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PrimaryWhat’s NEW in Primary?Primary Correlation Chart . 5My First English Adventure. 6English Adventure . 8Tracks .10NEWBackpack . 12Backpack Content Readers. 12Excellent! . 13New Let’s Learn English . 13Pockets . 14NEWBeeno .15SuperKids . 15SuperTots . 15Buttons . 16Longman Young Children’s Picture Dictionary . 16Phonics for Kids . 16Star . 16Longman Cornerstone .17NEWGogo Loves English . 17Hip Hip Hooray! . 17Longman Children’s Picture Dictionary . 17Phonics Fun . 17Tops . 17The Longman Picture Dictionary . 18The Longman Picture Dictionary of American English . 18My ABC Storybook . 18Spin! . 18Word by Word .

Primary Correlation ChartCambridge YoungLearners ExamsCEFR levelsSTARTERSMOVERSFLYERSPETA1A2B1My First English AdventureEnglish AdventureTracksBackpackNew Let’s Learn cketsStarButtonsGogo Loves EnglishHip Hip Hooray!Longman Cornerstonewww.pearsonlongman.com5

My First English AdventureMady Musiol and Magaly VillarroelMy First English Adventure combines the magic of Disney with theexpertise of Pearson Longman to give you and your pupils a joyful learningexperience.Specially designed to meet the learning needs of very young pupils,My First English Adventure offers three levels with the appropriateamount of material and support to help you create fun, dynamic andmemorable lessons. Superb illustrations that capture pupils’ attention Original songs and chants that are easy to sing and remember Transparent and consistent methodology designed to save preparation timeWith puppets, board games, stickers, activity mats, posters, flashcards,CD-ROMs and DVDs, My First English Adventure will make every lessona success!

TECHNOLOGY TOOLKIT Companion Website Song CDs DVDs Class CDs3LEVELSPre-PrimaryExample taken from Pupil’s Book Level 2 DisneyCharacters that children know andlove motivate pupilsThe icons help make it clearwhat to doA wide variety of activities promotecommunication and interactionFor a full list of all the components available with this course, please go to the index section at the end of the catalogue.7

DICS EED-ROMEnglish AdventureG ITALOL CATAGUEBeginner – ElementaryCristiana Bruni (Starter A & B), Anne Worrall (Levels 1 & 2), Izabella Hearn (Levels 3 & 4)Motivate to educate!With over 3 million copies sold in more than 50 countries, English Adventurehas brought magic and joy to thousands of primary teachers and studentsaround the world. Gently-paced and well-structured syllabus with strong recycling andrevision to ensure maximum retention Extensive range of activities that cater for different learning styles andcontexts Carefully balanced content that grows with your students and theirchanging interestsEnglish Adventure offers a generous range of supplementary materialsto support teachers through lesson preparation, teaching and assessment –interleaved Teacher’s Book, puppets, posters, flashcards and much more.International editions are available in some countries and are tailored to suit your local needs.Please visit and select your country from the list, or contact your localPearson Longman office for more

TECHNOLOGY TOOLKITA1 InteractiveWhiteboards software Companion Website Songs CDs Class CDs DVDs Multi-ROMsfor each level Companion Website6LEVELSPrimaryExample taken from Pupil’s Book Level 1Familiar characters andstories motivate pupils andencourage them to join inAudio material helps improvelistening and pronunciationskillsSongs and chants engagepupils and get them speakingin class DisneyFor a full list of all the components available with this course, please go to the index section at the end of the catalogue.9

TracksBeginner – ElementarySteve Marsland and Gabriella LazzeriOur brand new primary course, Tracks, offers an innovative combination oforiginal stories and real-life topics that are set to spark your pupils’ imaginationand hold their attention.With both ongoing stories and adventure episodes, Tracks will appeal toyour pupils’ diverse interests, creating the anticipation required to keep themmotivated lesson after lesson.Responding to the changes which occur in children as they develop and mature,each level of Tracks offers the appropriate combination of fantasy and factualcontent. Cross-curricular lessons, personalisation activities and project workground the course in the here-and-now, giving pupils the opportunity to bringtheir real-world experiences into the classroom.Developed by teachers for teachers, Tracks offers a crystal-clear format that reduces preparation time and enhances pupils’success ample opportunities for recycling and assessment activities which help trackprogress full-colour interleaved teacher’s book with pupils’ book pages, surroundedby easy-to-use teaching notesAccompanied by a rich package that offers the teachers’ favourite components,Tracks will transform your classroom! learners

TECHNOLOGY TOOLKITA2 DVDs Class CDs Song CDs Multi-ROMsfor each level6LEVELSPrimaryExample taken from Student Book Level 1Adventure episodes keep the pupilsmotivatedPersonalisation activities bringreal-world experience into theclassroomThe reference bar for teachersidentifies key lesson objectivesFor a full list of all the components available with this course, please go to the index section at the end of the catalogue.11

D-ROMDIBackpack Content ReadersCS EEBackpackG ITALOL CATAGUEBeginner – Pre-intermediateBeginner – Pre-intermediateMario Herrera and Diane PinkleyMario Herrera and Diane PinkleyWhere can young learners readand learn about the abacus, life asan Inuit, clever shopping, creativity,Mozart and bees dancing habits?Reach into Backpack anddiscover a course packed full ofexciting activities and burstingwith opportunities to get youryoung learners using English! Yourpupils will love the lively approachof Backpack, with its funillustrations, real-life photography,chants, songs, and games. Get your pupils interested inreading from an early age, withpull-out Little Books (Starterto Level 3) and theme-basedmagazine pages (Levels 4 to 6)A1B16LEVELS Develop your pupils’ ability tocommunicate through a widevariety of projects, role-playsand puzzlesA1B16In the exciting new BackpackContent Readers, of course! EachContent Reader helps learnersbuild on key language skills.Each reader offers an incrediblevariety of captivating subjects anda rich mixture of illustrations andreal-life photography. Each readingpassage in the reader is correlatedto its corresponding unit in thepupils’ book and comes supportedbyworksheetsdesignedtoencourage further developmentof key reading skills.LEVELS“I’ve been using your beautifulbook Backpack this year.It’s incredible how much mystudents have learned with allyour activities and materials.Thank you.”Carol Phillips Rancagua,

New Let’sLearn EnglishExcellent!Beginner – Pre-intermediateBeginner – Upper ElementaryDon Dallas and Linda PelhamCoralyn Bradshaw, Jill Hadfield and Carol SkinnerThe fully-communicative coursethat makes teaching and learningan enjoyable and rewardingexperience. New Let’s LearnEnglish provides a systematicintroduction to language in agradual and methodical manner,offering a complete and thoroughcoverage of the Primary Englishsyllabus.Children learn by doing, and inExcellent! they will find plenty tokeep them engaged. The coursetakes into account children’snatural curiosity, their desire toexcel and their huge capacity toabsorb new language. Content that is firmly linked tothe children’s own world andexperiences Thorough development of skillswith particular emphasis onreading and writing Lessons that will inspirepupils to share and workcooperatively Regular recycling and revisionconsolidates content covered Activities that encouragea ‘noticing and discovery’approach to learning Accompanying interactive CDROMs provide extra self-studypracticeA1A26LEVELSA1A24LEVELSCourse consultants: Diana Websterand Anne WorrallWith the help of Sally, Ben, Rickand Megan, pupils will embark ona fun journey packed with cartoonstories, games, songs, poems,stickers, posters and much, muchmore!For a full list of all the components available with these courses, please go to the index section at the end of the catalogue.13

PocketsTECHNOLOGY TOOLKIT Companion Website Song CDs DVDs Class CDs3LEVELSPre-Kindergarten – KindergartenPrimaryMario Herrera and Barbara HojelPockets, Second Edition, introduces exciting new features to this verypopular Pockets, three-level English course for children ages three tofive. Pockets, Second Edition, continues to use the successful five-steppedagogy of Warm Up, Presentation, Practice, Application, and Assessment,while developing language and developmental skills through fun, hands-onactivities.Student Book units include creative Projects, values curriculum and anenhanced numbers curriculum. Photographs add a real-life connection.Assessments have been enhanced by the addition of dialogues and a newcomponent is the innovative Reading and Writing Workbook which can beused to accelerate learning in Level 2 or to extend practice and advancefurther in Level 3. New songs and chants will again motivate children toreach into Pockets, Second Edition, to learn English!New Features include: NEW, game-filled CD-ROMs with Student Books 2 and 3 NEW, projects and values pages NEW, catchy songs and chants NEW, Reading and Writing Workbook Large-format Student Books, Workbooks and all-new photo Picture

BeenoSuperKidsSuperTotsKindergartenBeginner – Pre-intermediateBeginnerThomas GordonAleda Krause and Greg CossuAleda Krause and Michelle Nagashima6LEVELSBeeno is an exciting, 6-level kindergartencourse for young learners. Utilising thelovable character of Beeno, the coursedevelops communication skills throughfun, engaging and interactive activities.Beeno introduces everyday, oral languageemphasising active listening and fullclassroom participation, and comes with acomplete set of learning resources for thekindergarten class.A1A26A1A2LEVELSCreate confident and independentlanguage learners – and have fun at thesame time! SuperKids takes the besttechniques from proven language teachingmethodologies and turns them into aprogram that your students will love!3LEVELSGive your students a great start in theclassroom and a sense of achievementwith this carefully-structured series,especially designed for young children.www.superkidsseries.comFor a full list of ISBNs, please go to the index section at the end of the catalogue.15

StarButtonsPre-KindergartenBarbara HojelPre-Kindergarten – KindergartenWritten for children as young as two yearsold, Star addresses a wide range of learningstyles and needs. With a familiar structure ofpresentation, practice and assessment and anemphasis on speaking and comprehension,Star provides activities that help learnersdevelop coordination, critical thinking skills,creative expression and pre-writing skills.1Buttons covers themes that are familiar toyoung children, focusing on their world athome, school and play, to engage and motivatestudents to learn English. With 3 levels,Buttons provides teachers with conceptrelated activities and projects that allow themto create fun and engaging lessons.3LEVELSLEVELSLongman Young Children’sPicture DictionaryPhonics for KidsBeginner - ElementaryBarbara HojelThomas Gordon and Nathan ShuPhonics for Kids is ideal for young children.Its gentle pace introduces phonic skills ina systematic way – each unit deals with oneletter or a phonic feature. Phonics helpschildren learn reading and writing quickly andis a useful self-help tool for them to rely onwhen they come across new words in listening,speaking, reading and spelling.Pre-Kindergarten – KindergartenCarolyn Graham and Karen JamiesonThis stunning dictionary presents wordsthrough a variety of appealing illustrations andphotographs. The words have been especiallychosen to help young children describe theworld as they see it and are presented incontext through age-appropriate topics withengaging songs and chants, and simple, childcentered learners

GogoLoves EnglishBeginner – ElementaryBeginner – ElementarySet in the fantasy world of themischievous and magical Gogoand his friends, this enchantingseries will really capture theimagination of your students.Packed with songs, chants andgames, culture lessons, optionalbonus units and a completephonics syllabus, Gogo LovesEnglish will really excite andmotivate your young nCornerstoneTopsKen Methold, Stanton Procter, MelanieGraham, Mary McIntosh, Paul FitzGerald,Masako Hiraki and John PotterA1A26LEVELSKindergarten – Grade 6Connecting Teachers, Parentsand Students in English!The Building BlocksAcademic SuccessTOPS is a six-level primarycourse that builds enthusiasmfor learning English, andensures success for bothstudents and teachers throughmotivatingexercisesandactivities. Creative lessonspresentthematically-linkedvocabulary, the four skills, avalues curriculum, as well assongs, chants, and games.Longman Cornerstone is amulti-level program designedfor elementary English learnersblending rigorous, researchbased reading and languageskills instruction together witha balance of content-areareadings and age-appropriate,high-interest erstone.comRebecca York HanlonJake KimballLongman Children’sHip Hip Hooray!Picture DictionaryBeginner – ElementaryBeginner – Pre-intermediateDesignedespeciallyforprimary-aged children, thisattractive dictionary providescreative and original settingsfor vocabulary to excite andmotivate your students.Carolyn Graham, Karen Jamieson,Aleda Krause, Keiko Abe-Ford and Greg Cossuwww.childrenspicturedictionary.comAnna Uhl Chamot, Jim Cummins,Sharroky Hollie5LEVELSPhonics FunBeginner – ElementaryPhonics Fun introduces yourstudents gradually to thesounds of American English.It offers a lively mix of songs,rhymes, stories and tonguetwisters to help your studentspractise their new skills.Use stories to make your Englishlessons fun and exciting withHip Hip Hooray! Each levelfeatures a different storylinefrom a beloved Penguin YoungReader, including Town Mouseand Country Mouse, TheElves and the Shoemaker andJack and the Beanstalk. Eachunit begins with a beautifulillustration which tells the story,while real-life characters explainthe language presented in thestory using new vocabularyand grammar patterns.With over 950 photocopiablesflash cards and a completebank of game ideas, you willnever run short of ideas again!A1A27LEVELSBeat Eisele, Catherine Yang Eisele, Rebecca YorkHanlon, Stephen M. Hanlon, Barbara Hojelfor6Jean yFor a full list of ISBNs, please go to the index section at the end of the catalogue.17

My ABCStorybookWord by WordSteven J. Molinsky and Bill BlissAuthors*My ABC Storybook provides a flexiblesolution for young learners. The program canbe used either as a stand-alone, or somethingto complement other Primary English programs.The adventure story engages pupils and adds anew, exciting dimension to learning the alphabetand simple language structures.Short, easy-to-teach lessons that . This motivating picture dictionaryincludes over 1000 words in lively full-colorillustration.*Beat Eisele, Catherine Yang Eisele, Stephen M. Hanlon,Rebecca York Hanlon, Barbara Hojel1LEVELSSpin!Longman Picture DictionaryDiane Pinkley and Genevieve KociendaJulie Ashworth and John ClarkSpin! offers you flexibility – it can be used aseither a stand-alone or as a supplement to yourexisting Primary course. Spin! gives your pupilsclear grammar presentations and systematicwriting practice.www.pearsonlongman.vom/spinEspecially designed for young learners, the fullcolour Longman Picture Dictionary is idealfor use in school or at home and is available inboth British and American English. Fun tasksand on-the-page activities help children buildvocabulary and develop basic dictionary andreference skills. With its attractive format andamusing illustrations, children will go back to itagain and again! learners

Amazing Minds“I grew as a person and a teacher.”(Delegate from Uruguay)Along with our extensive teachertraining workshops, school visitsand displays at conferences,Pearson Longman has theAmazing Minds programme.We bring together experienced,educational practitioners togain personal and professionaldevelopment. The sessions areled by international speakersand all delegates share their ownexperiences.Great teachers“I spoke with manydelegates who allshared the samethought, that we hadnever experiencedan event that evencompared – Amazing!”(Delegate from USA)“.everybody gets to talk and share ideas/skills professionally Great.”(Delegate from Malaysia)“The sessions were useful for teachertraining, useful for teaching itself, useful as ameans of personal development – everythingwas useful.” (Delegate from Belgium)inspire, motivatechange the world19 5 Primary Correlation Chart Cambridge Young Learners Exams STARTERS MOVERS F

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