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Sunday, December 4, 2016 Volume 89, Number 10 Daily .

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Daily BulletinSunday, December 4, 201689th Fall North American Bridge ChampionshipsVolume 89, Number 10NABCDailyBulletin@acbl.orgTournament chairs:Thank you for coming to OrlandoBy Barbara Jones and Jane FormetAs chairs of the localcommittee for the Fall 2016NABC in Orlando, we’d liketo thank so many people formaking this tournament asuccess.We’re very grateful to ourcommittee chairs and otherlocal volunteers. They workedhard to make sure the playersenjoyed themselves. We mustalso mention the generosity ofUnit 128, District 9, Florida’sNatural and Tupperware fortheir sponsorship support.Our thanks goes to theThe Orlando tournament committee: (front row): Peggy Higginbotham,ACBL staff and tournamentdirectors, too, who provided Co-Chairs Barbara Jones and Jane Formet, Harriet Morris; (back row):John Moschella, Anne Landry, Martha McGhee, Joann Vergnolle, Bettysuch a professional job incontinued on page 5Harris, Susan Rowley and Linda McEwan; (not pictured): Laurie Jones,Betty Sandifer, Shirley Seals, George Syme and Julie Zimmerman.Mini-Youth NABC hits the DolphinSome ofthe playersin theCardrookPairs onSaturday.In all, 48playersfromtwo areaschoolscompeted.When Susan Rowley, president of Unit 240 inOrlando, noticed that there was no special gamefor young players at the Fall NABC, she went towork. The result was two separate Card Rook gameson Saturday. Forty-eight players 19 and youngertook part. For most, it was not the first tournamentexperience.“We have one of the largest groups of kids” saidRowley, “and we have games for them at our regional.They’re used to playing in tournaments and they’relearning discipline. When the boards hit the table,they are serious, quiet and in control. They behavebetter than some of the adults.”A lot of the students also have experience at theYouth NABCs, which have attracted players from allover the world since the first one in 2008. The 10thYouth NABC is scheduled for the 2017 SummerNABC in Toronto. The parents of some said they aremaking plans to be in Toronto next summer.The student players who attended the Fall NABCon Saturday come from two area schools with bridgeprograms: Bear Lake Elementary School in Apopkaand Teague Middle School in Altamonte Springs.Ed Foundation reorgtargets talent, donationsThe ACBL Educational Foundation is in themidst of a major organizational restructuring aimedat attracting specialized trustees and an executivedirector who can guide large fundraising projects.ACBL President Ken Monzingo created theEducation Task Force early this year. Accordingto Ed Foundation President Barbara Heller, itsrecommendation was “to adopt new bylaws, create anew slate of trustees and empower them to determinethe needs for the future.”According to the Ed Foundation, “We know thatmost growth in ACBL membership comes from thework of bridge teachers and clubs. Providing supportand incentives for this work is key. It is very unlikelythat the ACBL will have the resources neededto widely supportbridge education. Itis very likely, withthe restructuredFoundation, thatmany tax-deductiblefunds can be acquiredto support bridgeeducation. The bylawchanges will allowfor trustees to assumegreater responsibilityfor fundraising and,with the increasedcontinued on page 5Editors: Paul Linxwiler and Brent ManleyFireman has leadin ReisingerThe team captained by Paul Fireman entersplay today in the final two sessions of the ReisingerBoard-a-Match teams with a lead of 1.09 boards.There are 10 teams in the field of arguably thetoughest event on the ACBL tournament schedule.Fireman, of Chestnut Hill MA, is playing withGavin Wolpert and Vincent Demuy, Palm BeachGardens FL; John Kranyak, Las Vegas NV; JoelWooldridge, Astoria NY, and John Hurd, New YorkCity. The team’s carryover is 3.81.Right behind them with a carryover of 2.72 arecontinued on page 5NA Swiss: Bergleads qualsAfter Saturday’s semifinal round of the KeohaneNorth American Swiss Teams, the squad led byMary Ann Berg of Atherton CA is in front. Berg’scarryover is 25.37 victory points, just ahead ofPatricia Cayne and company. Cayne, of Boca Raton,has a carryover of 23.67.In third, just 0.01 VPs behind Cayne, is the teamcaptained by Hemant Lall of Dallas.Friedman leadsMixed SwissThe all-New York squad led by Sandra Friedmantopped the qualifying round of the NABC MixedSwiss Teams. They will have a carryover edge of 5victory points over the team captained by China’sYuxiong Shen in today’s two-session final.ATTENDANCEthrough Saturday10,009 tablesGoodwill MessageIt’s nice to be important, but it’smore important to be nice.Sandy DeMartino, ChairAileen Osofsky ACBL Goodwill Committeecontinued on page 6Barbara HellerTwo special visitors attended the Orlando NABCSaturday morning: Minnie Mouse and MickeyMouse. The duo posed with many playersduring their tournament visit, including recentlycrowned World Open Pairs champions RoyWelland and Sabine Auken.

Page 2Daily BulletinSunday, December 4, 2016SPECIAL EVENTSMEETINGS / SEMINARS / RECEPTIONS11 a.m. & 5 p.m.Vugraph operators neededVugraph operators are needed for the final of theReisinger Board-a-Match Teams on Sunday, Dec.4. Interested parties should contact Jan Martel atmarteljan@gmail.com. Ten operators are needed. Thefirst session begins at 11 a.m. and the second sessionbegins at 5 p.m Vugraph operators are paid 50 persession.Parking validationParking validation tickets are available at theInformation Desk (see hours below) on the lobbylevel.Please note: Exiting the parking gate requires acredit card to pay.To save time exiting the parking lot, pay forparking before leaving the hotel at the Valet stationjust outside the lobby. The Valet takes cash or credit.WINTERGAMES20182nd EuropeanTransnational Open Teams150,000 Cash Prize European titles, medals,cups and masterpointsPlayers from all countries are eligibleMONACO17-23 February, 20185-star Fairmont Hotel189 single and 205 doubleroom; breakfast, wifi and taxesincludedOrganization: European BridgeLeague and Pierre ZimmermannRegistration: Available soon onofficial EBL site 41.79.417.1543 orp41794171543@gmail.comAll details will be on theInternet soon!Sunday, December 4Peter Pender Memorial Vugraph. (Australia 3, lobby level)Life Master newsJane Gardner ofNorthville MI is a new LifeMaster, earning her gold cardin the first session of the GoldRush Pairs on Saturday. Herpartner was Bob Ondo of AnnArbor MI. At the start of theNABC, Gardner needed 9.09masterpoints to get to 500.A section top in the Saturdayevent pushed her over the top.Correction: In the announcement in yesterday’sedition that Dee Dee Harris became a Life Master,her partner was identified incorrectly. MarleneMcKinnon was Harris’s partner.Myrna Mackey of Niagara Falls ON becamea Silver Life Master (1000masterpoints) when herteam made the final of theFriday-Saturday KnockoutTeams, Bracket 3. Shewas playing with SharonStevens of Vineland-Stn ON.The two play often at theBridge Centre of Niagarain St. Catherines ON. Theirteammates were Susi Pitts of Cumming GA and JoanBentz of Ann Arbor MI.Better news for GatlinburgPete Misslin, chair of the Gatlinburg Regionalscheduled for April next year, reported on Saturdaythat the situation has improved in the city that wasdamaged by wildfires that hit the city and the areaseven days ago.Misslin said authorities are letting some people,accompanied by insurance adjustors, back into thecity to inspect their properties. The city had beenunder evacuation orders since the wildfires came near.About 300 buildings in Gatlinburg were damagedbut the downtown area of Gatlinburg was spared.The convention center where the tournament will beplayed is the site of a convention starting this week.Misslin also said the weather forecast called forthree days of rain, starting on Saturday, which shouldhelp the firefighters in the area.Meanwhile, fundraisers have been reported froma variety of places, Misslin said. Bill Waters, presidentof Unit 165 in Knoxville, reported a game at theKnoxville Bridge Center that raised 600 for reliefefforts.Misslin said he is confident that the regional willgo on as planned.Information DeskThe hours of operation for the Information Deskon Sunday are as follows:8:30-10 am1-2 pmVendorsLooking for books, jewelry, clothing, software ordealing machines? The vendors for the Fall NABCare located on the first level, between the Atlantic andPacific Ballrooms.Appealing a rulingPlayers in NABC events who want to appeal adirector’s ruling initiate the process by speaking withthe director who delivered the original ruling. Thetable director will fill out paperwork regarding theappeal, and the appellants will explain what is wrongwith the initial ruling. From there, the case may behandled by a variety of means. When the appealsreviewer receives the case, the circumstances ofthat particular case will determine whether the casecan be resolved by the original staff (in the case ofmisapplication of Law or regulation, for instance), apanel of directors, or even a committee-type hearingwhich could include bridge experts.

Daily BulletinPage 3Sunday, December 4, 2016JUST FOR NEW PLAYERSDo’s and Don’ts to helpyour game – Part 10By Brent ManleyDOListen to thebidding. Thisadmonition couldhave been includedwith the partabout maintainingconcentration.Everything thathappens during theauction providesinformation – datathat can be usedby both sides once the final contract is reached.Think about it. If your left-hand opponent passesas dealer, the information is already flowing:LHO does not have enough high-card strength toopen. He almost surely has fewer than 12 HCP.Remembering this can help you locate key honorsas you strive to make your contract or go forovertricks.Say one of your opponents enters the auctionto show a two-suited hand. Conventions such asthe Michaels cuebid and Unusual 2NT typicallypromise at least 5-5 in the two long suits – moreinformation you can use as you play the contract.As pointed out in a previous article on this page,declarer has a huge advantage in these situationsjust from knowing that the Michaels or 2NT bidderhas at most three cards outside his two long suits.If LHO opens the bidding, partner passes andRHO also passes, you have more information youcan use. For example, if RHO shows up with anace, the highest other card in his hand would be ajack.Sometimes the opponents help you straightenout your own auction. Say you open 1NT, LHOpasses and partner bids 2 , a transfer to hearts.RHO doubles to show length and strength indiamonds. If you pass, partner knows you do nothave three hearts. If you accept the transfer bybidding 2 , partner knows you have a fit. You willawait his decision about how high you should goin the bidding. Without the double, it would take atleast one more round of bidding to find out if youand partner have a heart fit.Take all your chances,No. 10By Eddie KantarDlr: WestVul: N-S A6 Q87432 J432 3 5 AK K7 A Q J 10 9 5 4 2With only your side vulnerable, West opens3 , partner passes and East ups the ante to 4 . Youhave no qualms about bidding 5 , and everyonepasses. The Q is led. Plan the play.SolutionYou are in the dummy for the last time andhave to decide whether to lead up to the K ortake the club finesse. The club finesse is much lessthan 50% because you can’t pick up K-x-x(x) inThere are many more examples of howlistening to the bidding and interpreting theinformation can help you take more tricks. Sufficeit to say it’s in your interest to make listening animportant part of your growth as a player.DON’TMake the “normal” lead if the auction screamsfor a trump lead. Consider the following auction.You are South.WestNorth1NTPass2NTPass4 All PassEast1 2 3 PassSouthPassPassYou hold K J 9 8 6 8 7 6 K Q J 10 A 5The K looks like an automatic lead, but ifyou consider the auction, your choice will be alow heart. Think about the bidding. It’s highlylikely that West has only three hearts. With four, heprobably would have bid 3 at his second turn. Youcan also count on dummy to have no more than twospades. East will certainly start right in on spadesso he can take some spade ruffs in dummy – if youlet him. The auction tells you East likely has atleast 10 cards in the majors, so he will be able toget back to his hand by ruffing one of the minors,probably diamonds.If you start with a trump and dummy has adoubleton spade, you will certainly get in again tolead another trump, limiting declarer to just onespade ruff. Even if you don’t defeat the contract byleading a heart, you will certainly hold down theovertricks, which could give you a good score.the East hand. Play the odds and lead a diamond upto the king, a 50% play unless West started with asingleton diamond and didn’t lead it – not too likelyas most players lead singletons even when they don’thave one. If the K loses to the ace and today is yourlucky day, the K will drop under the ace (13%). Youwill make this contract about 55% of the time.Even if you had eight clubs to the A-K-J-10, youshould still lead a diamond at trick two as you have areasonable chance of dropping the Q (a little morethan 50%) if the diamond king loses to West’s ace.Two chances are better than one. The full deal: A6 Q87432 J432 3 Q J 10 8 7 4 3 K92 9 5 J 10 6 Q 6 A 10 9 8 5 K 8 76 5 AK K7 A Q J 10 9 5 4 2In Saturday afternoon’s 299er Pairs: PartnersCarol McCracken and Polly Norris from PalmBeach FL.

Page 4Sunday, December 4, 2016It’s George’s World –get used to itThis deal from the Mixed Swiss Teams showshow the other-worldly influences of the universeconverge at George Jacobs’ bridge table from time totime. He was playing with Bernace DeYoung. Spotsare approximate. Jacobs was South.Dlr: North AKQ54Vul: Both 10 9 6 Q 10 J96 32 A87 AK8742 A4WestNorthEastSouth1 Pass2 Pass2 Pass3 Pass4 Pass4 Pass5 Pass6 All PassJacobs and DeYoung are not a practicedpartnership, so when she raised him to 4 , he thoughtit was Kickback, asking about key cards in diamonds.His 4 response showed one or four. When DeYoung“signed off” in 5 , Jacobs thought he was supposedto go on to slam with the higher of the two key cardpossibilities.After asking a lot of questions about the auction,West led the K and Jacobs took the ace. He playeda spade to dummy at trick two, cashed the K andtried the Q. East ruffed low, however, and Jacobsoverruffed. He then played a diamond to dummy’s10, and when it held he played a fourth spade fromdummy, on which East discarded a heart.Now a diamond from hand went to West’s jackand dummy’s queen, pulling the last trump. On thefifth spade, East pitched another heart as Jacobsdiscarded his losing club. Now the J from dummywas covered by the king and Jacobs’ ace.When Jacobs played another diamond, discardinga heart from dummy, East pitched yet another heart.Jacobs, down to the 8 7, exited his hand with the 7. West, who had led the K from a doubleton K-Q,had to play the queen. East, down to the singleton J,followed with that card. Miraculously (maybe youcan think of another way to put it), Jacobs’ 8 wastrick No. 12.Welcome to George’s World. The full deal: AKQ54 10 9 6 Q 10 J96 J 10 9 8 76 K Q J8532 J 9 653 Q 10 7 6 3 K85 32 A87 AK8742 A4Renew onlineDue to new laws that prevent ACBL staff frommanually recording credit card information, we askthat members who wishes to renew or reinstate theirmemberships using a credit card to do so online atwww.acbl.org/join.Stay in touchIs your email address on file? Is it up to date?Let ACBL know. Call toll-free, 800–264–2743(Monday–Friday, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Central Time),or email service@acbl.org.Age requirementfor Senior eventsYou must have been born before January 1, 1959,to qualify to play in ACBL Senior events.Daily BulletinQUALIFIERS IN THE NABC MIXED SWISS TEAMS52 Tables / Based on 102 Tables1Sandrea Friedman, Flushing NY; Cynthia Colin - Jeff Hand - Michael Rosen, New York NY2Yuxiong Shen - Zijian Shao - Ran Jingrong, Shanghai People’s Republic of China; LiYiting, Herndon VA; Rock Shi Yan, Richmond BC3Steve Robinson, Arlington VA; Ljudmila Kamenova, South Setauket NY; Jo AnnaStansby - Lew Stansby, Dublin CA4Janie Woo - Peggy Ellis - Glenn Eisenstein, New York NY; Kent Mignocchi, Bronx NY5David Rodney - Avril Rodney, Fairfax VA; Mary Tenenbaum - Alan Tenenbaum,Rockville MD; Ann Lindley - Alfred Duncker, Gaithersburg MD6Vinita Gupta, Woodside CA; Billy Miller, Las Vegas NV; Sandra Rimstedt - ZiaMahmood, New York NY; Fredrik Nystrom, Stockholm Sweden; Anam Tebha, Charlotte NC7Shome Mukherjee, Randolph MA; Rena Lieberman, North Easton MA; Margie Sullivan,Sagamore Beach MA; Simon Kantor, Feeding Hills MA8Anita Torrence, Bexley OH; William Arlinghaus, Ann Arbor MI; Terry James, UpperArlington OH; Suman Agarwal, Columbus OH9Joshua Donn, Las Vegas NV; Sally Meckstroth, Clearwater Bch FL; Ida Groenkvist,Bromma Sweden; Cecilia Rimstedt, Onsala Sweden; Magnus Eriksson, Sweden10Shane Blanchard - Jessica Hayman - Uday Ivatury - Christal Henner - Joe Grue, NewYork NY; Bronia Jenkins, Vero Beach FL11Peg Waller - Ronald DeHarpporte, Edina MN; Jay Baum - Kathy Baum, Vero Beach FL12Elliott Grubman - Ava Grubman, Brooklyn NY; Jeffrey Rothstein - Linda Rothstein,New York NY13Melanie Tucker - Hjordis Eythorsdottir, New York NY; Radu Nistor, Sunnyside NY;Iulian Rotaru, Woodside NY14Pierre Schmidt, Beaumont Le Rog France; J-f Allix, Asnia France; Joanna Zochowska,Boulogne France; Wilfried Libbrecht, 92110 Clichy France; Vanessa Reess, 92100Clichy France15Gerty Nassi - Sedat Nassi, Aventura FL; Maureen Loeb, Orlando FL; David Loeb, LakeMary FL16Linda McGarry - Dennis McGarry, Palm City FL; Candace Griffey - Larry Griffey,Vero Beach FL17Sharon Horton, Lakeland FL; Rahn Smith, Brandon FL; Terry McHenry - Gen Geiger,Sarasota FL18Mel Colchamiro, Merrick NY; Dori Cohen, Woodbury NY; Rob Gordon, Northport NY;Sally Woolsey, Kensington CA19Ruth Zowader, Madison NJ; Robert Heitzman Jr, Ramsey NJ; Wayne Burt, Pembroke NH;Kamla Chawla, Longmeadow MA20Barry Ko, Arlington VA; Michael Heymann, Fort Worth TX; Toni Bales, PickeringtonOH; Jui Wang, Durham NC21Leon Lowe - JoAnne Lowe, Fountain Hills AZ; Steve Mansfield - Janet Daling, SunLakes AZ22Anne Brenner - David Caprera, Denver CO; Patricia Dovell - Adrian Dovell,Gainesville FL23Max Schireson, Stanford CA; Cadir Lee, Los Gatos CA; Debbie Rosenberg, CupertinoCA; William Bailey, Palo Alto CA; Jill Levin, Henderson NV24Dori Byrnes, Morris Plains NJ; Will Ehlers, Madison NJ; Sylvia Shi, Rockville MD;Jiang Gu, Mountain Lakes NJ; Richard Ritmeijer - Magdalena Ticha, The Netherlands25Charles Fortney, Wheaton IL; Leigh Anne Shafer - Raymond Hornby - MarielleBrentnall, Winnipeg MB26Maya Alela, Teec Nos Pos AZ; Bob Zeller, Kanata ON; Sean Ganness, Miami FL; SethCohen, Brooklyn NY; Kay Beck, Noblesville IN27Lynn Deas, Schenectady NY; Marusa Basa, Ljubjana; Marshall Lewis, Bloomington IN;Kit Woolsey, Kensington CA28Richard Vatter - Jo Anne Vatter, Cadillac MI; Dave Fred - Patty Fred, Interlochen MI29Robert Gardner - Susan Finkelman, Glenview IL; Joshua Stark, Grayslake IL; SuzanneDunn, Crystal Lake IL; James Bjerkan, Elmhurst IL; Deborah Cohen, Lisle IL30Marjorie Michelin, Laguna Woods CA; Robert Perlsweig, Woodland Hills CA; PamWittes, Venice CA; Howard Parker III, Clements CA; Steve Cohen, Las Vegas NV31Rosanne Schabinger, Mount Prospect IL; Zeke Letellier, Crofton MD; Jerry Poliquin- Jennifer James, Gurnee IL32Michael Bodell, Santa Clara CA; Lynn Shannon, Campbell CA; Geeske Joel, Palo AltoCA; William Watson, Sunnyvale CA33Scott Hiller - Raymond Depew, Naples FL; Jadwiga Polujan, Calgary AB; JudithArgento, Kingston PA34Walter Schuster - Jovanka Smederevac - Alexander Wernle, Vienna Austria; GabriellaOlivieri, Alessandria Italy; Bernardo Biondo, Rome 00137 Italy35Jan Van Cleeff, The Hague ; Michael Yuen, Vancouver BC; Barbara Heller, KnoxvilleTN; Susan Picus, New York NY; Ronald Carriere, Kirkland QC36Paul Benedict, Pikesville MD; Lynn Jones, Timonium MD; Fred King, Mc Lean VA;Rebecca Duty, Richmond VA37Merril Hirsh, Washington DC; Monique Smith, Arlington VA; Linda Marshall, BethesdaMD; David Ruderman, Burtonsville MD38Chuck Malcolm - Marti Malcolm, Olathe KS; Victoria Muir - William Muir, KansasCity MO39Henry Meyer, Indian River Sh FL; Linda Epstein, Delray Beach FL; Lee Atkinson Mark Yaeger, Hollywood FL40Suzi Subeck, Glenview Nas IL; Stanton Subeck, Glenview IL; Robert Kent - EllenKent, Marina Del Rey CA; Bonnie Bagley, Colorado Spgs CO; Ken Monzingo, San Diego CA41Arline Fulton, Neptune NJ; Harold Antonson, Olympia WA; Andie Sheaffer, LancasterPA; Barry Gorski, Reading PA42Becky Stevens - Michael Christensen, Redmond WA; Donald Sache - Sheila Sache,Delta BC43Joanne Weingold - Jack Weingold, Boca Raton FL; Jan Assini - Frank Cymerman,Pittsburgh PA44James Marsh Sternberg, Palm Bch Gdns FL; Janice Seamon-Molson, Hollywood FL; KarenMcCallum, Exeter NH; Cenk Tuncok, Amesbury MA; Fred Hamilton, Las Vegas NV45Corey Krantz - Rhoda Kratenstein - Shannon Cappelletti, Delray Beach FL; BruceLang, West Palm Beach FL46Les Bart - Gloria Bart, Bradenton FL; Ron Smith - Linda Smith, Chattanooga TN;Mark Cohen - Stasha Cohen, West Orange NJ47Jack Jones, Lauderdale Bts FL; Bella Ionis-Sorren - Robert Ramos, Fort LauderdaleFL; Esther Litmanovic, Miami 91.461.280.97

Daily Bulletin4849505152Page 5Sunday, December 4, 2016Ellen Cherniavsky - William Cole, Silver Spring MD; Beth Palmer, Chevy Chase MD;Eugene Kales, Arlington VAHarry Tudor, Miami FL; Ellen Kozlove, Boca Raton FL; Sylvia Summers, Montreal QC;Boris Baran, Cote Saint-Luc QCArnold Fisher, Clementon NJ; Judith Gushner - Barbara Kasle, Boca Raton FL; P DrewCannell, Dol-Des-Ormeaux QCBernard Dauvergne - Sophie Dauvergne, Ramonville France; Ja Ra Mie Tignel Corinne Faivre, Castanettolosan FranceJames Fox - Judy Fox, Virginia Beach VA; Alan Schwartz - Annie Schwartz, Fairfax VAQUALIFIERS FOR THE KEOHANENORTH AMERICAN SWISS TEAM FINAL24 Tables / Based on 95 Tables1Mary Ann Berg, Atherton CA; Mark Lair, Canyon TX; Krzysztof Buras, WarszawaPoland; Grzegorz Narkiewicz, Chapel Hill NC; Aleksander Dubinin - Andrew Gromov,Moscow Russia2Patricia Cayne, Boca Raton FL; Dano De Falco, Rubano (PD) Italy; Bob Drijver,Rotterdam ; Bart Nab, Tilburg ; Tim Verbeek, ; Danny Molenaar, Den Haag3Hemant Lall, Dallas TX; Reese Milner, Sarasota FL; Frederic Wrang - Johan Sylvan,Stockholm Sweden; Jack Zhao, Boca Raton FL; Eldad Ginossar, Chicago IL4Mike Levine, Boca Raton FL; Louk Verhees Jr, 2215 Jx Voorhou ; Cornelis VanProoijen, Nieuw Vennep ; Jerry Clerkin - Dennis Clerkin, Bloomington IN; EddieWold, Houston TX5Dan Morse, Houston TX; Steve Shirey, Fort Worth TX; Jeff Roman, Bend OR; AaronJones, Oceanside CA6May Sakr, Bryn Mawr PA; Jarosleaw Cieslak, Paradzice Poland; Marek Wojcicki,Przemysl Poland; Marek Pietraszek - Jacek Znamirowski, Poland7Justine Cushing - Melih Ozdil, New York NY; Sadik Arf, Saratoga CA; KaukoKoistinen, Espoo Finland; Vesa Fagerlund, Tampere Finland8Tuna Aluf - Bulent Kaytaz - Namik Kokten, Istanbul Turkey; Gokhan Yilmaz,Uskudar/Instanb Turkey9Jeffrey Wolfson - Ron Smith - Steve Garner, Chicago IL; Neil Silverman, FortLauderdale FL; Gary Cohler, Delray Beach FL; Billy Cohen, Sherman Oaks CA10Jacek Pszczola - Josef Blass, Chapel Hill NC; Bartosz Chmurski, Lomianky Poland;Piotr Tuczynski, Poznan Poland; Piotr Nawrocki, Warsaw Poland; Piotr Wiankowski,Gdansk Poland11Barbara Sonsini, Woodside CA; Huub Bertens, Bend OR; Marc Jacobus - Curtis Cheek,Las Vegas NV; Simon De Wijs, Doorn ; Bauke Muller, Hoorn12Lou Ann O’Rourke, Portola Valley CA; John Mohan - Roger Bates, Las Vegas NV; JohnSutherlin, Dallas TX; Rafal Jagniewski, Legionowo Poland; Wojciech Gawel, Wroclaw Poland13G S Jade Barrett, Elk Point SD; Donna Lombardini , Alcester SD; John Moschella,Winter Springs FL; Mark Dahl, Richmond VA; Richard Reitman, Los Gatos CA14Peter Stein, Hillsborough NJ; John Hogan Jr, Wayne NJ; Susan Fulton, Maplewood NJ;Mary Vickers, Apex NC15Michael Kovacich, Stone Mountain GA; Mark Jones, Birmingham AL; Robert White,Raleigh NC; Clay Hall, Vestavia AL16Jerry Helms, Charlotte NC; Samuel Marks, Atlanta GA; David Lindop - Doug Baxter,Toronto ON17Paul Munafo, Huntsville AL; Robert Fendrick, Marietta GA; Kevin Wilson, KnoxvilleTN; Olin Hubert, Atlanta GA; Hugh Brown Jr, McCormick SC18Alan Osofsky, Palm Beach FL; Bruce Ferguson, Palm Springs CA; Berend Van Den Bos,Den Haag ; Joris van Lankveld, Amsterdam19Rose Meltzer, Chapel Hill NC; Nikolay Demirev, Arlington Hgts IL; Rosen Gunev Jerry Stamatov - Diyan Danailov, Sofia Bulgaria; Kalin Karaivanov, Varna Bulgaria20Thomas Carmichael - Steve Beatty, Mill Creek WA; Jason Feldman, San Diego CA;Larry Robbins, Deerfield IL; Mark Feldman, Austin TX; William Pollack, New York NY21Drew Casen, Metarie LA; James Krekorian, Pensacola FL; Linda Lewis - Paul Lewis,Las Vegas NV; Chris Compton, Dallas TX; Mike Passell, Plano TX22Eric Leong, Oakland CA; Peter Gill, Sydney Australia; Ulf Nilsson, Dalby Sweden;Allan Falk, Okemos MI23Patricia Tucker, Atlanta GA; Kevin Collins, Dunwoody GA; Bernard Yomtov, CambridgeMA; Allen Hawkins Jr, Birmingham AL24Stan Tulin, Boca Raton FL; Kevin Dwyer, Melbourne FL; Alon Birman - Dror Padon,Tel Aviv Israel; Michal Nowosadzki, Wroclaw Poland; Jacek Kalita, Warsaw Poland0.880.850.530.400.00Reisingercontinued from page 1Gaylor Kasle and Larry Kozlove, Boca Raton FL;Pinhas Romik and Adrian Schwartz, Israel, andSimon Hult and Simon Ekenberg, Sweden.Tournament Chaircontinued from page .076.915.805.385.33Orlando.Most important, thanks to all the players whoattended. We’re so happy you came to visit us inOrlando, and we hope you had a wonderful time.Please come to our other District 9 tournaments, andremember that the Fall NABC in 2022 will be back inOrlando here at the Dolphin.Ed Foundationcontinued from page 1funds, the hiring of a professional staff to facilitateand oversee the bridge education projects funded bythe Foundation. Donors want assurance their giftsmake a difference.”The Ed Foundation is searching for trusteesthat “bring one of the three W’s to the table: work,wisdom or wealth. It is believed that, over time, theFoundation would have the funding to become aleading force in bridge education, frankly somethingthat no other bridge organization has the dollars toaccomplish. One key reason for the need to changeis that donors have stated that under the presentstructure they were not willing to make meaningfuldonations to the Ed Foundation.”The foundation hopes to complete the transitionto the new structure by mid-2017. The ACBLEducation Foundation is an independent, taxdeductible 501c3 nonprofit .530.08QUALIFIERS FOR THE REISINGER B-A-M TEAMS FINAL10 Tables / Based on 42 Tables1Paul Fireman, Chestnut Hill MA; Gavin Wolpert, Palm Beach Gdns FL; Vincent Demuy,Palm Bch Gdns FL; John Kranyak, Las Vegas NV; Joel Wooldridge, Astoria NY; JohnHurd, New York NY2Gaylor Kasle - Larry Kozlove, Boca Raton FL; Pinhas Romik, Rehovot Israel;Adrian Schwartz, Tel Aviv Israel; Simon Hult, Wastervik Sweden; Simon Ekenberg,Kalmar Sweden3Massimiliano Di Franco, Italy; Andrea Manno, Palermo Italy; Hua Poon - Choon ChouLoo, Singapore Singapore; Antonio Palma, Evora Portugal; Connie Goldberg,Gladwyne PA4Frank Nickell, New York NY; Ralph Katz, Burr Ridge IL; Jeff Meckstroth, ClearwaterBch FL; Eric Rodwell, Clearwater FL; Robert Levin, Henderson NV; Steve Weinstein,Andes NY5Michael Becker - Aubrey Strul, Boca Raton FL; Tarek Sadek - Walid Elahmady, CairoEgypt; Michael Kamil, Spartanburg SC; Richard Coren, Aventura FL6Bart Bramley - Bob Hamman, Dallas TX; Howard Weinstein, Rancho Mirage CA; RossGrabel, Palm Desert CA7James Cayne - Michael Seamon, Boca Raton FL; Lorenzo Lauria - Alfredo Versace, RomeItaly; Mustafa Cem Tokay, Roma Italy; Antonio Sementa, Parma PR Italy8Geoff Hampson, Las Vegas NV; Eric Greco, Wynnewood PA; John Diamond, Boca Raton FL;Brian Platnick, Evanston IL; Kevin Bathurst, Palm Bch Gdns FL; Justin Lall,Charlotte NC9David Mossop, Switzerland; Alexander Hydes, Zagreb Croatia; Jason Hackett - JustinHackett, Manchester England; Fu Zhong - Jie Li, Beijing People’s Republic of China10Barry Rigal - Michael Polowan - Jared Lilienstein, New York NY; Jeff Aker,Briarcliff NY; Douglas Simson, Columbus OH; Glenn Milgrim, Forest Hills 0Windows

Page 6Daily BulletinSunday, December 4, 2016Card Rook Pairscontinued from page 1Barb and Larry Steiner started the bridge club atTeague a year ago. The turnout was 13 students. Theclub now has 26 members and a shortage of space.The Steiners said they have had to turn some studentsaway because the classroom they use for the lessonsdoesn’t have room for more.The parents are happy withtheir children’s interest in bridgein part because it takes themaway from video games. CesarMolina said his 11-year-oldson, Joseph, started bridge thisyear. “He likes to think on thegame,” Molina said. “We try toencourage our children to lookfor activities beyond what kids Susan Rowley,president of Unitusually do, things that require240them to use their brains.”Joseph said he likes bridge because “it’s a nicegame for partners.” Joseph plays with Soor Hansalia,who started bridge two and a half years ago at BearLake before moving to Teague.“It’s just fun,” said Soor.Michael Moschella, of Winter Springs, learnedbridge from his father, John, who took him to bridgelessons. “I like the logical aspect,” said Michael.Laney Rosenblatt, 12, attends Teague and learnedbridge from a friend’s grandmother. She went to theYouth NABC in Washington DC last summer and hashopes to go again next year. Bridge is fun for her, shesaid, “because I get to use my mind and be with myfriends.”Barb Steiner said she has

Thank you for coming to Orlando By Barbara Jones and Jane Formet As chairs of the local . Minnie Mouse and Mickey Mouse. The duo posed with many players during their tournament visit, including recently . has at most thre