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Ling, Manny (2012) ‘Calligraphy Across Boundaries’. In: InternationalCalligraphy Conference, 15 22 Jun 2012, University of Kankannpaa in Finland.Downloaded from: guidelinesPlease refer to the usage guidelines at or alternativelycontact

the international research centre for calligraphy presentsWriting 2013 International Calligraphy Symposium13th to 18th July 2013At St. Aidan’s College, Durham UniversityTutors included:Prof. Ewan ClaytonThe scripts of the Lindisfarne GospelsAnn HechleAn introduction to the philosophy ofNumber and Sacred GeometryAll photography of Durham Cathedral by Robert CooperBrochure designed by Manny LingSusan MoorThe Descriptive Line

Writing 2013 Symposium13th to 18th July 2013At St. Aidan’s College,Durham University, UKFrom the Symposium Team:Our next Symposium, July 13th-18th 2013,will be held in Durham, marking the visit of theLindisfarne Gospels to the city that summer.Our format will follow that of a calligraphyretreat, meaning we will have plenty of spaceand time for refreshment and recreation. Classeswill be mornings only and in the afternoonparticipants can continue to work on theirown in the calligraphy studio or join one of theoptional trips that are planned to Sunderlandand to Lindisfarne. An evening calligraphy eventis planned in the Cathedral during our stay.Workshops wanCL AY TONEwan Clayton: The scripts of the Lindisfarne GospelsThe half uncial script of the Gospel book, and itsheadings, form one of the most original gifts tocalligraphy from seventh century Britain. We taketime to study and write under their inspiration.Dr Manny Ling & Prof. Ewan Clayton 2 WRITING 2013, 13 - 18 AUGUST 2013WRITING 2013, 13 - 18 AUGUST 2013 3

WorkshopsSusanM O ORSusan Moor: The Descriptive LineIn this course we will explore using apen for writing, lettering and drawing.We will look at Durham’s Anglo Saxonmanuscripts, taking them and other laterartists and letterers as a starting point. nnHE CHLEAnn Hechle: An introduction to thephilosophy of Number and Sacred GeometryWe will start by examining the ground-planof Durham Cathedral, and see how a symbolicNumber - unfolded through geometry - can shapean entire building. Numbers, and their associatedmeanings are still alive and well; we encounter them - andsubconsciously their deeper meanings - every day. We willexplore then just the first 6 numbers, make drawings, andsee how they flow into geometry, and into dozens of ideas. 4 WRITING 2013, 13 - 18 AUGUST 2013 5

how to bookIt is now possible to pay online for theSymposium via debit/credit card or paypaland we hope that all participants will find thissimpler and quicker. To do so, please go to: will then need to select the workshopof your choice from the list available, pleaselocate on the page:Product catalogue Conferences and events Conference Writing 2013.If every place in the workshop has been taken,the button will show “OUT OF STOCK”. Pleaseselect the next workshop of your choice.After you have made your payment a messagewill automatically be sent to SymposiumAdministrator Lynda Jordan. She will contactyou by email or telephone to confirm thatyour booking has been received.You can book your place by making a firstonline payment of a 100 deposit. You willneed to make the final payment beforeMay 1st, 2013. Further information and theconference pack will be forwarded once thefinal payment has been received.If you have any problems with the onlinestore, please refer to the University’s RevenueAdministrators Marikka Ring or Kelly Burns,Email: orTelephone ( 44) 0191 515 2455.If for any reason payment online is notpossible for you, please contact the RevenueAdministrator for advice.For any other advice regarding thesymposium please contact:Miss Lynda Jordan,Writing 2013 Symposium AdministratorMobile: 07704 983 733Email: 201313th To 18th July 2013 at a glanceTRAVEL DIRECTIONSBy roadDurham city centre is only two miles from theA1(M). Leave the motorway at Junction 62on the A690 Durham - Sunderland road andfollow signs to Durham City Centre.At St. Aidan’s College,Durham University, UKDurham is 264 miles from London, 187 milesfrom Birmingham, 125 miles from Edinburghand 67 miles from York.TUTORSPROFESSOR EWAN CLAYTONThe scripts of the Lindisfarne GospelsThere are several express coach services dailyfrom most major cities. Durham is well servedby both regional express services and thelocal bus network. From the city bus station- a short walk from the railway station - abus service runs every 15 minutes past theColleges on South Road.ANN HECHLEAn introduction to the philosophy ofNumber and Sacred GeometrySUSAN MOORThe Descriptive LineBy rail60 InterCity trains from most major centresin the country call at Durham daily including14 trains from London. The National Expresshigh speed service takes under 3 hoursfrom London King’s Cross on the main EastCoast line. First Transpennine Express offersfrequent links to Manchester, Sheffield andLeeds, while Cross Country links Durhamdirectly with Scotland, the Midlands, and theSouth West.Durham is just over 3 hours fromBirmingham, 2½ hours from Manchester, 1½hours from Edinburgh and 45 minutes fromYork.A taxi will take you from the station to anyCollege within 5 minutes and you can walk tothe city centre in 10 minutes.By airDurham is 30 minutes’ drive from NewcastleAirport and about 40 minutes from DurhamTees Valley. Both have regular domesticand international flights. Durham is linkedto Newcastle Airport by rail and metro.Travellers into Durham Tees Valley can takeadvantage of the free Sky Express bus servicethat links the airport to Darlington railwaystation, with regular connections to Durham.By seaScheduled ferry services link the River Tyne toThe NetherlandsWORKSHOPSFEESResidentialFive nights’ stay, includingmasterclasses, meals and accommodation:Ensuite accommodation 559.00Standard single accommodation 499.00Non ResidentialMasterclasses and meals only 350.00Partner package,Five nights’ stay, including:meals and Ensuite accommodation 370.00With Standard accommodation 310.00Double ensuite roomsWe have five double ensuite rooms for delegates with partners onlyand it will be booked under first come first served basis. The costincludes five night’s stay and all meals for the delegate and theirpartner plus masterclasses for the delegate. 869.00Additional TripsTrips to Holy Island and Sunderland will be organised and these will becharged accordingly depending on the demand.WRITING 2013, 13 - 18 AUGUST 2013 7

Classes will be mornings only and in the afternoon participants can continue to work on their own in the calligraphy studio or join one of the optional trips that are planned to Sunderland and to Lindisfarne. An evening calligraphy event is planned in the Cathedral during our stay. Dr Manny Ling & Prof. Ewan Clayton. Writing 2013 Symposium. 13th to 18th July 2013. At St. Aidan’s College .

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