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Alphabetical Video List -- CGTC Warner Robins CampusLast Updated: 03/04/21Note: Items that indicate "Circ" in the Format can be checked out by students. Other items may be used in the Library or checkedout by faculty/staff.TitleCall NumberFormat12 angry men20/20: Bullying & harassment21st century skills23 practical strategies to help new faculty thrivePN1997 .T845 2008LB3013.3 .K53 2011LA217.2 .T75 2009LB2331.T84 S45 2010DVDDVDCirc. DVDCD-ROM7 steps to reduce the risk of SIDSRJ320.S93 S42 2013DVDA case study of multiple personalityA civil actionA civil action, c. 1A civil action, c. 2A civil action, c. 3A civil action, c. 4A civil action, c. 5A doll's houseA Few good menA history of nuclear medicineA history of punishmentA lean supply chain @ John DeereA perfect terroristA raisin in the sunA science odyssey, v. 1A science odyssey, v. 2A science odyssey, v. 3A science odyssey, v. 4A science odyssey, v. 5A.D.A.M. essentialsAcute and chronic renal failureAdministering oral, topical, suppository and inhalantAdministration of intravenous medicationAdministration of intravenous medicationRC569.5.M8 T45 2006KF228.A667 H372 1998Crombie KF228.A667 H372Crombie KF228.A667 H372Crombie KF228.A667 H372Crombie KF228.A667 H372Crombie KF228.A667 H372PN1997.D655 D655 2003PN1997 .F49 2005R154.W157 A3 2006HV8501 .H57 2000bTS191 .L43 2002HV6433.I4 F76 2012PN1997 .R159 1999Q125 .S43 2005Q125 .S43 2005Q125 .S43 2005Q125 .S43 2005Q125 .S43 2005QM23.2 .A3 1994RC918.R4 A3 2007RM147 .A35 2003RM170 .A36 2003RM170 .A36 2003DVDDVDCirc. DVDCirc. DVDCirc. DVDCirc. DVDCirc. DVDDVDDVDCirc. DVDDVDDVDDVDCirc. DVDDVDDVDDVDDVDDVDCD-ROMDVDVertical FileCD-ROMCD-ROMAdvanced clipper cuttingTT960.A3 J6 2002DVDAdvanced compositesAdvertising layoutAging, the natural processAir brakes training CD-ROMAircraft sheet metal toolsAlgebra : a combined approach, disc 1Algebra : a combined approach, disc 2Algebra : a combined approach, Lecture SeriesAn introduction to the federal courtsAn invitation to poetry : a new Favorite Poem Project anthologyAnaphylaxisTA418.9.C6 A38 2000zHF5825 .A3 2006QP86 .A356 2001TL269.2 .A5 1998TL671.5 .O7 1996QA152.3 .M35 2007QA152.3 .M35 2007QA152.3 .M35 2007KF8720 .I58 2004PN6101 .I56 2004RC86.7 .A63 2012DVDCirc. DVDDVDCD-ROMVHSCirc. DVDCirc. DVDCirc. DVDCirc. DVDCirc. DVDDVDPage 1 of 15

Alphabetical Video List -- CGTC Warner Robins CampusTitleCall NumberFormatAnatomyAnatomy & physiology for health professionals : an interactiveAnatomy, part 1QM23.2 .A63 2002QM23.2 .C64 2011QM23.2 .A63 2002DVDCirc. DVDVHSAnatomy, part 2QM23.2 .A63 2002VHSAnatomy, part 3Anatomy, part 4QM23.2 .A63 2002QM23.2 .A63 2002VHSVHSAnatomy, part 5QM23.2 .A63 2002VHSAnatomy, part 6Anatomy, part 7Animation: a hand guideArrhythmiasAssessment of the newbornAssessment of the newbornAsthma, emphysema, and chronic bronchitisAtlas of organ transplantationAttorney at lawAutism & Asperger's syndromeAutism in the classroomAutoCAD 2002AutoCAD 2002AutoCAD 2002AutoCAD 2008 and AutoCAD LT 2008 bibleAutoCAD 2009 & AutoCAD LT 2009 bibleAutoCAD 2010 & AutoCAD LT 2010 bibleAutomotive steering, suspension, and alignmentAviation mechanic: aviationAviation mechanic: generalAviation mechanic: powerplantAvoiding plagiarismB-17 flying legendBack to the basics, part 1Back to the basics, part 2Back to the basics, part 3Back to the basics, part 4Back to the basics, part 5Baseball, v. 1Baseball, v. 2Baseball, v. 3Baseball, v. 4Baseball, v. 5Baseball, v. 6Basic head-to-toe assessment with geriatric focusBecoming a leaderBeginner's LatinBeginnings of lifeQM23.2 .A63 2002QM23.2 .A63 2002TR897.5 .G72 2009RC685 .A65 2007RJ253 .A874 2010RJ255.5 .A784 2010RC591 .A88 2008RD120.7 .A85 2009DVD RK56.D417 A8 2001RJ506.A9 G73 2009RC553.A88 A98 2009T385.A8 K37 2002T385.A8 K3 2002T385.A8 K375 2002T385 .F54459 2007T385 .F54459 2008T385 .F54459 2009TL259 .H35 2008TL671.9 .K563 2003TL671.9 .K56 2003TL671.9 .K562 2003PN167 .A86 2004UG1242.B6 B74 2004HF5718 .B37 2005HF5718 .B37 2005HF5718 .B37 2005HF5718 .B37 2005HF5718 .B37 2005GV863.A1 B374 2010GV863.A1 B374 2010GV863.A1 B374 2010GV863.A1 B374 2010GV863.A1 B374 2010GV863.A1 B374 2010DVD RC953 .B37 2004HD57.7 .B43 2008PA2094.5 .S53 2003RJ131 .B36 2011VHSVHSDVD-ROMDVDDVDDVDDVDCirc. DVDVertical FileDVDDVDCD-ROMCD-ROMCD-ROMCirc. DVDCirc. DVDCirc. DVDCirc. DVertical FileDVDCirc. Audio DiscDVDPage 2 of 15

Alphabetical Video List -- CGTC Warner Robins CampusTitleCall NumberFormatBehind the badgeHV7924 .B45 2005DVDBehind the blue wallHV8148 .N52 2002DVDBeyond basic foiling, v. 1Beyond basic foiling, v. 2Beyond basic foiling, v. 3Beyond basic foiling, v. 4BiochemistryBiochemistry IBreakfast at Tiffany'sBreakthrough kaizen eventsBringing baby homeBrother of mineBuilding a lean cultureBuilding great sentences, part 1Building great sentences, part 2Building mathematical competencies in early childhoodBullying & harassmentBullying in schoolsBusiness basics.Business mathematicsC-17 production operations & lean manufacturingC-17 QualityCandid Camera classics for social psychologyCar audio: Fiberglass fabrication I : a step by step video guideCar audio: Fiberglass fabrication II : a step by step video guideCardiac signs and symptomsCareers in criminal justiceTT973 .B49 2008TT973 .B49 2008TT973 .B49 2008TT973 .B49 2008QP514.2 .B56 2006QH581.2 .B5461 2006PN1997 .B74354378 2006TS155 .B74 2003RJ61 .B75 2005HQ784.V55 B76 2003TS183.3 .B8 2006PE1408 .L288 2008PE1408 .L288 2008LB1117 .B86 2012HF5549.5.E43 B854 2009BF637.B85 B87 2009HF5823 .A38 2001HF5691 .M465 2009TL686.B65 C77 2003TL686.B65 Q3 2003HM251 .C363 2007TK7881.85 .C37 2003TK7881.85 .C37 2004RC674 .C365 2006HV9950 .C347 2008DVDDVDDVDDVDDVDDVDCirc. DVDDVDDVDDVDDVDDVDDVDDVDDVDDVDCirc. DVDCirc. DVDDVDDVDDVDDVDDVDDVDDVDCaring for the postpartum patientRD51 .C37 2004DVDCases in controversyKF4558 14th .C37 2003DVDCellular reproductionQH605 .C45 2006DVDChild development careersChild safetyChristmas in the trenchesCipher in the snowCivil litigation : process and proceduresClassic American poetryClassical and operant conditioningCollecting & interpreting dataColor in everyday lifeCommon childhood illnessesCommon mistakes people make in interviewsCommunicating for resultsCommunicating with customersComposite materialsRJ131 .C45 2013HV675.72 .C45 2004CL EB MCCLB1033 .C577 2003KF8841 .G65 2009PS584 .C53 2000BF319 .C52 2004QA276.12 .C65 2010NK2115.5.C6 C65 2006RJ50 .C66 2008HF5549.5.I6 C66 2003HD30.3 .C655 1997HF5415.5 .C65 1997TA481.5 .C66 2005DVDDVDCirc. Audio DiscDVDCirc. DVDCirc. Audio DiscDVDDVDDVDDVDDVDCirc. VHSCirc. VHSDVDPage 3 of 15

Alphabetical Video List -- CGTC Warner Robins CampusTitleCall NumberFormatCompression moldingCompTIA Network certification practice exams (Exam N10-005)ConflictConscious discipline liveCooking with childrenCops on trialCoronary artery disease and angina pectorisCounselling and interviewing for carersCreating endodontic excellenceCritical issuesCronkite remembersCronkite remembersCronkite remembersCSI, crime scene investigation, v. 1CSI, crime scene investigation, v. 2CSI, crime scene investigation, v. 3CSI, crime scene investigation, v. 4CSI, crime scene investigation, v. 5CSI, crime scene investigation, v. 6CSI, crime scene investigation, v. 7CSI, crime scene investigation, v. 8CSI, crime scene investigation, v. 9CSI, crime scene investigation, v. 10CSI, crime scene investigation, v. 11Culinary fundamentalsCurly girl :Cutting and styling textured hairDangerous medications and their effectsData collecting techniquesDead man walkingDealing with manipulative peopleDeath penalty on trialDeath sentenceDelmar's basic nursing skills DVD-ROMTP1180.T55 C611 2005TK5105.5 .M483 2014HV6089 .E96 2004LB3013 .C56 2004TX652.5 .C66 2011HV7936.C85 C66 2002RC685 .C822 2007BF637.C6 I76 2006DVD RK351 .C7 2001BF121.P78 E18 2006PN4874.C84 A6 2002PN4874.C84 A6 2002PN4874.C84 A6 2002PN1992.8.C68 C74 2003PN1992.8.C68 C74 2003PN1992.8.C68 C74 2004PN1992.8.C68 C74 2004PN1992.8.C68 C74 2005PN1992.8.C68 C74 2006PN1992.8.C68 C74 2007PN1992.8.C68 C74 2008PN1992.8.C68 C74 2009PN1992.8.C68 C74 2010PN1992.8.C68 C74 2011TX651 .C84 2006RL81 .M28 2010TT970 .C87 2006RM302.5 .D355 2006DVD HD30.29 .D37 2000PN1997 .D434 2012HF5548.8 .D43 2009HV8694 .D384 2002HV8694 .D43 2010RT51 .A47 2004DVDCirc. CD-ROMDVDDVDDVDDVDDVDCirc. Audio DiscVertical irc. DVDCirc. DVDCirc. DVDDVDVertical FileDVDDVDDVDDVDDVDDelmar's skills and procedures for medical assistantsR728.8 .D935 2005DVDDental anatomy or "all about teeth"VHS RK280 .D468 1997Vertical FileDental healthRK361 .D46 2006DVDDeveloping good study skillsDiabetesDiabetes mellitusDigestion and excretionDirtyDirty HarryDisciplining kidsDVD LB2395 .D48 2004RC660 .D433 2004 TDBRC660.D5 D53 2007QP145 .D54 2008PN1997.2.D57 D57 2006PN1997 .D57 2008VHS HQ770.4 .D585 1997Vertical FileCD-ROMDVDDVDDVDDVDVertical FilePage 4 of 15

Alphabetical Video List -- CGTC Warner Robins CampusTitleCall NumberFormatDNA, RNA, & protein synthesisDoing great researchDoing your best on standardized tests in readingDo-it-yourself build your own PC for dummiesDown the hatchDSM IV personality disordersDue process: understanding the U.S. criminal justice systemDVD Studio Pro 4E.E. CummingsQP624 .D53 2006Q180.55.M4 D65 1996LB1050.45 .D64 1993TK9969 .C43 2009QP145 .D54 2005RC554 .D78 1999HV9950 .C75 2012TK6680.5 .N39 2006PS3505.U334 A6 2005DVDDVDCirc. DVDCirc. DVDDVDDVDDVDCirc. DVDCirc. Audio DiscEarly socialisationRJ131 .E275 2003DVDEarly socializationEasy third-molar extractionsEffective note-takingEffective palliative careEKG interpretation and response: Atrial and junctionalEKG interpretation and response: Reading an EKGEKG interpretation and response: Sinus dysrhythmiasEKG interpretation and response: Ventricular dysrhythmias andRJ131 .E27 2003DVD RK531 .E17 2004LB2395 .E34 2005RT86.3 .E39 2005RC683.U5 A87 2009RC683.5.U5 R43 2009RC683.5.U5 S56 2009RC683.5.U5 V46 2009DVDVertical FileDVDCD-ROMDVDDVDDVDDVDElectricity and electronics, disc 1TK145 .E43 2006DVDElectricity and electronics, disc 2Electricity and electronics, disc 3Electricity and electronics, disc 4Electricity and electronics, disc 5Electricity and electronics, disc 6Electricity and electronics, disc 7Electricity and electronics, disc 8Electricity and electronics, disc 8Electronic fetal monitoringEmail etiquetteEmotionEndocrine signs & symptomsEnronEnteral nutritionEquations of lines and distanceExtrusion processesFamily violence.Fashion retailing : a multi-channel approachFiling and records management skillsFirst Air WarFive S factory makeoverFlags of our fathersFluid and electrolyte imbalanceFluid mechanics : fundamentals and applicationsFluid, electrolyte & acid base balanceFlux-cored arc welding, disc 1TK145 .E43 2006TK145 .E43 2006TK145 .E43 2006TK145 .E43 2006TK145 .E43 2006TK145 .E43 2006TK145 .E43 2006TK145 .E43 2006RG628 .E443 2004VHS TK5105.73 .E42 2002BF176 .E66 2006RT48 .E5 2007HD9502.U54 E573755RM225 .E67 2004QA159 .E67 1993TP1175.E9 E92 2004HV6626.2 .F373 2011HD9940.U4 D53 2006VHS HF5736 .G277 1994UG1242.F5 N68 2014TS155 .F58 2005D743.23 .F53 2007RC630 .F67 2005TA357 .C43 2006RC630 .F67 2009TK4660 .F58 2008DVDDVDDVDDVDDVDDVDDVDDVDDVDVertical FileDVDDVDDVDDVDCirc. VHSDVDDVDCirc. DVDVertical FileDVDDVDCirc. DVDDVDCirc. DVDDVDDVDPage 5 of 15

Alphabetical Video List -- CGTC Warner Robins CampusTitleCall NumberFormatFlux-cored arc welding, disc 2Flux-cored arc welding, disc 3Fly pastForced to shootForensic scienceFrank O'HaraFrankenstein, the making of the monsterTK4660 .F58 2008TK4660 .F58 2008TL515 .F59 2001HV8139 .F67 2002HV8073 .F67 2002PS3529.H28 F7 2004PR5397.F73 F736 2004DVDDVDCirc. DVDDVDDVDCirc. Audio DiscDVDFrom ghetto to guerrillaDS135.P63 L3757 2006Circ. Audio DiscFrontline: the confessionsKF9664 .C63 2010DVDFrontline: the real CSIHV8073 .R455 2012DVDFundamentals of periodontal instrumentation & advanced rootGas metal arc welding advanced (GMAWA), disc 1Gas metal arc welding advanced (GMAWA), disc 2Gender and communicationGeneral machinistGeographic information systemsGetting along with othersGlycolysis & cellular respirationGraphic designGreat American speeches, disc 1Great American speeches, disc 2Great American speeches, disc 3Great American speeches, disc 4Great American speeches, disc 5Great American speeches, disc 6Great speeches of the 20th centuryGreat themes in literatureGregorian chants : an illustrated history of religious chantingGroup M Productions presents Seven secrets for producingHal Holbrook in the CBS Television network special Mark Twaintonight!RK681 .N53 2008TK4660 .G372 2010TK4660 .G372 2010P96.S48 G46 2007HD8039.M2 G464 2004HV7936.C88 G56 2005VHS BF636.G4 M3 1988QH633 .G55 2006NC1002.L63 G73 2006E173 .G743 2005E173 .G743 2005E173 .G743 2005E173 .G743 2005E173 .G743 2005E173 .G743 2005AT PN6121 .G74 1991PN3338 .G74 1999ML3082 .S53 2004Z286.D47 G78 1994Circ. DVDDVDDVDDVDDVDDVDVertical FileDVDDVDDVDDVDDVDDVDDVDDVDVertical FileCirc. VHSCirc. Audio DiscCirc. VHSPS1325 .H35 1999Circ. DVDHead and neck anatomy for dental professionalsCD-ROM QM535 .H42 2000 CD-ROMHead and neck anatomy for health professionals on CD-ROMHeads upHealth careHealthy eating and exerciseCD-ROM QM535 .H43 2004HF5415.5 .H43 1985VHS R118 .H4 2005RA784 .H43 2012CD-ROMCirc. VHSVertical FileDVDHeart failure and pulmonary edemaRC685.C33 H43 2007DVDHeart medications : anatomy review and anginaHeart medications : Blood pressure medications &Heart medications :Heart failure medications & cholesterolHeart medications, part 1Heart medications, part 2DVD RC682 .H4364 2003DVD RC682 .H4366 2003DVD RC682 .H4368 2003DVD RC682 .H4367 2003DVD RC682 .H4367 2003Vertical FileVertical FileVertical FileVertical FileVertical FilePage 6 of 15

Alphabetical Video List -- CGTC Warner Robins CampusTitleCall NumberFormatHeavy metal.Hepatitis A, B, and C, disc 1Hepatitis A, B, and C, disc 2Hepatitis A, B, and C, disc 3High-definition DVD handbookHIPAA for healthcare workers: an overviewHIPAA for healthcare workers: the privacy ruleHIPAA for healthcare workers: the security ruleHistory of American criminal justiceHistory of American criminal justice, c. 2History of world criminal justiceHolocaust : the events and their impact on real peopleHow to become a superstar studentHow to raise emotionally healthy children, disc 1UG1242.F5 H43 2003RC848.H42 H47 2003RC848.H42 H47 2003RC848.H42 H47 2003TK6680.5 .J64 2007KF3827.R4 H466 2008KF3827.R4 H5773 2008KF3827.R4 H667 2008HV8138 .F57 2008HV8138 .F57 2008HV7419 .H57 2008D804.3 .W66 2007LB2395 .H69 2006BF723 .P25 2013Circ. DVDDVDDVDDVDCirc. DVDDVDDVDDVDDVDDVDDVDCirc. DVDDVDDVDHow to raise emotionally healthy children, disc 2LB723 .P25 2013DVDHow to raise emotionally healthy children, disc 3LB723 .P25 2013DVDHow to read and understand a research studyQ180.55.E9 U53 2008DVDHVAC Essentials : Understanding Manual D: Airflow & DuctHVAC Essentials : Understanding Manual J: Heat Loss and heatHybrid and alternative fuel vehiclesHypertensionIdentification and interpretation of errors in dental radiographyTH7683.D8 U534x 2007TH7687.A5 2007TL221.15 .H35 2008RC685.H8 H97 2008CD-ROM RK309 .M443 2005CD-ROMCD-ROMCirc. DVDDVDVertical FileIdentifying and responding to traumaRJ506.P66 I34 2002DVDIFR with confidenceTL710 .I37 1992DVDIn the wombInfant milestonesInfectionInside the Vietnam WarInteractive wound careRG613 .I5 2005RJ134 .I54 2012RC112 .I54 2009DS557.7 .I57 2008RA645.T73 L37 2003DVDDVDDVDDVDCD-ROMInternal affairsHV7936.C5 I583 2002DVDInterpretationsIntroduction to designIntroduction to filing and records managementIntroduction to leadershipIslands of deathIslands of deathIt costs how much?It's the lawJazz on a Saturday nightJazz, disc 1BF176 .I584 2006N7430 .E432 2004DVD HF5548 .I576 1991HD57.7 .I58 2007D767.9 .I75 2005D767.9 .I75 2005HD9579 .G5 2005HV6789 .I85 204EB DILML3506 .J39 2004xDVDCirc. DVDVertical FileDVDDVDDVDDVDDVDCirc. Audio DiscDVDPage 7 of 15

Alphabetical Video List -- CGTC Warner Robins CampusTitleCall NumberFormatJazz, disc 2Jazz, disc 3Jazz, disc 4Jazz, disc 5Jazz, disc 6Jazz, disc 7Jazz, disc 8Jazz, disc 9Jazz, disc 10Kevin redeems himselfKey Constitutional conceptsKids & bullyingKids behind barsKiller presentation skillsLangston HughesLaw & order, season 1Law & order, season 2Law & order, season 3Law & order, season 4Law & order, season 5ML3506 .J39 2004xML3506 .J39 2004xML3506 .J39 2004xML3506 .J39 2004xML3506 .J39 2004xML3506 .J39 2004xML3906 .J39 2004xML3906 .J39 2004xML3906 .J39 2004xPN167 .K4 2008KF5130.S9 K3 2006BF637.B85 K53 2013HV9104 .K527 1997HF5718.22 .K55 2006PS3515.U274 A17 2002PN1922.77 .L38 2011PN1992.77 .L38 2011PN1992.77 .L38 2011PN1992.77 .L38 2011PN1992.77 .L38 2011DVDDVDDVDDVDDVDDVDDVDDVDDVDDVDCirc. DVDCirc. Audio DiscDVDDVDCirc. Audio DiscDVDDVDDVDDVDDVDLaw & order, season 6PN1992.77 .L38 2011DVDLaw & order, season 7Law & order, season 8Law & order, season 9Law & order, season 10Law & order, season 11Law & order, season 12Law & order, season 13Law & order, season 14Law & order, season 15Law & order, season 16Law & order, season 17Law & order, season 18Law & order, season 19Law & order, season 20Law and the legal systemLean manufacturing in a small shopLearn Arabic the fast and fun wayLearning lean through simulationLegal precedentLet me hold you longerLife in the undergrowthLinux all-in-one desk reference for dummiesLinux bibleLobstering with my papaMaking your casePN1992.77 .L38 2011PN1992.77 .L38 2011PN1992.77 .L38 2011PN1992.77 .L38 2011PN1992.77 .L38 2011PN1992.77 .L38 2011PN1992.77 .L38 2011PN1992.77 .L38 2011PN1992.77 .L38 2011PN1992.77 .L38 2011PN1992.77 .L38 2011PN1992.77 .L38 2011PN1992.77 .L38 2011PN1992.77 .L38 2011KF889 .L387 1989TS155 .L425 2007PJ6307 .I27 2009TS183.3 .L45 2003K574 .L4 2002CL EB KINQL362 .L54 2006QA76.76.O63 B3655 2006QA76.76.O63 N42153 2009CL EB HANKF8870 .S23 VDCirc. Audio DiscDVDDVDCirc. Audio DiscDVDCirc. DVDCirc. DVDAudio CDCirc. Audio DiscPage 8 of 15

Alphabetical Video List -- CGTC Warner Robins CampusTitleCall NumberFormatMaking your case & making it stick I: voluntary contacts andMaking your case & making it stick II: dentention, arrest &Mammography in a flash!Man on the moon, disc 1Man on the moon, disc 2HV7923 .M35 2007HV7923 .M35 2007CD-ROM WP815 .M26564TL789.8.U6 M266 2003TL789.8.U6 M266 2003DVDDVDCD-ROMDVDDVDManager's hot seatHF5549 .M36 2004Circ. DVDMandateManual composite layup & spray upMark TwainMarketing research and informationMary ShelleyMega speed readingMeiosis, sexual reproduction, and genetic variabilityMen's hairstyling and beard designMicrosoft Excel basicsMicrosoft Visual C 2008 Express EditionMilady's art & science of nail technology CD-ROMMilady's Reference CD-ROMMiranda considerationsModern marvelsMood disordersMuscular, skeletal, and integumentary systemsMy cousin VinnyMyocardial infarctionNative guardNellNeurologic signs & symptomsNewborn care :Newborn stabilization and careNikola TeslaNo more to say & nothing to weep forNot guilty by reason of insanityNursing assessment of the new familyOffender profilingJK516 .M35 2006TA455.P5 M3 2005PS1331.A25 M375 2004HF5415 .M369 2002PR5397.F73 M365 2004KIT LB1050.54.S72 B47QH605 .M45 2006TT963.M4 J6 2002HF5548.4.M523 M53 2011QA76.73.C154 P45 2008TT958.3 .M55 2001TT951 .M55 2004KF1307 .M575 1998TN664 .M48 2008RC537 .M63323 2001QM100 .M87 2008PN1997 .M8877 2009RC685.I6 M96 2007PS3570.R433 N38 2007PN1997 .N46 2004RT48 .N48 2006RJ253 .N49 2013RJ252 .N49 2004TK140.T4 N55 1994PS590 .N68 2006KF9242.A45 N6 2002RJ251 .N87 2003HV8073.5 .O445 2011Circ. DVDDVDCirc. DVDDVDDVDVertical FileDVDDVDDVDCirc. DVDCD-ROMCD-ROMDVDDVDCD-ROMDVDDVDDVDAudio CDCirc. DVDDVDDVDDVDCirc. DVDCirc. DVDDVDCD-ROMDVDOffice 2010 for dummiesHF5548.4.M525 W353 2010 Circ. DVDOffice administration 2HF5547.5 .O34 2007DVDOn cookingOn cookingOR fire safetyOral surgery in general practiceOrder in the courtOSHA training for dental professionalsOur ConstitutionOut of the shadowTX651 .L328 2007TX651 .L328 2007DVD RA969.9 .O74 2003DVD RK529 .O735 2007KF9618.85 .O73 2004CD-ROM RK52 .O73 2007KF5130.S9 O9 2005VHS RC514 .O87 2004Circ. DVDCirc. DVDVertical FileVertical FileDVDVertical FileCirc. DVDVertical FilePage 9 of 15

Alphabetical Video List -- CGTC Warner Robins CampusTitleCall NumberFormatOxyacetylene welding, brazing and cutting (OAW), disc 1Oxyacetylene welding, brazing and cutting (OAW), disc 2Oxyacetylene welding, brazing and cutting (OAW), disc 3Oxyacetylene welding, brazing and cutting (OAW), disc 4Pathophysiology of the respiratory systemPatient and operator positioning, part 1Patient and operator positioning, part 2Patient transfersPediatric assessmentPeggy NoonanPeople and valuesPerfect paragraphPerfecting your English pronunciationPeritoneal disalysisPersuasive writing & speakingPhlebotomy and hematologic, blood chemistry andPhysical evidencePlanet EarthPoems for children of all agesPoems of ghosts, evil, and superstitionPoems of Inspiration and FaithPoems of loss and sorrowPoems of naturePoems of romancePoems of the human conditionPoems of workingPoems that make a statementPoets look at choices in lifePoets look at eternityPoets look at growing up and growing oldPoets look at war and peacePoets look at writing, art, and poetryPolicePositive behaviour in early yearsPositive work habitsPost mortemPowder metallurgyPractical business math proceduresPractical heat treating, tape 1Practical heat treating, tape 2Practical heat treating, tape 3Practical heat treating, tape 4Practical heat treating, tape 5Practical heat treating, tape 6Practical heat treating, tape 7Practical heat treating, tape 8Practical heat treating, tape 9TS228 .O99 2012TS228 .O99 2012TS228 .O99 2012TS228 .O99 2012RC7355 .I57 2010RK60.7 .P27 1998RK60.7 .P27 1998RT87.T72 P3 2001RJ245 .P43 2005PN4193.P6 P44 2005VHS HF5549.5.C3 V34xVHS PE1439 .P47 1998PE1137 .C316 2012RC901.7.P48 P47 1999 TDBVHS PN207 .P4 2001RB45.15 .P45 2007HV8073 .P59 2009QH75.A3 P43 2007PN6101.G52 C45 2007PN6101.G52 G4 2007PN6101.G52 I5 2006PN6101.G52 L6 2007PN6101.G52 N3 2007PN6101.G52 R6 2006PN6101.G52 H8 2007PN6101.G52 W6 2007PN6101.G52 M3 2007PN6101.G52 C46 2007PN6101.G52 E8 2006PN6101.G52 G7 2006PN6101.G52 W3 2007PN6101.G52 W7 2007HV8141 .P65 2002LB3013 .P67 2009HF5389 .P67 2008RA1063.4 .P67 2011TN695 .P65 1998HF5694 .S57 2011TN672 .P73 2007TN672 .P73 2007TN672 .P73 2007TN672 .P73 2007TN672 .P73 2007TN672 .P73 2007TN672 .P73 2007TN672 .P73 2007TN672 .P73 2007DVDDVDDVDDVDDVDDVDDVDCD-ROMDVDDVDVertical FileVertical FileCirc. DVDCD-ROMVertical FileDVDDVDDVDAudio CDAudio CDAudio CDAudio CDAudio CDAudio CDAudio CDAudio CDAudio CDAudio CDAudio CDAudio CDAudio CDAudio CDDVDDVDDVDDVDDVDCirc. DVDDVDDVDDVDDVDDVDDVDDVDDVDDVDPage 10 of 15

Alphabetical Video List -- CGTC Warner Robins CampusTitleCall NumberFormatPractical heat treating, tape 10Practical heat treating, tape 11Practical heat treating, tape 12Practical heat treating, tape 13Practical heat treating, tape 14Practical heat treating, tape 15Pregnancy, labor and deliveryPreparing for your next medical emergencyPreschooler observation series, disc 1Preschooler observation series, disc 2Preschooler observation series, disc 3Preschooler observation series, disc 4Preventing health care-associated infectionsPreventive dentistryPrinciples of continuous controlPrint mediaTN672 .P73 2007TN672 .P73 2007TN672 .P73 2007TN672 .P73 2007TN672 .P73 2007TN672 .P73 2007RG951 .P756 2004 TDBRC86.7 .P69 2006LB1027.28 .P74 2012LB1027.28 .P74 2012LB1027.28 .P74 2012LB1027.28 .P74 2012DVD RA969 .F73 2003CD-ROM RK60.7 .P74 2001TS156.8 .P75 1989HF6107 .P74 l FileVertical FileDVDCirc. DVDProbable cause and reasonable suspicionKF9630.Z9 P75 1998DVDProfessional behavior in healthcare professionsProfessional reading and writing skills reviewPsychoPsychology, the human experienceQuest for the empowered selfQuiet rageRadiology made easyRage on the radioRainbow SixRapid assessment of the ill or injured childRecognizing & preventing physical child abuseReconstructionReefReel baseballResearch designRespiration & circulationRespiratory signs and symptomsRetail storeRichard WilburRise of the DronesRobert FrostRunaway jurySams teach yourself Visual C 2008 in 24 hoursScheduling for optimum productivitySeasonal Mens 2010Secret of the wild childSepsisSext up kidsSexual harassment in the academic workplaceR727.3 .P76 2007LB1050.5 .P76 1992PN1997 .P78 1999BF121 .S87 2001BF576.Q47 I6 2003HV6089 .Q5 2005RK309 .R294 2004JK526 2008 .P74 2008PS3553.L245 R35 1998RT48 .R367 2004HV6626.5.W44 P49 2012E668 .R43 2004GB461 .R39 2007GV863 .A1 K715 2006Q180.55.M4 R47 2007QP121 .R47 2008RT48 .R47 2006DVD HF5439.C6 R4 1994PS3545.I32165 R5 2003UG1242.D7 R57 2013PS3511.R94 R6 2003PN1997.2 .R863939 2004QA76.73.C154 F68 2008VHS RK58 .S34 1999TT970 .S73 2010RC507.A20 R95 2006RC182.S4 S46 2007HQ784.S45 S498 2012HD6060 .A95 1993DVDDVDCirc. VHSDVDDVDDVDDVDDVDCirc. Audio DiscCD-ROMDVDDVDCirc. DVDCirc. DVDDVDDVDDVDVertical FileCirc. Audio DiscDVDCirc. Audio DiscDVDCirc. DVDVertical FileDVDDVDDVDDVDVHSPage 11 of 15

Alphabetical Video List -- CGTC Warner Robins CampusTitleCall NumberFormatShielded metal arc welding structural, DVD 1Shielded metal arc welding structural, DVD 2Shielded metal arc welding structural, DVD 3ShockShyness and assertivenessSignificant event childhood traumaSigns & symptoms of fluid & electrolyte imbalancesSigns & symptoms of fluid & electrolyte imbalances, c. 2Skills for pediatric nursingSkinheads USASocial classSpeaking of-- creativitySREB fact book on higher education.Straight to the point, vol. 2Stranger safetyStrategies for college successStressSurvey savvyT.S.E.Taber's cyclopedic medical dictionaryTaber's cyclopedic medical dictionary, c. 2Taber's cyclopedic medical dictionary, c. 3Take a deep breath!Ten behaviors that will cost you your badgeTen minute assessment of the adultTennessee Williams and the American SouthTerrorism, intelligence and the USA Patriot Act (USAPA)TeslaTest taking and prioritizing tasksThe 12 essential elements to professional successThe Alzheimer's mysteryThe anthrax filesThe apprenticeThe art of cutting menThe art of razor cuttingThe basics of filing & office proceduresThe best of the big house, disc 1 & 2The best of the big house, disc 3 & 4The best of the big house, disc 5 & 6The best years of our livesThe birdsThe brainThe Civil WarThe complete fiberglass and composite libraryThe complete guide to Navy SEAL fitnessThe complete guide to stainless steel crown techniques forThe complete guitar manualTK4660 .S5545 2007TK4660 .S5545 2007TK4660 .S5545 2007RC182.S4 S46 2007VHS BR724 .S35 1988RJ506.P55 S54 2002RD52.F59 S54 2007RD52.F59 S54 2007RJ245 .S55 2012HV6439.U5 S58 2004HT309 .S63 2002BF408 .S64 2005CD-ROM LA230.5.S6 G4TT970 .S77 2011HV6571 .S77 2005LB2343.32 .S87 2008VHS BF575.S75 S77 2004HF5415.3 .S97 2002PS3509.L43 T7 2005R121 .T18 2009R121 .T18 2009R121 .T18 2009QP121 .T35 2006HV7924 .T46 2006RT48 .T463 2005 TDBPS3545.I5365 Z732 1999HV7936.C88 T47 2009TK140.T4 T47 2007VHS LB1049 .T46 2003HF5386 .Q34 1990RC523.A494 S47 2003HV6433.35 .A58 2011HD4885.N4 A6 2004TT970 .A78 2008TT967.A7 J6 2002VHS HF5547.5 .B35 1992HV9469 .B479 2004HV9469 .B479 2004HV9469 .B479 2004PN1997.B47 B47 2006PN1995.9.H6 B57 1999RJ506.P55 B72 2002E468 .C58 2004TA664 .C625 2005GV481 .S644 2008DVD RK666 .C55 2003MT580 .C68 2011DVDDVDDVDDVDVertical FileDVDDVDDVDVertical FileDVDVHSCirc. DVDVertical FileDVDDVDDVDVertical FileDVDCirc. Audio DiscCirc. DVDCirc. DVDCirc. DVDDVDDVDCD-ROMCirc. VHSDVDDVDVertical FileCirc. Audio CasssetteDVDDVDDVDDVDDVDVertical FileDVDDVDDVDCirc. DVDCirc. VHSDVDDVDDVDCirc. DVDVertical FileCirc. DVDPage 12 of 15

Alphabetical Video List -- CGTC Warner Robins CampusTitleCall NumberFormatThe crucibleThe emperor waltzThe endocrine systemThe enduring selfThe enforcersThe eye of the stormThe fighting ladyThe First World WarThe Henrik Ibsen CollectionThe high bald fadeThe history of technical education in GeorgiaThe human body bookThe immunological systemThe interpretation of dreamsThe Last DitchThe madness of dancing DanielThe Mighty Eighth Air ForceThe Mighty Eighth Air Force : World War IIThe miracle workerThe miracle workerThe nature of thingsThe nervous systemPN1997.2 .C8588 2004PN1995.9.C55 E47 2003QP187 .E53 2008BF636.A2 I57 2006HV8144 .E54 2004LC212.523.R53 E9 2008V874.3.A37 F54 2006D521 .S86 2004PN1997.A1 H46 2007TT970 .H55 2006T74.G4 H54 2001QM26 .P33 2007QR181 .I46 2008BF175.5.D74 I58 2005E477.96 .L3 2007RC554 .M25 2008D790.M54 K53 2011D790.M54 K53 2011PN1992.77 .M573 2001PN1992.77 .M573 2001TL553.5 .A36 2002QP361 .N47 2008Circ. DVDDVDDVDDVDDVDDVDCirc. DVDDVDDVDCirc. DVDVHSCirc. DVDDVDDVDDVDDVDCirc. DVDCirc. Audio DiscCirc. DVDVHSDVDDVDThe psychology of criminal behaviorHV6080 .P79 2004DVDThe role of mandated child abuse reportersThe RomanticsThe science of making friends :The scientific methodDVD/CD-ROM HV8079.C46PN605 .R56 2006RC489.S63 L38 2013Q175 .S35 2009Vertical FileDVDCirc. DVDDVDThe speeches collectionPS668 .S644 2002DVDThe Spitfire GrillThe story of Will RogersThe Three faces of EveThe ultimate guideThe unknown worldThe Vietnam War with Walter Cronkite, disc 1The Vietnam War with Walter Cronkite, disc 2The Vietnam War with Walter Cronkite, disc 3The virtual job interviewThe voice of the poetThe warThe War of 1812The War of 1812The way to happinessThe world at war, v. 1The world at war, v. 2The world at war, v. 3PN1997 .S658 2013PN2287.R74 S76 2003PN1997 .T4734 1993QP38 .U48 2002QR56 .U55 2005DS557 .V54 2003DS557 .V54 2003DS557 .V54 2003HF5549.5.I5 V5725 2005PS3537.T4753 W3 2002D811.5 .W37 2007E354 .W37 2005E354 .W37 2005BP605.S2 W39 2010D743.23 .W67 2004D743.23 .W67 2004D743.23 .W67 2004DVDCirc. DVDCirc. VHSDVDDVDDVDDVDDVDDVDCirc. Audio DiscDVDDVDDVDCirc. DVDDVDDVDDVDPage 13 of 15

Alphabetical Video List -- CGTC Warner Robins CampusTitleCall NumberFormatThe world at war, v. 4The world at war, v. 5The world at war, v. 6The

AutoCAD 2002 T385.A8 K3 2002 CD-ROM AutoCAD 2002 T385.A8 K375 2002 CD-ROM AutoCAD 2008 and AutoCAD LT 2008 bible T385 .F54459 2007 Circ. DVD AutoCAD 2009 & AutoCAD LT 2009 bible T385 .F54459 2008 Circ. DVD AutoCAD 2010 & AutoCAD LT 2010 bible T385 .F54459 2009 Circ. DVD Automotive steering, suspension,

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i) Format - 1 Khelo India sports Accreditation form 14 ii) Format - 2 About the Academy 15 iii) Format - 3 Facilities available in the Academy 17 iv) Format - 4 Sports science support 20 v) Format - 5 Residential facilities 21 vi) Format - 6 Educational facilities 22 vii) Format - 7 Coaching and Staff 23

4355 Peavey Road Chaska, MN 55318 Phone: 952.448.6539 Fax: 952.448.7950 Call For Pricing Call For Pricing Call For Pricing Call For Pricing Call For Pricing Call For Pricing Call For Pricing Call For Pricing Call For Pricing. Sales Service Rentals Southwest Rental & Sales :: Equipment :: ELECTRIC TOOLS

CALL FORWARD ROAMING User Guide Quick Reference Guide Service Activation A. Call 2112-0852* B. Press 1 for CALL FORWARD ROAMING service C. Enter your CALL FORWARD ROAMING number (8XXX-XXXX) and password D. Press 2 for English E. Press 1 to set up Overseas Call Forwarded Number F. Enter your call forwarded number e.g:86-138-1234-5678

J18.9. ICD – 10 – CM Code Y95. nosocomial condition. J69.0. J69.1. J69.8. J18.0. J18.1. Not All Pneumonias are Created Alike Code Matters . to ED with coffee-ground emesis and inability to void. He was short of breath in the ED with increased respiratory effort, rhonc

the call was parked. on't terminate this call. It will be cleared automatically at the end of the announcement. 3. The call is parked, and is also on hold. Press the . End Call. key to remove the call from holding, but the call will remain parked. To retrieve the call: 1. If the call is still on hold, press the . hold. key to reconnect to the .

ShoreWare Call Manager Manual 1 C HA PT ER1 Introduction 1.1 Call Manager Description Call Manager is the ShoreWare client application that manages a user's calls, voice mail, and personal system settings through a graphical user interface. 1.2 Call Manager Types Five Call Manager types span the complete Call Manager feature set. Several Call .

To configure the SIP Call Transfer and Call Forwarding Supplementary Services feature, you must understand the following concepts: † SIP Blind Call Transfer and Call Forwarding TCL IVR Script, page 4 † Release Link Trunking on SIP Gateways, page 4 † SIP Gateway Initiation of Call Transfers, page 6 † SIP Call Forwarding, page 9