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TABLE OF CONTENTS1 INTRODUCTION1 Introduction 32 Installation 43 Description 53.1 Inputs & controls 53.2 Power supply 84 Troubleshooting 95 Technical specifications 6 Notes 5210Thank you for choosing a A.N.T - Advanced Native Technologies- product!In this professional coaxial speaker we put our passion and our technologicalbackground gained over the years, to offer products that meet your needs,maintaining the quality over time.Specifically designed for an immediate and user-friendly application, meetingthe needs of those who are looking for an audio system delivering excellentperformances, high connection versatility as well as the best value in itscategory. Selectable MIC/LINE inputs for better signal management upon differentusage scenarios; Wide versatility of use, with the choice between two installation positionsas a stage monitor or as a PA speaker mounted on a tripod; Immediate configuration, thanks to the equalization presets that can beset from the side panel.Optional covers are available to facilitate transport, assembly and productintegrity.Please, dedicate some minutes to read this instruction manual in order toquickly achieve the best performances from this product. 1 x active coaxial stage monitor- n.1 mains cord (VDE) 1x User manual - Section 1 1x User manual - Section 2For safety precautions, warranty and disposal, please refer to attachedSection 2.For further information about all A.N.T products catalog, please visit ourwebsite: DELL’IMBALLOThe warnings in this manual must be observed together with the“USER MANUAL - SECTION 2”.2User manual ASM SeriesASM Series User manual3

3 DESCRIPTIONEach speaker is equipped with:A Recessed side handlesB Ø 35mm. flange for pole mountingC Non-slip rubber feetD Front metal protection grille.3.1 INPUTS & CONTROLSCAABDCFor speaker installation and to guarantee its correct performance, strictly follow theinstructions below: Place the speaker in a horizontal position on a flat and stable surface, making surethat all the lower rubber feet are perfectly adhering to the floor or to the supportingsurface. The speaker is designed for use on the floor (wedge monitor configuration). Never install the speaker on mobile carts, chairs, tables or similar objects that arenot stable or unable to withstand the weight. To allow for proper heat dissipation of the amplification, leave sufficient distancebetween the rear panel of the speaker and other objects such as walls, corners, curtains,and never place the appliance near sources of heat of any kind. When used outdoors, avoid places exposed to bad weather.CAUTION: Install the speaker in a stable and safe way, so as to avoid any dangerouscondition for the safety of people and structures.4User manual ASM Series13241LINE INPUT L/RBalanced line level inputs, with COMBO (XLR-F 6,35mm. socket)connectors. You can also use an unbalanced mic cable. The inputs levelis adjusted by LEVEL knob.NOTE: Please try to always use balanced cables.2LINE / MIC BUTTONPlace the button on LINE (up) to use a line level source (mixer and preamplified devices) or MIC (pressed) for using a microphone. To loweror raise it, use a screwdriver with a small flat head.3LINK OUTLink output of input signal on XLR-M plug. The signal of this outputdepends on the setting of the LEVEL knob.4LIVE MONITOR / PLAYBACK BUTTONPress this button to select the optimal equalization for using the speaker.It is possible to select the equalization setting between two differentpresets:ASM Series User manualENGLISH2 INSTALLATION5

LIVE MONITORPerfect for live performances with the speaker positioned on the ground as a wedgestage monitor. Suitable for musicians and singers.PLAYBACKIt emphasizes the low and high frequencies, and is ideal for listening and usingreproduced music (MP3 players, CDs etc.), both for use as a main system mountedon a tripod but also as a reinforcement monitor.67865LEVELThis control adjusts the speaker output volume. Turn the knob clockwise to increasethe volume or counterclockwise to lower it. For optimal adjustment always considerthe acoustics of the environment and the musical genre.6INDICATORS ON & SIG / CLIPLed ON: the unit is powered.SIG/CLIP Green LED: the signal is present in the MIC/LINE INPUT channel. In normaloperation the LED acts as a Vu meter indicating the audio level.SIG/CLIP Red LED: the input signal is very high and is close to distortion.If the red LED lights up continuously, it’s necessary to reduce the LEVEL level orreduce the levels of the devices connected to the MIC / LINE INPUT input.CAUTION: the unit must never work with levels causing the SIG/CLIP LED to flashred almost constantly.7REAR PANELThe cooling process of the amplifier and temperature control within laws limitsare ensured by proper ventilation of the system, thus it’s recommended to don’tobstruct or cover in any way the rear panel of the speaker.User manual ASM SeriesRECESSED HANDLES FOR LIFTING AND TRANSPORTUse these recessed handles (Fig.1) for transporting and positioning thespeaker. Do not use them to hang the speaker or to lock it in any position.8ENGLISH5Fig.1 – Recessed handles for transportASM Series User manual7

14 TROUBLESHOOTINGPROBLEMLEDSOLUTIONNo soundPower LED turnedoff.Make sure the system is properlyconnected to the mains outlet.Make sure that mains plug is firmlyinserted into the socket.very low sound levelPower LED turnedon, but low MAINLEVEL.Turn the MAIN LEVEL knobclockwise.Make sure the SIG LED is on.Check the signal cable.SIG/CLIP LEDlit redLower the level of LEVEL knob orinput sources. When using input linesignals, make sure that the LINE /MIC button is not pressed in the MICposition.ON/LIMIT LED litgreenCheck the source level.234128AC VOLTAGE SELECTOROperating voltage selector. Generally it is not necessary to act on this commandsince it is set at the factory.WARNING! Before switching on the unit, make sure that the mains voltage andthat of the device match.POWER ON/OFFUse this switch to turn ON/OFF the system.NOTE: For proper operation always switch on the system last and switch it off first.Before turning on the system, make sure the LEVEL knob is at minimum.3FUSEProtection fuse.CAUTION: Replace the fuse only with one of the same type and with the samevalues. If the fuse blows repeatedly, contact an authorized service center.4MAINS INPUTIEC mains socket with integrated EMI filter. Each package is supplied with thenecessary power cord, specific for your area. Insert the mains cable into thissocket, but make sure the unit is switched off before connecting the cable to themains. For your safety, never disconnect the ground lead.CAUTION: To reduce the risk of electric shock, never connect the power supplyto the appliance while the grille is removed.User manual ASM SeriesDistortionBooming soundPut the selector inLIVE MONITOR positionCheck source signal.Harsh soundPut the selector inPLAYBACK positionCheck source signal.ENGLISH3.2 POWER SUPPLYASM Series User manual9

5 TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONSASM10ASM12ASM15System2-way vented box2-way vented box2-way vented boxOperating mainsLFCustom 10” Woofer,2” VCCustom 12” Woofer,2.5” VCCustom 15” Woofer,3” VCFuseHF1” compression driver,1” VC1” compression driver,1.35” VC1” compression driver,1.35” VCAmplificationClass-D Class-A/BClass-D Class-A/BClass-D Class-A/BPeak power (LF HF)400W600W600WFrequency response( /-10dB)70Hz-20kHz65Hz-20kHz55Hz-20kHzMAX SPL122dB124dB126dBDSP56Bit56Bit56BitAD/DA conversion24Bit / 48kHz24Bit / 48kHz24Bit / 48kHzEQ2 Presets2 Presets2 PresetsInput and outputconnectorsMIC/LINE COMBO(XLR-F 2 x jack6.35mm. 1/4”)LINK output: XLR-MMIC/LINE COMBO(XLR-F 2 x jack6.35mm. 1/4”)LINK output: XLR-MMIC/LINE COMBO(XLR-F 2 x jack6.35mm. 1/4”)LINK output: XLR-MLEVEL,LINE/MIC switchON-PEAK/SIGN LEDsPRESET buttonLEVEL,LINE/MIC switchON-PEAK/SIGN LEDsPRESET buttonLEVEL,LINE/MIC switchON-PEAK/SIGN LEDsPRESET buttonASM12ASM15220-240V 50-60HzT2A L 250V 220-240V 50-60HzT2A L 250V 220-240V 50-60HzT2A L 250V 110-120V 50-60HzT4A L 250V 110-120V 50-60Hz - T4A L250V 110-120V 50-60HzT4A L 250V Max powerconsumption300 W300 W300 WCabinet2 recessed handlesPole mountØ 35mm. hole2 recessed handlesPole mountØ 35mm. hole2 recessed handlesPole mountØ 35mm. holeCabinet material15mm plywood15mm plywood15mm plywoodCabinets finishingAnti-scratchpaint with highmechanicalresistanceAnti-scratchpaint with highmechanicalresistanceAnti-scratchpaint with highmechanicalresistanceDimensions(W x H x D)380 x 333 x 480mm450 x 338 x 510mm495 x 405 x 610mmNet weight12 Kg.19 Kg.20.5 Kg.Optional accessoriesCV-SM10padded coverCV-SM12padded coverCV-SM15padded coverENGLISHControlsASM1010 User manual ASM Series10ASM Series User manual11

INDICE1 INTRODUZIONE1 Introduzione 132 Installazione 143 Descrizione 153.1 Ingressi & controlli 153.2 Alimentazione 184 Soluzione dei problemi 195 Specifiche tecniche 206 Note 52Grazie per aver acquistato un prodotto A.N.T - Advanced Native Technologies!In questo diffusore coassiale professionale abbiamo profuso la nostrapassione ed il nostro know-how maturato nel corso degli anni per offrirvi unprodotto che soddisfi le vostre esigenze e mantenga la sua qualità nel tempo.Progettato appositamente per un utilizzo estremamente immediato esemplice, risponde alle esigenze di quanti desiderano un monitor da palcoattivo in grado di fornire ottime prestazioni e il miglior rapporto qualità/prezzopossibile nella sua categoria.Caratterizzato da un look elegante e contemporaneo, coniuga in manieraottimale caratteristiche professionali di grande qualità ed eccezionalevalore quali: Ingressi selezionabili MIC/LINE per una la miglior gestione del segnalein base agli scenari di utilizzo; Ampia versatilità di utilizzo, con la scelta fra due posizioni di installazionecome monitor da palco oppure l’uso come diffusore di amplificazione, montatosu treppiede; Immediata configurabilità, grazie ai preset di equalizzazione impostabilidal pannello laterale. 1 x Monitor coassiale attivo- n.1 cavo di alimentazione (VDE) 1x Manuale d’uso - Sezione 1 1x Manuale d’uso - Sezione 2Per le istruzioni relative a sicurezza, le precauzioni, la garanzia e lo smaltimentofate riferimento all’allegato sezione 2.Per ulteriori informazioni su tutti i prodotti del catalogo A.N.T consultate ilnostro sito: avvertenze del presente manuale devono essere osservate congiuntamente al“MANUALE D’USO - SEZIONE 2”.12 Manuale d’uso Serie ASMSerie ASM Manuale d’usoITALIANOCONTENUTO DELL’IMBALLOSono disponibili le coperture opzionali finalizzate a facilitare il trasporto, ilmontaggio e l’integrità del prodotto.Ritagliatevi qualche minuto per leggere questo manuale di istruzioni inmodo tale da ottenere rapidamente il massimo delle performance daquesto prodotto.13

3 DESCRIZIONEOgni diffusore è dotato di:A Maniglie laterali incassateB Flangia con foro Ø 35mm. per paloC Piedini antiscivolo in gommaD Griglia frontale metallica di protezione3.1 INGRESSI & CONTROLLICAABDCPer l’installazione del diffusore e a garanzia del suo corretto funzionamento, atteneteviscrupolosamente alle seguenti istruzioni: Collocate il diffusore in posizione orizzontale su una superficie piana e stabile,assicurandovi che tutti i piedini inferiori in gomma siano perfettamente aderenti alpavimento o alla superficie di appoggio. Il diffusore è predisposto per l’utilizzo supavimento (configurazione monitor). Non installate mai il diffusore su carrelli mobili, sedie, tavoli o oggetti simili che nonsiano stabili o non in grado di sopportare il peso. Per consentire una corretta dissipazione del calore dell’amplificazione, lasciateuna distanza sufficiente tra il panello posteriore del diffusore e altri oggetti qualipareti, angoli, tende, e non collocate mai l’apparecchio vicino a sorgenti di caloredi qualsiasi tipo. Nell’utilizzo all’aperto evitate luoghi esposti alle intemperie.ATTENZIONE: Installate il diffusore in modo stabile e sicuro, in modo tale daevitare qualsiasi condizione di pericolo per l’incolumità di persone e strutture.14 Manuale d’uso Serie ASM13241MIC/LINE INPUTIngresso microfono bilanciato con presa Combo XLR-F/jack da 6,35mm. È possibile usare anche un cavo microfonico jack non bilanciato.Il volume di questi ingressi è regolato tramite la manopola LEVEL.NOTA: Usate possibilmente sempre cavi bilanciati.2TASTO LINE/MICPosizionate il tasto su LINE (alzato) per l’utilizzo di una sorgente a livellolinea (mixer e dispositivi pre-amplificati) o su MIC (premuto) per l’utilizzodi un microfono. Per abbassarlo o alzarlo utilizzate un cacciavite conuna punta piccola.3LINK OUTUscita di rilancio del segnale in ingresso su spina XLR-M. Il segnale diquesta uscita dipende dalla regolazione della manopola LEVEL.4TASTO LIVE MONITOR/PLAYBACKPremete questo tasto per selezionare l’equalizzazione ottimale perl’utilizzo del diffusore. E’ possibile selezionare l’impostazione diequalizzazione tra due diversi preset:Serie ASM Manuale d’usoITALIANO2 INSTALLAZIONE15

LIVE MONITORIdeale per esecuzioni dal vivo con il diffusore posizionato a terra come monitor dapalco. Indicato per musicisti e cantanti.PLAYBACKEnfatizza le frequenze basse e alte, ed è ideale per ascolto e utilizzo di musicariprodotta (lettori MP3, CD etc.), sia per uso come sistema principale montato sutreppiede ma anche come monitor di rinforzo.6785LEVELQuesto controllo regola il volume di uscita del diffusore. Girate la manopola in sensoorario per aumentare il volume o in senso antiorario per abbassarlo. Per una regolazioneottimale considerate sempre l’acustica dell’ambiente e il genere musicale.6INDICATORI ON & SIG/CLIPLed ON: l’unità è alimentata.Led SIG/CLIP verde: il segnale è presente nel canale MIC/LINE INPUT. Nel normalefunzionamento il led funge da Vu-Meter e indica il livello audio.Led SIG/CLIP rosso: il segnale in ingresso è molto forte ed è prossimo alla distorsione.ATTENZIONE: l’apparecchio non deve mai lavorare con livelli tali da far illuminaredi rosso in modo pressoché costante il LED SIG/CLIP.7PANNELLO POSTERIOREIl processo di raffreddamento dell’amplificatore e il mantenimento della temperaturadel pannello nei limiti di legge è garantito da una corretta dissipazione del calore,pertanto si raccomanda di non ostruire o coprire in nessun modo il telaio e il pannelloposteriore del diffusore.MANIGLIE INCASSATE PER IL SOLLEVAMENTO E IL TRASPORTOUtilizzate queste maniglie incassate (Fig.1) per il trasporto e ilposizionamento del diffusore. Non usatele per appendere il diffusore oper bloccarlo in qualsiasi posizione.8ITALIANO5Fig.1 – Maniglie laterali incassate per trasporto16 Manuale d’uso Serie ASMSerie ASM Manuale d’uso17

3.2 ALIMENTAZIONE14 SOLUZIONE DEI PROBLEMIPROBLEMASPIE LUMINOSESOLUZIONELed ON spentoAssicuratevi che l’apparecchio siacollegato correttamente alla presa dicorrente elettrica. Accertatevi che laspina di rete sia saldamente inseritanella presa.Suono troppo bassoLED ON acceso maLEVEL abbassato.Girate la manopola LEVEL in sensoorario.Assicuratevi che il LED SIG siaacceso.Controllate il cavo di segnaleDistorsioneLed SIG/CLIProssoAttenuate il livello di LEVEL o dellesorgenti in ingresso. Usando segnalidi linea in ingresso assicuratevi cheil tasto LINE/MIC non sia premuto inposizione MIC.Led SIG/CLIPverdeControllate il livello della sorgente.Assenza di suono234234AC VOLTAGE SELECTORSelettore della tensione di esercizio. Generalmente non occorre agire su questocomando poiché è impostato in fabbrica.ATTENZIONE! Prima di accendere l’apparecchio assicuratevi che la tensione direte e quella del dispositivo coincidano.POWER ON/OFFInterruttore per accensione/spegnimento del diffusore.NOTA: per un corretto funzionamento accendete sempre il diffusore per ultimo espegnetelo per primo. Prima di accendere il sistema assicuratevi che la manopolaLEVEL sia al minimo.FUSEFusibile di protezione.ATTENZIONE: Sostituire il fusibile unicamente con uno dello stesso tipo e con glistessi valori. Se il fusibile continua a saltare, rivolgetevi ad un centro di assistenzaautorizzato.Suono risonanteMettete il selettore nella posizioneLIVE MONITORControllate il segnale della sorgenteSuono stridenteMettete il selettore nella posizionePLAYBACKControllate il segnale della sorgenteMAINS INPUTPresa IEC di ingresso con filtro di rete integrato. Ogni confezione è fornita delcavo di alimentazione necessario, specifico per la vostra zona. Inserite in questapresa il cavo per l’alimentazione elettrica ma accertatevi che l’apparecchio siaspento prima di collegare il cavo alla rete. Per la vostra sicurezza, non scollegatemai il polo di messa a terra.ATTENZIONE: Per ridurre il rischio di scosse elettriche, non connettere mail’alimentazione di rete all’apparecchio quando la griglia è rimossa.18 Manuale d’uso Serie ASMITALIANO1Serie ASM Manuale d’uso19

5 SPECIFICHE TECNICHEASM10ASM12ASM15SistemaBass reflex, 2 vieBass reflex, 2 vieBass reflex, 2 vieTensione operativaLFWoofer custom da 10”,VC da 2”Woofer custom da 12”,VC da 2,5”Woofer custom da 15”,VC da 3”FusibileHFDriver a compressioneda 1”, VC da 1”Driver a compressioneda 1”, VC da 1,35”Driver a compressioneda 1”, VC da 1,35”AmplificazioneClasse D classe A/BClasse D classe A/BClasse D classe A/BPotenza di picco(LF HF)400W600W600WRisposta in frequenza( /-10dB)70Hz-20kHz65Hz-20kHz55Hz-20kHzMAX SPL122dB124dB126dBDSP56Bit56Bit56BitConversione AD/DA24Bit / 48kHz24Bit / 48kHz24Bit / 48kHzEQ2 Preset2 Preset2 PresetConnettori peringressi e usciteMIC/LINE: Combo(XLR-F jack 6,35mm.)Uscita Link XLR-MMIC/LINE: Combo(XLR-F jack 6,35mm.)Uscita Link XLR-MMIC/LINE: Combo(XLR-F jack 6,35mm.)Uscita Link XLR-MLEVEL,interruttore LINE/MICled ON-PEAK/SIGNtasto PRESETLEVEL,interruttore LINE/MICled ON-PEAK/SIGNtasto PRESETLEVEL,interruttore LINE/MICled ON-PEAK/SIGNtasto PRESETASM12ASM15220-240V 50-60HzT2A L 250V 220-240V 50-60HzT2A L 250V 220-240V 50-60HzT2A L 250V 110-120V 50-60HzT4A L 250V 110-120V 50-60HzT4A L 250V 110-120V 50-60HzT4A L 250V Max assorbimento300W300W300WCabinet2 maniglieincassateForo per paloØ 35mm.2 maniglieincassateForo per paloØ 35mm.2 maniglieincassateForo per paloØ 35mm.Materiale del cabinetMultistrato da15mm.Multistrato da15mm.Multistrato da15mm.Finitura del cabinetVerniceanti-graffio conelevata resistenzameccanicaVerniceanti-graffio conelevata resistenzameccanicaVerniceanti-graffio conelevata resistenzameccanicaDimensioni (L x H x P)380 x 333 x 480mm450 x 338 x 510mm.495 x 405 x 610mm.Peso netto12Kg19Kg20,5KgAccessori opzionaliCoperturaimbottita CV-SM10Coperturaimbottita CV-SM12Coperturaimbottita CV-SM15ITALIANOControlliASM1020 Manuale d’uso Serie ASM20Serie ASM Manuale d’uso21

TABLE DES MATIÈRES1 INTRODUCTION1 Introduction 23Nous vous remercions d’avoir acheté un produit A.N.T - Advanced NativeTechnologies!2 Installation 243 Description 253.1 Entrées et contrôles 253.2 Alimentation 284 Dépannage 295 Spécifications techniques 6 Notes 5230Ce moniteur coaxial professionnel est le fruit à la fois de notre grande passionpour notre métier et de notre expérience pluriannuelle. Il a été développé pourvous offrir un produit répondant à toutes vos exigences et attentes, tout enmaintenant durablement ses performances et sa qualité de haut niveau.Conçu spécifiquement pour une utilisation extrêmement intuitive et simple,il répond aux besoins de ceux qui cherchent un moniteur de scène actifcapable de fournir d’excellentes performances et le meilleur rapport qualitéprix possible pour sa catégorie.Caractérisé par un look élégant et contemporain, il allie de manière optimaledes caractéristiques professionnelles de grande qualité et une valeurexceptionnelle telle que : Entrées MIC/LINE sélectionnables pour une meilleure gestion du signalen fonction des scénarios d’utilisation ; Grande polyvalence d’utilisation, avec le choix entre deux positionsd’installation en tant que moniteur de scène ou en tant qu’enceinted’amplification montée sur un trépied ; Configurabilité immédiate, grâce aux préréglages d’égalisationsélectionnés sur le panneau latéral. 1 x Moniteur coaxial actif- n.1 câble d’alimentation (VDE) 1x Notice d’emploi - Section 1 1x Notice d’emploi - Section 2Respectez impérativement les avertissements ou mises en garde contenus dans laprésente notice ainsi que les indications de la « NOTICE D’EMPLOI - SECTION 2 ».22 Notice d’emploi Serie ASMUne série de housses optionnelles sont disponibles pour faciliter le transport,l’assemblage et l’intégrité du produit.Les quelques instants que vous consacrerez à la lecture de cette noticed’emploi vous permettront de bien connaître ce produit et par là même debénéficier pleinement de ses performances.Pour les consignes de sécurité, les précautions, la garantie et l’élimination,se référer à la section 2.Pour d’autres informations sur tous les produits du catalogue A.N.Trendez-vous sur notre site : ASM Notice d’emploiFRANÇAISCONTENU DE L’EMBALLAGE23

2 INSTALLATION3 DESCRIPTIONChaque enceinte est équipée de :A Poignées latérales encastréesB Bride avec orifice Ø 35mm pour piedC Pieds en caoutchouc antidérapantD Grille de protection frontale en métal3.1 ENTRÉES & CONTRÔLESAABDCRespectez scrupuleusement les instructions ci-dessous pour installer l’enceinte et engarantir le bon fonctionnement : Placez l’enceinte en position horizontale sur une surface plane et stable, en vousassurant que tous les pieds en caoutchouc inférieurs adhèrent parfaitement ausol ou à la surface du support. L’enceinte est conçue pour une utilisation sur le sol(configuration moniteur). Ne jamais installer l’enceinte sur des chariots mobiles, des chaises, des tables oudes objets similaires qui ne sont pas stables ou capables de supporter le poids. Pour permettre une dissipation correcte de la chaleur de l’amplification, laissez unedistance suffisante entre le panneau arrière de l’enceinte et d’autres objets tels queles murs, les coins, les rideaux, et ne placez jamais l’appareil à proximité de sourcesde chaleur de quelque nature que ce soit. En utilisation extérieure, évitez les endroits exposés aux intempéries.ATTENTION : Installez l’enceinte de manière stable et sûre, de façon à éviter toutecondition dangereuse pour la sécurité des personnes et des structures.24 Notice d’emploi Serie ASM13241MIC/LINE INPUTEntrée micro symétrique avec prise Combo XLR-F/jack de 6,35 mm. Ilest possible d’utiliser un câble micro jack non symétrique. Le volumede ces entrées est réglé via le bouton LEVEL.REMARQUE : Toujours utiliser des câbles symétriques si possible.2BOUTON LINE/MICRéglez le bouton sélecteur sur LINE (levé) pour utiliser une source auniveau ligne (table de mixage ou dispositifs pré-amplifiés) ou sur MIC(appuyé) pour une utilisation microphone. Pour abaisser ou relever lebouton, utilisez un tournevis avec une petite pointe.3LINK OUTSortie relais du signal en entrée sur prise XLR-M. Le signal de cettesortie dépend du réglage du bouton LEVEL.4BOUTON LIVE MONITOR/PLAYBACKAppuyez sur ce bouton pour sélectionner l’égalisation optimale pourl’utilisation de l’enceinte.Il est possible de sélectionner les paramètres d’égalisation parmi deuxpréréglages différents :Serie ASM Notice d’emploiFRANÇAISC25

LIVE MONITORIdéal pour les représentations en direct avec l’enceinte placée au sol en tant quemoniteur de scène. Convient pour les musiciens et les chanteurs.PLAYBACKAccentue les basses et les hautes fréquences, idéal pour écouter et utiliser de lamusique reproduite (lecteurs MP3, CD, etc.), comme système principal monté surun trépied mais également comme moniteur de renfort.6785LEVELCe contrôle règle le volume de sortie de l’enceinte. Tournez le bouton dans le sensdes aiguilles d’une montre pour augmenter le volume ou dans le sens contrairepour l’abaisser. Pour un réglage optimal, tenez toujours compte de l’acoustique del’environnement et du genre musical.6INDICATEURS ON & SIG/CLIPLed ON : l’appareil est alimenté.Led verte SIG/CLIP : le signal est présent dans le canal MIC/LINE INPUT. Enfonctionnement normal, la led agit comme un vumètre et indique le niveau audio.Led SIG/CLIP rouge : le signal d’entrée est très fort, proche de la distorsion.Si la led rouge est allumée en permanence, réduire le niveau LEVEL ou réduire lesniveaux des appareils connectés à l’entrée MIC/LINE INPUT.ATTENTION : l’appareil ne doit jamais fonctionner avec des niveaux entraînantl’allumage rouge quasi permanent de la led SIG/CLIP.7PANNEAU ARRIÈRELe processus de refroidissement de l’amplificateur et le maintien de la températuredu panneau dans les limites légales sont garantis par une ventilation adéquate del’appareil. Il est donc recommandé de ne pas obstruer ou recouvrir le châssis et lepanneau arrière de l’enceinte.26 Notice d’emploi Serie ASMPOIGNÉES ENCASTRÉES POUR LE LEVAGE ET LE TRANSPORTUtilisez ces poignées encastrées (Fig.1) pour transporter et positionnerl’enceinte. Ne les utilisez pas pour accrocher l’enceinte ou pour la bloquerdans une position quelconque.8FRANÇAIS5Fig.1 – Poignées de transport latérales encastréesSerie ASM Notice d’emploi27

3.2 ALIMENTATION14 DÉPANNAGEPROBLÈMEAbsence de son2VOYANTS LUMINEUXSOLUTIONLED ON éteinte.Assurez-vous que l’appareil estbranché correctement à la prisede courant. Assurez-vous quela fiche secteur est fermementinsérée dans la prise.LED ON allumée maisLEVEL abaisséTournez le bouton LEVEL dans lesens des aiguilles d'une montre.Assurez-vous que la led SIG estallumée.Vérifiez le câble de signalLed SIG/CLIP rougeAtténuez le niveau de LEVEL oudes sources d'entrée. À l’aide dusignal de ligne en entrée vérifiezque le bouton LINE/MIC n’estpas appuyé en position MIC.Led SIG/CLIP verteVérifier le niveau de la source.3Son trop bas4234AC VOLTAGE SELECTORSélecteur de la tension de fonctionnement. En général inutile d’agir sur cettecommande, configurée d’usine.ATTENTION : Avant de mettre l’appareil en marche, assurez-vous que la tensiondu secteur et celle de l’appareil correspondent.POWER ON/OFFCommutateur d’allumage et extinction de l’enceinte.REMARQUE : pour un fonctionnement correct, allumez toujours l’enceinte en dernieret éteignez-la en premier. Avant de mettre le système sous tension, assurez-vousque le bouton LEVEL est au minimum.FUSEFusible de protection.ATTENTION : Remplacez le fusible uniquement par un fusible du même type etpossédant les mêmes valeurs.Si le fusible continue à sauter, contactez un centre de service agréé.DistorsionSon résonantMettez le sélecteur dans laposition LIVE MONITORVérifiez le niveau de la sourceSon stridentMettez le sélecteur dans laposition PLAYBACKVérifiez le niveau de la sourceMAINS INPUTPrise d’entrée IEC avec filtre de ligne intégré. Chaque emballage contient lecordon d’alimentation nécessaire, spécifique de votre région. Insérez le câbled’alimentation dans cette prise, mais assurez-vous que l’appareil est éteint avantde brancher le câble au secteur. Pour votre sécurité, ne débranchez jamais le pôlede mise à la terre.ATTENTION : Pour réduire le risque d’électrocution, ne branchez jamaisl’alimentation électrique à l’appareil lorsque la grille est retirée.28 Notice d’emploi Serie ASMFRANÇAIS1Serie ASM Notice d’emploi29

5 SPÉCIFICATIONS TECHNIQUESASM10ASM12ASM15SystèmeBass reflex, 2 voiesBass reflex, 2 voiesBass reflex, 2 voiesLFWoofer custom de 10”,VC de 2”Woofer custom de 12”,VC de 2,5”Woofer custom de 15”,VC de 3”HFDriver à compressionde 1”, VC de 1”Driver à compressionde 1”, VC de 1,35”Driver à compressionde 1”, VC de 1,35”AmplificationClasse D classe A/BClasse D classe A/BClasse D classe A/BPuissance de crête(LF HF)400W600W600WRéponse enfréquence ( /-10dB)70Hz-20kHz65Hz-20kHz55Hz-20kHzMAX SPL122dB124dB126dBDSP56Bit56Bit56BitConversion AD/DA24Bit / 48kHz24Bit / 48kHz24Bit / 48kHzEQ2 Preset2 Preset2 PresetConnecteurs pour lesentrées et les sortiesMIC/LINE : Combo(XLR-F jack 6,35mm.)Sortie Link XLR-MMIC/LINE : Combo(XLR-F jack 6,35mm.)Sortie Link XLR-MMIC/LINE : Combo(XLR-F jack 6,35mm.)Sortie Link XLR-MLEVEL,interrupteur LINE/MICled ON-PEAK/SIGNbouton PRESETLEVEL,interrupteur LINE/MICled ON-PEAK/SIGNbouton PRESETLEVEL,interrupteur LINE/MICled ON-PEAK/SIGNbouton PRESETASM12ASM15220-240V 50-60HzT2A L 250V 220-240V 50-60HzT2A L 250V 220-240V 50-60HzT2A L 250V 110-120V 50-60HzT4A L 250V 110-120V 50-60HzT4A L 250V 110-120V 50-60HzT4A L 250V Absorption maximum300W300W300WCaisson2 poignéesencastréesOrifice pour piedØ 35mm.2 poignéesencastréesOrifice pour piedØ 35mm.2 poignéesencastréesOrifice pour piedØ 35mm.Matériau du qué15mmFinition du caissonPeinture antirayures à hauterésistancemécaniquePeinture antirayures à hauterésistancemécaniquePeinture antirayures à hauterésistancemécaniqueDimensions(L x H x P)380 x 333 x 4w80mm450 x 338 x 510mm495 x 405 x 610mmPoids net12 Kg19 Kg20.5 KgAccessoires en optionHousserembourrée CVSM10Housserembourrée CVSM12Housserembourrée CVSM15Tension esASM1030 Notice d’emploi Serie ASM30Serie ASM Notice d’emploi31

INHALTSVERZEICHNIS1 EINFÜHRUNG1 EINLEITUNG 33Danke, dass Sie ein Produkt A.N.T - Advanced Native Technologies erworbenhaben!2 INSTALLATION 343 BESCHREIBUNG 3.1 EINGÄNGE UND BEDIENELEMENTE 35353.2 STROMVERSORGUNG 384 FEHLERBEHEBUNG 395 TECHNISCHE DATEN 406 NOTIZEN 52In diesem professionellen Koaxial-Lautsprecher steckt unsere gesamteTechnik-Leidenschaft und unsere langjährige Erfahrung. Sie erhalten so einProdukt, das hohen Ansprüchen gerecht wird und viele Jahre lang hochwertigeLeist

NI User anual ASM Series ASM eries2 User manual 3 TABLE OF CONTENTS 1 Introduction 3 2 Installation 4 3 Description 5 3.1 Inputs & controls 5 3.2 Power supply performances, high connection versatility as well as the best value in its 8 4 Troubleshooting 9 5 Technical specifications 10 6 Notes 52 The w

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Airspace Management Guidelines - The ASM Handbook - European Route Network Improvement Plan – Part 3 – ASM Handbook Edition 5.4 29 November 2017 Page xii 2.6.1 General 15 2.6.2 ASM/ATFCM Relationship at Strategic Level - ASM Level 1 16 2.6.3 ASM/ATFCM Relationship at Pre-Tactical Level - ASM Level 2 17

About Oracle Automatic Storage Management Cluster File System1-3. Understanding Oracle ASM Concepts1-3. About Oracle ASM Instances1-4. About Oracle ASM Disk Groups1-7. About Mirroring and Failure Groups1-8. About Oracle ASM Disks1-8. About Oracle ASM Allocation Units 1-9.

2015 ASM International. This article was published in ASM Handbook, Volume 5B: Protective Organic Coatings and is made available as an electronic reprint with the permission of ASM International. One print or electronic copy may be made for personal use only. Systematic or multiple reproduction, distribution to multiple locations via

ASM Handbook. » Branding, scheduled time and description of your Virtual Workshops will be displayed in the ASM Handbook. » Your company will be acknowledged as our Partner in the ASM Handbook. » Delegate list provided 1 month prior to the ASM, with regular updates. (Thi

ASM. The material to assist ASM Organising Committees is currently being developed into an ASM Handbook. ASM tasks for which the SSM officers and SSM committee, not the ASM organising committee, are responsible are itemised in this handbook. It also includes items that pertain to the A

ASM Mirroring and Failure Groups 2 What is an ASM failure group? ASM mirroring is done at the extent (typically 1MB) level and may be configured for two or three-way mirroring. When ASM allocates an extent for a Normal Redundancy Di

months prior to the ASM. ANZCA ASM 2017 Why should you sponsor the AnZcA Asm 2017? ANZCA ASM 2017 provides a unique educational environment dedicated to the exchange of up-to-date (cutting edge and world-leading) scientific research, training and the opportunity to share and exchange ideas wi

The ASM Handbook should be regarded as a set of actions implemented by the ECAC States to be used in conjunction with the EUROCONTROL Specification for the application of the Flexible Use of Airspace (FUA). The ASM Handbook should neither be considered as a substitute for official national regulations in individual ECAC States nor for the ASM Part of the ICAO European Region Air Navigation .

ASM Handbook Series on Heat Treating Expands to Four Volumes Springer Science Business Media New York and ASM International 2013 The recently-released Steel Heat Treating Fundamentals and Processes is the first of four upcoming ASM Hand-books on Heat Treating. Under the direction of an editorial team, including Jon Dossett and George Totten as Volume Editors, Volume 4A includes extensive .

ASM Handbook Volume 9: Metallography and Microstructures (#06044G) iv Policy on Units of Measure By a resolution of its Board of Trustees, ASM International has adopted the practice of publishing data in both metric and customary U.S. units of measure. In preparing this Handbook, the editors have attempted to present data in metric units based primarily on Syste me .

ASM Specialty Handbook: Cast Irons, ASM International, Materials Park, Ohio, 1996. WS 2017/18 23 Malleable Iron . heat treatment. undissolved cementite. WS 2017/18 24 Mealleable Iron: Automotive Applications ASM Specialty Handbook: Cast Irons, ASM International, Materials Park, Ohio, 1996. Driveline yokes Connecting rods Diesel pistons .

ASM global headquarters in Moosinning, Germany, represent the heart of the company and are the center for sensor research, development and manufacturing. With a global sales network of more than 30 distributors and company subsidiaries ASM ensures worldwide accessibility to its customers. The ASM

The ASM solution is primarily designed for 2D-LC modes multiple heart-cutting and high-resolution sampling. The 2D-LC Valve ASM is backward compatible to the standard 2D-LC valve G4236A. If ASM is not needed or for use in comprehensive 2D-LC

Each block in ASM dedicated to state of system during one clock cycle Simplifications ASM Block not usually drawn because blocks are well defined Can label just the “1” and omit the “0” ASM chart consists of one or more interconnect ASM

ASM Chart Design: States, Outputs Out1 Name Start print cycle Line Printbuff BUSY Status LPR5 0 AC Print_Line Flowchart, but notASM Description is ok, but not part of ASM; descriptions are part of flowcharts (often a step before ASM) – Start Print Cycle: Actions to take – Line is

6/15/2017 11 21 ASM Response: ASM will issue project quotes that are scope-dependent. ASM will honor a quote unless there is a material variance in the scope of the project, as measured between information received via the Request for Quote and collections actually submitted. 22 ASM

Certificate of Achievement in Metallography, ASM International, 2017 . Nitinol for Medical Devices, ASM International, August 2016 . Scanning Electron Microscopy, ASM International, June 2016 . Mechanical Testing Certificate, ASM International, April 2016 . Introduction to Metallurgical Lab Practices Certi

2 advanced bookkeeping tutor zone 1.1 Link the elements of the accounting system on the left with their function on the right. FINANCIAL DOCUMENTS BOOKS OF PRIME ENTRY DOUBLE-ENTRY SYSTEM OF LEDGERS TRIAL BALANCE FINANCIAL STATEMENTS 1 The accounting system Summaries of accounting information