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Proposal to Conduct Inter IIT Case Study Competition by Entrepreneurship Cell, IIT Kanpur Contents Proposal to Conduct Inter IIT Case Study Competition Aim Course of Action Proposed Dates Year 2013 Upcoming Years Proposed Competitions IIT agreed to be a part of this competition: Finance and Logistics: Cost when not hosting: Cost when Hosting the event: Accommodation 1 Page

Aim Entrepreneurship brings a ray of hope anywhere and is universally recognized as a key element in the development process. Amongst other things it promises, economic and professional freedom, self-reliance and development to entrepreneur's and connected families, prompting associations, governments and other bodies to encourage entrepreneurship. Especially an entrepreneur in a developing country is a person who shows creativity and ability in bring available resources by gathering people who add value to this resource and making it available to those who will pay for it. This ensures that a business exists which will provide an income, which would sustain not just the business, but also the families of the entrepreneur, the people who are working with the entrepreneur and all those involved with the enterprises like venders, partners, and suppliers etc. With an aim to foster a spirit of entrepreneurship and innovation among the students and to tackle the present day problems much more effectively E-Cell IIT Kanpur proposes to host the second edition of Inter IIT Case Study Competition with innovation being the central theme. 2 Page

Course of Action The proposal if passed by the student senate after thorough discussion would be forwarded to the Director, IIT Kanpur for approval and then Entrepreneurship Cell, IIT Kanpur would agree to be the founding member of this noble initiative. Proposed Dates Year 2013 The competition will officially begin from the last week of March hosted by IIT Kharagpur taking care of all the logistics. Upcoming Years The event is planned to be conducted in the month of March every year with the host IIT being selected on a rotational basis. 3 Page

Proposed Competitions The problem statement of the case study will be related to a present-day problem being faced by the Indian industry/society at large. It will aspire to generate new entrepreneurial ideas from students of the top most colleges (IITs) in India. The hosting of the competition will be on a roll-over basis, depends on mutual understanding. The Competition will be conducted in two rounds In the First Round a common problem statement(PS) will be launched which will be sent to all the IITs participating in the Inter IIT Comp. Selection criteria for the final round will be made public at the time of release of PS for Round 1. Each IIT will select a maximum of 2 teams for the final round (team size of maximum 4 members) while the host college reserves the right to field an extra team for the finals. All the entries for the finals should be handed over to the host college atleast 2 weeks before the commencement of the finale. In case of more than 20 teams qualifying for the final round, the host college will be responsible to select the top 20 teams from among the pool of entries sent by all the IITs. The shortlisting will be done by an independent jury to be selected by the host college. In the Round 2 i.e. the final round, the finalist has to come down to Host College. This round will be for 3 days (Fri-Sun) in which a new problem statement will be given and the teams will have to solve it within the time frame allotted. The competition format may undergo changes in subsequent years regarding the competitions involved. The Judging will be done on the last day of the comp and the winners will be felicitated in the Closing Ceremony. The Host College would be responsible for the development of Problem Statements for both the rounds of the Challenge. The Host College would be responsible for arranging the mentors, prize money and any other logistical issues. Other IITs are welcome to help the host college in arranging judges, mentors, prize money etc. However, the final authority lies with the host college. Only the Host College would be able to raise money exclusively for the competition. 4 Page

The overall publicity issues will be handled by the hosting college, however other IITs would have to publicize the competition extensively within their campus. IIT agreed to be a part of this competition: As per knowledge at present IIT Guwahati , IIT Kharagpur have agreed and talks are in forward with IIT Varanasi and IIT Roorkee. Finance and Logistics: Cost when not hosting: Travel Cost for maximum 10 member team to and fro to the host college Cost when Hosting the event: Major Distribution Travel (Participants) 60000 Accommodation (participants) 50000 Organizational Expenses 80000 Prize Money 50000 Travel & Accommodation (Judges) 70000 Funds would be arranged through the help of following organizations via 1 Gymkhana (Token Amount) 2 SIIC, IIT Kanpur 3 DRPG, IIT Kanpur 5 Page

Accommodation The host IIT will have to arrange for accommodation of upto 60-70 members. Accommodation above 100 is a problem and since the number is considerably low like the one involved in a conference. 6 Page

IIT agreed to be a part of this competition: As per knowledge at present IIT Guwahati , IIT Kharagpur have agreed and talks are in forward with IIT Varanasi and IIT Roorkee. Finance and Logistics: Cost when not hosting: Travel Cost for maximum 10 member team to and fro to the host college Cost when Hosting the event: Major Distribution

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