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BIDDER’S SUBMITTAL CHECK LISTThis checklist identifies items to be included with your submittal. Any submittal received withoutthese required items may be considered nonresponsive and may not be considered for award.Submittals must be received by the City of Tacoma Procurement and Payables Division by thedate and time specified in the Request for Bids page.The following items make up your bid proposal:One original hard copy or electronic copy in either Word or PDF format, arranged inthe sequence listed in the bidder’s checklist.Signature PageBid Proposal SheetAfter award, the following documents will be executed:Contract

City of TacomaPolice DepartmentREQUEST FOR BIDS PD20-0029NMercury Outboard Motor ReplacementSubmittal Deadline: 11:00 a.m., Pacific Time, Friday, February 28, 2020Submittal Delivery:By Carrier:City of Tacoma Procurement & Payables DivisionTacoma Public Utilities3628 S 35th StreetTacoma, WA 98409By Mail:City of Tacoma Procurement & Payables DivisionTacoma Public UtilitiesPO Box 11007Tacoma, WA 98411-0007In Person:City of Tacoma Procurement & Payables DivisionTacoma Public Utilities Lobby Security DeskAdministration Building North – Main Floor3628 S 35th StreetTacoma, WA 98409Note: This is a change in location for in-persondeliveries.By Email:sendbid@cityoftacoma.orgSubmittal Opening: Submittals in response to a Request for Bids will be opened by a Purchasingrepresentative. Final results are posted to the website as they become available.Solicitation Documents: An electronic copy of the complete solicitation documents may beviewed and obtained by accessing the City of Tacoma Purchasing website Register for the Bid Holders List to receive notices of addenda, questions and answers andrelated updates.Click here to see a list of vendors registered for this solicitation.Pre-Bid Meeting: A pre-proposal meeting will not be held.Project Scope: The City of Tacoma seeks bids from qualified vendors to furnish and install 1new black Mercury 300 XXL Verado Outboard motor and 1 new black Mercury 300 CXXLVerado Outboard motor. Motors will be installed on City owned and operated 31’ Safe Boat. NoSubstitutions.Requirements: The Repair Facility must be within 15 miles of City’s Fleet Garage (3701 South Pine Street,Tacoma WA 98409) for City Personnel to pick up and deliver. Bidders outside the area upto a 50 mile radius must pick-up and drop-off the Boat and are required to have InlandMarine Insurance in addition to the insurance requirements listed in the bid. Motor installation must be complete within 20 days of arrival at repair facility.Estimate: 35,000.00 plus applicable sales taxPaid Leave and Minimum Wage: Effective February 1, 2016, the City of Tacoma requires allemployers to provide paid leave and minimum wages, as set forth in Title 18 of the TacomaMunicipal Code. For more information visit with Disabilities Act (ADA Information: The City of Tacoma, in accordance withSection 504 of the Rehabilitation Act (Section 504) and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA),commits to nondiscrimination on the basis of disability, in all of its programs and activities.Specification materials can be made available in an alternate format by emailing Gail Himes, or by calling her collect at 253-591-5785.The following is applicable to Federal Aid Projects: The City of Tacoma in accordance withTitle VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, 78 Stat. 252, 42 U.S.C. 2000d to 2000d-4 and Title 49,Form No. SPEC-040CRevised: 01/31/2020

Code of Federal Regulations, Department of Transportation, subtitle A, Office of the Secretary, part21, nondiscrimination in federally assisted programs of the Department of Transportation issuedpursuant to such Act, hereby notifies all bidders that it will affirmatively insure that in any contractentered into pursuant to this advertisement, disadvantaged business enterprises as defined at 49CFR, part 26, will be afforded full opportunity to submit bids in response to this invitation and willnot be discriminated against on the grounds of race, color, national origin, or sex in considerationfor an award.Additional Information: Requests for information regarding the specifications may be obtained bycontacting Dawn DeJarlais, Buyer by email to Policy: City of Tacoma protest policy, located at, specifiesprocedures for protests submitted prior to and after submittal deadline.Meeting sites are accessible to persons with disabilities. Reasonable accommodations for persons withdisabilities can be arranged with 48 hours advance notice by calling 253-502-8468.Form No. SPEC-040CRevised: 01/31/2020

CITY OF TACOMASPECIFICATION FORMERCURY 300 OUTBOARD MOTOR REPLACEMENTScopeThe City of Tacoma seeks bids from qualified vendors to provide and install 1 Mercury300 XXL Verado Outboard Boat Motor and 1 Mercury 300 CXXL Verado Outboard BoatMotor. Motors will be installed a City owned and operated 31’ Safe Boat.Mercury 300 Engine SpecificationsManufacture Specifications – 300HP / kWEngine typeMidSectionDisplacement (CID/CC)Displacement (L)Cylinder ConfigurationFull throttle RPMAir inductionFuel induction systemAlternator amp / WattRecommended fuelRecommended oilEngine protection operatorwarning systemCompatible with SmartCraftdigital technologyStartingControlsSteeringShaft lengthGearcase ratioDry weight *Lightestmodel availableCARB star ratingBore and strokeIgnition300 / 224V8Conventional MidSection279 CID6LV-8 [64 degree] with Dual Overhead Cam [DOHC] and 32valves5200-6000Performance-Tuned Long-Runner Intake ManifoldElectronic Fuel Injection (EFI) Computer Controlled withAdvanced Range Optimization85-amp (1071 Watt) with Idle ChargeUnleaded Regular 87 Octane Minimum (R M/2) or 90RON 10% Ethanol MaximumNMMA Certified FCW SAE 10W-30SmartCraft Engine GuardianYesElectric Start with SmartStart ProtectionRemote Mechanical or Digital Throttle & Shift (DTS)Hydraulic (standard)/Power (optional)20" / 508 mm25" / 635 mm1.75:1527 lbs / 239 kgs33.6 in x 3.4 in / 92 mm x 86 mmSmartCraft PCM 112 Digital Inductive1

Cooling systemGear shiftGearcase optionsTrim systemExhaust systemCounter RotationColorLubrication systemOil CapacityMaximum Trim RangeMaximum Tilt RangeWater-cooled with thermostatF-N-R5.44"Power trim and tiltthrough propAvailablePhantom BlackIntegrated wet sump7.0 Quarts / 6.6 Liters20 (-6 to 14 )73 (-6 to 67 )The existing outboard motors currently installed on the boat are older V-6, Mercury 300’sand were purchased new approximately 8 years ago2

SIGNATURE PAGECITY OF TACOMAPolice DepartmentAll submittals must be in ink or typewritten and must be executed by a duly authorized officer orrepresentative of the bidding/proposing entity. If the bidder/proposer is a subsidiary or doing business onbehalf of another entity, so state, and provide the firm name under which business is hereby transacted.Submittals will be received and time stamped only at the City of Tacoma Procurement & Payables Division,located in the Tacoma Public Utilities Administration Building North, 4th Floor, at 3628 South 35th Street,Tacoma, WA 98409. See the Request for Bids page near the beginning of the specification foradditional details.REQUEST FOR BIDS SPECIFICATION NO. PD20-0029NMercury Outboard Motor ReplacementThe undersigned bidder/proposer hereby agrees to execute the proposed contract and furnish allmaterials, labor, tools, equipment and all other facilities and services in accordance with thesespecifications.The bidder/proposer agrees, by submitting a bid/proposal under these specifications, that in the eventany litigation should arise concerning the submission of bids/proposals or the award of contract underthis specification, Request for Bids, Request for Proposals or Request for Qualifications, the venue ofsuch action or litigation shall be in the Superior Court of the State of Washington, in and for the Countyof Pierce.Non-Collusion DeclarationThe undersigned bidder/proposer hereby certifies under penalty of perjury that this bid/proposal isgenuine and not a sham or collusive bid/proposal, or made in the interests or on behalf of any person orentity not herein named; and that said bidder/proposer has not directly or indirectly induced or solicitedany contractor or supplier on the above work to put in a sham bid/proposal or any person or entity torefrain from submitting a bid/proposal; and that said bidder/proposer has not, in any manner, sought bycollusion to secure to itself an advantage over any other contractor(s) or person(s).Bidder/Proposer’s Registered NameAddressSignature of Person Authorized to Enterinto Contracts for Bidder/ProposerDatePrinted Name and TitleCity, State, ZipE-Mail AddressE.I.No. / Federal Social Security Number Used on QuarterlyFederal Tax Return, U.S. Treasury Dept. Form 941(Area Code) Telephone Number / Fax NumberState Business License Numberin WA, also known as UBI (Unified Business Identifier) NumberState Contractor’s License Number(See Ch. 18.27, R.C.W.)Addendum acknowledgement #1 #2 #3 #4 #5THIS PAGE MUST BE SIGNED AND RETURNED WITH SUBMITTAL.Form No. SPEC-080ARevised: 06/27/18

----City of TacomaMercury Outboard Motor ReplacementBID PROPOSAL SHEETSpecification No. PD20-0029NBidder agrees to furnish the following FOB, City of Tacoma, Fleet Garage, 3701 South Pine StreetTacoma, WA 98409 freight prepaid and allowed.Section 1 – Bid SummaryEnter the cost per (Unit Price) for each item below. The unit price and total cost must be shown in thespaced provided. Total cost shall be determined by multiplying the unit price by the estimated quantity(Quantity). Unit costs shall be all-inclusive and available for 120-days beyond the opening date.Vendor:Bid Summary:ItemDescriptionQuantityUnit PriceTotal Cost1Mercury 300 XXL Verado1 2Mercury 300 CXXL Verado1 3Installation1 4Ancilliary Costs1 Sub Total Sub Total 5Trade In Value1Sales Tax (10.2%)Total Cost Successful supplier can deliver materials within days after receipt of purchase order.NOTE: Late penalty provisions shall apply as detailed within this specification.Prompt payment discount %, days, net 30.Payment discount periods of 20-calendars days or more may be considered in determining lowest responsible bid.Supplier agrees to furnish the City with a warranty against defects in material and workmanship, undernormal use and service for a period of months.Warranty periods of more than 12-months may be considered in determining lowest responsible bid.Bid Proposal SheetRFB PD20-0029N

----City of TacomaMercury Outboard Motor ReplacementSustainabilityThe City has an interest in sustainable operations with minimal adverse impact on the environment. TheCity seeks to do business with vendors that value community and environmental stewardship that helpus meet our sustainable purchasing goals.1. Please describe how you have incorporated sustainability into your everyday business practices?2. Please describe how you have taken measures to minimize impacts to the environment in thedelivery of the proposed services?Bid Proposal SheetRFB PD20-0029N

PD20-0029N CITY OF TACOMAINSURANCE REQUIREMENTS FOR CONTRACTSThe Contractor (Contractor) shall maintain at least the minimum insurance set forth below. By requiringsuch minimum insurance, the City of Tacoma shall not be deemed or construed to have assessed therisk that may be applicable to Contractor under this Contract. Contractor shall assess its own risks and, ifit deems appropriate and/or prudent, maintain greater limits and/or broader coverage.1.GENERAL REQUIREMENTSThe following General Requirements apply to Contractor and to Subcontractor(s) of every tierperforming services and/or activities pursuant to the terms of this Contract. Contractor acknowledgesand agrees to the following insurance requirements applicable to Contractor and Contractor’sSubcontractor(s):1.1. City of Tacoma reserves the right to approve or reject the insurance provided based uponthe insurer, terms and coverage, the Certificate of Insurance, and/or endorsements.1.2. Contractor shall not begin work under the Contract until the required insurance has beenobtained and approved by City of Tacoma.1.3. Contractor shall keep this insurance in force during the entire term of the Contract and forThirty (30) calendar days after completion of all work required by the Contract, unlessotherwise provided herein.1.4. Insurance policies required under this Contract that name “City of Tacoma” as AdditionalInsured shall:1.4.1. Be considered primary and non-contributory for all claims.1.4.2. Contain a “Separation of Insured provision and a “Waiver of Subrogation” clause infavor of City of Tacoma.1.5. Section 1.4 above does not apply to contracts for purchasing supplies only.1.6. Verification of coverage shall include:1.6.1. An ACORD certificate or equivalent.1.6.2. Copies of all endorsements naming the City of Tacoma as additional insured andshowing the policy number.1.6.3. A notation of coverage enhancements on the Certificate of Insurance shall notsatisfy these requirements – actual endorsements must be submitted.1.7. Liability insurance policies, with the exception of Professional Liability and Workers’Compensation, shall name the City of Tacoma and its officers, elected officials,employees, agents, and authorized volunteers as additional insured.1.7.1. No specific person or department should be identified as the additional insured.1.7.2. All references on certificates of insurance and endorsements shall be listed as “Cityof Tacoma”.1.7.3. The City of Tacoma shall be additional insured for both ongoing and completedoperations using Insurance Services Office (ISO) form CG 20 10 04 13 and CG 20Insurance RequirementsTemplate Revised 10/3/2019Spec/Contract Number: PD20-0029NPage 1 of 4

PD20-0029N CITY OF TACOMAINSURANCE REQUIREMENTS FOR CONTRACTS37 04 13 or the equivalent for the full available limits of liability maintained by theContractor irrespective of whether such limits maintained by the Contractor aregreater than those required by this Contract and irrespective of whether theCertificate of Insurance describes limits lower than those maintained by theContractor.1.8. Contractor shall provide a Certificate of Insurance for each policy of insurance meeting therequirements set forth herein when Contractor provides the signed Contract for the work toCity of Tacoma. Contractor shall provide copies of any applicable Additional Insured,Waiver of Subrogation, and Primary and Non-contributory endorsements. Contract orPermit number and the City Department must be shown on the Certificate of Insurance.1.9. Insurance limits shown below may be written with an excess policy that follows the form ofan underlying primary liability policy or an excess policy providing the required limit.1.10. Liability insurance policies shall be written on an “occurrence” form, except for ProfessionalLiability/Errors and Omissions, Pollution Liability, and Cyber/Privacy and Security1.11. If coverage is approved and purchased on a “Claims-Made” basis, Contractor warrantscontinuation of coverage, either through policy renewals or by the purchase of an extendedreporting period endorsement as set forth below.1.12. The insurance must be written by companies licensed or authorized in the State of Washingtonpursuant to RCW 48 with an (A-) VII or higher in the A.M. Best's Key Rating Contractor shall provide City of Tacoma notice of any cancellation or non-renewal of thisrequired insurance within Thirty (30) calendar days.1.14. Contractor shall not allow any insurance to be cancelled or lapse during any term of thisContract, otherwise it shall constitute a material breach of the Contract, upon which City ofTacoma may, after giving Five (5) business day notice to Contractor to correct the breach,immediately terminate the Contract or, at its discretion, procure or renew such insurance and payany and all premiums in connection therewith; with any sums so expended to be repaid to City ofTacoma by Contractor upon demand, or at the sole discretion of City of Tacoma, offset againstfunds due Contractor from City of Tacoma.1.15. Contractor shall be responsible for the payment of all premiums, deductibles and self-insuredretentions, and shall indemnify and hold the City of Tacoma harmless to the extent such adeductible or self-insured retained limit may apply to the City of Tacoma as an additional insured.Any deductible or self-insured retained limits in excess of Twenty Five Thousand Dollars( 25,000) must be disclosed and approved by City of Tacoma Risk Manager and shown on theCertificate of Insurance.1.16. City of Tacoma reserves the right to review insurance requirements during any term of theContract and to require that Contractor make reasonable adjustments when the scope ofservices has changed.Insurance RequirementsTemplate Revised 10/3/2019Spec/Contract Number: PD20-0029NPage 2 of 4

PD20-0029N CITY OF TACOMAINSURANCE REQUIREMENTS FOR CONTRACTS1.17. All costs for insurance shall be incidental to and included in the unit or lump sum prices of theContract and no additional payment will be made by City of Tacoma to Contractor.1.18. Insurance coverages specified in this Contract are not intended and will not be interpreted to limitthe responsibility or liability of Contractor or Subcontractor(s).1.19. Failure by City of Tacoma to identify a deficiency in the insurance documentation provided byContractor or failure of City of Tacoma to demand verification of coverage or compliance byContractor with these insurance requirements shall not be construed as a waiver of Contractor’sobligation to maintain such insurance.1.20. If Contractor is a State of Washington or local government and is self-insured for any of theabove insurance requirements, a certification of self-insurance shall be attached hereto and beincorporated by reference and shall constitute compliance with this Section.2. CONTRACTORAs used herein, "Contractor" shall be the Supplier(s) entering a Contract with City of Tacoma,whether designated as a Supplier, Contractor, Vendor, Proposer, Bidder, Respondent, Seller,Merchant, Service Provider, or otherwise.3. SUBCONTRACTORSIt is Contractor's responsibility to ensure that each subcontractor obtain and maintainadequate liability insurance coverage. Contractor shall provide evidence of such insuranceupon City of Tacoma’s request.4. REQUIRED INSURANCE AND LIMITSThe insurance policies shall provide the minimum coverages and limits set forth below. Providingcoverage in these stated minimum limits shall not be construed to relieve Contractor from liability inexcess of such limits.4.1 Commercial General Liability InsuranceContractor shall maintain Commercial General Liability Insurance policy with limits not less thanOne Million Dollars ( 1,000,000) each occurrence and Two Million Dollars ( 2,000,000) annualaggregate. The Commercial General Liability Insurance policy shall be written on an InsuranceServices Office form CG 00 01 04 13 or its equivalent. Products and Completed Operations shallbe maintained for a period of three years following Substantial Completion of the Work related toperforming construction services.This policy shall include product liability especially when a Contract solely is for purchasingsupplies. The Commercial General Liability policy shall be endorsed to include:4.1.1 A per project aggregate policy limit, using ISO form CG 25 03 05 09 or an equivalentendorsement.4.2 Workers' Compensation4.2.1 Contractor shall comply with Workers’ Compensation coverage as required by theIndustrial Insurance laws of the State of Washington, as well as any other similar coveragerequired for this work by applicable federal laws of other states. The Contractor mustcomply with their domicile State Industrial Insurance laws if it is outside the State ofInsurance RequirementsTemplate Revised 10/3/2019Spec/Contract Number: PD20-0029NPage 3 of 4

PD20-0029N CITY OF TACOMAINSURANCE REQUIREMENTS FOR CONTRACTSWashington.4.3 Employers’ Liability InsuranceContractor shall maintain Employers’ Liability coverage with limits not less than One MillionDollars ( 1,000,000) each employee, One Million Dollars ( 1,000,000) each accident, and OneMillion Dollars ( 1,000,000) policy limit.4.4 Commercial Property InsuranceContractor shall provide Commercial Property Insurance for loss or damage to any and allequipment owned by City of Tacoma while in the care, custody, or control of Contractor,Subcontractors, or their agents. The coverage shall be provided on an ISO Special FormCauses of Loss CP10 30 06 07 or equivalent and shall provide full replacement cost coverage.The deductible shall not exceed Two Thousand Five Hundred Dollars ( 2,500). Contractor shallbe responsible for paying the deductible for the applicable coverage.4.5 Garage Keepers Legal Liability InsuranceContractor shall provide Garage Keepers Legal Liability Insurance, including physical damagecoverage (section III, ISO policy form CA 00 05 03 10 or a more recent form) for all vehiclesand/or equipment owned by City of Tacoma while in the care, custody, or control of Contractor. Aminimum policy limit shall be the maximum value including special equipment of City of Tacomaowned vehicles in the care, custody, or control of Contractor at any one time. The deductibleshall not exceed Two Thousand Five Hundred Dollars ( 2,500). Contractor shall be responsiblefor paying the deductible for the applicable coverage.4.6 Other InsuranceOther insurance may be deemed appropriate to cover risks and exposures related to the scopeof work or changes to the scope of work required by City of Tacoma. The costs of suchnecessary and appropriate Insurance coverage shall be borne by Contractor.Insurance RequirementsTemplate Revised 10/3/2019Spec/Contract Number: PD20-0029NPage 4 of 4

CONTRACTResolution No.Contract No., (“Effective Date”) byThis Contract is made and entered into effective thisday of Choose an item. 20and between the City of Tacoma, a Municipal Corporation of the State of Washington (“City”), and(“Contractor”).That in consideration of the mutual promises and obligations hereinafter set forth the Parties hereto agree as follows:I.Contractor shall fully execute and diligently and completely perform all work and provide all services anddeliverables described herein and in the items listed below each of which are fully incorporated herein andwhich collectively are referred to as “Contract Documents”:e1. Specification No.andtogether with all authorized addenda.2. Contractor’s submittal (or specifically described portions thereof) datedsubmitted inresponse to Specification No.and.3. Describe with specific detail and list separately any other documents that will make up thecontract (fee schedule, work schedule, authorized personnel etc.) or any other additional itemsmutually intended to be binding upon the parties.mplRemove this paragraph and #1 and #2 if there are no additional attachments to the contract (attachmentswould be things other than a specific, contract, or bonds).In the event of a conflict or inconsistency between the terms and conditions contained in this document entitledContract and any terms and conditions contained the above referenced Contract Documents the followingorder of precedence applies with the first listed item being the most controlling and the last listed item the leastcontrolling:1. Contract2. List remaining Contract Documents in applicable controlling order.The total price to be paid by City for Contracts full and complete performance hereunder may not exceed:, plus applicable sales tax.III.Contractor agrees to accept as full payment hereunder the amounts specified herein and in ContractDocuments, and the City agrees to make payments at the times and in the manner and upon the terms andconditions specified. Except as may be otherwise provided herein or in Contract Documents Contractor shallprovide and bear the expense of all equipment, work and labor of any sort whatsoever that may be required forthe transfer of materials and for constructing and completing the work and providing the services anddeliverables required by this Contract.SaII.IV.Contractor acknowledges, and by signing this Contract agrees, that the Indemnification provisions set forth inthe controlling Contract Documents, including the Industrial Insurance immunity waiver (if applicable), aretotally and fully part of this Contract and, within the context of the competitive bidding laws, have beenmutually negotiated by the Parties hereto.V.Contractor and for its heirs, executors, administrators, successors, and assigns, does hereby agree to the fullperformance of all the requirements contained herein and in Contract Documents.VI.It is further provided that no liability shall attach to City by reason of entering into this Contract, except asexpressly provided herein.IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the Parties hereto have accepted and executed, as of the Effective Date stated above,which shall be Effective Date for bonding purposes as applicable.CITY OF TACOMA:By:CONTRACTOR:By:Enter title of dept or div staff w/auth to sign for this amtSignatureBy:Choose an item.Form No. SPEC-120APrinted NameRevised: 06/28/2018

By:Director of FinanceTitleAPPROVED AS TO FORM:By:SampleCity AttorneyForm No. SPEC-120ARevised: 06/28/2018

CITY OF TACOMASTANDARD TERMS AND CONDITIONSGOVERNS BOTH GOODS AND SERVICES AS APPLICABLEIn the event of an award by the City, these Terms and Conditions stated herein, Additional Contract Documents ifissued, Solicitation if issued, Purchase Orders if issued by City, and Supplier's Submittal, if provided, shall constitutethe Contract between City and Supplier for the acquisition of goods, including materials, supplies, and equipment orfor the provision of services and deliverables.Said documents represent the entire Contract between the parties and supersede any prior oral statements,discussions, or understandings between the parties, and/or subsequent Supplier invoices. No modification of theContract shall be effective unless mutually agreed in writing.The specific terms and conditions of any Solicitation (Specification, Request for Bids, Request for Proposals,Requests for Qualifications, Requests for Quotations, Request for Information, bid documents, request to enter intonegotiations, or other form of solicitation issued by City, including any general, special, or technical provisionsassociated with such Solicitations) are incorporated herein by reference and supersede these Terms and Conditionswhere there is conflict or inconsistency.In the event Additional Contract Documents are negotiated and agreed to in writing between Supplier and City, thespecific terms of such Additional Contract Documents are incorporated herein by reference and supersede all otherterms and conditions where there is conflict or inconsistency.These Terms and Conditions, Additional Contract Documents if issued, Solicitation if issued, City purchase order ifissued, are controlling over Supplier’s Submittal if a Submittal is provided. Submittals if provided are incorporatedherein by reference.1.01SUPPLIER / CONTRACTORAs used herein, “Supplier” or "Contractor" shall be the Supplier(s) entering a Contract with City, whetherdesignated as a Supplier, Contractor, Vendor, Proposer, Bidder, Respondent, Seller, Merchant, ServiceProvider, or otherwise.1.02SUBMITTALSubmittal means Bids, Proposals, Quotes, Qualifications or other information, content, records ordocuments submitted in response to a City Solicitation.1.03FORMS OF SUBMITTALUnless stated otherwise, all submittals must be in SAP Ariba and submitted exactly as specified or directed,and all required forms must be used.1.04COSTS TO PREPARE SUBMITTALThe City is not liable for any costs incurred by Supplier for the preparation of materials or a Submittalprovided in response to a solicitation, conducting presentations to the City, or any other activities related toresponding to the City’s Solicitation.1.05LICENSES/PERMITSA.Suppliers, if applicable, must have a Washington state business license at the time of Submittal andthroughout the term of the Contract. Failure to include a Washington state business license may begrounds for rejection of the Submittal or cancellation of contract award. Information regardingWashington state business licenses may be obtained at award, it is the responsibility of the Supplier to register with the City of Tacoma's Tax and LicenseDivision, 733 South Market Street, Room 21, Tacoma, WA 98402-3768, nt/city departments/finance/tax and license/. Supplier shallobtain a business license as is required by Tacoma Municipal Code Subtitle 6C.20.C.During the term of the Contract, Supplier, at its expense, shall obtain and keep in force any and allnecessary licenses and permits.Standard Terms & Conditions, Form No. SPEC-190ARev.: 10/06/2018Page 1 of 14

1.061.07PUBLIC DISCLOSURE: PROPRIETARY OR CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATIONA.Supplier Submittals, all documents and records comprising the Contract, and all other documents andrecords provided to the City by Supplier are deemed public records subject to disclosure under theWashington State Public Records Act, Chapter 42.56 RCW (Public Records Act). Thus, City may berequired, upon request, to disclose the Contract and documents or records related to it unless anexemption under the Public Records Act or other laws applies. In the event CITY receives a request forsuch disclosure, determines in its legal judgment that no applicable exemption to disclosure applies,and Supplier has complied with the requirements to ma

MERCURY 300 OUTBOARD MOTOR REPLACEMENT. Scope The City of Tacoma seeks bids from qualified vendors to provide and install 1 Mercury 300 XXL Verado Outboard Boat Motor and 1 Mercury 300 CXXL Verado Outboard Boat Motor. Motors will be installed a City owned and operated 31' Safe Boat. Mercury 300 Engine Specifications

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Replaces: Mercury 14586A3 Fits: 6-25 HP 2-Stroke NEW! OUTBOARD COOLING SYSTEM PARTS See page 73-74 for applications charts. 73 OUTBOARD THERMOSTAT APPLCIATIONS HP Years Part # . V6 Excel 1987-89 9-43035 OUTBOARD COOLING SYSTEM PARTS MERCURY YAMAHA. 75 9-45000 Impeller Replaces: Force 47-F462065 Fits: 20/30/35 9-45001 9-45001-10 (Bulk Pkg 10)

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Many community courts handle criminal cases only, but others are experimenting with a broader range of matters, including juvenile delinquency and housing code violations. Some community courts were initiated by courts, and some have been championed by a district attorney. These differences reflect a central aspect of community courts: they focus on neighborhoods and are designed to respond to .