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Prophetic Word: “All EncompassingPeace”Whenever I talk about peace, people try to tell me why it’s not possible.But a growing number of people are discovering that in fact actually, all things AREpossible with God.Prophetic WordNotesBeloved, real learning is always slow becauseI do everything in peace and rest. Peace isthe lifestyle of being present to the momentin Me.The reason I AM is always with you isbecause We are always at rest. Calm,unhurried and unworried about you.Peace is our way to bring calm and settleyou down to walk with Us in Spirit andTruth.In the world, there is always pressure. In theKingdom, there is always peace. Theantidote to anguish, stress, and pressure isaccepting the availability of peace.I am your Peace. Peace cannot beunderstood in human logic. It can only bereceived. Peace is a person. It is Me living inyou and revealing My presence through Mynature.1

Peace is a gift of My nature living in you. Mypeace I give you is your invitation to ceasefrom no longer be troubled.To receive the Presence of Peace.Beloved, it is peace that guards your heartand mind. Peace is the chaperone for youremotions. No need to have negativefeelings.Peace is the sentinel and guardian for yourmind so that your thoughts remain bothpositive and powerful.Peace ensures that you are not ambushedby the world, the flesh or the devil.I love My peace in you! It is a beautiful andpowerful gift that is always present. You andI have a covenant of peace together. Astrong relationship of rest in the joy andpeace of believing.My peace brings you into a High Placebecause it causes the low places of anxiety,worry and stress to be full of rest thatempowers you to live above the anguish oflife in the world.Beloved, every day I bless you with peace. IAM is your peacemaker.I give you peace like a river. Always flowing,always refreshing, always giving life. Peacecreates an expectation of good. Peaceannihilates negativity.2

There is no contradiction in peace. It createspossibilities when your old thinking isdealing with problems. Think of it this way Peace is the borders of my territory for you. Ahedge of protection around your home andplace of work. A haven for your family andfriends.Whenever My people entered someone’shome they spoke peace to those gathered.Peace is that viral!You, My dear one, have permission to callpeace up into any life situation that concernsyou. Before you do anything, engage withpeace first.Let peace go before you so that it is peacethat meets the trouble first. Peace isrequired if you are to abound in joyfulexpectation.I AM the God of rightful expectations, whichcan only be realized as you travel with Me inthe joy and peace in believing.Peace is not situational. It is not there just fordifficult circumstances. Peace is a relationalpractice. It is a lifegiving action just as vital asbreathing.It is life giving to your trust and faith. It is theclosed door to every assault of heart andmind.Nothing negative can get past My peace inyou. Peace is your healthy place of thinkingand believing.3

Can you hear Me, Beloved? I AM YOURPEACE ALWAYS!24/7. Constant Continuous peace is yours!Fellowship with Me is always concerned withMy rule and reign in your heart and life.Majesty is always part of your lifestyle. Thereis nothing to be afraid of when you let Mypeace rule in your heart.Your inner peace governs your emotions andyour thinking so that you are not takencaptive by futility.Beloved, you are not agitated. You are atpeace in Me. You cannot have distress whenpeace is more powerful.There is no frustration when peace gives youa way of perceiving that originates in Me.There is no need to be upset when peace isguarding your mind and heart.As you practice peace with Me, worrybecomes a thing of the past.Beloved, I AM He who is always speakingpeace to you. I speak it as a welcomeinto My presence.I speak peace as a necessary attribute sothat you may not fall below your place ofprivilege.Peace is assertive, strong and powerful. It iswarlike against a negative and overcomes itwith delightful expectation.There is a tribulation in the world, but peaceis from the Kingdom and will always overrule4

the world. My peace I give you, not as theworld gives. I leave My peace with you as anecessary deposit.When situations rise up, call peace up withinyou and it will flood both heart and mindwith presence and expectation.There is no requirement on you to betroubled. Fear does not belong to you!Instead, I have given you peace so that youmay know Who I AM for you and what IAM providing for you in the circumstances oflife.Beloved, see peace for what it really is!See it beyond its capacity to just replaceanxiety. There are keys in this word that aredesigned to empower peace in you at alltimes and in all life situations.Amen!Thank you so much for listening to me!5

ABOUT GRAHAMGraham is a popular speaker around the world with a passion to empower the people ofGod to walk in their true identity. His life and ministry are marked by his delightful,intimate, and unreserved two-way friendship with the Lord, and his unique way ofcommunicating the radiance of Jesus and the Kingdom of God. His prophetic insights aremuch sought after in the boardrooms of a variety of organizations. He is a specialist inexploratory dialogue, thinks beyond the box and is a designer of creative action plans thatrelease breakthrough and momentum. Graham is an author of over 20 books. For moreinformation, visit b Copyright 2020 Brilliant Perspectives. All rights reserved. May not be reproduced withoutpermission.6

Beloved, it is peace that guards your heart and mind. Peace is the chaperone for your emotions. No need to have negative feelings. Peace is the sentinel and guardian for your mind so that your thoughts remain both positive and powerful. Peace ensures that you are not ambushed by the world, the flesh or the devil. I love My peace in you!

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