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Is Your MiraclePassingYou By?Kenneth W. Hagin

Chapter 1‘THY FAITH HATH MADETHEE WHOLE’And they came to Jericho; and as hewent out of Jericho with his disciplesand a great number of people, blindBartimaeus, the son of Timaeus, sat bythe highway side begging.And when he heard that it wasJesus of Nazareth, he began to cry out,and say, Jesus, thou son of David, havemercy on me.And many charged him that heshould hold his peace: but he cried themore a great deal, Thou son of David,have mercy on me.And Jesus stood still, and commandedhim to be called. And they call the blindman, saying unto him, Be of good comfort,rise; he calleth thee.

2And he, casting away his garment,rose, and came to Jesus.And Jesus answered and said untohim, What wilt thou that I should dounto thee? The blind man said unto him,Lord, that I might receive my sight.And Jesus said unto him, Go thyway; thy faith hath made thee whole.And immediately he received his sight,and followed Jesus in the way.—Mark 10:46–52As you study the New Testament,you will find that the phrase “Thy faithhath made thee whole” can be foundalmost every time Jesus ministered topeople. This shows us that it was notthe power of Jesus alone that healedthese people.

3Although the power Jesus possessedwas in operation, notice that Jesusdidn’t say, “My power healed you.”Instead, He said, “Your faith did it!”Jesus came into the world, the Wordof God says, to seek and to save the lostand to set the captives free. The Miraclehas come: He is here now to deliver andset you free!Will the Miracle pass you by, or willyou accept Him? It is up to you to receivewhat you need from God; it is not up toGod, your family, your neighbor, or me.In certain things we do, we are supposed to observe protocol. I learnedthis when I served in the U.S. Army asa young man. I gladly wore the Armygreen. I am very patriotic. I am gladto be an American. We may not haveeverything right, but we still have the

4best country there is, and I’m proud ofit. I trust you are proud of the countryyou live in, too.When I was in the Army, I learned towait on protocol. You waited until youwere told to speak to certain people.And there was a special way you did it.You didn’t go bursting into the colonel’soffice without an invitation. When youhad an invitation to go to the colonel’soffice, you were ushered in by the sergeant. And there was a special way youwere supposed to introduce yourself.You were supposed to come to attentionand snap a salute: “Specialist FourthClass Hagin reporting as ordered, sir.”You stood there and didn’t say anotherword until he said something to you. Ifhe didn’t say anything to you, you stoodstill until he got ready to say something.

5And then you only gave a brief answer.That is protocol.But I want to tell you if you wait onprotocol to be introduced to Jesus, you’llbe in trouble, because the devil will seeto it that that opportunity never comes.So if you want to find out about Jesus,you will have to take the initiative.Why? Because God did away withall of that when Jesus went to Calvary.Before Calvary there was religious protocol. Before Calvary, you did not gointo the presence of God. You went to acertain area of the Temple. The priesttook your sacrifice from you. Then hewent and slaughtered the animal andso forth.The High Priest was the only onewho was allowed to go into the presence of God. The people themselves

6never contacted God on a personallevel. It always had to be throughthe religious protocol—the priesthoodGod had established so people couldcontact Him.On the day Jesus Christ wascrucified, however, the veil of theTemple that separated naturalman from the presence of God wastorn in two, and religious protocolno longer was necessary. A specialintroduction no longer was necessary. Mankind could go into the verypresence of God through the bloodof the Lord Jesus Christ!

Chapter 2REAL FAITH GETSTHE ANSWERBlind Bartimaeus realized that inorder to receive what he needed fromJesus–his healing–he was going tohave to do something about it. Thepeople in the crowd wouldn’t help himget to Jesus, as we see in verse 48 ofour text. Many ordered him to sit downand be quiet. (That’s what they weresaying to him.)But the Miracle was coming. Bartimaeus knew that. He had heard aboutJesus. The Bible says, “ Faith comethby hearing, and hearing by the word ”(Rom. 10:17). Bartimaeus had heardall that Jesus was doing, so he hadfaith. But now he was in trouble. His

8church was telling him to sit down andbe quiet. “His church?” you say. Yes, hiscountrymen. They all belonged to thesame religious group. They had thesame rules and regulations. They toldhim, “No, you can’t do that. You have tosit down and be quiet.”In the day and age in which we live,the Miracle is coming—and is passinga lot of people by, because they arelistening to tradition rather thanlistening to what God says. They arebeing quieted, so they sit down andkeep their mouth shut.I want you to notice when faithbegins to talk. Real faith is there. Itcannot be shut up. Real faith is persistent. Real faith gets the answer.I’m not talking about someone whois trying something; I’m talking about

9somebody who has faith. Bartimaeushad faith.Notice when he cried out even louderto Jesus, Jesus stopped. He said, “I hearsomebody reaching out to Me, calling toMe.” You see, the power of God alwaysrecognizes the cry of faith. It alwayswill stop for the cry of faith.Notice, too, how that religious crowdchanged when Jesus said, “Bring himto Me.” They changed. They said, “Oh,He wants you. Make way. The Masterwants him.”The same thing happens today. Alocal pastor or teacher can begin teaching truth from the Word of God andthe people will say, “Well, I don’t knowabout that. That is different. I haven’theard that before.” But when somebodywith a big name preaches the same

10thing, everybody says, “Oh, yes. That’sall right. Go right ahead, brother, andteach it.”If you are teaching and it is notcontrary to God’s Word, keep teachingit. Don’t teach your own doctrine; teachGod’s Word.We are not supposed to judgethe truth of somebody’s teaching bywhether or not he has a big name. Weare supposed to study the Word of Godourselves to find out if that is what theWord says. And if it is what God’s Wordsays, it doesn’t make any difference ifthe preacher is famous or unknown.There are many people teachingthe truth of God’s Word today who aretotally unknown. Neither you nor I noranybody else has ever heard of them.In some cases, they haven’t been in theright place at the right time.

11A pastor can get up in some Wordchurch and teach, and everybody looksat one another out of the corner of theireye. They don’t want to say anything,but they really don’t go along with whathe’s saying, so they hold back. ThenBrother Hagin can get on the radio or ina crusade and start teaching the samething and everybody will say, “Ourpastor is right. He must have got thatfrom Brother Hagin!” Yet the pastormay never have heard Brother Haginor me teach on it.What happened? We have the sameHoly Spirit. We have the same Bible.And the Spirit of God can show thatpastor something. Just because wepreach it doesn’t give credibility towhat he preaches.

Chapter 3CAST AWAY YOUR PASTJesus stopped. He always will stopwhen the cry of faith reaches Him. Hecalled the blind man to Him. The crowdtold Bartimaeus, “Be of good comfort,rise . . .” (A short time before, these samepeople were telling him to shut up.)Now look at verse 50. I havepreached from this verse many, manytimes, but recently I saw somethingnew as I was meditating on it: “And he[the blind man], CASTING AWAY HISGARMENT, rose, and came to Jesus”(Mark 10:50).As I read that, my mind went backto when I took a Bible school coursecalled “The Bible in the Light of Historical Events.” I learned from reading

14history that people on different sociallevels wore different colored robes, andif I remember correctly, if you were anoutcast or a beggar, you wore a specialcolor robe because that identified yourrole in society.We wear other kinds of clothing today,but usually the kind of clothing peoplewear indicates their status. Often theirclothing even tells you what their profession is. Someone will say, “There goesa nurse. There goes a doctor. There is apoliceman. There is a fireman.” How didthey know? Their uniform. We pick thatknowledge up through their uniform.Going back through history, you’llfind that Roman citizens wore differentkinds of robes. Some signified that thecitizen was a member of the Senate.Others indicated soldiers’ ranks. Today,the U.S. Army uniform may look alike

15on everybody, but to the trained eye,special insignia tell you that one personis a peon and another is a captain!Meditating on types of dress throughout history, I suddenly understoodsomething exciting about Bartimaeus.He wore garments that advertised “I ama beggar. I’m blind.” Notice that he castthese garments aside and left them inthe dust when he went to Jesus!Bartimaeus wasn’t going to need hisbeggar’s garments anymore. His actionsshowed his faith. Not only did he havefaith to cry out to Jesus, but he left hisgarments by the side of the road, andthe Bible doesn’t say anything about hisgoing back and picking them up again.Instead, it says that he began to followJesus in the way.Notice, too, that Jesus asked him adirect question in verse 51: “What wilt

16thou that I should do unto thee?” Heexpected an exact answer.Today Jesus is still asking us whatwe want. We do not receive what wewant, however, because the answer weoften give Him is almost a riddle! Wename so many things that our list goeson and on, and we never zero in on anything specific.Think back to your childhood andthe requests you made to your parentsat Christmastime. You said, “I wantthis, and I want that, and I want theother!”Your parents finally stopped youand asked, “What do you really want?”Why? Because you were going so fastthey couldn’t even understand whatyou were saying. They wanted to knowwhat you really wanted so they couldprovide it to you.

17Jesus asked Bartimaeus, “What doyou want?”Now, Bartimaeus was blind. He wasa beggar. He didn’t have anything. Hecould have started out by naming manythings. He had a lot of needs. He couldhave said, “Well, I need clothes. I needmoney. I need a house. I need a donkeyto ride on.” But Bartimaeus picked outthe most important thing he needed; hezeroed in on his blindness.If you want to receive from Godtoday, pick out the things you need themost. (Most of us have a list 14 mileslong.) Every day you live, your needsbecome more numerous. God is sufficient to supply all of your needs, butzero in on the things you need the most.Take care of them and then go down thelist. But be logical. Bartimaeus was.

18He figured he needed his sight morethan anything else. If he could see,then he could do some kind of workthat would earn his food, lodging, andclothing.In this day and age there are manyChristians going around saying, “I’mgoing to quit my job and live by faith.”Nonsense. You are going to quit yourjob and starve by faith.Occasionally—and that means notvery often, if ever—God might speak tosomebody to live that way. But if I readthe Word of God correctly, it says weare to work and take care of our families. And if we don’t provide for them, itsays we are worse than an infidel!1 TIMOTHY 5:88 But if any provide not for his own, andspecially for those of his own house, hehath denied the faith, and is worse thanan infidel.

19I didn’t say it; that’s what the Biblesays. Yet there are people saying, “I’mgoing to quit my job. I’m going to live byfaith.” Their children are hungry. Theycan’t pay their bills. Their homes andcars are being repossessed. They don’thave any food. That is a stench in thenostrils of God, because it is contrary towhat His Word says.How did I get off on that subject? Iwas talking about believing God andhaving faith.

Chapter 4TODAY IS YOUR DAYBartimaeus cast his garments aside,demonstrating his faith, and he cameto Jesus. He said, “I want to see.”Jesus said, “Thy faith hath madethee whole.”That was all there was to it!”Notice that Bartimaeus had anoccasion to listen to protocol by notcalling out to Jesus, thereby missinghis miracle. He had to do somethingabout it or it would be gone.Today is your day to call on God. Wewho are Christians can pray for you,but it is going to take you, with yourown voice, calling out to Him.Cast away your doubt and unbelief,like Bartimaeus cast away his ragged

22garments. It is God’s will to heal youand set you free from whatever holdsyou captive, whether it’s of spiritual,physical, or mental origin. The Word ofGod says so. The Word says it is Hiswill for you to be healed.You may say, “I don’t know if I amgood enough to receive or not. I havebeen so and so. I have done such andsuch.” That is not what the Word says.The Word says to ask for forgiveness,accept that forgiveness, forget aboutyour past, and go on. Cast away all ofthose things.Paul said it another way: “ . . . Forgetting those things which are behind, . . I press toward the mark for the prizeof the high calling of God in ChristJesus” (Phil. 3:13–14).Like Paul, if you have asked Jesus toforgive you, and if you have been born

23again by the blood of the Lord JesusChrist, your past doesn’t exist. God hasblotted it out. He doesn’t rememberanything about it.So you can cast all that aside. LikeBartimaeus, you can stand up andsimply say, “Jesus, thou Son of God,have mercy on me.” (We say this becausethis is the time of the Gentiles.)Only believe. That is what Bartimaeus did. He cast away everything.He said, “I believe.” Oh, it doesn’t saythat here in Mark 10, but his actionsreveal that Bartimaeus believed.First, Bartimaeus called out. Thatwas faith calling.Second, Bartimaeus arose and lefthis garments behind as he went toJesus. That was faith in action.If you believe, you can receive. Noteverybody was healed that day Jesus

24was teaching inside a crowded house—only the man who was let down throughthe roof. Why? Because he was the onlyone who had faith. He acted his faith,and that is why he received. The rest ofthe sick present that day didn’t believe,so they didn’t receive.Your faith is what gets you into thekingdom of God through receiving thecleansing blood of the Lord Jesus Christ.Your faith is what gets you healed. Yourfaith is what gets you released fromhabits that have you bound.The power of God is involved in it,but it takes your faith to release thepower of God. That is why Jesus frequently told the people, “Thy faith hathmade thee whole.” His power could notwork without faith.It’s like electricity in the naturalrealm. You show me where the light

25switches are in a room and let me turnthem off, and let’s see how much lightthe light company can put in the room.The switches release the electricity soit can flow into the light bulb so thatbulb can give us light.If I turn those switches off, thatpower is still there. The switches allowthe power to work.That is what Jesus was talkingabout when He said, “Your faith hathmade thee whole.” He wasn’t saying,“My power didn’t have anything to dowith it.” He was saying, “My powerwas involved, but your faith was whatreleased that power so it could comeinto action.”Let’s look again at Bartimaeus sittingon the roadside, begging. He probablywas holding a cup. He probably was

26dirty and smelled because of the dustand dirt.He couldn’t see a thing, but he heardsomething. “What is it?” he demanded,grabbing hold of a passerby. He shookhim. “What is it?”“Jesus is coming by.”Bartimaeus’ mind reacted. “Jesus,the Son of David—the Messiah whohas been prophesied of—is coming!Now is my time. Jesus! Jesus! ThouSon of David!”They told Bartimaeus to be quiet.By this time the crowd was louder. Bartimaeus could tell Jesus and His disciples were close by. He probably stoodup. “Jesus!”Jesus said, “Bring him to Me.” Whenhe left his place by the road, Bartimaeuspeeled off those dusty old garments.

27He left them there. He cast them away.Jesus said, “What do you want?”He said, “I want to see.”Jesus said, “Thy faith hath madethee whole.”You who are sitting in the dust ofpain and sorrow; you who are bound byhabits, diseases, and sicknesses; youwho are sitting in the dust of sin—aMiracle is here! Today is your day.Are you going to let Him pass by, orare you going to do something about it?It is up to you.Prayer: Heavenly Father, we ministered a simple story from the Wordof God to these people to inspire themto believe to receive. I thank You thatYour power shall work as they begin tocast aside doubts, fears, and unbelief.I thank You that they shall receive as

28they begin to cry out, “Jesus, thou Sonof God, I come to you now.” In Jesus’Name. Amen.

Brother Hagin can get on the radio or in a crusade and start teaching the same thing and everybody will say, “Our pastor is right. He must have got that from Brother Hagin!” Yet the pastor may never have heard Brother