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Guide to GSTR-3BWhat is GSTR-3BHow to prepare GSTR-3B usingExcel Templates & ClearTax GSTHow to file GSTR-3B Returnon GSTN portalDefinition & Explanation of terms used inGSTR-3B FormClearTax 7458707PREPARE GSTR-3B NOW

What is GSTR 3B Summary of inward and outward supplies Eligible ITC Claim and Net Taxes payable Due dates for Form-3B: For Transactions in July 2017— Due Date: 20th August 2017 For Transactions in August 2017— Due Date: 20th September 2017You do not have to provide invoice level information in this form For every nature of supply, provide only total value of Taxable Value IGST, CGST, SGST, UTGSTClearTax 7458707

Who needs to file GSTR 3B Every person registered under GSTFor each GSTIN, separate GSTR 3B to be filedNIL GSTR 3B must be filed, if there is no transaction during the monthHowever, the following registrants do not have to file GSTR-3B Input Service Distributors Composition Taxable Person Suppliers of online information and database access or retrieval services(OIDAR), who have to pay tax themselves Non-resident taxable personClearTax 7458707

Why is it important to file GSTR 3B? Not filing GSTR-3B may invite penalty of 18% per annum It is required for preparation of filing further GST returns. Same data can be used to file GSTR1. For July, GSTR1 needs to be filed in SeptemberClearTax 7458707

Why should you prepare GSTR 3B at Cleartax? ClearTax help you prepare accurate and error-free GST Returns with its validation engine- whichidentifies and highlights the error ClearTax automatically calculates final values to be filled in GSTR-3B; saving your time, manualeffort and avoiding any manual error If you are doing invoicing using Cleartax, then you are just 3 clicks away to prepare your final GSTR3B. We sincerely suggest you to use Cleartax GST for billing, since future return filling will be done insimilar manner. For rest, we have a simple process through standard excel imports. ClearTax provides step by step guide and explain this link for every section in GSTR 3B Form.Since, GSTR 3b is implemented first time, this is extremely important to fill accurate returns Reduce your future efforts- You can file GSTR1 with the same data in ClearTax GST. For July youhave to file GSTR1 in September It’s FREEClearTax 7458707

Important for CAs & Tax Consultants:Easily file GSTR-3B for multiple clients Deadline for filing July 2017 GSTR-3B is 20th August If you need to file GSTR-3B for multiple clients, you should get the data fromthem and upload into ClearTax before the 20th To make this process easier, we have provided a zip file containing ExcelFiles and directions you can share with your clientsDownload All Excel Templates &Share with ClientsClearTax 7458707

Summary of How to file GSTR-3B If you create invoices on ClearTax GST (it’s FREE), then the software canauto-populate your GSTR 3B. You only need to review it and file on GSTN portal If you have your/your client's invoice details in Excel or other ERP If you have already calculated Final GSTR-3B Values Enter this data in ClearTax’s Excel TemplatesUpload Excel in ClearTax GST SoftwareWe will automatically calculate the GSTR-3B Final valuesCopy such values on the GSTN Portal and FileYou can enter this data on ClearTax GST Software in the “Summary mode”Summary mode shows a full snapshot of GSTR-3B ReturnYou can review and then copy-paste the Final values on GSTN Portal and FileThe data on ClearTax GST Software will remain for your referenceThe same process has been explained in detail in further slidesClearTax 7458707

Part 1 : Preparing GSTR-3B FormClearTax 7458707

Data needed for Preparing GSTR-3B FormInformation you need Excel Template for InputSales InvoicesSales Credit Note, Debit NoteAdvance ReceiptsPurchase InvoicesPurchase Credit Note, Debit NoteAdvance Payments (ReverseCharge Transactions) Sales Invoice TemplateSales CDN TemplateAdvance Receipt TemplatePurchase Invoice TemplatePurchase CDN TemplateAdvance Payment TemplateDownload All Excel TemplatesIf you create invoices on ClearTax GST (it’s FREE), then the software will automaticallycreate your return form. You just need to review it and file on GSTN Portal.ClearTax 7458707

Part 1(a) : If you create bills/invoices usingClearTax GST SoftwareIf you use ClearTax GST software to create bills/invoices, the software willauto-populate all your invoices and prepare GSTR-3B without you needing to doanything. You just need to review and file on GST portalClearTax 7458707

Step 1. Login to ClearTax GST & Select Your Business Login to your account on ClearTax GST. Select the business for which youwish to prepare GSTR 3B and choose ‘Work on This’ClearTax 7458707

Step 2. Select Work on GST Returns & Select GSTR 3B Now select theaction of ‘Workon GST Returns’ Select the optionof ‘File GSTR 3B’and click on‘Start Now’ClearTax 7458707

Step 3. Select Invoice Import Mode of GSTR 3B Select Invoice Import Option. It will auto-prepare your GSTR-3B using theinvoices created on ClearTax GST software.If you haven’t started using ClearTax GST software for invoice creation, you shouldstart now as it simplifies return filing and it’s FREEClearTax 7458707

Step 4. Claim ITC Set category of Claim and amount of ITC available for every invoice Click on Save ITC ValuesClearTax 7458707

Step 5. Review Summary & Click on ‘Autofill’ (& See Magic) Simply review GSTR 3B summary and Click on ‘Autofill Now’ to populate allthe invoices and ITC claim to the GSTR-3B formClearTax 7458707

Part 1(b) : Preparing GSTR-3B Form UsingExcel ImportIf you DON’T know all the values to be filled & haven’t created invoices usingClearTax GST, use ClearTax Easy Excel Templates to fill your data and uploadthese files on ClearTax using Invoice Import ModeClearTax 7458707

Step 1. Download & Fill Relevant Excel Files for your Business The Complete Excel files zip contains following files Sales Invoice Template - to create all invoices issued for outward suppliesSales CDN Template - to create all credit and debit notes against the sales invoicesAdvance Receipt Template - to create all the advance receiptsPurchase Invoice Template - to record all invoices issued to you for inward suppliesPurchase CDN Template - to record credit & debit notes against purchase invoicesAdvance Payment Template - to record all the advance payments that you made against which invoiceis raised or yet to be raisedAfter filling & uploading these excels on ClearTax GST, following details will beautomatically summarised ClearTax GSTOutward SuppliesOutward Taxable Supplies (Zero-Rated)Download All Excel TemplatesOutward Supplies (Nil-Rated, Exempted)Inward supplies (Liable to Reverse Charge)Non-GST Outward SuppliesInterstate Outward Supplies to Unregistered/Composition Dealer or UIN 0-67458707

Step 2. Login to ClearTax GST & Select Your Business Login to your account on ClearTax GST. Select the business for which youwish to file GSTR 3B and choose ‘Work on This’ClearTax 7458707

Step 3. Select Work on GST Returns & Select GSTR 3B Now select theaction of ‘Workon GST Returns’ Select the optionof ‘File GSTR 3B’and click on‘Start Now’ClearTax 7458707

Step 4. Select Invoice-wise Mode of GSTR 3BChoose this option of filing if you,a) Wish to import sales and purchase invoices to ClearTax GST from any otheraccounting software, ORb) You have already created invoices on our software ANDc) Want ClearTax GST to auto-prepare the returnClearTax 7458707

Step 5. Import Your Filled Excel Files Click on Import Import Invoices in 3 simple stepsClearTax 7458707

Step 6. Validate the Data and make corrections if any If a bill has any error, the cell where an incorrect detail has been filled will behighlighted in red colour.Click on the highlighted cell and fill the right information After you have fixed all errors, click on ‘Revalidate’ClearTax 7458707

Step 7. Claim ITC Set category of Claim and amount of ITC available for every invoice Click on Save ITC ValuesClearTax 7458707

Step 7a. Claim ITC- Bulk Action Click on the checkbox beside ‘Date’ and select the invoices Bulk-define the Category, and Claim Values here for the selected invoices.ClearTax 7458707

Step 8. Review Summary & Click Autofill (& See Magic) Review the summary of GSTR 3B form & Click on ‘Autofill Now’ to populate allthe invoices and ITC claim to the 3B formClearTax 7458707

Part 1(c) : Preparing GSTR-3B Form byDirectly Filling DataIf you know all the values to be filled, you can directly fill the GSTR 3B details onClearTax using Summary Mode and use the same data on GSTN PortalClearTax 7458707

Step 1. Login to ClearTax GST & Select Business Login to your ClearTax GST account. Select the business for which you wishto prepare GSTR 3B and choose ‘Work on This’.If you are a tax practitioner, please select your clients’ businesses one by oneClearTax 7458707

Step 2. Start Working on GST Returns & Select GSTR 3B Select ‘Work on GST Returns’ Select ‘File GSTR 3B’ and click on ‘Start Now’ClearTax 7458707

Step 3. Select Summary Mode of GSTR 3B Filing A popup will appear asking you to select mode of GSTR 3B preparation.Choose ‘Summary Mode’ClearTax 7458707

Step 4a. Fill details of outward supplies & inward supply under reversecharge Fill all the fields with necessary data. If you need help to understand anyinformation, click “Explain this”. This section is extremely important to doerror free filing, since everyone is doing for first timeValue of Invoices Value of Credit orDebit Note Advance ReceiptsIf you want to understand more about these details, click hereClearTax 7458707

Step 4b. Fill details of interstate supplies to unregistered, compositionscheme dealers & UINs Fill all the fields with necessary data. If you need help to understand anyinformation, click “Explain this”Enter the state forevery type of supplyTotal Taxable Valuefor each State/ UTIf you want to understand more about these details, click hereClearTax 7458707*must not exceed amountdeclared under Table3.1(a)**Do not mention amountof Cess

Step 4c. Fill details of Input Tax Credit Fill the details of ITC available, ITC reversed and ineligible ITC. If you needhelp to understand any information, click “Explain this”If you want to understand more about these details, click hereClearTax 7458707

Step 4d. Fill Values of exempt, nil-rated and non-GST inward supplies Fill the transaction value of these inward supplies.Purchases from aperson registeredin other state Purchases from aperson registeredwithin your stateNo taxes will be involved in any of these inward supplies or purchases.ClearTax 7458707

Step 5. Go to GSTN Portal to file Once you are sure of all the data, go to GSTN portal for Filing GSTR 3BGo to filing steps on GSTN PortalClearTax 7458707

Part 2 : Filing GSTR-3B ReturnOnce you have prepared your GSTR-3B data and have validated it with ClearTax,you need to file your returns on GSTN PortalClearTax 7458707

Step 1. Go to Return dashboard on GST portal1. Visit www.gst.gov.in - The GST Home page will be displayed.2. Login to the GST Portal with your valid credentials.3. Click Services Returns Returns Dashboard4. This displays the File Returns page. Select the Financial Year & Return FilingPeriod (month) for which you want to file the return from the drop-down list.ClearTax 7458707

Step 2. Select Monthly Return on GST Portal5. Click the SEARCH button.6. Click the PREPARE ONLINE button.ClearTax 7458707

Step 3. Copy the data from ClearTax & Save You have already filled details onClearTax GST Copy the value from ClearTaxGST software to the relevanttables on the government portal Click on Save GSTR 3BClearTax 7458707

Step 4. Pay any Interest or Late Fee1. Click the 5.1 Interest and Late Fee tile and enter the amount of all taxes.2. Click the CONFIRM button.ClearTax 7458707

Step 5. Finalize & Submit the GSTR-3B form Click the SAVE GSTR-3B button at the bottom of the page. A success message will be displayed on the top of the page once every detailis saved Click the SUBMIT button to submit the finalized GSTR-3B return. Once you have submitted GSTR 3B, option to pay of taxes will be shownClearTax 7458707

Step 6. Pay the necessary taxes1. Click the Payment of Tax tile2. Click on Check Balance buttonClearTax 7458707

Step 7. File GSTR-3B with DSC or EVC Click the OFFSET LIABILITYbutton to pay off the liabilities Click on OK Button From the AuthorisedSignatory drop-down list,select the authorizedsignatory Click the FILE GSTR-3BWITH DSC or FILE GSTR-3BWITH EVC buttonClearTax 7458707

Step 8. Complete Filing with DSC or EVC If you select DSC, then click the PROCEED button & Select the certificate andclick the SIGN button. If you selected EVC, Enter the OTP sent on email and mobile number of theAuthorized Signatory registered on the GST Portal. Click the VALIDATE OTPbutton.www.cleartax.com/GSTClearTax GSTgstsupport@cleartax.in080-67458707

9. Success Message After successful filing, a successmessage will be displayed You can go back and check monthlyreturns. It should display “Status - Filed”ClearTax 7458707

Definition & Explanation of Termsin GSTR 3B FormIn this section, we will explain you the meaning of each of the terms used inGSTR-3B formClearTax 7458707

Outward & Inward Supplies on reverse chargeOther Outward Supplies (Nil-Rated, Exempted):Details of taxable value of all those goods/services supplied, for which the rate of tax notified is NIL or whichhave been fully exempted.For example, dairy produce, birds eggs, natural honey are zero-rated and exports of such supplies have tobe detailed under this category.Inward supplies (Liable to Reverse Charge):When you purchase products from a supplier who is not GST-registered, you have to pay tax on thatpurchase,too. Such cases fall under Reverse Charge.You will also have to pay tax if you purchase goods or services from a registered supplier, but the productitself falls under Reverse Charge.For such transactions, the liability of tax payment falls on the receiver, and the receiver needs to furnish thedetails of taxable value and tax payable in the form.ClearTax 7458707

Outward & Inward Supplies on reverse chargeThe details of outward supply or sale of goods or services (both interstate or intrastate) needs to bementioned under this head. This has to be supported with inward details of purchases of those goods orservices which are categorized under Reverse Charge. Let us explain you each item under this head.Outward Taxable Supplies (other than Zero-Rated, Nil-Rated and Exempted Supplies)Businesses need to provide complete details of taxable value and tax payable on all goods/servicessupplied, other than those classified as zero-rated, nil-rated and exempted goods or services.Value of Taxable Supplies Value of invoices (Value of debit notes – Value of credit notes) (Value ofadvances received for which invoices have not been issued in the same month * – Value of advancesadjusted against invoices**)* to be included in the Value of Taxable Supplies as taxes needs to on advance receipts for a future sale or supply.** Advance receipts on which tax has already been paid and which must be excluded from the original invoice value to avoiddouble taxation.ClearTax 7458707

Outward & Inward Supplies on reverse chargeOutward Taxable Supplies (Zero-Rated)Under this head, it is important to mention the details of taxable value of goods/services exported outsideIndia or supplied to SEZ (deemed export). If you don’t have any exports, you can mention 0.1. Deemed Exports- These are those transactions in which goods supplied do not leave country, andthe payment for such supplies is received either in Indian rupees or in free foreign exchange. Forexample, supply of goods by a DTA (Domestic Tariff Area) to EOU (Export Oriented Unit) within Indiais deemed as an export of goods or service.2. Export under Bond/LUT- Supply of goods or services, or both, under bond or Letter ofUndertaking, without payment of IGST is also considered as export. Businesses can then claim arefund of unutilised ITC on purchases of inputs used for supplying the exported goods or services.3. Export with IGST- Any exporter or United Nations or Embassy or other agencies/bodies whichsupplies goods or services, or both, after paying the IGST can claim refund of the IGST paid.4. Export to SEZ- Since supply of goods or services to SEZ is treated as zero-rated supply, hence noIGST will be paid.ClearTax 7458707

Outward & Inward Supplies on reverse chargeNon-GST Outward SuppliesUnder this heading, it is mandatory to provide the details of taxable value of goods/services suppliedwhich do not fall under the ambit of GST.Examples of such goodsa)b)alcohol (for human consumption)petroleum productsviz. petroleum crude, motor spirit (petrol), high speed diesel, natural gas and aviation turbine fuel.ClearTax 7458707

Inter-State supplies made to unregistered persons, compositiontaxable persons and UIN holdersUnder this head further break up of ‘Outward taxable supplies’ needs to be provided. Here you mustmention the inter-state supplies which are made to unregistered personscomposition dealersthose who hold a UINThe following are granted a UIN: any specialized agency of the United Nations Organization, or any Multilateral Financial Institution and Organization notified under the United Nations (Privilegesand Immunities) Act, 1947 (46 of 1947), or Consulate/Embassy of foreign countries, or any other person or classes of person notified by the Commissioner who shall be liable to obtain UINClearTax 7458707

Input Tax CreditAfter mentioning the amount of taxes payable for outward supplies and inward supplies under reversecharge, the eligible ITC to be claimed must also be mentioned. Your net tax liability will therefore be thedifference between total taxes payable and eligible ITC.Tax Liability Total Taxes Payable - Eligible ITC Import of goods - Amount of tax paid on import of goods needs to be providedImport of services - Amount of tax paid on receipt of services from outside India needs to beprovidedInward supplies liable to reverse charge (other than 1 & 2 above) - If you have purchased anygoods or received any services which fall under Reverse Charge, then tax paid will be provided as anInput Tax Credit in the subsequent monthInward supplies from ISD - In case a business has multiple units and is supplying goods or servicesfrom all such units, the Input Service Distributor can allot Input Tax Credit to each unit. The details ofsuch allocations, if made, have to be mentionedClearTax 7458707

Input Tax CreditAll other ITC:Any other credit as may be applicable and not mentioned above. ITC related to the pre-GST tax period will notbe allowed to be set off against tax liability shown in GSTR 3B for the month of July and August 2017.ITC reversed: As per rules 42 & 43 of CGST Rules:Reversal of ITC is required in case of exempt supplies or non-business purpose use in respect of inputs/inputservices (Rule 42) and capital goods (Rule 43) All other ITC: Any other credit as may be applicable and not mentioned above.Ineligible ITC As per section 17(5) : Negative List of ITC,For Example Amount paid for Membership of a club, health & fitness Centre is included in the negative listand cannot be claimed Others: Any other credit that may be ineligible.ClearTax 7458707

Thanks for reading!ClearTax GST Go to www.cleartax.in/GST to file or create bills Share this guide and help others Read our guides, email or call us for any 80-67458707

Excel Template for Input Sales Invoice Template Sales CDN Template Advance Receipt Template Purchase Invoice Template Purchase CDN Template Advance Payment Template Download All Excel Templates If you create invoices on ClearTax GST (it’s FREE),

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