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SLIME BASICSSince 1989, Slime has been the world’s safest and most effective sealant. When a puncture occurs,our patented sealant is carried directly to the puncture. The pressure of the escaping air forces theFibro-Seal particles into the opening, where they build up and intertwine to form a long-lasting,flexible plug. Instantly, air loss is blocked and a flat tire is prevented.With a low freezing point of -35 F (-37 C) and a high separation point of 182 F (82 C), our sealants will remain effective underthe most extreme temperatures. Slime tube and tire sealants are non-toxic, non-flammable and clean up easily with water.Our sealant is specially designed to be non-corrosive, making it safe for tires and rims. It can be safely removed from the tire,enabling the permanent application of an RMA (Rubber Manufacturers Association) approved plug/patch.HOW TO USE SLIMEPREVENT FLATSREPAIR FLATSCARTRUCKSUVMOTORCYCLE/SCOOTERATV/GOLF CART/TRAILERWHEELBARROW/MOWER/TRACTORBICYCLE/DIRT BIKETPMS COMPATIBILITYIn order for a tire sealant to be accepted by leading sensor manufacturers, it must pass three product tests. After each test, thesensor is reinstalled on the vehicle and checked for proper functionality. A sensor must be functional after all three tests in orderfor the sealant to be endorsed by TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems) manufacturers.SLIME.COM4THE INSTALLATION TESTTHE SUBMERSION TESTTHE VAPOR TESTPASSEDPASSEDPASSEDIn this test, sealant must passfreely through the sensorwithout clogging the device. Inorder to pass, the sensor mustshow no evidence of clogging.During this test, the sensor is fullysubmerged in the sealant, simulatingexposure to the sealant inside a tire. Inorder to pass, the sensor must remainfully functional and show no evidenceof damage.In this test, the sensor is exposed to thesealant, then heated to 158 F (70 C),a temperature within the operatingspecifications of the tire and tire sensor. Thissimulates the high operating temperature ofa tire in use. In order to pass, no evidence ofsensor damage may be present.5WORLDWIDE LEADER IN TIRE CARE

SEALANTTIRE !TIRESENSORSAFE!SENSORSAFE!SAFE!PART # 10011PART # 10113PART # 10012PART # 10164PART # 1016316 oz. TPMS Tire SealantAuto, trailer18 oz. TPMS Tire SealantAuto, trailer20 oz. TPMS Tire SealantTruck, SUV24 oz. TPMS Tire SealantAll tires1 Gal. Tire SealantAll tiresPART # 10007PART # 10008PART # 100098 oz. Tire SealantWheelbarrow, motorcycle24 oz. Tire SealantATV, mower32 oz. Tire SealantAll tiresSlime Tire Sealant seeks out and instantly seals tread areapunctures up to 1/4" (6mm) using Fibro-Seal technology.Use Slime Tire Sealant with an air source to repair tirepunctures on cars, trucks, motorcycles and SUVs. InstallSlime in the tires of any off-highway vehicle and preventflats before they occur.HOW MUCH TIRE SEALANT PER TIRE? Instantly seals up to 1/4" (6mm) punctures Non-toxic, non-corrosive and non-hazardous Non-flammable Cleans up with waterWHEELBARROW8 oz.MOTORCYCLE/SCOOTER8 oz.CAR/TRAILER16 oz.TRUCK/SUV20 oz.GOLF CART20 oz.ATV/MOWER24 oz. TPMS Safe (look for the yellow label)PART # SDSB-5GPART # SB-APPART # SDSB-55G5 Gal. Tire SealantAll tires5 Gal. Aluminum Pump55 Gal. Tire SealantAll tiresSLIME.COM67WORLDWIDEWORLDWIDE LEADERLEADER ININ TIRETIRE CARECARE

SEALANTTUBE SEALANTPART # 10003PART # 10003HTPART # 10056PART # 10056HT8 oz. Tube SealantBike, dirt bike8 oz. Tube Sealant with hang tagBike, dirt bike16 oz. Tube SealantBike, dirt bike, wheelbarrowFamily Size16 oz. Tube Sealant with hang tagBike, dirt bike, wheelbarrowFamily SizeSlime Tube Sealant seeks out and instantly sealstread area punctures up to 1/8" (3mm) using Fibro-Sealtechnology. Install in your bicycles, dirt bikes, wheelbarrows,riding mowers and more, and enjoy two years of continuousflat tire protection.HOW MUCH TUBE SEALANT PER TIRE?BICYCLE4 oz.WHEELBARROW8 oz. Instantly seals up to 1/8" (3mm) puncturesDIRT BIKE8 oz. Non-toxic and non-hazardousSCOOTER8 oz. Non-flammableMOWER24 oz. Cleans up with waterPART # 10004PART # 10162PART # SB-5G16 oz. Tube SealantBike, dirt bike, wheelbarrow1 Gal. Tube SealantAll tube tires5 Gal. Tube SealantAll tube tiresSEALANTTUBELESS SEALANTSlime Pro Tubeless Sealant was designed and tested by professional riders tooutperform the competition. Slime Pro provides unmatched protection byinstantly and repeatedly sealing punctures before they ruin your ride. Instantly seals 1/8" (3mm) punctures Lightweight, non-corrosive and non-hazardous For UST and conversion systemsDOWNHILL3 oz. (90 mL)SLIME.COMCROSS COUNTRY2 oz. (60 mL)ROAD1.5 oz. (45 mL)8PART # 10159PART # 10160SL3 oz. Slime ProTubeless SealantBike8 oz. Slime ProTubeless SealantBike9WORLDWIDEWORLDWIDE LEADERLEADER ININ TIRETIRE CARECARE

INFLATORSTIRE INFLATORS* INFLATION TIMES FOR INFLATORS BASED UPON STANDARD CAR TIRE P195/65 R15RECHARGEABLEPART # 40001Power SportTire InflatorPART # 40020Tire Top OffCompactPART # 40019 Adapts to any 12V power supply Rugged carrying case included Tire inflation time: 14 min.* 12V accessory power Dual purpose: check pressure & inflateThere is a Slime Tire Inflator for everyneed. From compact 12V models thatcan fit in the glove box to cordless andrechargeable models that are perfect forcamping. Keep a 12V Slime inflator inevery vehicle and be prepared to inflatea low tire anytime, anywhere. The Slime120V Tire Inflator is perfect for thegarage. The Slime Tire Inflator line hasthe proper solution for every consumerand every inflation need.SLIME.COMAll-Purpose InflatorTires, small inflatables,sport ballsPART # 40022Tire InflatorDigital displayPART # 40032Tire InflatorCars, light trucks,SUVs10 PART # 40033 Tire inflation time: 10 min.* 12V accessory powerTire InflatorCordless andrechargeable Tire inflation time: 6 min.*2 ways to recharge: 12V accessory or 120V wall outletColor-coded battery level indicatorCan be used as a 12V phone chargerTire inflation time: 6 min.*12V accessory powerInflate-Right : Automatically shuts off when set pressure is reachedBright LED light Tire inflation time: 8 min.*12V accessory powerBuilt-in dial gaugeBright LED light11WORLDWIDEWORLDWIDE LEADERLEADER ININ TIRETIRE CARECARE

PRO POWER TIRE INFLATORS* INFLATION TIMES FOR INFLATORS BASED UPON STANDARD CAR TIRE P195/65 R15PART # 40030Pro Power Tire InflatorPerfect for: Cars, light trucks17' total reachPART # 40031Pro Power Tire InflatorHeavy-duty: 4x4, SUV, truck26' total reachPART # 400262X Tire Inflator2 cylinders for maximum power30' total reachSLIME.COM12 INFLATORSThe Compact Pro Power inflator isperfect for cars and light trucks. As partof Slime’s Pro Power series it includes adirect-drive motor and thermal breakfeature to prevent overheating. Thecompact model is whisper quiet.Tire inflation time: 6 min.*12V accessory powerIn-line dial gaugeCompact model for easy storageTire inflation time: 3 min.*12V accessory powerIn-line dial gauge, bright LED light and ergonomic handleCanvas carrying bagThe Heavy-Duty Pro Power inflatoris great for 4x4, SUV and Truckapplications. As part of Slime’s ProPower series it includes a direct-drivemotor and thermal break feature toprevent overheating.The 2X Pro Power inflator is Slime'smost powerful inflator, featuring 2cylinders for maximum power. Aspart of Slime’s Pro Power series, the2X includes a direct-drive motor andthermal break feature to preventoverheating.Tire inflation time: 2 min.*Alligator clips power adapterIn-line dial gauge, bright LED lightHeavy-duty rigid case13WORLDWIDE LEADER IN TIRE CARE

INFLATORSALL-PURPOSE INFLATORSSlime All-Purpose Inflators should be required equipment for every camping trip. All models in the Slime All-PurposeInflator family come with dual air hoses: One high-pressure for tires and the other high-volume for rafts and inflatables. SlimeAll-Purpose Inflators also include integrated handles, built-in gauges and bright LED lights for nighttime use. One model isrechargeable. Both come with air adapters for rafts, mattresses and sports balls.* TIRE INFLATION TIMES FOR INFLATORS BASED UPON STANDARD CAR TIRE P195/65 R15PART # 40034 All-Purpose InflatorMulti-purpose for tires and rafts12' total reach** MATTRESS INFLATION TIMES FOR INFLATORS BASED UPON TWIN SIZE AIR MATTRESSTire inflation time: 8 min.* Mattress inflation time: 3 min.**12V accessory powerTwo air hoses: High-pressure for tires and high-volume for rafts and mattressesBuilt-in dial gauge and bright LED lightRECHARGEABLEPART # 40028All-Purpose InflatorCordless and rechargeable for tires and rafts12' total reachINFLATORS Tire inflation time: 6 min.* Mattress inflation time: 1 min.** Bright LED light, rugged housing and 12V rechargeable inflatorbuilt-in cup holders 2 motors: High-pressure for tires and Digital gauge with Inflate-Right : Automaticallyhigh-volume for rafts and mattressesshuts off when set pressure is reachedMANUAL PUMPSPART # 2061-APART # 2060-AFoot PumpSingle CylinderAdjustable desired pressure indicatorHand PumpSingle CylinderIncludes Presta Valve adapterSLIME.COM1415WORLDWIDEWORLDWIDE LEADERLEADER ININ TIRETIRE CARECARE

120V TIRE INFLATORS* TIRE INFLATION TIMES FOR INFLATORS BASED UPON STANDARD CAR TIRE P195/65 R15PART # 40029120V Tire InflatorCars, trucks,bikes, inflatables INFLATORSTire inflation time: 4 min.*120V wall outlet powerAttach to any extension cordA must have for every garageNEW!PART # 40045120V Garage InflatorCars, trucks,bikes, inflatablesSLIME.COM16 Tire inflation time: 4 min.*120V wall outlet powerMounting bracket and screws includedTire gauge Tread depth gaugeValve caps and air accessoriesAttach to any extension cordA must have for every garage17WORLDWIDEWORLDWIDE LEADERLEADER ININ TIRETIRE CARECARE

SPAIRSTIRE REPAIR KITS* INFLATION TIMES FOR INFLATORS BASED UPON STANDARD CAR TIRE P195/65 R15Slime Spair Kits combine Slime sealant and a Slime inflator, allowing consumers to install Slime sealant and re-inflate a tirein the event of a flat. Slime Spair Kits are the ideal alternative to using a spare tire and jack. There is a Slime Spair for every needand application. The compact Moto Spair stores easily in a motorcycle saddle bag, while the Smart Spair fits easily in a trunk.The Truck Spair features a powerful Slime Pro Power Series Inflator for heavy-duty applications. The Safety Spair convenientlycombines sealant and air at the push of a single button to repair and inflate a standard car tire in just 7 minutes.CONTENTS 24 oz. Slime Tire Sealant (TPMS safe) Heavy-duty 12V tire inflator with LED light Adapters for any battery Key valve core removal tool Valve caps and valve cores Air adapters for inflatables Pencil tire gauge Black canvas casePART # 50063Truck SpairLarge tiresSPAIRSTIRE REPAIR KITS Tire inflation time: 3 min.* Total repair time: 11 min. Heavy-duty tire repair kit* INFLATION TIMES FOR INFLATORS BASED UPON STANDARD CAR TIRE P195/65 R15CONTENTS 24 oz. Slime Tire Sealant Heavy-duty 12V tire inflator with LED light Adapters for any battery Key valve core removal tool Valve caps and valve cores Air adapters for inflatables Pencil tire gauge Tire plugs T-handle reamer and plugger tools Black canvas casePART # 50001Tire inflation time: 4 min.* Total repair time: 15 min.PART # 40013 (3 PACK)Tire inflation time: 7 min.* Total repair time: 15 min.Moto SpairMotorcycle/Scooter tiresCONTENTS 8 oz. Slime Tire Sealant Compact 12V tire inflator Adapters for any battery 10-50 PSI pencil tire gauge Rugged zippered caseSmart SpairStandard tiresCONTENTS 16 oz. Slime Tire Sealant (TPMS safe) Compact 12V tire inflator Air adapters for inflatables Convenient zippered casePART # 70004Power SpairLarge tires Tire inflation time: 3 min.* Total repair time: 11 min. Heavy-duty tire repair kitAEROSOLSSPAIRSCONTENTS 16 oz. Slime latex tire sealant (TPMS safe) Heavy-duty 12V tire inflator with LED light,backlit instructions and built-in dial gauge Convenient zippered casePART # 70005REFILL CARTRIDGE # 10100Safety SpairStandard tiresSLIME.COM Tire inflation time: 4 min.* Total repair time: 7 min. Repairs a flat at the push of a button: Slime latex tire sealant and air are sent into the flat tire,repairing and reinflating the tire in one simple step18PART # 60088PART # 60089PART # 6009012 oz. Quick SpairSeals punctures and inflates in seconds16 oz. Quick SpairSeals punctures and inflates in seconds20 oz. Quick SpairSeals punctures and inflates in seconds19WORLDWIDE LEADER IN TIRE CARE

TOOLS & ACCESSORIESDIAL TIRE GAUGESPRO-SERIESNEW!TOOLS & ACCESSORIESNEW!PRO-SERIES.Slime Pro-Series products arecarefully designed and craftedto meet the rigors of every daytire repair. Each Pro-Series itemis precisely built to premiumquality making sure it stands thetest of time. Pro-Series productsget the job done and your friendsmight be pretty jealous theydon’t have one.PART # 202895-60 PSILiquid-FilledGaugeExtends life of gaugeTOOLS & ACCESSORIES Liquid-filled for maximized accuracy Glows in the dark fornighttime repairs Shock resistant 5-60PSI Bleeder valvePART # 20290 Easy grip aluminumreamer and plugger Insertion tool collarfor accuracy 10 plugs Rubber cementUltimate TireRepair Kit13 pieces,T-handlePART # 2020-APART # 20048PART # 20049PART # 2018510-160 PSIDually RV Gaugewith easy-reach hose5-60 PSITire Gaugewith bleeder valve5-60 PSITire Gaugewith bleeder valve1-20 PSILow Pressure Gaugewith rugged housing & bleeder valveDIGITAL TIRE GAUGESSAVE GAS.CHECK TIRE PRESSURE.PART # 2071-APART # 20017PART # 20112PART # 20186PART # 201770-99 PSIDigital LED Gaugewith reset button5-150 PSIDigital Sport Tire Gaugewith lighted tip5-150 PSIDigital GaugeStores on key chain10-160 PSIHigh Pressure Gaugewith rugged housing & bleeder valve1Tread Depth Gauge/32” - 1”AIR ACCESSORIESPART # 20168PART # 201875-150 PSIDigital GaugeStores on key chain0-120 PSIDigital Tire Gaugewith wraparound hoseSLIME.COM Simple 1 button operation 6” braided hose with presson nozzle Pressure release button20PART # 202020-100 PSIUltimate Digital Gauge Dynamic bleeder valveBack lit digital displayLED light6” flexible hoseBlack nylon storage bagPART # 20073PART # 20200Air/WaterAdapter KitAir Accessoriesfor inflators & pumps21Checking your tire pressureonce a month and beforelong trips will help youget the best gas mileage,maximize the lifespan ofyour tires and ensure yourvehicle handles properly.TOOLS & ACCESSORIESWORLDWIDE LEADER IN TIRE CARE

TOOLS & ACCESSORIESPART # 1011-A1-20 PSITire Gaugewith capsPENCIL TIRE GAUGESPART # 1023-A10-50 PSITire Gauge*with capsPART # 2007-APART # 2005-A20-120 PSITire Gaugewith capsPART # 2016-A5-50 PSIAir/Water Tire GaugePART # 2021-APART # 20042PART # 22012PART # 2201310-150 PSITire GaugeDually, RV, SUV20-120 PSIBike Tire Gauge5-50 PSITire Gauge5-50 PSITire Gaugewith capsTOOLS & ACCESSORIES10-120 PSIDual Head Tire Gaugewith valve extendersPART # 20233Tire Repair Plugs5 packTOOLS & ACCESSORIESPART # 1031-APART # 20141PART # 20142PART # 20143Tire Repair Plugs30 packTire Repair Plugs30 pack, extra wideTire Repair Plugs50 pack, extra long, extra wideTire Repair Plugs50 pack, extra longRUBBER CEMENT & BEAD SEALERPART # 1051-APART # 1050PART # 101371 fl. oz. Rubber Cement8 fl. oz. Rubber Cement32 fl. oz. Bead SealerSLIME.COMTIRE REPAIR PLUGS* GAUGES SHIPPED IN A VARIETY OF COLORS2223WORLDWIDEWORLDWIDE LEADERLEADER ININ TIRETIRE CARECARE

TOOLS & ACCESSORIESPATCH KITS & TOOLSTIRE PLUG KITSTOOLS & ACCESSORIESPART # 1034-APART # 2040-APART # 20204PART # 20203PART # 21032PART # 2030-APART # 2033PART # 20189PART # 20179Tire Plug Kit8 pieces, T-handleDeluxe Tire Plug Kit Glue11 pieces, pistol-grip handleTire Plug Kit6 pieces, T-handleTire Plug Kit4 pieces, screwdriver handleTire Plug Kit Glue6 pieces, screwdriver handleTire Patch Kit GlueRadial tiresPatches Glue56 patches,various sizes,for all rubber repairsClassic Patch Kit27 pieces, for all rubber repairsTire MarkerTOOLS & ACCESSORIESTIRE TACKLE KITSPATCH KITS & TOOLSTOOLS & ACCESSORIESPART # 1022-APART # 1025-APART # 1028-APART # 1035-APART # 2410PART # 2510PART # 20133Tube Patch Kit GlueBikes and inflatablesTire Bufferwith stitcher6" Tire PatchHeavy-duty,for bias ply tires2 /8" Patches20 pack, for all rubber repairs14 Piece Tire Tackle: SmallGlove box22 Piece Tire Tackle: MediumATV, Tractor, Off-Road9 Piece Tire Tackle: T-handleAll tiresSLIME.COM24325WORLDWIDE LEADER IN TIRE CARE

TOOLS & ACCESSORIESTOOLS & ACCESSORIESTIRE VALVES & TOOLSVALVE CAPS & ACCESSORIESPART # 20116PART # 20129PART # 20130PART # 20131PART # 20132PART # 2044-APART # 2045-APART # 2047-APART # 2078-APART # 20161Valve CapsPink anodizedValve CapsRed anodizedValve CapsBlue anodizedValve CapsAluminumValve CapsBlack anodized4-Way ToolValve ExtendersMetal, 1 1/4"Valve ExtendersPlastic, 1 1/4"Tire Valves TR413Chrome, 1 1/4"Tire Valves TR415Tubeless, 1 1/4"PART # 2048-APART # 20094PART # 20230PART # S20221PART # S20222PART # 2080-APART # 2081-APART # 20004PART # 20075PART # 20076Valve CapsChromeValve Caps & SleevesSet of 4 (each)Valve CapsNitrogen32 PSITire Pressure Valve CapsColor-coded indicators36 PSITire Pressure Valve CapsColor-coded indicatorsTire Valves TR413Tubeless, 1 1/4"Tire Valves TR418Tubeless, 2"Tire Valves TR425Tubeless, 2"Valve Fishing ToolCore HousingsTR218A/TR618AAir/Liquid CH3PART # 22049PART # 20291PART # 22042PART # 20200PART # 23032PART # 20077PART # 20088PART # 20128PART # 20140Valve CapsPlasticNitrogen Valve CapsSet of 4Valve CoresSet of 4Air Accessories2 inflatable adapters,1 air needleAir NeedlesSet of 2Valve Insertion Tool4-Way Toolwith 4 valve coresTire Valves TR416High-performance, 1 1/4"Dually Valve ExtendersSLIME.COM2627WORLDWIDE LEADER IN TIRE CARE

TOOLS & ACCESSORIESTIRE VALVES & TOOLSPART # 20149PART # 20172PART # 20178Tire Valves TR414Tubeless, 1 1/2"TPMS Snap-In Valve1 1/ 2"Valve Core ToolRemoval & installation toolTOOLS & ACCESSORIESBIKE ACCESSORIESPART # 20027PART # 20040PART # 20197PART # 230421" Skabs6 pre-glued patches,2 tire levers1" Skabs6 pre-glued patchesTube RepairPatch kitValve AdapterPresta to Schrader (standard)PART #TUBE SIZESL-T1526/626" x 1.5 - 2.125"20093One size fits mostLightweight tube protectors provide aphysical barrier, deflecting nails, glass,thorns and other debris to preventpunctures. They install easily betweenthe tube and tire, plus they're 17%lighter & 27% stronger than before.Tube ProtectorsTwin PacksSLIME.COM2829WORLDWIDEWORLDWIDE LEADERLEADER ININ TIRETIRE CARECARE

5/19/15BIKE TUBESSCHRADER VALVESelf-Sealing TubesInner tubes pre-filled withSlime Tube SealantSlime Smart Tubes and Self-Sealing Tubesinstantly and repeatedly seal punctures beforethey ruin your day. Factory-filled with a precisevolume of Slime Tube Sealant, they install likea regular tube, while offering powerful Slimeprotection. They provide a physical barrier againstthorns, glass and nails. Should any debris getthrough, Slime tube sealant instantly goes towork, seeking out and sealing the puncture.TUBESSLIME.COMPRESTA VALVEPART #TUBE SIZEPART #TUBE SIZE3005116" x 1.75 - 2.125"STB-926212/1026" x 1.75 - 2.125"3004920" x 1.5 - 2.125"3007627.5" x 1.9 - 2.125"3004724" x 1.75 - 2.125"3004329" x 1.85 - 2.20"3004426" x 1 3/8"STB-970019/10700 x 19 - 25mm3004526" x 1.75 - 2.125"STB-970028/10700 x 28 - 35mm3007029" x 1.85 - 2.20" Instantly seals up to 1/8" (3mm) punctures Provides flat tire protection for up to 2 years Pre-filled with environmentally-friendly Slime tube sealantSCHRADER VALVESelf-Sealing Tubes Value PacksInner tubes pre-filled withSlime Tube SealantSMART TUBES & SELF SEALING TUBESPART #TUBE SIZE3007520” x 1.5 - 2.125”3007426" x 1.75 - 2.125" Instantly seals up to 1/8" (3mm) punctures Provides flat tire protection for up to 2 years Pre-filled with environmentally-friendly Slime tube sealantSCHRADER VALVEPART #DESCRIPTIONTUBE SIZE300104" Utility4.00/3.5-4300116" Wheelbarrow4.10/3.5-6300128" Wheelbarrow4.8/4.0-83001415" Lawn Tractor15 x 6.0-6, 530/450-6, 13 x 5.0-63001516" Lawn Tractor16 x 6.5-8, 16 x 7.5-8PART #TUBE SIZE3001320" Lawn Tractor20 x 8.0-8, 20 x 10.0-8, 21 x 12.0-8,22 x 11.0-8, 22 x 12.0-83005526" x 1.75 - 2.125"Utility, Wheelbarrow and Lawn Tractor Smart Tubes Inner tubes pre-filled with Slime Tube SealantPART #TUBE SIZE3005020" x 1.75 - 2.125"3004626" x 1.75 - 2.125"PRESTA VALVESuper Thick Self-Sealing TubesSuper thick inner tubespre-filled with Slime Tube Sealant30TUBES Ultimate protection Ultra-thick, thorn-resistant tube pre-filled with Slime tube sealant31WORLDWIDE LEADER IN TIRE CARE

TUBESBIKE TUBESSCHRADER VALVELite Smart Tubes Lightweight butyl inner tubespre-filled with Slime Tube SealantPRESTA VALVEPART #TUBE SIZEPART #TUBE SIZE3002726" x 1.75 - 2.125"3002426" x 1.75 - 2.125"30026700 x 19 - 25mm30025700 x 28 - 35mm Superior flat tire protection without adding significant weight Lightweight butyl tube pre-filled with revolutionary Slime Tube SealantTUBELESS SEALANTSEALANTSlime Pro Tubeless Sealant's new improved formula was designed and tested by professional riders to outperform andoutlast the competition. Not only will the sealant stay liquid longer in your tires, but is the only sealant in the worldcompatible with CO2. Instantly seals 1/8" (3mm) punctures Lightweight, non-corrosive and non-hazardous The world's only CO2 compatible sealant Stays liquid longer (6 months of non-drying performance)NEW!NEW!Slime Pro was introduced in 2008 as our line of products geared specifically toward hardcore cyclists and cycling enthusiasts. Many ofus here at Slime, being riders ourselves, saw the need for lighter, more durable and aggressive products to get us up the mountain, flydown the mountain, over the gap, across the country and across the finish line faster and without flats! That’s how Slime Pro was born.Slime Pro means decreased weight without compromising strength. We’ve personally engineered Slime Pro products, like Slime ProTubeless Sealant and Slime Pro Lite Tubes, to outperform the competition. That’s why it is the first choice for professionals and hardcore cyclists in all types of riding. And look out for our new Slime Pro Tubeless Ready Kit. We worked in a few surprises there.SLIME.COM32PART # 10159PART # 10160SL3 oz. Slime ProTubeless SealantBike8 oz. Slime ProTubeless ETIRECARECARE

Bike, dirt bike PART # 10056 16 oz. Tube Sealant Bike, dirt bike, wheelbarrow Family Size PART # 10056HT 16 oz. Tube Sealant with hang tag Bike, dirt bike, wheelbarrow Family Size PART # 10159 3 oz. Slime Pro Tubeless Sealant Bike PART # 10160SL 8 oz. Slime Pro Tubeless Sealant Bike PART # 10004 16 oz. Tube Sealant B

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