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City of Cambridge, MA 24 Hour Average Daily Traffic CountsStreet/RouteLocationAcorn Park DriveEast of Frontage RoadAcorn Park DriveSouth of Frontage RoadAcorn Park DriveSouth of Route 2510Acorn Park DriveWest of Discovery Parkinternal driveway740Albany StreetSouth of Pacific StreetAlbany StreetWest of MassachusettsAvenueAlewife BrookParkwaySouth of Route 2Alewife BrookParkwayNorth of Cambridge parkDriveAlewife BrookParkwayNorth of CambridgeparkDrive47015Alewife BrookParkwayNorth of Route 236337Alewife BrookParkwayWest Whittemore Ave.Alewife StationAccess RoadEast of Alewife BrookParkway5454Alewife StationAccess RoadSouth of Route 28944Allston StreetWest of Brookline StreetMonday, July 30, e 1 of 161746

Street/RouteLocationAmes StreetBetween Broadway andMain StreetAmes StreetNorth of Memorial DriveAmes StreetSouth of Amherst StreetAmes StreetSouth of Main StreetAmes StreetSouth of Main StreetAmes StreetSouth of Main StreetAmes StreetWest of Third StAmherst StreetEast of Ames StreetArrow StreetSouth of Mass. Ave.2030Auburn StreetWest of Brookline Street860Bay State RoadEast of Birch StreetBeech StreetEast of Massachusetts Ave.Beech StreetEast of MassachusettsAvenueBent StreetWest of First StreetBinney StEast of Cardinal MedeirosAve4710Binney StWest of Fulkerson St4690Binney Street200' West of FulkersonMonday, July 30, 1479611945868199911135884729403475Page 2 of 16

Street/RouteLocationBinney StreetBetween 2nd and 3rd St.12545Binney StreetBetween 5th and 6th Street12597Binney StreetEast of First Street9445Binney StreetEast of Fulkerson Street13323Binney StreetEast of One Kendall garageexit driveway4700Binney StreetEast of One Kendall garageexit drivewayBinney StreetEast of Third StreetBinney StreetWest of Land BoulevardBinney StreetWest of One Kendall garageentrance drivewayBinney StreetWest of Third StreetBlanchard RoadBy the raised device.Brattle StreetEast of Ash StreetBrattle StreetWest of Lexington AvenueBroadwayEast of Midblock ConnectorBroadwayEast of Midblock Connector.BroadwayEast of Moore StBroadwayWest of Hampshire StreetMonday, July 30, 020150215001820019250193001269020500Page 3 of 161845020100

Street/RouteLocationBroadwayWest of Main StreetBroadwayWest of MidBlockConnectorBroadwayWest of MidblockConnector.36700BroadwayWest of Portland (at 201Broadway site)11120BroadwayWest of Prescott StBroadwayWest of Third StreetBroadwayWest of Trowbridge St.Brookford StreetSouth of MassachusettsAvenueBrookline StreetNorth of Henry StreetBrookline StreetSouth of Granite St.Brookline StreetSouth of Putnam AvenueBU BridgeBU BridgeCambridge StreetEast of First StreetCambridge StreetEast of Prescott StreetCambridge StreetWest of First StreetCambridge StreetWest of First StreetCambridge StreetWest of Prescott St.Monday, July 30, 1033961915982145009800960014118Page 4 of 16

971998CambridgeparkDrive100 Cambridgepark DriveSite Driveway849CambridgeparkDrive150 Cambridgepark DriveSite Driveway ‐ East845CambridgeparkDrive150 Cambridgepark DriveSite Driveway ‐ West184CambridgeparkDriveWest of Alewife AccessRoad4475CambridgeparkDriveWest of Alewife BrookParkway/East of AlewifeCameron AvenueEast of FairoaksCameron AvenueEast of MassachusettsAvenueWest of First StreetCharlestownAvenue(Gilmore Bridge) North ofO'Brien HighwayCharlestownAvenueNorth of O'Brien Hwy.Chestnut StreetWest of Brookline StreetColumbia StreetNorth of Bishop Allen Drive200020012002200320042005East of BlanchardConcord AvenueEast of Chauncy StreetConcord AvenueEast of Fawcett StreetMonday, July 30, 0008100208040175355007727385306448Columbus Avenue South of MassachsuetttsAvenueConcord Avenue200612100Cardinal Medeiros North of Binney StAveCharles Street19991190177801390520000Page 5 of 16

Street/RouteLocationConcord AvenueEast of Fawcett StreetConcord AvenueEast of Fresh Pond Parkway(West of Birch St.)Concord AvenueWest of Smith PlaceCottage ParkAvenueSouth of MassachusettsAvenueDay StreetEast of Massachusetts Ave3100182920772406Dewolfe StreetEast of Memorial Drive5375675066064561DeWolfe StreetSouth of Grant StreetDover StreetEast of MassachusettsAvenueEast StreetNorth of O'Brien Hwy.Edmunds StreetSouth of MassachusettsAvenueErie StreetWest of Waverly StreetEverett StreetWest of Oxford StreetFawcett StreetIn front of 70 Fawcett StreetFifth Street100' North of Charles St.948Fifth StreetBetween Bent and CharlesSt.848First Street100' North of Charles St.7039First StreetBetween Rogers andBinney St.5529Monday, July 30, 000260131213082268284634071838Page 6 of 1684168870456259

Street/RouteLocationFirst StreetNorth of Athanaeum StreetFirst StreetNorth of Land BoulevardFirst StreetSouth of Bent StreetFirst StreetSouth of Cambridge St.First StreetSouth of Cambridge StreetFlorence StreetSouth of Pleasant StreetFrancis AvenueNorth of Kirkland StreetFranklin StreetWest of Brookline StreetFresh PondParkwaySouth of Concord AvenueFrontage RoadEast of Lake StreetFrontage RoadWest of Acorn Park 01256897273723962103414505900744084982490Fulkerson StreetNorth of Bent Street4674Fulkerson StreetNorth of Binney Street3700Fulkerson StreetNorth of Rogers Street5283Galileo Galilei Way Between Broadway andMain StreetMonday, July 30, 201220073639Fulkerson St. (one‐ 100' North of Charles St.way)Galileo Galilei Way North of Main Street20061340012339Page 7 of 1624492342

Street/RouteLocationGarden StreetEast of Chauncy St.Gore StreetCity LineGore StreetWest of Seventh StreetGranite StreetWest of Brookline StreetGreen StreetWest of Pearl Street4915Hamilton StreetWest of Brookline Street795Hammond StreetEast of Oxford StreetHampshire StreetNorth of Cambridge StreetHampshire StreetWest of Webster St.Harvard StreetWest of Prescott St.Henry StreetEast of Brookline StreetHingham StreetWest of Banks StreetHurley StreetWest of First StreetHuron AvenueEast of Grove Street10595Huron AvenueWest of Larch Rd.10371J.F.K. StreetNorth of Memorial Drive24639Kirkland StreetEast of Myrtle Avenue14342Monday, July 30, 2597040420164077814837924612842000Page 8 of 16

Street/RouteLocationKirkland StreetEast of Oxford Street6773Kirkland StreetEast of Quincy Street10170Kirkland StreetWest of Sumner RoadLand BoulevardAt O'Brien HighwayLand BoulevardSouth of Binney StreetLand BoulevardSouth of O'Brien Hwy.LandsdowneStreetNorth of Pilgrim StreetLinskey WayEast of Second StreetLinskey WayEast of Third StreetMagazine StreetNorth of Memorial DriveMagazine StreetSouth of Putnam AvenueMagoun StreetSouth of MassachusettsAvenueMain StreetBetween Portland St. &Osborn St.Main StreetBetween Vassar and AmesStreetMain StreetBetween Vassar Street andAmes StreetMain StreetEast of Tech SquareDriveway No. 3.Main StreetEast of Wadsworth StreetMonday, July 30, 62986848200115004706Page 9 of 167597

Street/RouteLocationMain StreetNear MBTA station(Eastbound only for MainMain StreetWest of Ames Street andMidblock ConnectorMain StreetWest of Memorial DriveMason StreetEast of Brattle St.Mass. AvenueNorth of Roseland Street17613Mass. AvenueNorth of Upland Road21188MassachusettsAvenueEast of Arrow StreetMassachusettsAvenueEast of Bow St.11440MassachusettsAvenueEast of Sidney Street19440MassachusettsAvenueNorth of Davenport53931MassachusettsAvenueNorth of Memorial DriveMassachusettsAvenueNorth/West of AlbanyStreetMassachusettsAvenueNorthwest of MemorialDriveMassachusettsAvenueSouth of Chauncy St.28898MassachusettsAvenueSouth of Upland Road29562MassachusettsAvenueSouth or East of MagounStreetMcGrath O'BrienHighwayat Twin City PlazaMonday, July 30, 54327200293471873634371Page 10 of 16

9719981999Memorial DriveNorth of Hingham StreetMemorial DriveNorth of Pleasant StreetMemorial DriveSouth of Mt. Auburn StreetMemorial DriveSouth of Pleasant Street38255MidblockConnectorBetween Main St. andBroadway6566Mount AuburnStreetEast of Dewolfe St.11728Mount AuburnStreetEast of Hawthorne St.8773Mt. Auburn Stat Athens 7621417213042211112050Mt. Auburn Street West of Trail StreetO'Brien HighwayEast of Industrial WayO'Brien HighwayEast of Land Blvd.O'Brien HighwayWest of Cambridge StreetO'Brien HighwayWest of Land Blvd.Monday, July 30, 2012200835596Mt. Auburn Street West of Eliot StreetMt. Auburn Street West of Trail Street200726245Mt. Auburn Street East of Hawthorne StreetMt. Auburn Street West of Homer Ave.20061131039700452703240037032Page 11 of 16200920102011

Street/RouteLocationO'Brien HighwayWest of Land Boulevard.O'Brien HighwayWest of Water StreetOsborn StreetSouth of State StreetOxford StreetNorth of Forest StreetOxford StreetSouth of Everett Street7123Oxford StreetSouth of Hammond Street6806Oxford StreetSouth of Sacramento Street6576Pacific StreetWest of Landsdowne StreetPearl StreetBetween McTernan Streetand Erie StreetPearl StreetNorth of Putnam AvenuePleasant StreetNorth or East of ChestnutStreetPleasant StreetNorth or East of FlorenceStreetPleasant StreetNorth or East of MemorialDrive1191Pleasant StreetNorth or East of PutnamAvenue812Pleasant StreetSouth or West of FlorenceSt.895Plympton StreetEast of Memorial DrivePortland StreetBetween Main St. & AlbanySt.Monday, July 30, 4Page 12 of 16

Street/RouteLocationPortland StreetSouth of Tech SquareDriveway No. 3Prospect StreetNorth of Cambridge StreetPutnam AvenueNorth of Pleasant StreetPutnam AvenueSouth of Green StreetPutnam AvenueSouth of Pleasant StreetPutnam AvenueWest of Brookline StreetPutnam AvenueWest of Sidney StreetQuincy StreetNorth of Cambridge StreetRindge AveEast of Alewife BrookParkwayRindge AvenueEast of Alewife BrookParkwayRindge AvenueEast of Alewife Brook PkwyRiver StreetEast of Memorial DriveRogers StreetWest of First StreetRoseland StreetEast of Mass. AvenueRoute 2Exit ramp, east of AcornPark DriveRoute 2West of Alewife BrookParkway57940Route 2West of Alewife BrookParkway58315Monday, July 30, 830401511100Page 13 of 1653367

Street/RouteLocationRoute 2West of Alewife BrookParkwayRoute 2West of Alewife Brook PkwyRussell StreetEast of Mass. 3521920175662600464754892155675617243290Sacramento Street West of Oxford Street1041Sciarappa Street100' North of Charles St.Scott StreetWest of BryantSecond Street100' North of Charles St.1929Second StreetBetween Rogers andBinney St.2022Second StreetNorth of Otis StreetSecond StreetSouth of Charles StreetSidney StreetNorth of Pacific StreetSidney StreetNorth of Putnam Ave.Sidney StreetSouth of Putnam AvenueSixth Street100' North of Charles St.2619Sixth StreetBetween Bent and CharlesSt.2026Sixth StreetNorth of Bent Street2190Sixth StreetNorth of Binney Street2450Monday, July 30, ge 14 of 16324826292475

Street/RouteLocationSixth StreetSouth of Charles StreetSomerville Avenue East of White 317053North of Cambridge StreetState StreetWest of Osborn StreetT Access Road(Alewife)North of Egress Rd.10266T Egress Road(Alewife)North of Alewife Center Dr.5932Third Street100' North of Charles St.8009Third StreetBetween Binney andLinskey Way8534Third StreetBetween Rogers andBinney St.8880Third StreetNorth of BroadwayThird StreetNorth of Charles StreetThird StreetSouth of Cambridge StreetThird StreetSouth of Linskey WayThird StreetSouth of O'Brien 011550106009200Upland RoadWest of MassachusettsAvenueMonday, July 30, 8532128451419214184Trowbridge Street North of Massachusetts(one‐way NB)AvenueSouth of MassachusettsAvenue20113045Springfield StreetTyler Court201035003635507Page 15 of 16

971998Vassar StreetSouthwest of Main StreetVassar StreetSouthwest ofMassachusetts AvenueVassar StreetWest or South of MainStreetVasser StreetNorth of Memorial Drive2601469761695677Wadsworth Street North of Memorial 501130010400Wadsworth Street South of Main Street2412Warren StreetNorth of Cambridge St.Water StreetNorth of O'Brien Highway680Waverly StreetEast of Brookline Street5828Waverly StreetSouth of Erie StreetWebster AvenueNorth of Cambridge StreetWendall StreetWest of Oxford StreetWestern AvenueEast of Memorial DriveWestern AvenueWest of Blackstone StreetWhittemoreAvenueWest of Madison Avenue1027Windsor StreetNorth of School Street4830Windsor StreetSouth of State Street3899Monday, July 30, 79812353174391603219416Page 16 of 16

Cambridgepark Drive 100 Cambridgepark Drive Site Driveway 849 Cambridgepark Drive 150 Cambridgepark Drive Site Driveway ‐ East 845 Cambridgepark Drive 150 Cambridgepark Drive Site Driveway ‐ West 184 Cambridgepark Drive West of Alewife Access Road 4475 3634 Cambridgepark Drive West of Alewife Brook Parkway/East of Alewife

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