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Dear Educator,Exam success in your schoolWe are pleased to once again offer you the bestselection of educational materials and products inthe Longman Secondary School Catalogue.Our materials have all been developed to meet therequirements of the syllabi from Form 1 to A Levelso you can rest assured all your educational needswill be met right here.What’s new?This year your learners will improve their geographical skills with the New Secondary Atlas. Thiscolourful atlas features all the latest facts, figures,maps and information that guarantees an authenticlearning experience.Set books from our Literature seriesRemember that of some of our Shona, Ndebeleand English titles have been selected as set booksfor Secondary schools.Longman Zimbabwe has gone to great lengths to helpimprove students’ results with the addition of newRevise Guides to support our main courses. Theseexciting Revise Guides will help educators to preparelearners for their exams and ensure good results.Imported titlesWe will introduce you to an array of superioreducational products designed for the international classroom including the Longman range ofimported titles and dictionaries.We’ll be in touch!We’ll call on you throughout the year to demonstrate the features and benefits of our products.Should you wish to get in touch you can contactus on 264 4621 670 or email can also visit us on for more information.TitleDurationO’ Level Shona: Akanyangira YaonaNov 2013 – Jun 2015Nhaka YenhetemboNov 2011 – Jun 2013Pfumo ReropaNov 2011 – Jun 2013O’ Level Ndebele: Kunjalo Vu’sinkopeNov 2014 – Nov 2016Imbongi ZalamhlaNov 2012 – Jun 2014Lapho EsiyakhonaNov 2010 – Jun 2012O’ Level English: The Heart is a LonelyHunterNov 2009 – Jun 2013Yours sincerely,Animal FarmNov 2011 – Jun 2015Managing Director: Longman ZimbabweThe Merchant of VeniceNov 2011 – Jun 20162Thank you for choosing Longman Zimbabwe asyour preferred partner in education.We wish you a happy and successful year inteaching.Mwazvita Madondo

en g lis h lite r at u r eContentsEnglishEnglish LiteratureNdebeleShonaLongman Zimbabwe gCommerceHistoryScienceReligious EducationTechnicalFashion and 0

E ngL IShnew SecondaryEnglish SeriesForm 1– 4Teacher’sguides availableMarch 2013Provide your students with language skills to stay a step aheadin Secondary School. The Step Ahead series uses the latestapproaches for teaching English as a Second Language to studentsin Zimbabwe.The series includes a complete coverage of the Ministry of Education’s syllabusrecommendations a balanced, systematic approach to the skills of reading,comprehension, summarising, general writing, listening,articulation and speaking carefully selected, quality texts relevant to subjects across thecurriculum beautiful illustrations that improve visual literacy and supportlearning interesting grammar, language and vocabulary-buildingopportunities, all presented in context numerous well-designed activities to practice and consolidatenew approved!97817790307332

E n g L I Sh LI T Er aT u r EThe heart is a Lonely hunterSelected as one of Time magazine’s 100 Best EnglishLanguage novels in, The Heart is a Lonely Hunter allowssecondary students to explore themes of loneliness andthe human need for understanding and the search for love.Ordinary LevelThe Wretched OnesThis highly successful play written by Zimbabwean authorand playwright, George Mujajati, deals with themes ofunemployment, corruption, poverty, unequal distributionof wealth and land shortages. Convincing dialogue in simplesets that generates real drama makes it easy to tackle bysecondary school learners.The haunted TrailMichael Denga rises from a childhood of poverty anddeprivation to become a prominent and successful banker.But sketchy business practices and irresponsible sexualchoices threatens to destroy his once promising future. Ashis carefully constructed world begins to crumble aroundhim, what will become of him and his innocent fiancé,Chiedza? Set amidst the struggle of the HIV/AIDS pandemic,The Haunted Trail is a brilliant study of the affects the disease has on society and especially the lives of young women.rainbow DreamsZimbabwe has just gained her independence but along withthe renewed sense of self-determination, the country alsobecomes the hunting ground of ruthless and self-servingcharacters. Rainbow Dreams explores the place of a younggirl in this new environment.9781779034120Fear not my BrotherChiyedza and Blessing are close schoolfriends. Separated by family problems, theyremain in touch through a series of letters,helping each other to overcome theirdifficulties. Struggling with a death in thefamily, neglect, crises of identity and even akidnapping, Fear not, my Brother explores howteenagers, on the brink of adulthood, copewith problems created by adults. This bookwill appeal to both teenage boys and girls.Tindo’s QuestFor twelve years Tindo enjoyed a happy upbringing with hisloving parents. When he discovers that Mummy Dorothyis not who he thinks she is, he sets off on a journey to findhis birth mother. In this short by potent novel, masterstoryteller Shimmer Chinodya has, with characteristicversatility, created another classic about the quest of youthand fulfillment – a tale destined to delight younger andolder readers alike.97817790349223

nDE BELEStep Aheadnyathela ngolutsha Form 1–4The Inyathela Ngolutsha series meets the Ministry of Education’srecommendations for Ndebele for Form 1–4.The series includes: a wide variety of fiction and non-fiction reading texts, carefullyselected to interest students numerous interactive activities and regular progress tests todevelop excellent reading, writing, listening and speaking skills beautiful illustrations in a range of styles to support the learningprocess activities and exercises designed to develop the high-level skillsin analysis and critical thinking that are needed in 903182297817790327444

ShOn aStep AheadLongman Zimbabwe is proud to offer you a range of textbooksdesigned to meet the curriculum requirements for the successfulmastery of Shona in our secondary schools.Our trusted series such as Budirirai, Jekesa Pfungwa 3 and DenheRoruzivo ensure that students receive: Extensive practice in the major requirements of examinationsuch as practical criticism, comprehension, essay writing,literature and languageRevision guides that offer all advanced Shona students theopportunity to improve examination 8058262826797805826139285

Z IMB aBWE an LITE raTurEKhakho ongathi kle kimiKhakho ongathi kle kimi meaning ‘No one cantell me anything’, is an insightful work that dealssensitively with the issues around child abuse. Itexplores a range of excellent solutions on howto prevent it from happening. Students will gaingreat awareness and strength from the wisdomcontained in these pages.ZimaweleMwana waamaiShona author, George Mujajati, is one of thefew African writers to have successfully takenthe epistolary style of novel to this level. Hetells a story of two girls, struggling to survivein an abusive environment. The story evolvesthrough vivid description and a masterful plotthat has readers totally absorbed.Prize-winning Ndebele author, Pathisa Nyathi,writes with such clarity and creativity that heleaves his readers yearning for more. Nyathi usesrich language in poems and totems to present thecultural norms and values of the Ndebele people.This book will be treasured by all.ngenzeniNgenzeni, meaning ‘What shall I do?’ is aremarkable book that uncovers the central issuesaround polygamy and intensity. It explores thedevastating effects these have on family life.The author demonstrates a masterful use oflanguage that is rich with colourful descriptionsand idiom.nguva YakaomaThis far-reaching novel explores a phenomenonthat has received little attention in other Africanwriting: the exodus of Zimbabweans to the UnitedKingdom. Zimbabweans go in search of theBritish pound, but do they find that the pasturesare greener on the other side? Written in acaptivating style, bursting with suspense andoverflowing with fresh expressions, students willfind this novel enlightening and a pleasure to read.97807790331116

Z I M B a BW Ea n L I T Er aT u r EIzaga lomdabuko wazoLolugwalo luchaza ukuthi izaga ziyini. Luveza ukuthi isaga ngasinyesadabuka njani, ukuthi sisetshenziswa njani lokuthi sitshoni. Umfundiuzaphiwa izibonelo zokusetshenziswa kwesaga ngasinye. Umlogi,Passomore Moyo, ulobe ngolimi olulula olugezwisiswa ngabantuabafunda isiNdebele ezigabeni ezehlukeneyo.Izaga ezikulolu ugwalo zingeniswe ezahlukweni, emendweni,emahlumeleni, empilweni yabantu ezinyonini, lezidabuka endalweniezinyamazaneni, emendweni, emahlumeleni, empiliweni yabantu,ezinyonini, lezidabuka endalweni ezinhlobonhlobo.Mthwakazi kaNdaba, nantu ugwalo lwenu olethula izaga kusapholwenu ukuze ulimi lwethu lwesiNdebele bungabi yinganekwanayabensema. Lomo ozizwa ewomele ulimi IwakoMthwakazi kathatheinkezo avukuthe julo umthombo anelise ukoma kwakhe. Kalivukeelihle ebe selifile.97807790340149780779034113Wangenza mntanamiKulolugwalo Iwakhe uSitsha uveza ubungcitshi bakhe ngolimilukaMthawakazi lapho alandisa ubuhlugu lobunzima obetheswaamantombazana ngmajaha alandula imithwalo yabo. Ulandisangentombazana uPhephelaphi owakhulisa nzima ingane yakhe,uSweluyise ngemva kokuba uyise, uMelusi elandule umthwalowakhe. USweluyise esekhulile ulahla unina logogo wakhe.Uyise uyaqala ukumnqwethela umntwana.Pho njengoba kuthiwa inyembezi zomuntu omdala zithelelaumnyamake. Zibalele uzwe ukuthi kwenzakalani kuSweluyise.nziramasangoKuma 1950, Nziramasango, anotetereka nemasango achishava kutiagowana chinomupa pundutso. Baba vake vanopiwa mshosvanaMambo Muguyo yekuti dangwe ravo, Nziramasango, rakanga ravanemakore mashanu risingabvise mutero. Izvi zvinoita kuti vakwenyerwendo vakananga kwamudzviti kuti vandozvichenura. Vadzokavanosvikirana netsamba yakanga yabva kuna Nziramasango kuCapeTown. Murwendo rweupenyu hwake, Nziramasango anosangananezvakawanda zvinoti kusuwisa, kutambudza, kufadza nekusekesa.Anozofunga zvekudzoka kumusha kutitanga upenyu hutsva.97807790349087

MaThE MaTIC Snew ematics Secondary Series Form 1– 4This series is an extensively revised version of the highly successfulNew General Mathematics – A Modern Course for Zimbabweseries already in use in the majority of schools in Zimbabwe.The series includes: complete coverage of the Ministry of Education’s syllabusrecommendations a systematically graded approach that builds on prior knowledge clear explanations and worked samples for each topic links to using numbers and graphs in other subjects across thecurriculum numerous exercises to develop logical thinking andproblem-solving skills examples that relate Mathematics to everyday life in 80582089655

ag rI C uLT u r Enew Certificate agriculture Form 1– 4A new series has been developed specifically for the Ministry ofEducation’s syllabus for Secondary Agriculture. The series isdesigned to promote student interest in this vital subject.Step AheadKey features: factual information relevant to agriculture in Zimbabwe a wide range of questions and suggestions for practical learningactivities exceptional illustrations and diagrams as well as professionalphotographs to support 80908310906978177903114397817790311749

gE O graPhYnew Secondary atlasThe New Secondary Atlas features all the latest facts, figures, mapsand information! This colourful atlas is filled with a rich variety ofresources that makes for authentic and exciting learning.The New Secondary Atlas is an ideal reference for studentspreparing for Junior Secondary and Senior Secondary IGCSE orCambridge ‘O’-level examinations.nEW9780636134225Key features: learners will acquire key geographical skills graded activities for junior and senior students with special sections on:– Botswana, Lesotho, Malawi, Namibia, Zambia and Zimbabwe– SADC– African regions and Africa as a continent– Comprehensive continental and world coverage– An extensive range of thematic maps, diagrams, graphs andstatistics.10

g E Og ra P h YThe new Step ahead geography series for Forms 1– 4 has thefollowing exciting key features: coverage of all topics in the syllabus objectives at the beginning of each chapter to guide students key ideas and an introduction to important concepts at thebeginning of each chapter case studies to help students understand geographical aspectsthrough specific examples plentiful opportunities for revision through many activities rangingfrom exercises, debate, discussions and projects exam-oriented questions to test the student’s p AheadGeographynEW9781779033598‘O’ Level human and Economic geographyThis comprehensive book is designed to meet the specificrequirements of the new Cambridge ‘O’ Level syllabus (2248)and Human and Economic Geography.Junior Secondarygeography9781779030740Junior SecondaryGeography is acomprehensive, interactiveand simplified textbook,which is designed to meetthe requirements of theZimbabwe JuniorCertificate GeographyCourse.978090831039511

aC C O u nTI ngStep AheadaccountingThe Principles of Bookkeeping and Accounts and the Principle ofAccounts provide a solid foundation in the Generally AcceptedAccounting Principles (GAAP). They are an indispensable resourcefor students studying the subject both in and outside Zimbabwe.The knowledge and skills covered will assist students to participateactively in the economy of the country. The practical nature ofthese courses encourages students to become interested infurther studies in the field of Accounting.Key features of Principles of Bookkeeping andaccounts for Form 1: step-by-step examples and exercises on all basic financialdocumentation clear advice and practical activities simple, clear information on the basic principles of Accounting.Key features of Principles of accounts for Form 4: excellent, accessible information on all aspects of Accounting numerous examples and practical exercises clear definitions of all essential terms an concepts.9781779031501978177903090012

COM M E rC ECommerce Secondary Series Forms 2– 4The Step Ahead Commerce Secondary Series is written to meetthe Ministry of Educations syllabus. The series aims to give studentsa solid foundation in Commerce to participate actively in theeconomy of Zimbabwe and become interested in further studiesin this field.Step AheadA thorough Revise Guide is included with the series. It providesvital practice activities for students to refine their skills andknowledge.Key features: clear, accessible information on all the concepts and factsrequired by the syllabus carefully selected, local and international examples todemonstrate and explain modern commercial concepts beautiful illustrations and other visuals to support thelearning process numerous activities and exercises to engage students in learning practice questions and a glossary of terms at the end of 978177903300013

hIS TOrYStep AheadComeswith arevisionguideFully compliant with the Ministry of Education’s revised syllabus,the Step Ahead series makes History relevant and engaging forZimbabwean students. It helps students to know and understandtheir country, their place in it and their place in the ever-wideningglobal community.Junior Secondary history Series Form 1–297817790329669781779033055history Series Form 3– 497817790329429781779032959Key features: excellent factual information attractive photographs, diagrams, cartoons, illustrations andposters to engage students and improve their understanding activities that involve students in debates, discussions andanalysis typical examination questions at the end of each chapter.14

SC I E n C EStep ahead human and Social BiologyStep Ahead’s Human and Social Biology and Physical Science forO’Level is written to meet the requirements of both the ZIMSECand Cambridge Examinations Board syllabi and meets therequirements of the Ministry of Education.Key features: content progresses from simple to complex key ideas and an introduction to important concepts at thebeginning of each chapter extensive practical and laboratory activities exam-oriented questions to test the learners progress answers to selected questions extensive and comprehensive coverage of contemporarytopics such as HIV/AIDS.Step AheadnEW9781779034021Step ahead Physical SciencenEWKey features: exam-oriented questions extensive examples and solutions to test the learner’s progress questions for discussion to assess prior knowledge summary points for quick reference to main ideas in each chapter a glossary at the end of each chapter to explain key concepts.Integrated Science Series Forms 1– 4This series complies with the guidelines set by the Ministry ofEducation and provides a solid foundation for further studies inscience. The Students Books come packaged with a valuableRevise Guide.9781779035189Key features of the Students Books: clear, factual information that is easy to read numerous practical tasks, activities experiments and projects.Teacher’sguides 6015

rE LIgIO u S E Du C aTI OnMy Power to Live and My Search for ValuesThese Religious Studies titles are ideal for Religious Education inall Zimbabwean Secondary Schools. Students benefit enormouslyfrom the wisdom they develop by studying these books. Othertitles available in the series include My Work and Relationships, MyResponsibility in Community and My Personal Freedom.97805825874589780582651364Key features: Straightforward language and content that students canrelate to Sensitive handling of all issues Opportunities for students to analyse and question their ownvalue systems, responsibilities and the contribution they canmake to society.The Synoptic gospel and acts of the apostlesThis title provides excellent coverage of the syllabus required forthe O’Level Examination in Religious Studies.Key features: all necessary information on the life and times of Jesus Christ examination-type context and essay questions for revisionpurposes.16

TE C hn I C a L S T u D I ESStep AheadBuilding StudiesThe Building Studies series provides excellent balance betweenpresenting factual information and practical work to meet therecommendations of the Ministry of Education. The books canalso be used as a complete handbook for students pursuing anintroductory course in building and construction.Key features of Building Studies Book 1: comprehensive coverage of the entire Junior Secondary syllabus factual information that is easy to read step-by-step guidance on all practical tasks and projects attractive illustrations to help students understand all processes.Key features of Building Studies Book 2: complete coverage of the entire ‘O’ Level Syllabus factual information to provide students with an in depthunderstanding of the processes involved in building numerous practical activities and projects assessment strategies and comprehensive guidance andpractice for the examination.9781779030894Basic Metal TechnologyBasic Metal Technology covers the entire four-year Secondarysyllabus for Metal Technology and Design. It meets therecommendations of the Ministry of Education in Zimbabwe.97817790307409780582331259Key features: excellent factual information and a comprehensive glossary oftechnical terms carefully graded p

O’ Level Shona: Akanyangira Yaona Nov 2013 – Jun 2015 Nhaka Yenhetembo Nov 2011 – Jun 2013 Pfumo Reropa Nov 2011 – Jun 2013 O’ Level Ndebele: Kunjalo Vu’sinkope Nov 2014 – Nov 2016 Imbongi Zalamhla Nov 2012 – Jun 2014 Lapho Esiyakhona Nov 2010 – Jun 2012 O’ Level English: The Heart is a Lonely Hunter Nov 2009 – Jun 2013

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