Linear Drive With ORIGA Ball Screw Drive And Piston Rod .

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Linear Drive withBall Screw Driveand Piston RodSeries OSP-E.SBRO RIG AOverview .69-72Technical Data.73-75Dimensions . 7569O RIG AParker Hannifin CorporationPneumatic DivisionWadsworth,

OSP-E Series Electric Linear Drives and GuidesBall Screw Drive & Piston RodCatalog 0950-2Options & AccessoriesELECTRIC LINEAR DRIVE FOR PRECISE ANDHIGH SPEED POSITIONING OF HIGH MASSESA completely new generation of linear drives which can be integrated into any machine layoutneatly and simply.Linear Drive with Ball Screw Drive,Internal Plain Bearing Guide and Piston RodAdvantagesFeatures High output force Extending drive rod Excellent runningcharacteristics Ball screw spindle Accurate path andposition control Continuous duty operation Non-rotating drive rod High levels of repeatability Large range of accessoriesSlotted profile with dovetail groovesEnd cap screws with in-line threadPermanent magnetfor contctless sensingDrive shaftDouble row angularcontact ball bearings70O RIG AParker Hannifin CorporationPneumatic DivisionWadsworth,

OSP-E Series Electric Linear Drives and GuidesBall Screw Drive & Piston RodCatalog 0950-2FeaturesLinear Drive with Ball Screw Driveand Piston RodSeries OSP-E.SBRPiston rod threadaccording to ISO15552 (6431)Stainless steel piston rodCorosion resistant steel sealing bandBall screw spindleInternally protected ball screw nutTo simplify design work OSP-E systemCAD files are available, which arecompatible with most common CADsystems71O RIG AParker Hannifin CorporationPneumatic DivisionWadsworth,

Catalog 0950-2Options & AccessoriesOSP-E Series Electric Linear Drives and GuidesBall Screw Drive & Piston RodSERIES OSP-E, LINEAR DRIVE WITH BALL SCREW DRIVE,INTERNAL PLAIN BEARING GUIDE AND PISTON RODSTANDARD VERSIONSOSP-E.SBRPages 73-75Standard carrier with internalguidance and integrated magnet setfor contactless position sensing. Dovetail profile for mountingof accessories and the actuator itself.END CAP MOUNTINGPage 127For end-mounting the actuator on theextending rod sidePISTON ROD EYEPage 144MID SECTION SUPPORTPage 131For mounting the actuator on thedovetail grooves and on the motor endPISTON ROD CLEVISPage 144BALL SCREW PITCHThe ball screws spindles are availablein various pitches:OSP-E25SBR: 5 mmOSP-E32SBR: 5, 10 mmOSP-E50SBR: 5, 10, 25 mmACCESSORIESFLANGE MOUNTING CPage 128For end-mounting the actuator on theextending rod side.PISTON ROD COMPENSATINGCOUPLINGPage 145For compensating of radial and angular misaligmentsTRUNNION MOUNTING ENMOTOR MOUNTINGSPage 119Page 135Trunning mounting EN in combinationwith pivot mounting EL.– steplessly adjustable in axialdirection.72O RIG AMAGNETIC SWITCHESSERIES RS AND ESPage 148For contactless position sensing ofend stop and intermediate carrierpositions.Parker Hannifin CorporationPneumatic DivisionWadsworth,

OSP-E Series Electric Linear Drives and GuidesBall Screw Drive & Piston RodCatalog UnitDescriptionGeneral FeaturesSeriesOSP-E.SBRNameLinear drive with ball screw drive bearand piston rodMountingSee drawingsϑminϑmaxTemperature rangeWeight (mass) C C-20 80kgSee tableInstallationMaterialSeries OSP-E.SBRSize 25, 32, 50In any positionSlotted profileAl anodizedBall screwSteelBall nutSteelPiston rodStainless steelGuide bearingsLow friction plasticSealing bandHardened, corrosion resistant steelScrews, nutsZinc plated steelMountingsZinc plated steel and aluminumEncapsulating classIP54Weight (mass) and InertiaWeight (Mass) (kg)Moving Mass (kg)Inertia (x 10-6 kgm2)OSP-E25SBR0.7Add E50SBR4.510.81.12.650.0225.0SeriesAt stroke0mAt Stroke0m0.2Add permeterstroke0.91.2Add permeterstroke11.3At stroke0mInstallation InstructionsFirst service start-upUse the threaded holes in the freeend cap and a mid-section supportclose to the motor end for mountingthe linear actuator.The maximum values specified inthe technical data sheet for thedifferent products must not beexceeded. Before taking the lineardrive machine into service, the usermust ensure the adherence to theEC Machine Directive 91/368/EEC.MaintenanceAll moving parts are long-termlubricated for a normal operationalenvironment. PARKER-ORIGArecommends a check and lubricationof the linear drive, and if necessary achange of wear parts, after anoperation time of 12 months or3000 km travel of distance.Please refer to the operatinginstructions supplied with the drive.73O RIG ALinear DrivewithBall ScrewDrive andPiston RodStandard Version: Standard carrier with internal plainbearing guide Pitches of Ball Screw Spindle:Type OSP-E25SBR : 5 mmType OSP-E32SBR: 5, 10 mmType OSP-E50SBR: 5, 10, 25 mmOption: Key way versionParker Hannifin CorporationPneumatic DivisionWadsworth,

OSP-E Series Electric Linear Drives and GuidesBall Screw Drive & Piston RodCatalog 0950-2Technical DataSizingPerformanceOverviewMaximum LoadingsSizing of Linear DriveThe following steps are recommendedfor selection :1. Check that the maximum values inthe adjacent chart and transverseforce/stroke graph beloware not exceeded.2. Check the lifetime/travel distance ingraph below.3. When sizing and specifying themotor, the RMS-average torquemust be calculated using the cycletime in application.TransverseForce / StrokeThe permissible transverse force isreduced with increasing stroke length.according to the adjacent graphs.Performance mm]OSP-E25SBR OSP-E32SBR OSP-E50SBR5510510 25Max. speedLinear motion per revolutiondrive shaft[m/s][mm]0.2550.255Max. rpm drive shaftMax. effective action force FACorresponding torquedrive shaft[min-1][N][Nm]30002600.45No-load torqueMax. allowable torqueon drive shaftMax. allowable accelerationTypical repeatabilityMax.Standard stroke length[Nm][Nm][m/s2][mm/m][mm]0.5100.25 0.5 1.25510 2530009001.11.8300012001.3 2.8 0.055005 0.055000.4 0.57.5 205 0.05500Transverse Force / StrokeForce Ft [N]1 OSP-E25SBR – Pitch4 OSP-E32SBR – Pitch2 OSP-E32SBR – Pitch6 OSP-E50SBR – Pitch5 OSP-E50SBR – Pitch3 OSP-E50SBR – Pitch5 mm5 mm10 mm5 mm10 mm25 mmStroke s [mm]Maximum rpm / StrokeMaximum rpm /Strokerpm [1/min]1 OSP-E25SBR2 OSP-E32SBR3 OSP-E50SBRAt longer stokes the speed has to bereduced according to the adjacentgraphs.Stroke [mm]74O RIG AParker Hannifin CorporationPneumatic DivisionWadsworth,

OSP-E Series Electric Linear Drives and GuidesBall Screw Drive & Piston RodCatalog 0950-2Technical DataPerformance /Action forcePerformance as a function of the action forceAction force [N]1 OSP-E25SBR – Pitch3 OSP-E32SBR – Pitch2 OSP-E32SBR – Pitch4 OSP-E50SBR – Pitch6 OSP-E50SBR – Pitch5 OSP-E50SBR – PitchThe performance to be expecteddepends on the maximum requiredactions force of the application.An increase of the action force willlead to a reduced performance.5 mm5 mm10 mm5 mm10 mm25 mmPerformance [km]Linear Drive with Ball Screw Drive and Piston Rod – Basic UnitSeries OSP-E.SBRl8 order stroke *End Cap Size OSP-E50SBRPlain shaft with keyway (Option)Dimension Table [mm] KBh7SeriesOSP-E25SBR 6OSP-E32SBR 10OSP-E50SBR 5121628Option 3: KeywayOption 4: Keyway long version* Note:The mechanical end position must not be used as a mechancial end stop. Allow an additional safety clearance at both ends equivalent to the linearmovement of one revolution of the drive shaft, but at least 25 mm.Order stroke required travel 2 x safety distance.The use of an AC motor with frequency converter normally requires a larger safety clearance than that required for servo systems.For further information, please contact your local PARKER-ORIGA representative.Dimension Table [mm]SeriesBCEGxHKl8AM CF CGFBFH KB KDKKKL KN KS KTOSP-E25SBR 224127M5 x SBR 25.55236M6 x 1228.5175.5 2028265251.710h72M10x1.253120332OSP-E50SBR 338770M6 x 12432063837767715h73M16x1.543284433275O RIG AParker Hannifin CorporationPneumatic DivisionWadsworth,

OSP-E Series Electric Linear Drives and GuidesCatalog 0950-2Notes76O RIG AParker Hannifin CorporationPneumatic DivisionWadsworth,

INTERNAL PLAIN BEARING GUIDE AND PISTON ROD Catalog 0950-2 Options & Accessories OSP-E Series Electric Linear Drives and Guides Ball Screw Drive & Piston Rod. 73 ORIGA Parker Hannifin Corporation . Series KB h7 KC KL KO KPP9 KR Opt.3 Opt.4 OSP-E25SBR 6 6.8 17 24 2 2 12 OSP-E32SBR 10 11.2 31 41 5 3 16 OSP-E50SBR 15 17 43 58 6 5 28

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