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USFGLOSSARYThe following list explains and defineswords and terms that are commonlyused at USF. Please add items to tothis list that you come across in yourwork.TermDefinitionAdministrationOne of four pay plans at USF, Administration is an overtime-exemptsalaried category. Formerly called “A&P (Administrative and Professional).”AFD/FARAssigned Faculty Duties/Faculty Activity Reporting done in the FAIRsystem to track faculty assignments.AHAcademic HistoryALTAttendance and Leave Tracking. Located in GEMS Self-Service and usedfor employes to request leave time and for supervisors/managers toapprove leave requests.Banner AlumAn instance of OASIS used for tracking USF Foundation finances.BlackboardAn academic portal used by faculty and students to post course content,grades, discussions, etc.BOGBoard of Governors – governing body of the Florida State UniversitySystem (SUS).BORBoard of Regents – formerly the state unversity governing body, beforethe formation of the BOG.BOTBoard of Trustees – governing body of USF. Online: and Policy Analysis Department for the USF System.BSRBusiness Systems Re-EngineeringCareers@USFOnline employment application system used to recruit and hirecandidates.34 USF Employee Resource Guide

TermDefinitionCASCollege of Arts and SciencesCCBCS or BCSCollege of Behavioral and Community SciencesCERTSPayroll certification – an online system for entering hours for pay.CITFCapital Improvement Trust Fund allocated to students at stateuniversities.CMSCollege of Marine ScienceCOBACollege of Business AdministrationCOEDUCollege of EducationCoECollege of EngineeringCOMCollege of MedicineCOPHCollege of Public HealthCONCollege of NursingCOTACollege of The ArtsCTSClassroom Technology Services – part of Educational Outreach.Supports classroom needs with AV services and resources. Services alsoavailable to USF departments on a fee basis.CUTRCenter for Urban Transportation Research (College of Engineering)DEODiversity and Equal OpportunityDOEDepartment of EducationDSOA Direct Support Organization (DSO) is a separate, not-for-profitcorporation organized and operated exclusively to assist the universityto achieve excellence by providing supplemental resources from privategifts and bequests, and valuable educational support services.DSRDivision of Sponsored ResearchEAPEmployee Assistance ProgramE&GEducational and General, an entity of the SUS operating budget.EH&SEnvironmental Health and Safety – risk management, lab and fire safetyprograms at USF.ETPEmployee Tuition Program – administered through HR.FACTFaculty Activity Credentials for Teaching – to edit or enter faculty activitycredentials for teaching.FAFSAFinancial Aid Federal Scholarship ApplicationUSF Employee Resource Guide 35

TermDefinitionFAIRFaculty Academic Information Reporting is used to input and track facultyassignments.FASTFinancial Accounting System – the Oracle/PeopleSoft financials systemat USF.FERPAFamily Educadtional Rights and Privacy Act, a Federal law that protectsthe privacy of student education records.FLSAFair Labor Standards ActFMHIFlorida Mental Health Institute – now a part of the College of Behavioraland Community Sciences.FMLAFamily Medical Leave ActGBRGrant Budget ReleaseGEMSGlobal Employment System – USF’s human resources and payroll management system that maintains information on employees, positions, appointments and payroll.GEMS Self-ServiceThis online system allows USF employees to view and manage theiremployment data. View paychecks; request leave and training; changeW4 information, direct deposit, phone numbers, contact information andhome addresses.HOTHerd of Thunder – USF’s marching band.IAFInstructional Activity File – file submitted to the State.OASISOnline Access Student Information System – USF’s student informationsystem (Banner software).OPSAn out-of-use term – now known as Temporary, the term describes oneof four pay plans at USF.myUSFBlackboard portal for students and faculty.NSLDSNational Student Loan Data SystemNRANon-Resident AlienOracleOracle/PeopleSoft organization – developer of USF’s financial and HRsystems – FAST and GEMS.PATSParking and Transportation ServicesPDPosition DescriptionPCardPurchasing cardPECOPublic Education Capital Outlay – funding used to construct andrenovate buildings for public universities, colleges. and public schools.PeopleFirstThe state’s self-service, secure, web-based personnel information systeman enterprise-wide suite of human resource (HR) services.PeopleSoftPeopleSoft/Oracle – developer of USF’s financial and HR systems, FASTand GEMS.36 USF Employee Resource Guide

TermDefinitionPERTPersonnel Effort Reporting Tool – tracks effort expended by USF employeeson Federal and State grants to certify that these sponsor-funded salariesand wages are consistent with the effort contributed.PIPrincipal Investigator – primary individual in charge of and accountablefor research grant activities.PortalSee “myUSF.”PurchasingServicesDepartment that provides management and oversight in the acquisitionof commodities, equipment, and contractual services while promotingfair and open competition in the public procurement process.RFMResearch Financial Management – a division of the Office of Research.RPSResearch Proposal Services - a division of the Office of Research.SACSSouthern Association of Colleges and Schools – provides USF withaccreditation to award degrees.SASSStudent Academic Support SystemSAVEScholarly Activity and Vita Entry – within the FAIR system, this module holdsfaculty publication lists and faculty vita.SCDFSalary Category Detail File – file submitted to the State by the BudgetOffice.SDCFStudent Data Course File – file submitted to the State.SEVISStudent and Exchange Visitor Information System – International Affairs.Share driveNetworked drive for staff access – each unit is assigned space on aserver for file storage.StaffFormerly called “USPS (University Support Personnel Services),” this is oneof four pay plans at USF.Staff ReportingThe process of compiling and submitting to the State (BOG).Sun DomeDSO – a Direct Support Organization.SUSState University SystemTAPSTracking Academic Progress of Students is a program that pullsinformation from SASS.TERPTemporary Employee Retirement ProgramUBITUnrelated Business Income TaxUBOTUniversity Board of TrusteesUCOUniversity Controller’s Office – includes Travel and Accounts Payable.UP (or UPD)University Police DepartmentUSF Employee Resource Guide 37

Term38 USF Employee Resource GuideDefinition

BOT Board of Trustees – governing body of USF. Online: BPA Budget and Policy Analysis Department for the USF System. BSR Business Systems Re-Engineering Careers@USF Online employment application system used to recruit and hire candidates. Definition 34 USF

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usf system 2017-18 operating budget. budgeted expenditures by funding source *dso (direct support organizations) & cu (component units) are: usf foundation, inc., usf alumni association, inc., usf financial corporation & usf prope

( Abla Zayed ( Tampa Bay Association of Environmental Professionals Raymond Fajardo ( Jeff Cunningham ( Structures/Materials Mondays 11:50a- 12:40p ENG 201 ERIC Wednesdays 3:05p -3:55p ENA 105 Transportation Fridays 10:45am-11:35am CUTR 202 Engineers Without Borders (EWB . 813-974-3703 Front Desk / FWS Student Assistants CIS 3058 813-974-2145 . 6 L a s t R e v i s e d -J u l y 2 0 2 1. Additional USF Contacts & Websites: . USF IT Help Desk: 813-974-1222 Classroom Technology Help: 813-974-2382 Teaching Assistance:

[ 3 SCHOLARSHIP ELIGIBILITY To qualify for a scholarship from the USF College of Education, students must: Have at least a 3.0 USF overall and transfer GPA. Be fully admitted to USF and the College of Education when the scholarship will be dispersed. Meet minimum qualifications regarding part or full-time enrollment at USF.

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