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LexisNexisLegal Research Solutions forCorrectional Facilities

Legal Research Solutionsfor Correctional FacilitiesAs a jail or corrections Administrator, you have unique and challengingresponsibilities. Ensuring your facility provides your inmates with access toconstitutionally required legal research materials while staying within budget isalso an extremely important task.Whether you’re affiliated with a local jail with a limitedbudget or a maximum security facility with heightenedsafety concerns, LexisNexis Advanced GovernmentSolutions can help you confidently manage risk whileimproving operational efficiency.LexisNexis can help you meet your legal requirements or administrative directiveswhile helping to control costs and providing secure access to legal research materials.Our legal research correctional facility solutions offer access to state-specific contentso that your facility, regardless of size or need, can access the legal material thatmeets your specific need. From Shepard’s Citations Service to state statutes andcourt rules to state and federal case law, whether on electronic hard drives, DVDsfor PCs or kiosks, you can be confident that LexisNexis Legal Research Solutionsfor Correctional Facilities will allow you to make the most of your budget and yourlibrary space.This catalog displays the offerings that have been specifically created for correctionalfacilities. Contact your LexisNexis corrections account executive to help you createthe research solution that is best for your facility. LexisNexis helps federal, state andlocal government agencies accomplish mission-critical tasks and meet increasingdemands for effectiveness and efficiency.

EHDs, Kiosks and Custom User InterfaceExternal Hard Drive Solutionfrom LexisNexisThe LexisNexis External Hard Drive solution gives you a cost-effectivealternative to providing inmates with access to case law without the obligationto devote scarce resources to maintaining a traditional legal library. TheLexisNexis corrections team has worked closely with corrections officials tocompile an appropriate collection of legal resources that fits on an externalhard drive small enough to hold in your hand and conforms to right-of-accessguidelines, while controlling the costs of expensive upkeep and space forprinted materials.The LexisNexis External Hard Drive provides you with these great advantages: State specific.* Content can include Shepard’s Citations Service;federal and state cases, statutes and court rules; and leadinganalytical materials. Easy to use. All the material is easily searchable, reducinginmate complaints.AN ENTIREINMATE LIBRARY.A SINGLE EXTERNALHARD DRIVE! Safe and economical. Operate completely offline, without therisks associated with Internet access and the costs associatedwith print publications. Always current. Easy-to-install quarterly updates ensure inmateshave the latest decisions. Doesn’t require specialized IT. Plug-and-play simplicity, through aUSB 2.0 port, quickly connects to or disconnects from your networkor computer.*Contact your sales representative to find out what options areavailable in your state.To learn more about the corrections solutionthat best fits your needs, CALL 877.422.3082,or visit www.lexisnexis.com/Corrections.

Touch Screen Kiosk SolutionA high-security solution with a simplified interface that userswith little or no computer experience will find easy to navigate.Hardware, software, legal content, monitoring, maintenance andservice are all included as part of the fixed monthly payment.Hardware lease and purchase options are available. The steel-encased kiosk includes tempered glass to minimizesecurity risks, and the touch screen interface eliminates theneed for a mouse or keyboard.Custom User Interface(CUI) SolutionAccess to LexisNexis Internet-based products must be througha Custom User Interface (CUI) Solution that meets specificsecurity requirements. This restricts inmates to certain portionsof the lexis.com application and further enhances security.These enhancements include: Operates as a closed system, with no Internet connectivity. Hyperlinking to documents within your facility’s LexisNexissubscription, but does not display an ability to accessother websites. Overhead costs for book replacements, copiers,administration time and litigation are drastically reduced. Access blocked to e-mail or “mailto” links within productWeb pages. Our broad kiosk product options vary to meet customerneeds, complement the physical layout of your individualfacility and work within your IT environment. Availableinstallation options includestandalone desktop kiosks,wall-mounted kiosks, mobilekiosks or a networked kiosk,monitor terminal systemwith touch screen keyboardand roller ball mouse,mobile touch screen unitand standalone touchscreen system (no serverrequired). Access must be from a specific IP address that meetssecurity requirements.

LexisNexis Print TitlesWhile technology gives correctional facilities a host of options for how to accesslegal content and provide it to inmates, there is still a large demand for books.Whether it be for smaller jails and prisons or for facilities where inmates shareaccess with personnel, traditional libraries still have a place for many of ourcorrections customers.The LexisNexis Law Resources collection features publications that bringauthoritative and practical guidance to each critical stage of a case. This extensivecollection offers comprehensive analysis and insight into every aspect ofinvestigation, prosecution and defense of every type of criminal case.Choose from DUI, traffic law, forensic sciences, trial error and misconduct,entrapment, evidence, federal and state constitutional law, and more. Geteverything you need to ensure your library is complete with the LexisNexis LawResources collection.With thousands of titles to choose from, you can ensure that your staff or yourinmates have access to the legal research materials they need. Choose froma wide variety of titles that don’t just tell you what the law is, but explain what itmeans in real world terms.Top SellingNational TitlesUnited States Code Service(see box for details)Federal Criminal TrialsMoore’s Federal Practice Federal Criminal TrialsFederal Habeas Corpus Practice andProcedureImmigration Law and ProcedureImmigration Law HandbookCustoms Law HandbookFederal Rules of Evidence ManualCivil Rights ActionsSearch and SeizureUnited States Code ServiceA top seller into thecorrections market, theUnited States Code Servicepublished by LexisNexis, usesthe exact language of Congressso that it can be cited to it withconfidence.Trial Error and MisconductMethods of Attacking ScientificEvidenceUnited States SentencingGuidelines ManualExculpatory Evidence: The Accused’sConstitutional Right to IntroduceFavorable EvidenceThe USCS providescomprehensive, annotatedcoverage of the entire U.S. Code; the U.S. Constitution; the Federal Rulesof Civil, Criminal, Bankruptcy, and Appellate Procedure; the FederalRules of Evidence; rules of the Courts of Appeals and specialized federalcourts; and the U.S. Sentencing Guidelines as well as selected federalregulations and international agreements. Annotative materials includecase annotations from court cases and federal agency decisions, expertcommentary, cross references to the Code of Federal Regulations, andreferences to numerous treatises and law review articles.To receive a full listing of print titles availableby state and area of law, please CALL 877.422.3082,or visit www.lexisnexis.com/Corrections.

Corrections TeamLexisNexisState-SpecificPrint TitlesSteve RentfrowJim MattiseDCDave OrlandoArizona Criminal and Traffic Law ManualArizona Criminal and Vehicle LawField GuideArkansas Criminal and Traffic Law ManualCalifornia Penal CodeFlorida Criminal Law and Motor VehicleLaw HandbookGeorgia Criminal and Traffic Law ManualIdaho Criminal and Traffic Law ManualLouisiana Criminal Law and MotorVehicle HandbookMaryland Motor Vehicle HandbookFor new sales inquiries contactyour Account Executive.For existing customers contactyour Account Manager.Michigan Penal Code and Motor VehicleLaw HandbookDave Orlando – Account ExecutiveNevada Criminal and Traffic Laws732.451.0206 David.Orlando@lexisnexis.comNew Mexico Criminal and TrafficLaw ManualNY, NJ, PA, DE, GA, SC, NC, CT, MA, ME, RI, VT, NH, CO, NMNew York Law Enforcement Handbook503.334.5942 Steve.Rentfrow@lexisnexis.comPennsylvania Crimes Code and VehicleLaw HandbookPennsylvania Law Enforcement HandbookSouth Carolina Criminal Law and MotorVehicle HandbookTennessee Criminal Laws AnnotatedTennessee Motor Vehicle Laws AnnotatedTexas Criminal and Traffic Law ManualVirginia Criminal and Traffic Law ManualWest Virginia Law EnforcementField GuideSteve Rentfrow – Account ExecutiveAK, ID, HI, WA, OR, CA, AZ, TX, NV, UT, MT, WYJim Mattise – Account ExecutiveNational Contact for Corrections Corporations of Americaand GEO Group434.589.9501 James.Mattise@lexisnexis.comFL, MI, IN, OH, WV, VA, TN, MD, IL, WI, KY, MN, IA, MO, ND, SD, AL, KS, OK, NE, MS, LA, ARKevin Taylor – Account Manager513.360.7548 Kevin.Taylor@lexisnexis.comEastern and Central United StatesVeronica Vrancuta – Account Manager916.358.5876 Veronica.Vrancuta@lexisnexis.comWestern United StatesLexisNexis, Shepard’s, lexis.com and the Knowledge Burst logo are registered trademarks of Reed Elsevier Properties Inc., used under license. Moore’s Federal Practice is aregistered trademark of Matthew Bender & Company, Inc. Other products or services may be trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies. 2011 LexisNexis. All rights reserved. OFF001642-0 0611

513.360.7548 Kevin.Taylor@lexisnexis.com Eastern and Central United States Veronica Vrancuta – Account Manager 916.358.5876 Veronica.Vrancuta@lexisnexis.com Western United States For new sales inquiries contact your Account Executive. For existing

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