Procedure33207.2.3Appeal Process33207.2.4Activities34207.3Procedures to Apply for Promotion in Rank – Highlands College Faculty34207.3.1Highlands College Faculty Promotion Application34207.3.2Highlands College Faculty Promotion Deadlines35207.3.3Highlands College Faculty Promotion Requirements35207.3.4Collegiate Evaluation Committee (Highlands College Bargaining Unit)372 Page

207.3.5207.4Appeal ProcessMerit Awards – Highlands College3838208 CLASSIFICATION, PROMOTION AND MERIT– MONTANA BUREAU of MINES AND GEOLOGYPROFESSIONAL FACULTY AND Non-Research Professionals (Non-Faculty)39208.2.2Professional Scientists (Non-Faculty)39208.2.3Bureau Professional Practice Faculty (Bureau Faculty)40208.3Evaluation of Professional Staff40208.4Promotion40208.4.1Non-Research Professionals40208.4.2Professional Scientists41208.4.3Bureau Professional Practice Faculty41208.4.4Supporting Criteria for Promotion of Bureau Faculty42208.4.5Grants or Funding received43208.4.6Other Supporting Criteria43208.4.7Promotion Procedure for Bureau Faculty44208.4.8Application for 8.4.11Appeals Process45208.5Merit Awards208.5.1General Considerations for Merit Awards.4545209FACULTY TERMINATION: FINANCIAL EXIGENCY (BOARD OF REGENTS’ POLICY 710.2.1) 46210FACULTY TERMINATION: FOR CAUSE (BOARD OF REGENTS’ POLICY 710.2.2)47211APPEAL PROCESS IN FACULTY DECISIONS47212APPEALS (BOARD OF REGENTS’ POLICY 203.5.2)47213SABBATICAL ASSIGNMENT (BOARD of REGENTS’ POLICY 801.1)48213.1Board Policy48213.2Procedures at System Level49213.3Definitions49213.4Campus Procedures49214FACULTY LEAVE OF ABSENCE503 Page

215EMERITUS RANK FOR RETIRING FACULTY50216FACULTY COMMITTEES50217INVENTIONS AND PATENTS50218COPYRIGHTS (BOARD OF REGENTS’ POLICY 401.3)51219CONSULTING51219.1Faculty51219.2Montana Bureau of Mines and Geology Faculty and Other Bureau Professionals52219.3Academic Department Heads52219.4Other Administrators (Including Deans) and FY Professionals52220CONFLICT OF INTEREST53220.1Rules of Conduct for Public Officers and Public Employees (2-2-121 M.C.A)53220.2Conflict of Interest Rules for Montana Tech Employees54221RESEARCH AND SCHOLARLY ACTIVITIES PROPOSALS SEEKING EXTRAMURAL FUNDING55222RESEARCH POLICY – ESTABLISHMENT OF RESEARCH SALARY BASE56223ACADEMIC DEPARTMENT HEADS AND DEANS57223.1Department Head Job Description, Selection and Terms57223.1.1Job Description57223.1.2Academic Responsibilities57223.1.3Administrative Responsibilities57223.1.4Research and Professional Development58223.1.5External 3.2Academic Dean Job Description, Selection and Terms58223.2.1Job Description58223.2.2Academic Responsibilites59223.2.3Administrative Responsibilities59223.2.4Research and Professional Conduct59223.2.5External 0 SECTION III: ACADEMIC POLICIES AND PROCEDURES6030160ACADEMIC PROCEDURES4 Page

302FINANCIAL AID60303PROCEDURES FOR NEW AND MODIFIED DEGREE r61303.4Extended Major61303.5Minor61303.6Option61303.7New Postsecondary Educational Programs61304POLICY FOR CHANGING FACULTY/STAFF HANDBOOK61305POLICY MATTERS PRESENTED AT FACULTY MEETINGS62306TRANSCRIPT OF ACADEMIC RECORDS AND RELEASE OF INFORMATION62306.1307Record of Deceased StudentsPROCEDURES TO APPEAL A FINAL GRADE FOR A COURSE6263307.1Informal Grade Appeal63307.2Formal Grade Appeal – Committee Hearing63308ACADEMIC DISHONESTY64308.1Plagiarism64308.2Copying From the Paper of Another Student While Taking an Exam64308.3Using Unlawful Aids to Pass an Examination64308.4Aiding Another Student64308.5Unauthorized Signatures64308.6Actions to be Taken when Cheating is Discovered64309FACULTY SCHEDULES65310SPACE UTILIZATION AND SCHEDULING65311ACADEMIC YEAR65312OFFICE HOURS65400SECTION IV: STATE TRAVEL REGULATIONS66401EMPLOYEE TRAVEL (BOARD POLICY 807.1)66402STATE VEHICLE USE66402.1Definitions66402.2Authorized Drivers and Uses67402.3Authorized Passengers and Uses67402.4Driver Requirements685 Page

402.5Alcohol and Drugs68402.6Cell Phone Use69402.7Discipline69403COLLEGE MOTOR POOL69403.1Instructions for Emergency Repairs, Supplies and Services70403.2Rates Observed by Motor Pool70404AUTHORIZATION FOR TRAVEL70405REIMBURSEMENT FOR TRAVEL EXPENSES70406HIGH COST CITIES71407FOREIGN TRAVEL72500 SECTION V: GENERAL EMPLOYMENT PRACTICES7350173HIRING 73501.3Search and Selection for Regents’ Contract and Classified Positions74501.4Relocation Expenses74501.4.1501.5502New Employee Relocation Expense Reimbursement RatesStudent EmploymentBENEFITS502.1Administrative Personnel Leave (Board of Regents’ Policy 801.2)502.1.1502.2ProceduresLeave Without Pay (Board of Regents' Policy 801.3 and MOMS 156)502.2.1Procedures74757676767677502.3Annual Vacation Leave (MCA 2-18-611 through 2-18-617, MOMS 145)77502.4Sick Leave (MCA 2-18-618 and MOMS 163)78502.5Family & Medical Leave (MOMS 152)78502.6Holidays (MCA 1-1-216 and MOMS 153)78502.7Holiday Exchanges (Board of Regents’ Policy 801.5)79502.8Jury or Witness Duty (MOMS155)79502.9Military Training (MCA 10-1-1009)79502.10Maternity Leave (MCA 49-2-310 and MOMS 157)79502.11Parental leave (MCA 2-18-606 and MOMS 157)80502.12Retirement System (MCA TITLE 19)80502.13Insurance Benefits816 Page

502.14Tax Shelter (Board of Regents’ Policy 803.1)82502.15Faculty/Staff Fee Waiver (Board of Regents’ Policy 940.13)83503PAYROLL INFORMATION83503.1Time Cards and Leave Cards83503.2Pay Checks83503.3Change of Residence83503.4Change of Marital Status or Dependents84503.5Extra Compensation84504 EQUAL EMPLOYMENT AND EDUCATION OPPORTUNITY POLICY: MONTANA TECH EQUALEMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY POLICY STATEMENT84505PROFESSIONAL AND STAFF PERFORMANCE EVALUATIONS POLICY AND PROCEDURES 84505.1Classified Staff & Crafts85505.2Contract Professsionals and Letters of Appointment85506GRIEVANCE POLICY AND 86506.2.2Objectives86506.3Time Limit for Grievance Filing87506.4Procedures for Settling Grievances87506.5Grievance Committee89506.6Authority of the Committee90506.7The Chancellor’s Decision90506.7.1Appeal to the Commisioner of Higher Education and The Board of Regents90507MONTANA TECH COMMUNITY EXPECTATIONS PROGRAM (STUDENT JUDICIAL SYSTEM)91508SAFETY POLICY91509DRUG-FREE WORKPLACE92510SMOKING/NONSMOKING POLICY92511SEXUAL HARASSMENT POLICY92512TELEPHONE USAGE93513ACCEPTANCE OF GIFTS93513.1Policy and Rationale93513.2Procedures94514CHARITABLE ORGANIZATION WORKPLACE FUND-RAISING947 Page

514.1Eligibility94514.2Payroll Deductions94515FIREARM/WEAPON/EXPLOSIVE POLICY95515.1Non Residential Campus Property95515.2Residence Halls95515.3Apartment Housing95516MONTANA TECH MINORITY AND GENDER EQUITY ACHIEVEMENT PLAN95517STANDARDS OF CONDUCT FOR STATE EMPLOYEES96Ethical Conduct and Prohibited Political Activities96517.1600SECTION VI: FACILITIES AND SERVICES97601THE LIBRARY97602NEWS RELEASE AND PUBLIC STATEMENTS97603REQUISITIONS AND PURCHASE ORDERS97603.1Procedures98603.1.1Purchases of Less than 5,00098603.1.2Purchases of 5,000 or More But Less Than 25,00098603.1.3Purchases of 25,000 or More But Less Than 50,00098603.1.4Purchases of 50,000 or More But Less Than 250,00098603.1.5Purchases Over 250,00098603.2Processing Invoices for Payment99603.3Validity of Invoices99603.4Printing Procurement99603.5Bookstore Purchases100603.6Book and Library Acquisitions100REPAIRS AND MAINTENANCE100604604.1Physical Changes in the Use or Function of a Space100604.2Minor Cleaning, Repair/Replacmeent of Existing Equipment100605CENTRAL DUPLICATING OFFICE (CDO)100606KEYS101606.1Key Control Policy101607BOOKSTORE101608VEHICLE REGISTRATION AND PARKING REGULATIONS101609CAMPUS MAIL AND POSTAL SERVICES101610AUDIO-VISUAL EQUIPMENT AND MATERIALS1028 Page

611STUDENT UNION BUILDING102612FOOD SERVICE102613COMPUTING AND TELECOMMUNICATIONS102614DISASTER AND EMERGENCY SERVICE103614.1Internal Disaster103615MEDICAL SERVICES FOR STUDENTS AND STAFF EMERGENCIES103616TORT CLAIMS AND ACCIDENT REPORTS104617MINERAL MUSEUM104617.1Operations104617.2 Duties104617.3 Gifts and Loans105617.4 Disposition of Specimens105617.5 Sale of Specimens105617.6 Trade of Specimens105617.7 Records106APPENDICES1APPENDIX A1APPENDIX B12APPENDIX C13APPENDIX D14APPENDIX E209 Page

100SECTION I: ORGANIZATION AND ADMINISTRATION101MONTANA UNIVERSITY SYSTEMThe following units comprise the Montana University System: Montana State University-Bozeman Montana State University-Billings Montana State University-Northern The University of Montana-Missoula Montana Tech The University of Montana - Western City College at MSU Billings Highlands College of Montana Tech Great Falls College MSU Helena College UM Missoula College UM Gallatin College MSU Bitterroot College UM Dawson Community College Flathead Valley Community College Miles Community College102BOARD OF REGENTSThe governance and control of the Montana University System is vested in a Board of Regents (BOR) of HigherEducation, which shall have full power, responsibility, and authority to supervise, coordinate, manage, andcontrol the Montana University System and shall supervise and coordinate other public educational institutions asassigned by law. The Board consists of seven members appointed by the Governor and confirmed by the Senate.Each member is appointed for staggered terms of seven years. If a member does not serve his/her full term, thevacancy is filled for the remainder of the unexpired term. One of the members shall be a student appointed by theGovernor who is registered full- time at a unit of education under jurisdiction of the Board. The length of the termof the student member shall not be less than one year and not more than four years. BOR. Policy Handbook isavailable in the Office of the Chancellor or online at http://mus.edu/borpol/default.asp.103COMMISSIONER OF HIGHER EDUCATION (BOARD OF REGENTS’ POLICY 204.3)The Commissioner of Higher Education shall be the chief executive officer of the Montana University System.The Commissioner of Higher Education reports to the Board of Regents. The duties of the Commissioner shall bein accordance with BOR. Policy 204.3.104PRESIDENTS: DUTIES & RESPONSIBILITIESThe President of a unit of the Montana University System is the chief executive officer at that unit and is vestedwith the responsibility of administering Board policies under the supervision and control of the Commissioner ofHigher Education.10 P a g e

Each President is under the direction of and is responsible to the Commissioner of Higher Education. Presidentsare appointed by the Board of Regents upon the advice and recommendation of the Commissioner.105CHANCELLORS: DUTIES & RESPONSIBILITIES (BOARD OF REGENTS’ POLICY 205.2.1)The Chancellor is the CEO responsible for the management of a four-year campus affiliated with a university.The Chancellor shall provide leadership and coordination for all campus activities, including academic, fiscal, andstudent affairs.Each Chancellor is under the direction of and is responsible to the President of the affiliated university.Chancellors are appointed by the Board of Regents upon the advice and recommendation of the appropriateuniversity president and the Commissioner.106LOCAL EXECUTIVE BOARD (BOARD OF REGENTS’ POLICY 217.1)Each campus shall have a local executive board appointed as provided in 20-25-303 M.C.A. Local boardfunctions relating to institutional management or staff are limited to such as may be conferred by the Board andare subject always to the supervision of the latter.The functions of each board shall include consultative and advisory service to the CEO of the Institution as wellas other duties as may be duly specified and communicated to them by, or on behalf of, the Board, CEO or theCommissioner of Higher Education according to Board of Regents’ Policy 217.1.107COLLEGE ADMINISTRATION: SUCCESSION107.1CHANCELLORThe Chancellor is the chief executive officer of the Institution and of the Montana Bureau of Mines and Geology,a department of Montana Tech. The Chancellor reports to the President of The University of Montana for theinternal administration of the Institution. Subject to the supervision of the President, the Chancellor shall (1) havethe immediate direction, management, and control of the respective units, including instruction, practical affairs,and scientific investigation; (2) be the chief administrative officer of the general faculty and of the specialfaculties of the departments or colleges and the executive head of the unit in all its departments; and (3) have theduties of one of the professorships as long as the interests of the unit requires it.107.2PROVOST/VICE CHANCELLOR FOR ACADEMIC AFFAIRS (VCAA)The Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs (Provost) serves as the Chief Academic Officer forMontana Tech. The Provost reports directly to the Chancellor and acts in the capacity of Chief Executive Officerof the institution in the absence of the Chancellor. The Provost’s duties include (but are not limited to): AcademicLeadership, Institutional Integrity, Accreditation (both regional and degree-specific), Curriculum, Campusrepresentative to external constituencies, Management of the campus degree portfolio, Staffing, Student Services,and Faculty Development/Personnel. The Provost works with the Chancellor, Vice Chancellors, Deans, and thefaculty/staff to carry out the mission of Montana Tech.107.3VICE CHANCELLOR FOR ADMINISTRATION & FINANCEThe Vice Chancellor is responsible for the areas of budgeting, payroll, personnel, purchasing and accountspayable. This includes supervision, program development, problem resolution and policy development andoversight. Other areas of responsibility and supervision include the business office, grants and contractsaccounting, telecommunications, the mail and copy center, the bookstore, environmental health and safety,network technology, information services and other computer related functions. Reports to the Chancellor.107.4VICE CHANCELLOR FOR DEVELOPMENT & UNIVERSITY RELATIONSThe Vice Chancellor of Development and University Relations/President of the Montana Tech Foundation(VCDUR) serves as head of the campus' fundraising arm. In addition, s/he leads the offices of Alumni Affairs,11 P a g e

and Public Relations. S/he works closely with Montana Tech's Chancellor, the Montana Tech Foundation Board,alumni, and other university constituencies, functioning as the campus chief advancement officer to raise privatefinancial support for the campus, while marketing the university to generate interest in and raise the profile of itsprograms, faculty and students.107.5VICE CHANCELLOR FOR RESEARCH; DEAN OF THE GRADUATE SCHOOLThe Vice Chancellor of Research and Dean of the Graduate School sets a climate that enables excellence andgrowth in research and creative scholarship and serves as the academic officer for graduate education. The ViceChancellor also oversees institution-level Centers of Excellence, including the Center for Advanced MaterialsProcessing (CAMP).107.6ASSOCIATE VICE CHANCELLOR FOR STUDENT AFFAIRS; DEAN OFSTUDENTSThe Associate Vice Chancellor and Dean of Students is responsible for counseling (personal, academic andcareer), testing, foreign student advisement, student health insurance/health center and day care. The AssociateVice Chancellor and Dean of Students also supervises the areas of Career Services, Enrollment Management,Residence Life, Student Union and Activities, Reports to the Provost/Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs.107.7SUCCESSION IN ABSENCE OF CHANCELLORIn order to ensure that administrative authority and responsibility are properly allocated in the absence of theChancellor from campus, the following order of succession normally applies: Provost/Vice Chancellor forAcademic Affairs then Vice Chancellor for Administration and Finance.108MONTANA BUREAU OF MINES & GEOLOGYAccording to State Statutes 20-25-211, -212, and -301, MCA, a department designated as "the Montana Bureau ofMines and Geology, which shall be under the direction of the Regents, is established at the College."The Bureau of Mines and Geology shall:1. Compile and publish statistics relative to Montana geology, mining, milling and metallurgy;2. Collect: typical geological and mineral specimens; sample of products; photographs, models and drawing of appliances used in the mines, mills and smelters of Montana; a library and bibliography of literature relative to the progress of geology, mining, milling andsmelting in Montana;3. Study the geological formations of Montana, with special reference to their economic mineral resourcesand groundwater;4. Examine the topography and physical features of Montana relative to their bearing upon the occupation ofthe people;5. Study the mining, milling and smelting in Montana relative to their improvement;6. Publish bulletins and reports of a general and detailed description of the natural resources, geology,mines, mills and reduction plants of Montana;7. Make qualitative examinations of rocks and mineral samples;8. Consider scientific and economic problems the Regents deem valuable to the people of Montana;12

203 FACULTY CODE OF CONDUCT 14 204 RECRUITING & SELECTING NEW FACULTY 15 204.1 Recruiting and Selecting Full-Time Faculty 15 204.2 Recruiting and Selecting Part-Time Faculty 17 205 FACULTY RECORDS 17 206 EVALUATION, TENURE, PROMOTION AND MERIT – NORTH CAMPUS FACULTY 17 206.1 F

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