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Travel and Expense ModuleNew Travel Card Program

Today’s Agenda Benefits of the Travel Card ProgramTwo Travel Card OptionsTravel Card LimitsRoles and ResponsibilitiesTravel Card ViolationsMy Wallet - DemoCreating an Expense Report from My Wallet DemoReview Roll Out ScheduleUpcoming CommunicationsResourcesContacts

Benefits of the TravelCard Program Reduce the monetary burden to thetraveler An easier method to handle onlineregistration No longer need to set up a Supplier togo through Payment Request No longer need to go through a travelagency for airfare, therefore saving thefee

Two Travel Card Options Individual Travel Card: Individual travel for airfare,hotel, and registration.– Card holder or Liaison will be responsible for the monthlybank statement/expense report– Department Head approval required– This card can be used for the individual’s travel only Department Travel Card: Airfare and registration forindividuals within the department.– Airfare for employees, students and non-employees– Registration for employees and students– A travel card liaison will be responsible for the monthlybank statement/expense report– Department Head approval required

Travel Card LimitsIndividual Card Limits: 2K Single Transaction Limit - 10K Limit/Month 2K Single Transaction Limit - 15K Limit/Month 3K Single Transaction Limit - 20K Limit/Month 5K Single Transaction Limit - 25K Limit/Month 5K Single Transaction Limit - 30K Limit/MonthDepartment Card Limits: 3K Single Transaction Limit - 20K Limit/Month 4K Single Transaction Limit - 30K Limit/Month 5K Single Transaction Limit - 50K Limit/Month

Roles and Responsibilities Cardholder must be a USC employee. Travel card must be used in accordance with theTravel Policy and Procedures. (FINA 1.00 Travel) Card is to be used only to pay flights, registration,memberships and hotels (only on individual cards)for the legitimate benefit of USC. Cardholder receives card after training with liaisonand execution of Travel Cardholder Agreement. Recurring violations of the policies and procedureswill result in the card being revoked or otherdisciplinary action, including possible employmenttermination.

Travel Card ViolationsIf an expense is charged on the card that is notallowed (meals, first class airfare, etc.):1. The card will be suspended2. The individual will have to reimburse theUniversity and attach a copy of the deposittransmittal to the expense report3. A memo will be required stating they violatedthe Travel Card policies and procedures signedby their department head. (This should also beattached to the expense report.)4. Recurring violations of the policies andprocedures will result in the card being revoked

My Wallet Demonstration

Creating an Expense Reportfrom My Wallet - Demo Demonstration

Travel Card Role OutScheduleGo Live PhaseGo Live DatePhase 1February 10, 2020Phase 2March 9, 2020Phase 3April 6, 2020Phase 4May 11, 2020Phase 5June 8, 2020Note: Operating Units will be added to each phase as we receiveinformation back from the Colleges/Departments.

Upcoming Communications 4 weeks before Training - Targeted TrainingInvitations to individual employees and liaisons toinclude the Travel Card Request form and procedures 1 week before Training – Upcoming TrainingReminder 1 week before Go Live – Travel Card TrainingResource Links Thursday Before Go Live – Travel Card Go Live Steps Go Live Day – Travel Card Go Live Steps

ResourcesController’s Office website: and x.php

ContactsPeopleSoft University Financial System website: and divisions/peoplesoft finance/internal/support contacts/Travel Card Email Address:


registration No longer need to set up a Supplier to go through Payment Request No longer need to go through a travel agency for airfare, therefore saving the fee. Two Travel Card Options Individual Travel Card: Individual travel for airfare, hotel, and

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1. Corporate Travel Booked through a UW contracted Travel agency listed on the Travel Services Website. 2. Athletics Travel Booked through Athletics travel desk. 3. State of WA Travel Booked through the following as listed on the Travel Services Website. UW contracted Travel agency State contracted Travel agency EasyBiz

Travel Card Application- Enter the employee's information in the appropriate fields. R equesting a . Sign the Travel Card Agreement Form The Travel Card Administrator will provide the Travel Card Agreement (Attachment B) to the cardholder for signature before receiving the new card. Cardholders must sign this form which authorizes the

Travel Card Training . Welcome to COMTRAWING SIX! The Wing uses the Defense Travel System (DTS) for all travel requirements. To implement the order writing and travel claim system all hands must have an active government travel card. Use of the Government Travel Charge Card (GTCC) is mandatory. The GTCC must be used for all transportation,

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a company travel configuration is created for each country the legal entity is located in. Features Available in Travel System Admin To access Travel System Admin, on the menu, click Administration Travel (on the sub-menu) Travel System Admin. NOTE: If Travel System Admin is your only Travel option, then the commands are

Travel Agency to: Travel Agency rve cel Travel Agency to: – Reserve a Travel: – Cancel a Travel Pay the Travel Payment f a Travel re s Insurance P H – Pay the Travel a The Travel Agency needs to be in contact with a Visa cilities ervation faciliti e urchase nds on be in contact with a Visa payment center in order to be paid by the .

The DTMO created a Travel Card Program class to educate DoD travelers about the basics of the Government Travel Charge Card (GTCC). This training is also referred to as “Travel Card 101 .” You can access the class 24 hours a day, 7 days a week thr ough the Travel Explorer (TraX) . It provides basic information on the GTCC program,File Size: 559KB

From Land to Sea stamp set (A card 1) Fresh Fruit stamp set (A card 1, B card 1, C card 1) Sprinkles of Life stamp set (A card 2) Balloon Builders stamp set (B card 1, C card 1) Thankful Thoughts stamp set (B card 2) No Bones About It stamp set (C cards 3 & 4, D card 2) Tin of Card stamp set (C card 4) Stylized Birthday

state corporate travel card to form one source of payment for travel. If a supervisor recommends an employee be issued a state travel card, the employee should complete an application through their agency travel program administrator. 1. The employee’s corporate travel card is for offic

Travel Card Program Administrator – The employee(s) designated to coordinate all Travel Card Program activity at the agency level. 31. Travel – For purposes of determining travel status, the traveler must be on official State business. Travel begins when

Travel policy "Container" for the various travel rules and travel features that are used to enforce the company's T&E policies and guidelines Every Travel user is assigned to a travel class/policy. Class features Travel features General features associated with each class/policy,

Travel Card, which is an expansion of the University's Purchasing Card ("Pro-Card") program, is used for travel-related expenses incurred while conducting legitimate University Business. UConn Travel Card expenses are directly paid by the University to JPMC.

Card a Citibank Visa and/or Mastercard credit card issued by us and a renewal or replacement and if more than one card or if a supplementary card is issued, includes such other card(s) Card account an account which you maintain with us in respect of the card Card transaction a transaction carried out whether by using the card, the card account

–Develop DoD travel card policy and procedures –Identify and manage DoD GTCC pilots –Facilitate travel card training for DoD –Review or initiate component review of card processes –Assist with Centrally Billed Account (CBA) reconciliation 4 . 4 . The DTMO is the Travel

school’s Senior Staff Assistant in order to process the new online Travel Expense Report (TER) upon completion of travel. Travel Courses Travel Courses are faculty-led domestic or international travel experiences that are credit bearing. Guidelines for domestic travel courses differ from international ones, as detailed in the following sections.

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The T-Card is a corporate VISA credit card, issued to UNCSA through Bank of America. The card is to be used for UNCSA business travel transactions only. . Payment of Charges: T-card charges will be deducted from the funding source selected . must complete a T-Card

as consumers feel safe to resume travel. Travel and tourism trends Expect high near-term demand in leisure travel with potential structural changes in business travel . Some domestic markets have recovered to . near 2019 levels, especially on . weekends and holidays . when leisure travel is prevalent . 1B. Business travel recovery is

Annual Thanksgiving Service at St Mark’s Church St Mark’s Rise, Dalston E8 on Sunday 19 September 2004 at 4 pm . 2 . Order of Service Processional hymn — all stand All things bright and beautiful, All creatures great and small, All things wise and wonderful: The Lord God made them all. Each little flower that opens, Each little bird that sings, He made their glowing colors, He made their .