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BACKHOE LOADER 3CX/4CXGross power: 55kW (74hp) – 81kW (109hp) Maximum dig depth: 4m – 6.14m Maximum shovel capacity: 1.0m3 – 1.3m3

COST OF OWNERSHIP AND EFFICIENCY.THE LATEST 3CX AND 4CX BACKHOES DON’TJUST PROVIDE YOU WITH THE POWER TOGET THINGS DONE; THEY ALSO OFFER YOUCOUNTLESS FEATURES TO ENSURE THATPERFORMANCE IS EFFICIENT, ANDOWNERSHIP COSTS ARE REDUCED.An efficient drivetrain.Our most efficient 55kW (74hp) BHL requiresno costly DPF or SCR. A flow on demand axle pistonpump makes it not only unbeatable on fuelconsumption, but also avoiding any additionalafter-treatment or servicing costs. This differentiatesJCB from the competition.12 By producing high levels of power and torqueeven at engine speeds as low as 1200rpm, EcoMAXcan provide fuel-efficient matching of transmissionand hydraulics.JCB’s unique TorqueLock system is now standard on81kW (109hp) Powershift model 3CX and 4CXbackhoes. Combined with our optional 6-speedAutoshift transmission, it can help save up to 25%on fuel and 10% on road travel time.For ultimate efficiency, our unique newentry-level 55kW high torque (400Nm) engineprovides excellent excavator performance withthe fuel usage of a low power unit.323CX/4CX BACKHOE LOADER123

COST OF OWNERSHIP AND EFFICIENCYResidual benefits.A new stainless steel SCR replaces the currentexhaust system on backhoes over 55kW (74hp).4We’ve met the strict regulations by reducing NOXemissions by 90%. The emissions of one Stage IVmachine are equivalent to ten Stage IIIB machines,creating a substantially cleaner and safer environment,without detriment to fuel consumption, enginepower or visibility.Added efficiency.To reduce noise and save fuel, we’ve fitted the 3CXand 4CX with a viscous fan as standard; this only cutsin when it’s needed, and doesn’t draw engine power.High back-off brakes reduce viscous drag duringroading and rehandling, which in turn improveseconomy by up to 2%.56 Because the 3CX and 4CX are fitted with aThatcham-approved security system (dependingon territory), you could benefit from lowerinsurance premiums.A high output variable flow pump reduces cycle timesand saves fuel. On manual machines, it also provideslighter lever effort for easier control.4563CX/4CX BACKHOE LOADER3

QUALITY, RELIABILITY AND DURABILITY.THE LATEST JCB 3CX AND 4CX ECO MACHINES AREDESIGNED FOR HARD WORK. THEY’RE MADE USINGONLY THE VERY FINEST MATERIALS AND PROCESSES,WHICH ARE TESTED, TRIED AND PROVEN TO EXCEL.THEY’RE ALSO PROTECTED FROM THE INEVITABLERIGOURS OF SITE LIFE.Damage limitation.1 To stop the 3CX or 4CX’s kingpost hoses fromsnagging and sustaining damage, we enclose themin a flexible, robust guide.2 The steering ram on these backhoes is protectedfrom impact damage whilst loading, because it’smounted behind the front axle.123 To protect boom and dipper hoses from theperils of trenchwork, we’ve enclosed them inside therear structures of the machine.4 The rams on our 3CX and 4CX machines areultra-reliable because they’re protected fromdebris when loading by optional JCB clam shovelram guards.5 To safeguard from impact damage on site, the3CX and 4CX are now fitted with rear light guards.343CX/4CX BACKHOE LOADER45

QUALITY, RELIABILITY, DURABILITYBuilt to last.6 For added rigidity – and to protect hoses fromdamage – a 3CX or 4CX has flat plate-depressedloader arms, while cat tail welds reduce stressconcentrations.The plastic fuel tank on the 3CX and 4CX iscompletely rustproof for ultimate fuel injectionsystem protection.76The single-piece composite cab floor on thesebackhoes is also rustproof, and has moulded waterchannels.89 JCB’s robot welded single-piece chassis maximisesstrength and minimises weight.Tested to the limits.All the materials with which we construct ourbackhoe loaders are tested to the very max. Byexposing those materials to extreme temperatures,chemicals, salt, oil and light, we know they’ll survivethe most hostile conditions.1071089To prove the durability of our new EcoMAXengines, we’ve tested them for 110,000 hours in 70different machines across the toughest applicationsand environments.11The axles and transmissions of JCB 3CXs and 4CXsare built for a 12,000-hour life, with the heavyweightaxles designed to withstand massive shock loads. Therear axle alone has a static load rating of 25,000kg,and a dynamic load rating of 12,500kg.113CX/4CX BACKHOE LOADER5

EASY, EFFICIENT, AUTOMATE.JCB AUTOMATE IS A NEWSUITE OF AUTOMATEDFEATURES DESIGNED TOIMPROVE THE USABILITY ANDFUEL EFFICIENCY OF YOURJCB BACKHOE LOADER.1Auto Check. Make looking under the bonnet of your backhoea thing of the past by having all routine enginechecks automatically carried out at the start ofevery working day.2Auto Idle. Automatically returns engine rpm to idle saving timeand effort. Adjustable time delay to suit operators and differentapplications.IN T RODUCINGFOR T HE WORL D 'S NO1 BACK HOE LOA DER4Auto Drive. When your backhoe is roading, Auto Driveautomatically maintains a chosen engine speed. The feature automatically disengages when you pressthe brake or the switch. Similar to automotive cruise control, the onlydifference being engine speed is locked rather thanroad speed, allowing the operator to remove theirfoot from the throttle pedal.1234 Potential fuel saving of 122 per year (based on a1500hr cycle.3Auto Throttle. Returns engine speed to pre-set hand throttleposition when work is resumed. Improves ease of use, saves time andreduces effort. Maintains idle until levers are activated.63CX/4CX BACKHOE LOADER

EASY, EFFICIENT, AUTOMATE5Auto Smoothride System (SRS). Set and forget technology means there’s no operatorinput needed. Automatic activation and deactivation is carried out ata preset speed.6 This feature is designed to increase productivity, byproviding increased load retention and roadingspeed, as well as increasedoperator comfort.6Auto Boomlock (servo only). There’s no boomlock cable to worry about. Automatic unlock is done via servo activation.7Auto Stabiliser Up (servo only). One touch levers reduce operator fatigue. Auto retraction provides ease of operation.7 Engine rpm automatically raises for reducedraise time and lowers back to idle.85Auto Pre-heat (optional). Program your machine to automatically heat theengine block, cab and defrost the windscreen up to30 minutes before use.AUTOMATE HOW TO.Take a look at the video below for an introduction tothe latest Automate features on the JCB BackhoeLoader. You can also visit our YouTube Channel towatch the series of ‘How to’ videosand discover how you can get themost from your machine.83CX/4CX BACKHOE LOADER7

PRODUCTIVITY AND PERFORMANCE.For enhanced loading performance andsmoother gear changes, we offer a 6-speedgearbox with low ratio first and second gears.JCB BACKHOES HAVE ALWAYS LED THEWAY IN POWER AND PERFORMANCE,AND OUR LATEST 3CX AND 4CX MODELSARE NO EXCEPTION. IN EVERY RESPECT– FROM DIGGING TO LIFTING ANDMANOEUVRING – THESE MACHINESWILL MAXIMISE YOUR PRODUCTIVITY.A productive drivetrain.1 Choose from three engines to suit yourrequirements – with 55kW, 68kW and 81kWoptions, you can balance ultra efficiency againstultimate performance.Fast and responsive cycles areguaranteed, courtesy of an increased165 l/min peak hydraulic flow.With a 150-litre fuel tank, the 3CX and4CX ECO machines are designed to doa huge amount of work between refills.2 To give your 3CX or 4CX even greater tractionand performance, as well as reduced tyre wear, optfor our automatic limited slip differentials.Innovative hydraulics.There’s more tractive effort at the pile than ever,thanks to new variable flow pump power managementcombined with our new EcoMAX engine.3 The 3CX Contractor and 4CX’s heavy-duty liftrams provide 3.87 tonnes of force for improvedlifting performance.83CX/4CX BACKHOE LOADER123

PRODUCTIVITY AND PERFORMANCEDigging further.A 3CX or 4CX ECO’s 4-ram self-levelling loaderautomatically adjusts the shovel on both raise andlower cycles without any need for manualadjustment. It also provides unhindered front shovelvisibility, especially when loading at height.The JCB return-to-dig feature means operators canquickly reset the shovel to dig.To ensure an extra 1.2m dig depth and reach– and to minimise repositioning – the 3CX and 4CXare fitted with our inner box design Extradig feature.4Both the 3CX and 4CX ECO boast high groundclearances of up to 370mm, together with 20 departure angles. This means operators can workeasily on steep slopes and uneven ground atmaximum productivity.JCB 4CX:the ultimate backhoe loader.45 As the largest, most productive backhoemodel we produce, boasting unparalleled power,performance and versatility, the JCB 4CX ECO isthe ideal machine for just about any application,from road-building to house-building, wasterecycling and landscaping.6 The 4CX ECO’s large optional 1.3m³ shovelcapacity along with 3 steering modes provideexceptional on-site productivity.Four-wheel steer56Two-wheel steerCrab-steer mode63CX/4CX BACKHOE LOADER9

COMFORT AND EASE OF USE.JCB’s single piece glass provides optimumvisibility across the work area of a 3CX or4CX ECO, while our narrow front bonnetallows extra visibility to the front shoveland wheels.IN ORDER TO HELP YOU REAP THE MAXIMUMBENEFIT OF THE 3CX AND 4CX’S SUPERIORPERFORMANCE, WE’VE DESIGNED THESE MACHINESTO BE ALL-DAY COMFY, ERGONOMIC AND EXTREMELYINTUITIVE FOR OPERATORS TO USE.A great place to work.All our ECO backhoes have low noise levels, withour 55kW (74hp) engine models offering thequietest operation.To help operators get to work quickly and safely,our optional heated front screen removes anybuilt-up frost and ice without the need to climbacross the machine on cold mornings. A cabpre-heating option can be set to warm the cabautomatically without starting the engine.1There’s storage aplenty in our 3CX and 4CXcabs; work tools are easy to carry, the cabenvironment is well-organised and, on A/C models,there’s an in-cab cool box for food and drinks.221233 For added comfort and reduced material spillage,JCB’s SmoothRide System minimises bounceduring travel.Exclusive to JCB backhoe loader, we haveintegrated a hot drinks machine option into the cab toprovide you with a delicious cup of hot tea or coffeethroughout the day.4103CX/4CX BACKHOE LOADER4

COMFORT AND EASE OF USE7Maximum manoeuvrability.JCB’s new improved Powerslide features a largerhydraulic ram, which produces more power toreposition the excavator quickly and effortlessly.5The 3CX and 4CX have optional LSD to stopwheelspin in difficult ground conditions, inturnreducing tyre wear.5JCB X (Diagonal)Efficient, safe stopping power requires minimalpedal effort because of the 3CX and 4CX ECO’spower iseSlewrightBucketcrowdDipperinISO Boom lowerDipper outAlways in control.7 For a super-efficient backhoe experience, JCB’snew multi-functional instrument control panel canprovide current and average fuel consumption.JCB’s ergonomic seat-mounted excavator-stylecontrols (a standard-fit on our Easy and Advance EasyControl machines) make for great manoeuvrability,fingertip control and supreme m raiseDipper inSAE Dipper outBoom lowerSlewleftSlewrightBoom raise9BucketcrowdBucketdumpDipper in9 So that operators feel right at home in the3CX/4CX ECO, we fit a traditional manual controlsystem as standard, with a choice of three controlpatterns – JCB X, SAE and ISO .With joystick-controlled loader operations onAdvanced EasyControl, it’s comfortable, logical andeasy to control the loader end of a 3CX or 4CX.683CX/4CX BACKHOE LOADER11

SECURITY AND SERVICEABILITY.AS THE WORLD’S NUMBER ONE BACKHOES,THE 3CX AND 4CX ARE BLESSED WITH SUPREMEPOWER AND PRODUCTIVITY. TO BALANCE ALL THATPERFORMANCE AND DESIRABILITY, THERE’S SAFETY,SECURITY AND SERVICEABILITY APLENTY TOO.3Safe and secure.1 A stabiliser warning system lets 3CX and 4CXoperators know if the stabilisers aren’t fully retractedwhen the machine is on the move.2 The 3CX and 4CX ECO are safe machines toget in and out of, with large anti-slip steps of an opengrille design to stop material build-up.13 To keep operators safe even when usingpowered attachments, we fit an impact-protectedrear screen to these backhoes. This also makes glassreplacement easy.There’s a large lockable toolbox onboard forsafe storage.45 A large 20 litre AdBlue tank only requiresfilling every 4-5 fuel refills for minimal servicingdowntime. Recommend fill up every time.2123CX/4CX BACKHOE LOADER45

SECURITY AND SERVICEABILITYServiceability.MAX benefits.Operators no longer need to perform dailyunder-bonnet checks on a 3CX or 4CX, becauseall checks are done automatically by the CANBUSengine management system. To save more time andeffort, these backhoes are designed to offer groupedsingle-side servicing.The JCB EcoMAX engine – as fitted to boththe 3CX and 4CX ECO – features uprated engineand fuel filters to prevent engine wear and extendworking life.6An in-cab monitor display provides operators withall the machine information they need, like servicemessages and early warnings to improve reliabilityand reduce downtime.10SCR has minimal system components to ensurea compact unit which is simple and cost effectiveto service.7 Our one-piece bonnet is easy to lift, and there’sno need to remove extra side panels.8 Refuelling of a 3CX or 4CX can be done fromground level. We’ve got a patented rear stabiliserwear pad design, with fast and simple adjustment.9 JCB LiveLink telematics can provide an arrayof information to optimise fleet management andmachine reliability.6789103CX/4CX BACKHOE LOADER13

THE OPTIONS LIST.A BACKHOE LOADER IS, BY ITS VERY NATURE,A HIGHLY VERSATILE MACHINE, BUT OUR OPTIONALEXTRAS MAKE IT ALL THE MORE SO, ALLOWINGYOU TO TAILOR YOUR 3CX OR 4CX TO A HUGEARRAY OF DIFFERENT APPLICATIONS.DozingLoading36-in-1 shovel.1 Equip your 3CX or 4CX with one of these andyou can dig, doze, load, grab, grade and backfillwithout having to switch attachments.Front bumper protection bars.The 3CX can be equipped with front protectionbars, protecting the bonnet and front grill fromdamage when loading into lorries and trailers.2Excavator lifting kit.3 This lifting kit means you can use a 3CX or 4CXECO’s excavator arm as a crane for object handling.A hose burst check valve (HBCV) on the boom,together with an audio warning alarm, are included.Hose reel.4 The unique ability of a JCB backhoe to providean independent hydraulic circuit for handheld tools isnothing new. But our latest 9m hose reel optionmeans you get even greater working radius, whilethe reel design reduces the potential for on-sitedamage and protects the hose when it’s not beingused. Handheld tools and the excavator can beoperated simultaneously for increased productivity;this also removes the need for separate powerpacks– traditionally a theft risk. The hose reel meetsEHTMA Class C tool operation standards andfeatures low back pressures, 138 bar pressure anda 20 l/min flow rate.1GrabbingGradingDiggingBackfilling4Hydraulic thumb.This feature increases the versatility of your 3CXor 4CX because its profiled edge is ideal for handlinground objects and awkward materials – logs, pipes orscrap metal, for example.5143CX/4CX BACKHOE LOADER25

THE OPTIONS LISTPowerslide.Knuckleboom.JCB Powerslide hydraulically sideshifts thebackhoe for less effort and reduces the change of anysite damage to tarmac or paved surfaces, making itideal for the utilities sector.The 4CX ECO features a knuckleboom option(4CN) which has a 30 articulation angle between theboom and dipper giving a working envelope of 240 .This allows you to dig in areas simply not possible witha conventional backhoe, such as around objects liketress, telegraph poles or lamp posts; parallel alongsidea road while keeping the machine on the road; oreven towards the front of the machine.6Combined hammer andbi-directional unit.7 Increasing attachment compatibility and versatility,this brand new option provides both low-flow andhigh-flow hydraulic power, with low back pressuremaintaining optimum flow to the attachment. Thecircuit operates independently of the extendingdipper and is capable of operating a wide range ofsingle and double acting attachments. Hammer only,or hammer and bi-directional options are available.68Hydraulic quickhitch.Our latest quickhitch makes attachment changingquick, safe and compliant with both current andfuture legislation.9Integral shovel street pads.10 This new option prevents ground damage and,therefore, costly repairs.789103CX/4CX BACKHOE LOADER15

3CX. ENGINE SIZE: 55, 68, 81kW DIG DEPTH: 14ft AFTER TREATMENT: Adblue and SCR (No DPF) (68-81kW only)1. High versatility2. Excellent visibilityWith the combined hammer/bi-directional provide operation toa wide variety of single and doubleacting attachments.No impact on the bonnet line withstage IV installation maintainexcellent visibility to loader end.3. Added protectionShovel streetpads and rear stabiliserstreetpads provide maximumprotection when working on asphalt.Rear light guards project impactdamage when on site.124. Maximum tractionSwitchable 4WD and optionalautomatic limited slip differentialprovide greater traction and maintainperformance in soft ground conditions.545. Easy repositioningPowerslide allows the operator to sideshiftthe excavator across from left to righthydraulically, reducing ground damage andless repositioning of the machine thereforeincreasing productivity.163CX/4CX BACKHOE LOADER3

4CX. ENGINE SIZE: 81kW DIG DEPTH: 14, 15ft AFTER TREATMENT: Adblue and SCR (No DPF)51. Ultimate power2. High flotationComes standard with our highestengine power – 81kW providing highlevels of productivity at all levels.28" tyres provide less grounddamage and make it easier to travelover soft ground.5. Two machines in oneThe ideal machine offering wheeledloader and excavator performance inone machine.3. Manoeuvrable3 steer modes: 2 wheel steer, 4 wheelsteer and crab steer provide excellenton-site manoeuvrability.12344. High ground clearanceIdeal for off terrain and heavy-dutyapplications.3CX/4CX BACKHOE LOADER17

LIVELINK, WORK SMARTER.JCB LIVELINK USES THE LATEST SATELLITETECHNOLOGY TO HELP YOU MONITOR ANDMANAGE YOUR MACHINE REMOTELY ANYWHEREIN THE WORLD VIA WEB, EMAIL OR MOBILE. SOWHETHER YOU’RE AN OWNER OPERATOR OR RUNA FLEET, LIVELINK CAN RADICALLY IMPROVE THEEFFICIENCY AND SECURITY OF YOUR MACHINES.11823CX/4CX BACKHOE LOADERMachine efficiency.Machine monitoring.1 By providing information like idle time monitoringand fuel consumption, JCB LiveLink saves youmoney and improves productivity.3 Keep track of what your machine’s been doingthroughout the day with regular performancereports accessed via the LiveLink website.Machine reliability.Machine security.2 Accurate hours monitoring and service alertsimprove maintenance planning and help rentalcompanies with accurate charging. Technical alertsand maintenance history records help you manageyour machines.4 LiveLink’s real time geo-fencing alerts tell youwhen machines move out of predetermined zones.Curfew alerts inform you of unauthorised usage.JCB have a history of working with the police torecover stolen machines and tackle fuel theft.34

VALUE ADDED.JCB’S WORLDWIDE CUSTOMER SUPPORT IS FIRST CLASS.WHATEVER YOU NEED AND WHEREVER YOU ARE, WE’LL BEAVAILABLE QUICKLY AND EFFICIENTLY TO HELP MAKE SUREYOUR MACHINERY IS PERFORMING TO ITS FULL POTENTIAL.11 Our Technical Support Service provides instantaccess to factory expertise, day or night, while ourFinance and Insurance teams are always on hand toprovide fast, flexible, competitive quotes.The global network of JCB Parts Centres isanother model of efficiency; with 16 regional bases,we can deliver around 95% of all parts anywhere inthe world within 24 hours. Our genuine JCB partsare designed to work in perfect harmony with yourmachine for optimum performance and productivity.2233 JCB Asset

3CX/4CX ECO, we fit a traditional manual control system as standard, with a choice of three control patterns – JCB X, SAE and ISO . With joystick-controlled loader operations on Advanced EasyControl, it’s comfortable, logical and easy to control the loader end of a 3CX or 4CX. COMFORT AND EASE OF USE 3CX/4CX BACKHOE LOADER 11 6 7 5 JCB X .

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JCB Backhoe Loaders feature heavy duty one piece mainframe, componentised driveline and fully enclosed engine compartment. All fluid and component compartments are lockable using the ignition key. BACKHOE LOADER 4CX/4CX ECO SITEMASTER 4CX ECO MAX. ENGINE POWER: 81kW (109hp) MAX. BACKHOE DIG DEPTH: 6.51 metres MAX. LOADER CAPACITY: 1.3m3 4CX ECO SITEMASTER MAX. ENGINE POWER: 81kW (109hp) MAX .

the worldwide market share, the JCB backhoe loader has proven itself to be the world’s best. The world’s best selling backhoe loader - JCB 3CX The world’s first backhoe loader– The JCB Major Loader Nearly half of all the backhoe loaders sold in the world are a JCB. HIsTORy Of INNOvATION 1980 JCB 3D 1991 JCB 3CX Sitemaster 1997 JCB 3CX 1998 JCB 3CX Contractor 1981 JCB 3CX Sitemaster .

3CX/4CX ECO BACKHOE LOADER 7 Digging further. A 3CX or 4CX ECO’s 4-ram self-levelling loader automatically adjusts the shovel on both raise and lower cycles without any need for manual adjustment. It also provides unhindered front shovel visibility, especially when loading at height. The JCB return-to-dig feature means operators can

3CX AND 4CX BACKHOE LOADER. Our most efficient backhoe loader ever. JCB is the world’s number one backhoe loader manufacturer, with 57 years of experience and over 400,000 machines produced – more than anyone else. But we never rest on our laurels. We’re constantly speaking to our customers, asking what they want, looking for that next pioneering innovation that will keep us at the .

JCB 4CX: the ultimate backhoe loader. 5 As the largest, most productive backhoe model we produce, boasting unparalleled power, peformance and versatility, the JCB 4CX ECO is the ideal machine for just about any application, from road-building to house-building, waste recycling and landscaping. 6 The 4CX ECO’s large optional 1.3m³ shovel capacity along with 3 steering modes provide .

JCB BACKHOE LOADER 4CX MAX. ENGINE POWER 74.2kW (100hp) MAX. BACKHOE DIG DEPTH: 4.67 metres (15ft 4in) MAX. LOADER CAPACITY: 1.3m3 (1.7yd3) A Product of Hard Work Machine model 4CX m (ft-in) F Steering wheel centre height 1.88 (6-2) G Cab roof height 2.84 (9-4) H Total travel clearance 3.54 (11-7) J Rear frame width 2.36 (7-9) K Shovel width 2.33 (7-8) Machine model 4CX m (ft-in) A Total .

3CX ECO/4CX ECO Backhoe Loader World’s most efficient backhoe loader when tested against competitors across typical duty cycles TorqueLock provides up to a 25% fuel saving when roading Integrated quickhitch with forks gives best-in-class visibility and lift capacity Higher backhoe output than any other competitor results in more material moved per hour Lowest backhoe in-cab noise levels .

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