Solutions For Plant-Based Beverages And Dairy Alternatives

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Solutions for Plant-BasedBeverages andDairy Alternatives

2·SOLUTIONS FOR PLANT-BASED BEVERAGES AND DAIRY ALTERNATIVESA growing care for healthand environmentGlobally, more people are adopting flexitarian eating habits,vegetarianism or vegan diets as a response to concerns aboutthe ecological footprint of some foods.The rapid uptake in plant-based foods and beverages is keepingaisles mostly frequented by consumers with lactose intolerancesmanufacturers on their toes. Plant-based beverages and otheror with a preference for a more plant-based diet, today, plant-dairy-alternative beverages are gaining a significant consumerbased options have become mainstream as more consumersbase, driven most recently by people’s increased focus on healthpursue healthier lifestyles, seek to reduce their ecologicaland sustainability as well as the fact that there are simply morefootprint – or simply discover they really like the taste.high-quality products available for people to explore and enjoy.Global market trendsWhat are dairy alternatives anyway?Over the past years all plant-based beverages show growth. AThe dairy-alternatives sector encompasses products that aretrend that is expected to continue during the years to come.100% plant-based, made from beans, nuts, seeds or grains, whichProducers are also looking for more plant based protein sourcesreplace dairy-based products in the form of beverages, spreads,such as pea or chickpea to form components for a variety ofice cream, yogurt and other ready-made food products. Once inproducts across the food and beverage industry.PRODUCTION VOLUME (in million liters)Source: Zenith Global Ltd 20194000Soy milk350030002500Almond milk200015001000Other nuts & plant milkRice milkOat 22

SOLUTIONS FOR PLANT-BASED BEVERAGES AND DAIRY ALTERNATIVESAlmond milkPeanut milkOat milkSoy milkCoconut milkRice milk·3

4·SOLUTIONS FOR PLANT-BASED BEVERAGES AND DAIRY ALTERNATIVESGlobal market trendsin plant-based beveragesNORTH AMERICA Consumers are thinking more about sustainablefood supply, the environment and animalwelfare Oat, rice and especially almond milks are amongthe products growing steadily Plant-based yogurts, desserts, ice cream,creamers and cheese are coming more intofocus Pea identified as a sustainable high proteincontent raw material to satisfy a variety ofproduct categories with increasing demandWESTERN EUROPE A surge in demand for vegetarian and veganoptions High levels of innovation and increasingpremiumization in some of the larger marketssuch as the UK and Germany Retail ranges reflect ever more sophisticatedconsumer tastes Oat and rice milks are among the productsgrowing steadily

SOLUTIONS FOR PLANT-BASED BEVERAGES AND DAIRY ALTERNATIVESCHINA Due to the growing health concerns and thelarge lactose-intolerant population in general,there is a shift in preference to alternative dairyproducts With the society urbanized there is moredemand for convenience, therefore morepackaged products have emerged in the market Consumers demand clear ingredientsfrom sustainable sources and also, qualitymanufacturing processes·5

6· SOLUTIONS FOR PLANT-BASED BEVERAGES AND DAIRY ALTERNATIVESA solution tailored to your needsAre you a beverage manufacturer who wants to discover a newmarket? Or a dairy producer who wants to expand his productrange? Or a mature manufacturer of plant-based beverages whowants a partner to develop an innovative product with? Together,we design the solution that is tailored to your needs.3. Heating /Cooling systems2. Soaking / Milling /Homogenization /Other5. Mechanicalclarification6. Base product1. Raw materialhandling4. Enzymation /ReactionsSpray dryingEvaporatortechnology

SOLUTIONS FOR PLANT-BASED BEVERAGES AND DAIRY ALTERNATIVES·Four PillarsGEA has access to market-leading technology and, possibly, Maximum flexibilitythe most comprehensive portfolio of processing knowledge The perfect flavor & textureand expertise in the world today. All our solutions for plant- Efficiency & sustainabilitybased beverage applications are based on four pillars: Innovation12. Filling &Packaging11. Fermentation /Other»10. Asepticprocess9. Thermaltreatment7. Liquid / Powderadditions / blendingFreezeconcentrationMembranetechnology8. Homogenization7

8·SOLUTIONS FOR PLANT-BASED BEVERAGES AND DAIRY ALTERNATIVESKaren (49), Düsseldorf, Germany“Last year, our 16-year-old Sarah turned vegan for ideological reasons.She gets her calcium from calcium-fortified soy milk. Her decision wasdefinitely pushed by cooking capabilities. And rightfully so. Nowadays,we have at least one vegan meal per week with the whole family.”»

SOLUTIONS FOR PLANT-BASED BEVERAGES AND DAIRY ALTERNATIVESBuild in maximum flexibilityIn order to respond to the diverging demands in the marketplace, you need to build in maximum flexibility in every stepof the process.Handle various raw materialsline to be used to produce and fill a new product.Soy, rice, oat, almond You want to minimze your investmentwhile still being able to produce a range of products. We designGEA supports the handling of:a process that gives you flexibility and especially consideringchallenges like allergen control. bulk liquids bulk powdersInterchangeable modules IBCs/drumsWe achieve this by forming the overall process with indepen- big bags and sacksdent modules for each step of the process. In this way, a single bottles and containersmodule can be added where necessary to enable the full process·9

10·SOLUTIONS FOR PLANT-BASED BEVERAGES AND DAIRY ALTERNATIVESLifang (63), Beijing, China“I’m definitely quite picky when it comes to my daily cup of almondmilk. I’ve compared several brands from supermarkets and organicstores to compare taste and texture. My favorite brand has a few extradrops of almond extract and a wonderful creamy, somewhat thickenedtexture.”»

SOLUTIONS FOR PLANT-BASED BEVERAGES AND DAIRY ALTERNATIVES·11Create the perfect flavorand textureDo you prefer a creamy or rather milky texture for youralmond milk? A beany or non-beany taste for your soy milk?Let’s go through the key process steps that allow you tocreate your perfect flavor and texture.EnzymationThermal treatmentEnzymatic adjustment makes it possible to design your flavor.Pasteurization for longer shelf life and better taste: customersWhen, for instance, a beany flavor is desired for your soy milk,rely on our in-depth knowledge and expertise to tailor pasteuri-this flavor can be produced by adjusting the correspondingzation and UHT plants for a diverse range of products. Our highprocess parameters in the extraction stage. The same goes forquality portfolio of direct and indirect heat treatment technol-rice milk, oat milk, coconut milk, etc. In this way, you can obtainogies include tubular heat exchangers, direct steam injectiona wide variety of flavors demanded by markets world-wide.and infusion systems. Depending on the particular plant basedproduct and quality desired, the most suitable technology can beHomogenizationselected.High-pressure homogenization is primarily used for stabilizingemulsions and improving palatability. Thanks to fluid dynamicGentle processing and aseptic fillingeffects, the homogenization process allows liquid particles toIf you want to bring these complex beverages to consumers, highbe downsized to the micrometer range which results in morehygenic standards must be in place for processing and filling touniform and stable emulsions. Particle aggregation can be aensure gentle handling, avoiding any unnecessary stress on thechallenge, for example, in processing protein-based products.delicate ingredients. GEA aseptic filling ensures quality productsHowever, homogenization overcomes this by breaking downwith a long shelf life without the need for preservatives.agglomerates and preventing sedimentation, while maintainingthe primary structure of cells and therefore, their nutritionalvalues.

12·SOLUTIONS FOR PLANT-BASED BEVERAGES AND DAIRY ALTERNATIVESTom (25), Los Angeles, US“Since I graduated from college last year, I’ve adopted a healthierlifestyle. I try to run three times a week. I’ve adapted my eatingand drinking accordingly. Since I’ve turned to plant-based dairyalternatives I have more energy, a healthier digestion and I’ve lostsome weight.”»

SOLUTIONS FOR PLANT-BASED BEVERAGES AND DAIRY ALTERNATIVES·13Discover the many faces ofefficiency and sustainabilityEfficiency has many faces. It’s about optimizing yield,minimizing costs and measure energy reduction.Gentle treatment, higher yieldconcentration technology uses low temperatures to processGEA separators and decanters have been used for decades indelicately structured liquids. This approach, which enablesprocess lines for soymilk and for cereal drinks production.long run times, produces high-quality concentrates that retainThanks to their high throughput capacities and maximumseparating efficiency, they have proved a success in toughperfect flavor after reconstitution. Evaporation, freeze concentration and/or membrane filtrationdaily production conditions. GEA decanters are also availablecan be offered as part of an integrated solution that canin hygienic design. High throughput capacity and maximumreinforce concentration and provide you with flexibility,separating efficiency in a reproducible quality – that is whatGEA centrifuges and decanters bring to the industry insophisticated process steps.choice, and optimum plant capability. Our cutting-edge spray drying solutions meet the higheststandards of safety, hygiene and plant performance. You willobtain excellent physical characteristics of the powder forConcentrated productsoptimum product quality. Reduced energy consumption ofConcentrated products allow you to massively reduceour spray dryers helps in saving costs and resources.transportation costs and optimize your supply chain. We offer anumber of innovative concentration technologies around whichMeasurable energy efficiencyintegrated process plants can be developed.Our industrial cooling solutions provide the right temperaturefor each application. Our heat pumps upcycle waste process heat Our state-of-the-art evaporation technologies meet yourwhile the use of natural refrigerants ensures both long-termneeds and expectations with respect to plant capacity, runfunctionality and minimal environmental impact. All of thistimes, operational excellence, product quality and plantcontributes to reduced operational expenses as well as a lowermaintenance.carbon footprint and, in some cases, zero emissions. If heat treatment is not appropriate, GEA’s freeze

14·SOLUTIONS FOR PLANT-BASED BEVERAGES AND DAIRY ALTERNATIVESMake innovation happenin our test centerInnovation is at the core of engineering. So, when a customerTogether, we work out what the most sustainable and hygienicwants to bring a new idea to life, we roll out the red for your plant can look like. How can we integrateproduct safety via CIP-ability and reproducible cleaning? HowIn our laboratory and pilot plant testing facilities you cancan we build in the flexibility to produce multiple products,try out new recipes and formulations, and work on processyet retain efficiency? And finally, how can we future-proof thedevelopment and validation. Our experts offer an unparalleledsolution to manage new and exciting recipes?range of equipment and industry-leading know-how for anyrecipe and every stage of your process. From early-stage productLooking forward to meeting you there!development to final process refinement.Freja (30), Stockholm, Sweden“I just LOVE granola. I often have it for breakfast or as a quick snackto lift my sugar level while hiking. I also LOVE kombucha! Come tothink of it: could you make me a granola bar with kombucha flavor?”»

SOLUTIONS FOR PLANT-BASED BEVERAGES AND DAIRY ALTERNATIVESGEA Service – For yourcontinued successWorking with GEA Service means partnering with adedicated team of service experts. Our focus is to build,maintain, and improve customer performance throughoutthe entire life cycle of the plant and its equipment. Beginning of Life Services - Getting you startedwith seamless support for instant productivity andperformance Lifetime Services - Keeping it running with the costefficient way of ensuring safety and reliability Extended Life Services - Constantly improving by sharingour knowledge to safeguard your investment Consulting & Enhanced Operations - Together with you byenduring commitment to you and your businessMaking the most from plant-baseddairy-alternatives with GEA Service·15

We live our values.Excellence Passion Integrity Responsibility GEA-versityGEA is one of the largest technology suppliers for food processing and a wide range of other industries. The global groupspecializes in machinery, plants, as well as process technology and components. GEA provides sustainable solutions forsophisticated production processes in diverse end-user markets and offers a comprehensive service portfolio.The company is listed on the German MDAX (G1A, WKN 660 200), the STOXX Europe 600 Index and selected MSCIGEA Germany SarstedtGEA TDS GmbHVoss-Straße 11/1331157 Sarstedt, 49 5066 990 GEA Group. All rights reserved.Subject to modifications. Printed in UK.Global Sustainability Indexes.

The rapid uptake in plant-based foods and beverages is keeping manufacturers on their toes. Plant-based beverages and other dairy-alternative beverages are gaining a signifi cant consumer base, driven most recently by people’s increased focus on health and sustainability as well as the fact that there are simply more high-quality products available for people to explore and enjoy. What are .

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