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Parts and FunctionsIndoor UnitRemote controller1Horizontal flapVertical blade(adjust left andright airflow,inside)(adjust up and down airflowDon’t adjust it manually)6Operation mode QUITE SLEEP234OutletEmergencySwitchInlet grilleAir Purifying Filter(inside)OutletVertical blade589181019111321Control the lightening and extinguishingof the indoor LED display board.22142324TIMER16RUNEMERGENCY AND TESTSWITCHSignal Receiver25171. Mode displayOperation modeAUTO COOLDRYHEATFANRemote controllerEMERGENCY SWITCHEMERGENCYSWITCHON/OFF buttonPush once to start operation,push once againto stop it.Operation is set to AUTO,air flow is set toAUTO fan.Use when remote controller is not available.Signal Receiver Upon receiving a signal, there is a receivingsound.2. Signal sending display3. SWING display4. FAN SPEED displayLOMEDDisplaycirculatedAUTOHIUsed to lock buttons and LCD display.17. LIGHT button15POWER9. QUIET button10. HEAT button11. COOL button12. AUTO button13. FAN button14. TIMER button15. HEALTH button16. LOCK button2012Please be subject to the actual produce purchased theabove picture is just from your referenceSupplementedelectricalHEALTH POWERheatingRemote controller7indicator light8.Additional functions display5. LOCK display6. TIMER OFF displayTIMER ON display7.TEMP display18. POWER ON/OFF button19. DRY button20. TEMP button21. SWING button22. HOUR button23. EXTRA FUNCTION buttonFunction: Air sending--- Healthyairflow position1--- Healthy airflowposition 2 --- Restore the original flapposition --- Right & left air airflow--A-B yard--- 10 and heating symboldisplayed simultaneously--- Sleeping--Electrical heating--- Refresh air(reservedfunction) --- Power--- Fahrenheit/Celsiusmode conversion24.CANCEL/CONFIRM buttonFunction: Setting and cancel to thetimer and other additional functions.25. RESET buttonWhen the remote controllerappears abnormal, use a sharppointed article to press this buttonto reset the remoteHealthy function is not available for some units.Outdoor UnitLoading of the battery1 Remove the battery cover;the batteries as illustrated.2 2LoadR-03 batteries, resetting key2(cylinder);134Note:OUTLETINLETCONNECTING PIPING AND ELECTRICAL WIRING4 DRAIN HOSEPlease be subject to the actual produce purchased theabove picture is just from your reference43Be sure that the loadingis in line with the" "/"-";Load the battery,then put on the cover again.The distance between the signal transmission head and the receiver hole should be within 7m without any obstacle as well.When electronic-started type fluorescent lamp or change-overtype fluorescent lamp or wireless telephone is installed in theroom, the receiver is apt to be disturbed in receiving the signals,so the distance to the indoor unit should be shorter.Full display or unclear display during operation indicates thebatteries have been used up. Please change batteries.If the remote controller can’t run normally during operation,pleaseremove the batteries and reload several minutes later.Hint:Remove the batteries in case won't be in use for a long period. Ifthere is any display after taking-out, just press reset key.1

Parts and Functions OperationCAUTIONBefore opening the front grille, be sureto stop the operation and turn thebreaker OFF.Do not touch the metal parts on theinside of the indoor unit, as it may resultin injury.Base Operation1Remote controller23431. Unit startPress ON/OFF on the remote controller, unit starts.2. Select operation modeCOOL button:Cooling modeHEAT button: Heating modeDRY button: Dehumidify mode3.Select temp.settingbutton/Every time the button is pressed, temp.settingincrease 1oC,if kept depressed, it will increaserapidlyEvery time the button is pressed, temp.settingdecrease 1oC,if kept depressed, it willdecrease rapidlySelect a desired temperature.PressAir outlet selection switch4.Fan speed selectionRegardless of the operating mode or situation, airblows from the upper air outlet.Press FAN button. For each press, fan speedchanges as follows:Remote controller:Use this switch when you do not want air comingout of the lower air outlet. (While sleeping etc.)MEDLOWDisplaycirculatedAUTOHIAir conditioner is running under displayed fan speed.When FAN is set to AUTO, the air conditionerautomatically adjusts the fan speed according to roomtemperature.Air conditioner automatically decides the appropriateblowing pattern depending on the operating modeand situation.During Dry and Fan mode, so that cold air does notcome into direct contact with people, air is blown upperair outlet.OperatingmodeSituationBlowing patternWhen the room hasbecome fully cool.So that air does not comeinto direct contact withpeople, air is blownupper air outlet, roomtemperature is equalisedCoolmodeAt start of operationor other times whenthe room is not fullycooled.At times other thanbelow.(Normal time.)HeatmodeAt start or when airtemperature is low.2Operation RemoteControllerModeAUTONoteUnder the mode of auto operation, air conditioner will automaticallyselect Cool or Heat operation according to room temperature.When FAN is set to AUTO the air conditioner automatically adjuststhe fan speed according to room temperature.COOLDRYIn DRY mode, when room temperature becomes lower thantemp.setting 2 o C, unit will run intermittently at LOW speedregardless of FAN setting.FANIn FAN operation mode,the unit will not operate in COOL or HEATmode but only in FAN mode, AUTO is not available in FAN mode.And temp. setting is disabled In FAN mode, sleep operation is notavailable.HEATIn HEAT mode, warm air will blow out after a short period of thetime due to cold-draft prevention function.When FAN is set toAUTO, the air conditioner automatically adjusts the fan speedaccording to room temperature.Emergency operation and test operationAir is blown from the upperand lower air outlets forhigh speed cooling duringCool mode, and for fillingthe room with warm airduring Heat mode.So that air does not comeinto direct contact withpeople.Air is blown upperair outlet.Test operation:Test operation switch is the same as emergency switch.Use this switch in the test operation when the roomtemperature is below 16 o C, do not use it in thenormal operation.Pi PiContinue to press the test operationswitch for more than 5 seconds. Afteryou hear the "Pi" sound twice, releaseyour finger from the switch: the coolingoperation starts with the air flow speed "Hi".

OperationTimer On/Off On-Off OperationEmergency Operation:Use this operation only when thePiremote controller is defective or lost.When the emergency operationswitch is pressed, the" Pi "sound isheard once, which means the startof this operation.In this operation, the systemautomatically selects the operation modes, cooling orfan or heat, according to the room temperature.When machine is running in emergency, the set valueof temperature and wind speed couldn't be altered;meanwhile, it can't operate for dehumidifying or undertiming mode.1.After unit starts, select your desired operation mode.2.Press TIMER button to change TIMER mode. Everytime the button is pressed, display changes as follows:Remote ATTIMER OFF-ONTIMER OFF or TIMER ON-OFF). "3.Press/"or ""will flash.button to set time.Press the button for each time, setting time in the first12 hours increased by 0.5 hour every time, after 12hours,increased by 1 hour every time.Press the button for each time, settiing time in the first12 hours decreased by 0.5 hour every time, after 12hours,decreased by 1 hour every time.It can be adjusted within 24 hours.(Auto swing)When SWING is selected, the flap swinging range dependson the operation mode.(See the figure.)TIMER ON-OFFThen select your desired TIMER mode (TIMER ON or1.Adjusting the flapStatus display of air flow:Pos.20.5h0.5hTIMER ON TIMER OFFAir Flow Direction AdjustmentPos.10.5h4.Confirm timer settingAfter adjust the time,pressbutton and confirm thetime ON or OFF button will not flash any more.5.Cancel timer settingPress the timer button by times until the time displayeliminated.2.Left and right air flow adjustment (manual)Move the vertical blade by a knob on air conditionerto adjust left and right direction.Cautions:Hints:After replacing batteries or a power failure happens, timesetting should be reset.According to the Time setting sequence of TIMER ON orTIMER OFF, either Start-Stop or Stop-Start can be achieved.Do not try to adjust the flap by hand.When adjusting by hand, the mechanism may not operate properly or condensation may drip from air outlets.When adjusting the flap by hand, turn off the unit, and usethe remote controller to restart the unit.When adjusting the flap by hand,turn off the unit.When humidity is high,condensate water might occurat air outlet if all vertical louvers are adjusted to left orright.It is advisable not to keep horizontal flap at downwardposition for a long time in COOLor DRY mode ,otherwise, condensate water might occur.Note:When restart after remote turning off, the remotecontroller will automatically memorize the previousset swing position.TIMER On/Off OperationConfirming your settingAfter setting correct time, press""or"button to confirm"on the remote controller stops flashing.Time displayed: Unit starts or stops at x hour.Hints:After replacing batteries or a power failure happens, timesetting should be reset. Remote controller possessesmemory function, when use TIMER mode next time, justpressbutton after mode selecting if time setting isthe same as previous one.3

OperationSleep OperationNotePressbutton to enter additional options, whencycle display to,will flash. And then pressenter to sleep function.When TIMER function is set, the sleeping function can’t beset up .After the sleeping function is set up , if user resetsTIMER function, the sleeping function will be cancelled; themachine will be in the state of timing-on.POWER/QUIET Operation(1) POWER OperationWhen you need rapid heating or cooling, you can use this function.Pressbutton to enter additional options, when cycledisplay to,will flash,and then press,enter topower function. When cancel the function, please enteradditional options again and to cancel power function.(2) QUIET OperationYou can use this function when silence is needed for rest or reading.Operation Mode1. In COOL,DRY mode1 hours after SLEEP mode starts,temp.will become 1OChigher than temp.setting.After another 1 hours,temp.risesby 1OC futher.The unit will run for further 6 hours then stopsTemp. is higher than temp.setting so that room temperaturewon’t be too low for your sleep.SLEEP operation startsSLEEP operation stopsApprox.6hrsRises 1OC1 hrUnit stopIn COOL, DRY mode2. In HEAT mode1 hours after SLEEP mode starts,temp will become 2OClower than temp.setting.After another 1 hours,tempdecrease by 2 OC futher.After more another 3 hours,temp.rises by 1OC futher.The unit will run for further 3 hours thenstops.Temp.is lower than temp. setting so that roomtemperature won’t be too high for your sleep.Temp.settingUnit stopDecreases 2OC3 hrs3 hrsRises 1OCSLEEPoperation stopsSLEEPoperation startsIn HEAT mode3. In AUTO modeThe unit operaters in corresponding sleep modeadapted to the automatically selected operation mode.4. In FAN modeIt has no SLEEP function.5.Set the wind speed change when sleepingIf the wind speed is high or middle before setting for thesleep, set for lowing the wind speed after sleeping.If it is low wind, no change.4During POWER operation, in rapid HEAT or COOL mode ,the room will show inhomogeneous temperature distribution.Long period QUIET operation will cause effect of not toocool or not too warm.All the products are in conformity with the followingEuropean provision:- Low Voltage Directive 73/23/EEC- Low Voltage Directive 2006/95/EC-Electomagnetic CompatibilitY 89/336/EEC-Electomagnetic CompatibilitY 2004/108/ECROHSThe products are fulfilled with the requirements in thedirective 2002/95/EEC of the European parliament and ofcouncil on the Restriction of the use of Certain HazardousSubstances in Electrical and Electronic Equipment (EURoHS Directive)WEEEIn accordance with the directive 2002/96/CE of the Europeanparliament, herewith we inform the consumer about the disposal requirements of the electrical and electronic products.Decreases 2OC1 hrNote CETemp.setting1 hr,EUROPEAN REGULATIONSCONFORMITY FOR THE MODELSRises 1OC1 hrPress QUIET button, the remote controller will showand then achieve to the quiet function. Press again thisQUIET button , the quiet function will be cancelled.DISPOSAL REQUIREMENTS:Your air conditioning product is marked with thissymbol.This means that electrical and electronicproducts shall not be mixed with unsortedhousehold waste. Do not try to dismantle thesystem yourself : the dismantling of the airconditioning system,treatment of the refrigerant, of oil and ofother part must be done by a qualified installer in accordancewith relevant local and national legislation. Air conditionersmust be treated at a specialized treatment facility for reuse,recycling and recovery. By ensuring this product is disposedof correctly, you will help to prevent potential negative consequences for the environment and humen health. Pleasecontact the installer or local authority for more information.Battery must be removed from the remote controller and disposed of separately in accordance with relevant local andnationl legislation.

Indoor Unit InstallaionNecessary Tools for Installationƽ Driverƽ Nipperƽ Hacksawƽ Hole core drillƽ Spanner(17,19 and 26mm)ƽ Gas leakage detector orsoap-and-water solutionPower Sourceƽ Torque wrench(17mm,22mm,26mm)ƽ Pipe cutterƽ Flaring toolƽ Knifeƽ Measuring tapeƽ Reamerƽ Before inserting power into receptacle, check the voltagewithout fail.ƽ The power supply is the same as the correspondingnameplate.ƽ Install an exclusive branch circuit of the power.ƽ A receptacle shall be set up in a distance where the powercable can be reached.Do not extend the cable by cutting it.Accessory PartsSelection of Installation Placeƽ Place, robust not causing vibration, where the body canbe supported suf¿ciently.ƽ Place, not affected by heat or steam generated in thevicinity, where inlet and outlet of the unit are not disturbed.ƽ Place, possible to drain easily, where piping can beconnected with the outdoor unit.ƽ Place, where cold air can be spread in a room entirely.ƽ Place, nearby a power receptacle, with enough spacearound.ƽ Place where the distance of more than lm fromtelevisions, radios, wireless apparatuses andÀuorescent lamps can be left.ƽIn the case of ¿xing the remote controller on a wall,place where the indoor unit can receive signals when theÀuorescent lamps in the room are lightened.Remote controller (1)Drain hose (1)R-03 dry battery (2)Plastic cap (4)Ø4X25 Screw (4)Mounting plate (1)Air purifying filter(Optional) (1)Selection of PipeFOR 09K 12KFOR 18KDrawing for the installation of indoor unitsThe models adopt HFC free refrigerant R410Amore than 20 cmArrangement of pipingdirectionsAttention must be paid tothe rising up of drain hoseRear leftRearrightLeftRightBelowmore than 10cmmore than 60 cmmore than 10cm5

Indoor Unit InstallationMaking a Hole on the Wall and Fitting the Piping HoleCover13. Coat the Àaring seal face with refrigerant oil and connect pipes.Cover the connection part with heat insulation materials closely,and make sure ¿xing with adhesive tapeƽ Make a hole of 70 mm in diameter, slightly descending to outside thewallƽ Install piping hole cover and seal it off with putty after installationWall holeØ70mmIndoor side(Section of wall hole)2Lid for rightpipingOutdoor sideThickness of wallFix with adhesivetapeG Piping hole pipeInstallation of the Indoor UnitLid for left pipingIndoor/outdoor electric cableHeat insulationmaterialRemoval of Front GrilleDrain hosePipingPipe supportingplateƽ Hold the front panel by the tabs on the both sides and lift it until itstops with a click.ƽ Indoor/outdoor electric cable and drain hose must be bound withefrigerant piping by protecting tape.[ Other direction piping ]ƽLoosen the marked five screws and open the grilleƽ Cut away, with a nipper, the lid for piping according to the pipingdirection and then bend the pipe according to theposition of wallhole. When bending, be careful not to crash pipes.ƽ Connect beforehand the indoor/outdoor electric cable, and thenpull out the connected to the heat insulation of connecting partspecially.Fixing the indoor unit bodyƽ Remove the front panel,then use two fastening screws to fixthe unit on the floor. As the figure shown.ƽ Once refrigerant piping and drain piping connections arecomplete,fill the gap of the through hole with putty.Attach thefront panel and front grille in their orginal positions onceall connections are complete.Drawing of pipe[ Rear piping ]ƽ Draw pipes and the drain hose, then fasten them with the adhesivetape3Connecting the indoor/outdoor Electric Cable[ Left·Left-rear piping ]ƽ In case of left side piping, cut away, with a nipper, the lid for leftpiping.ƽ In case of left-rear piping, bend the pipes according to the pipingdirection to the mark of hole for left-rear piping which is marked onheat insulation materials.1. Insert the drain hose into the dent of heat insulation materials ofindoor unit.2. Insert the indoor/outdoor electric cable from backside of indoorunit, and pull it out on the front side, then connect them.6Removing the wiring coverƽ Remove terminal cover at top right corner of indoor unit,and thentake off wiring cover by removing its screws.

CorrectWhen connecting the cable after installing the indoor unit1. Insert from outside the room cable into left side of the wallhole, in which the pipe has already existed.2. Pull out the cable on the front side, and connect the cablemaking a loop.When connecting the cable before installing the indoor unitƽ Insert the cable from the backƽ Loosen the screws and insertƽƽIncorrectLean6Damage of Àare CrackPartial Too outsideOn Drainageƽ Please install the drain hose so as to be downward slope without fail.ƽ Please don’t do the drainage as shown below.side of the unit, then pull it out on the front side.the cable ends fully into terminal block, thentighten the screws.Pull the cable slightly to make sure the cables have been properly insertedand tightened.After the cable connection, never fail to fasten the connected cable with thewiring cover.Less than5cmIt becomes The end is imm- It waves. The gap with the There is the badhigh midway. ersed in water.ground is too small. smell from a ditchIndoor unitƽ Please pour water in the drain pan of the indoor unit, and con¿rmthat drainage is carried out surely to outdoor.ƽ In case that the attached drain hose is in a room, pleaseapplyheat insulation to it without fail.To Outdoor unit7On DrainageNote:When connecting the cable, con¿rm the terminal number of indoor andoutdoor units carefully. If wiring is not correct, proper operation can notbe carried out and will c

Please read this operation manual before using the air conditioner. Keep this operation manual for future reference. SPLIT TYPE ROOM AIR CONDITIONER OPERATION MANUAL 0010563811 AF09AS1ERA AF12AS1ERA AF18AS1ERA 9 1 2 8 5 Contents Contenido 11 12 15 18 19 Indice 21 22 25 28 29 Table des matières 31 39 32 35 38 PARTS AND FUNCTIONS OPERATION ...