Post-Secondary Planning And Application Details

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Post-SecondaryPlanningBy: Stephanie MillerGuidance Counsellor

Outline of PresentationO Graduation RequirementsO Vocational ProgramsO Student for a DayO CEGEP: Program OverviewsO ApplicationsO Creative Plans: Missing Pre-Requisites orCredits to GraduateO Career Exploration ResourcesO Questions

My Role At BHSO Personal & Career CounsellingO My email: smiller08@lbpsb.qc.caO ReferralsO Outreach in SchoolsO Fall & Winter Class Visits

**Disclaimer**O Career Vs Program of InterestO Normal to be unsureO Career Exploration is aPROCESS

Graduation Requirements

Graduation RequirementsO 54 Credits in total from Grade 10 & 11 20 credits must be earned at the Grade 11 levelO Required Courses:Grade 10 MathGrade 11 Ethics and/or GymGrade 10 Science remaining credits 20Grade HistoryGrade 10 Art OptionGrade 10 &11 EnglishGrade 10& 11 French

Missing Credits to GraduateRest Assured there are always BACK-UPPLANS1. January Supplemental ExamsJune Exams2. LBPSB Summer School3. Adult EducationSummer Session/Fall Session/Spring Session

FALL 2018OPEN HOUSESStudents & Parents are welcome!** See Open House Handout***

LBPSB Career & EducationFairO Date: Tuesday November 13th 9:30-2:30O Location: Riverdale High SchoolO For Grade 11sO “1 Stop Shop”!O Vocational Programs, CEGEPS, Universities,Volunteer Organizations etc


Vocational ProgramsO Pre-Requisites:O Grade 9 ORO 10 French, English, MathO OR HS DiplomaO For Students with a Specific PassionOOOOCertified Professional in 10-24 monthsExcellent job prospects“Hands-On” ClassesInternships & Job-Placement

Sample Vocational ProgramsO Nursing AssistanceO Automobile MechanicsO ElectricianO Computer Support TechnicianO Professional CookingO Pastry MakingO Pharmacy AssistantO And more!.

Vocational ApplicationsO Apply online at home or atCenter-InterviewO Ongoing Applicationsthroughout yearO Recommended March/April

CEGEP OPTIONS:Two Categories of Programs

CEGEP Programs:2 Year Pre-UniversitySocialScienceProgramArts, Literature.CommunicationProgramDouble DECsVisual ArtsProgram(Fine Arts)SciencesProgramPathwaysExplorationsPrograms

CEGEP PROGRAMS:3 Yr-Career ProgramsO FineFine ArtTechnologies:Music, ProfessionalTheater, talEmergency Care,Nursing, DentalHygiene Pathways/ExplorationProgramBusiness Technologies:BusinessAdministration,Computer Science.Community ServiceTechnologies:Police Technology, Youth &Adult CorrectionalIntervention, Special CareCounselling

Picking a Program1. Make sure you have PRE-REQUISITE courses2. Make sure you meet the GRADE CUT-OFFS3. Make sure you complete SUPPORTINGDOCUMENTSExamples:letter of intent/reference, portfolio, pre-admissiontest, CV NOTE:You can always switch programs!If really unsure, take a more “general program”

Evaluation of ApplicationO Final Grade 10 marksO I & II Term of Grade 11O English 68% or HigherO French 65% or higherO Can send letters to CEGEP electronicallyO CEGEP Admissions will advise Students &Parents

Pre-Admission TestingO Police Technology Testing Date:Saturday December 8th-Can sign-up starting Oct 1stWill be a testing in Feb: Date TBAPre-Hospital Emergency Care Testing Date:Friday November Nov. 2nd*Acceptingsign-ups currentlyFebruary testing Date TBANote: Sign-up forms available online

Missing Pre-RequisitesO Advanced Math1.2.Social Sciences: 1 year Grade 10 11 Math switchSummer school in Adult Education CenterO Advanced Science/Physics/ChemistryPathways to Sciences @ JAC (missing 1-3 only)2. Explorations Sciences at Dawson3. Developmental Sciences @ Dawson (grades inAdv. Science courses)4. Pathways to a Career Program” @ JAC (78-80%average). Spend 1 year in programHandouts1.


SRAM ApplicationDawson CollegeApplicationChamplain CollegeSt-Lambert ApplicationPrivate CEGEPapplicationshttp://commonapplicati Apply applyon.qc.caSEPARATELY for!Hosts: Vanier, Johnca2 Choices for applicationAbbott and many of theEx:French CEGEPS2 Choices for application *Only consider 2ndMarianopolis Collegechoice if not admitted to3 Round System:*Only consider 2nd1stCentennial CollegeCan pick ONE program choice if not admitted toper round1st-Must send in BirthO’Sullivan CollegeCertificateDeadlines:-Must send in BirthLaSalle CollegeCertificateIf applying to a 3-Year1st Round: March 1stCareer Program, always Deadline still March 1st2nd Round: mid-April-If applying to a 3-Yearlist as 1st choice, as3rd Round: Mid-MayCareer Program, always they are SMALLERlist as 1st choice, asprograms-If applying to a 3-Yearthey are SMALLERCareer Program, always programspick 1st roundas are SMALL

ApplicationsDeadline is March 1stO Apply MINIMUM 1-2 weeks BEFOREO Apply to more than 1 CEGEP/Vocational ProgramO Cost: 30-35 VISA, CHEQUE, MONEY ORDERO Vanier, Dawson, Champlain-St Lambert/lennoxville, John Abbott & Marianopolis we sendmarks AUTOMATICALLY

Resources for Career ExplorationHow to help your teen

How can you help as Parents?1.Encourage them to attend Open Houses2.Encourage them to sign up for Student for a Day3.Encourage them to Career Tests4.Encourage them to do the RESEARCH5.If they are “stuck”: encourage them to meet with me6.Connect them with “Key” Professionals7.Reassure them that they CAN change programs!8.Don’t be afraid to call Admissions with your child

Career Exploration HelpO Xello: Previously “Career Cruising”**Will be ready for October** Currently under construction Career Test Research Careers CV & Cover Letter Help And much more!

O www.livecareer.comO www.canlearn.caO www.headingforsuccess.comO “Take Your Pick” MagazineO LBPSB Main Vocational Site: PYGMA.caO CEGEP WebsitesO Vocational WebsitesO Guidance Office/Website: Pamphlets!!!O *Handouts*

Student for a DayO Excellent Career Exploration StrategyO For both CEGEP & Vocational ProgramsO Sign up online or call center directly


French UpdateO DELF: helpful for success!O French @ CEGEPOOOOO60-65% Mis a Niveau French (no-credits)66-74% Level I75-81% Level II82-94 Level III95-100% Level IVSec V FINAL grade determines French level Placement***First week: French teacher does mini-assessmentto make SURE students are placed correctly.

Hosts: Vanier, John Abbott and many of the French CEGEPS 3 Round System: Can pick ONE program per round Deadlines: 1st Round: March 1st 2nd Round: mid-April 3rd Round: Mid-May-If applying to a 3-Year Career Program, always pick 1st round as are SMALL apply-dec.dawsoncollege.qc. ca 2 Choices for application *Only consider 2nd choice if not .

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