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LinkedIn LearningInformational Guide2019-2020

LinkedIN Learning User GuideTable of ContentsPart 1: Account Access & Login3Part 2: Navigating the Site8Part 3: Interacting with Content11Part 4: Share Your Learning13

LinkedIn LearningInformational GuidePart 1AccountAccess & Login2019-20203Part 1: Account Access & Login

Part One: WelcomeWelcome to LinkedIn LearningUNC is excited to offer LinkedIn Learning as a resource forour faculty and staff.Thousands of Courses Enjoy all the great content from Instructors are industry experts.Certifications Earn certification for completed learning pathways. Share learning badges on your LinkedIn profile.Custom Learning Paths Get personalized learning suggestions based on yourneeds and interests.Expert Q&A Interact with LinkedIn Learning instructors and followthem on LinkedIn.Specialization Audio-only mode is available. Listen during yourcommute. Closed-caption accessibility. Language options (Spanish, Chinese, and more) for thosewho need to learn in a language other than English.4

Part One: LoginDirect Loginlinkedinlearning.unco.eduUse your account to access learning.5

Linking UNC & Personal AccountsThe login process will ask to link your personal LinkedIn profile withLinkedIn Learning (or it will ask you to login to your personal profile).It is asking you this question because LinkedIn, the social media site, and LinkedInLearning are two different platforms.You are NOT requiredto link your personalLinkedIn Account withUNC’s LinkedIn Learning.6

LinkedIn Learning vs. LinkedInLinkedIn, the social mediaplatform, is a place whereyou can connect with otherusers, list your resume, andpost content. The socialmedia platform is personal.Users will have full controlover their LinkedIn content,passwords, and accessibility.UNC has membership in thelearning site. This is whereyou will access training videosfor UNC as well as any trainingmaterial you would like toaccess, personally.Advantages to Linking Profiles As you complete learning paths or collections, you will have theoption of placing learning badges on your personal profile. If you leave the institution, your learning profile and any badgesearned, will follow you on your personal LinkedIn profile.Disadvantages to Linking Profiles If you logout of LinkedIn Learning, you will need to login to bothyour UNC learning profile and your personal LinkedIn account(UNC does not store your personal profile’s information). There will be an overlap between company and personal profiles.Want More Information? LinkedIn Learning - Privacy Policies7

LinkedIN LearningInformational GuidePart 2Navigatingthe Site2019-20208Part 2: Navigating the Site

Part Two: Finding ContentBrowseThe drop-downmenu will take youto a list of collectionsand learning pathsLinkedIn Learninghas cultivated.Main Categories: Business Creative TechnologySearchUNC ContentLearners can searchby class name,learning path, ortopic.The site will alsopopulate a selectionof courses for youbased on skills youhave marked asinterests, or basedon previous trainingcourses you havetaken.9Learners canfind UNC specificmaterials. If youhave been assignedcontent, you canfind the pathway orcollection here.You can access thiscontent by eitherclicking the sectionthat says, “From YourOrg” or by clickingon the UNC icon.

Part Two: Pathways vs. CollectionsCollectionsLearning PathwayLearning Pathways are meant tobe taken in-order. Courses must becompleted in total to receive credit (ora learning badge) of completion.Collections are courses grouped bysimilar subjects. They can be takenon-demand, out-of-order, or in singlesessions.Creating Personalized CollectionsIf you click on your picture (ME), you will access adrop-down menu. One option is COLLECTIONS.Under this tab, you will have the opportunity to createpersonalized collections. You can save training coursesin your personal collection to complete at your ownpace.10

LinkedIn LearningInformational GuidePart 3Interactingwith Content2019-202011Part 3: Interacting with Content

Part Three: Navigating a CourseVideo FunctionsPlayCCDownloadExercise FilesBonus ContentQ&A FeatureTranscriptsNotes12

LinkedIn LearningInformational GuidePart 4Share YourLearning2019-202013Part 4: Share Your Learning

Part Four: Course CompletionDownload CertificateThis option will present you with aprintable certificate you can save toyour computer.Share with LinkedInThis option will allow you to post yourlearning to your personal LinkedInprofile (if you linked your personalaccount to UNC’s learning account).CommentClick SHARE WITH NETWORKif you would like to add acomment to your network.14

LinkedIn Learning vs. LinkedIn LinkedIn, the social media platform, is a place where you can connect with other users, list your resume, and post content. The social media platform is personal. Users will have full control over their LinkedIn content, passwords, and accessibilit

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