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GypWall CLASSIC and GypWall ROBUST562GypWall CLASSIC and GypWall ROBUSTThe definative metal studand partition systemGypWall CLASSIC partitions arecost-effective, multi-purposepartitions, which have provided theindustry standard for many years.They are suitable for all types ofbuildings, including residential,healthcare and commercial.GypWall ROBUST is a highimpact-resistant partition system foruse where a more durable structureis required. It provides a lightweight,cost-effective, non-loadbearingpartition suitable for all types ofcommercial, healthcare, institutionaland industrial buildings.www.british-gypsum.com

Key facts1lRange of stud options to match performancerequirements2lAcoustic stud option for enhanced acousticperformancelSatisfies BS 5234 strength and robustnessrequirements up to Severe DutylAchieves high levels of sound insulation up toRw61dBlEasily accommodates services within stud cavitylCan allow for deflection at the headlGypframe metal framework will not twist, warpGypWall CLASSIC and GypWall ROBUSTTechnical support: T 0844 800 1991 F 0844 561 8816 E bgtechnical.enquiries@bpb.comor rot1 Gypframe Standard, Deep Flange (DC) or Extra Deep Flange(EDC) Floor & Ceiling Channel2 Gypframe studs563

GypWall CLASSIC andGypWall GypWall oc ist board products12.5, 15mm1200mm200m2per layerGyproc PlankThicknessWidth19mm600mm200m2per layerGyproc FireLine2ThicknessWidth12.5, 15mm1200mm200mper layerGyproc DuraLine3ThicknessWidthLength15mm1200mm2400, 3000mm200m2per layerGyproc SoundBloc2ThicknessWidth12.5, 15mm1200mm200m2per layerGlasroc F MULTIBOARDThickness10, 12.5mmWidth1200mmGyproc SoundBloc FThicknessWidth15mm1200mm200m2per layerGlasroc H TILEBACKER4Thickness12.5mmWidth1200mm21 Quantities are for 100m2 of straight partition boarded with a doublelayer of board each side. Quantities are approximate and for guidanceonly, no allowance has been made for waste, openings, abutments,etc. Refer to section 11 - Quantity take-off details.264Take-offquantities1Gyproc board productsMoisture resistant boards are specifed in intermittent wet use areas.200m2per layer100m2 perouter layer3 Where single layer Gyproc DuraLine (GypWall ROBUST) is being fixedto Gypframe 'C' Studs, these should be a minimum gauge of 0.6mm.4Glasroc H TILEBACKER is suitable for use in high moisture environments.Where the board is being used on a double layer system, it should onlybe used as the outer layer. For tiling guidance, refer to section 10 - Tiling.

Gypframe metal productsTake-offquantitiesGypframe 'C' StudsWidth48, 60, 70, 92 and 146mmLength2400 - 4200mmCodes48 S 50, 60 S 50, 70 S 50,70 S 60, 92 S 50, 92 S 60and 146 S 50.167mGypframe AcouStudWidth70, 92 and 146mmLength2400 - 4200mmCodes70 AS 50, 92 AS 50and 146 AS 50167mGypframe 70 I 50 'I' StudWidth 70mmLength 3600, 4200, 4500mm167mGypframe GFT1 Fixing ‘T’Length 2400mmGypframe metal productsGypframe Standard Floor & CeilingChannels 50 C 50, 62 C 50, 72 C 50,94 C 50, 148 C 50Gypframe Deep Flange Floor & CeilingChannels 50 DC 60, 62 DC 60, 72 DC 60,94 DC 60, 148 DC 60Gypframe Extra Deep Flange Floor &Ceiling Channels50 EDC 70, 72 EDC 80, 94 EDC 70,148 EDC 80Take-offquantitiesDependanton partitionlengthGypWall CLASSICGypLyner and GypWallUNIVERSALROBUSTTechnical support: T 0844 800 1991 F 0844 561 8816 E bgtechnical.enquiries@bpb.comAll channels are available in 3600mm onlyAs requiredGypframe GFS1 Fixing StrapLength 2400mmGypframe 99 FC 50 Fixing ChannelLength 2400mmAs requiredAs required565

GypWall CLASSIC andGypWall GypWall CLASSICROBUST566www.british-gypsum.comGypframe metal productsTake-offquantitiesGypframe 150 FC 50 Fixing ChannelLength 1194mmAs requiredGypframe GA5 Internal Fixing AngleLengths 2400 & 3600mmAs requiredGypframe GA6 Splayed AngleLengths 2400 & 3600mmAs requiredFixing and finishing productsTake-offquantities1Gyproc Drywall ScrewsFor fixing boards to stud framing up to0.79mm thick.1st layer - 17502nd layer - 2250Gyproc Jack-Point ScrewsFor fixing boards to stud framing 0.8mmthick or greater and ‘I’ studs greater than0.5mm thick.1st layer - 17502nd layer - 2250Gyproc Wafer Head Drywall ScrewsFor metal-to-metal fixing up to 0.79mmthick.as requiredGyproc Wafer Head Jack-Point ScrewsFor metal-to-metal fixing 0.8mm thick orgreater and ‘I’ studs greater than 0.55mmthick.as required1 Quantities are for 100m2 of straight partition boarded with a doublelayer of board each side. Quantities are approximate and for guidanceonly, no allowance has been made for waste, openings, abutments, etc.Refer to section 11 - Quantity take-off details.

Fixing and finishing productsGyproc SealantFor sealing airpaths for optimum soundinsulation.Gyproc edge beadsProtecting and enhancing board edges.Gyproc Control JointTo accommodate structural movement.Gyproc FireStripFor sealing deflection heads.Take-offquantities11 cartridge per35m basedon a 6 -10mmbeadas requiredas requiredas requiredFixing and finishing productsThistle Multi-Finish orThistle Board FinishTo provide a plaster skim finish.orThistle DurafinishTo provide improved resistance toaccidental damage.orThistle Spray FinishGypsum finish plaster for spray or handapplication.Isover APR 1200For enhanced acoustic performance.Take-offquantities110m2 per25kg bag10m2 per25kg bag11m2 per25kg bagGypWall CLASSICGypLyner and GypWallUNIVERSALROBUSTTechnical support: T 0844 800 1991 F 0844 561 8816 E proc jointing materialsFor a seamless finish.as requiredIsover Modular Roll80mm, for improved acousticperformance.Isover Acoustic Slab - Highperformance75mm, for improved specified67

GypWall CLASSIC andGypWall GypWall CLASSICROBUSTwww.british-gypsum.comConstruction tipsl Estimated construction time 2m2 - 3m2 / man hour (single layer partition) or 1.5m2 - 2m2 / man hour (double layerpartition) ready for finishinglUse full height boards wherever possible - if horizontal joints are unavoidable, endeavour to position them abovethe suspended ceiling or below access floor level. Avoid eyeline and strong wall lighting areasl Fixtures / fittings - additional framing will be required to support heavyweight items (e.g. sanitary ware)l Support horizontal joints with Gypframe GFT1 Fixing ‘T’, Gypframe GFS1 Fixing Strap or Gypframe 99 FC 50 FixingChannel (where specified)l Where single layer Gyproc DuraLine (GypWall ROBUST) is being fixed to Gypframe 'C' Studs these should bea minimum gauge of 0.6mm - unless using Gypframe AcouStudsl Install Gyproc Control Joints where specifiedl Incorporate deflection heads where specifiedl Consider skirting fixing - mechanical or using Gyproc Sealant568l If doorsets are fixed at a later stage allow a 10mm overall tolerance in width, 5mm in heightl Consider additional door detailing to BS 5234

Installation21 Determine and mark the wall positionand make allowance for openings. Fix Gypframe Floor & Ceiling Channelalong the centre line to the floor andceiling at 600mm centres with suitablefixings. For GypWall ROBUST use GypframeDC or EDC Floor & Ceiling Channels. On uneven floors, a timber sole plate,38mm deep x width of stud, may berequired. On new concrete or screeding, considerinstalling a damp proof membrane to thefull partition width before locating thefloor channel or sole plate.GypWall CLASSICGypLyner and GypWallUNIVERSALROBUSTTechnical support: T 0844 800 1991 F 0844 561 8816 E bgtechnical.enquiries@bpb.com 94mm and 148mm channels requiretwo rows of staggered fixings (600mmcentres in each row). For partition heights between 4200mmand 8000mm Gypframe Deep FlangeFloor & Ceiling Channel (DC) should beused at head and base (subject todeflection head). For partitions above 8000mmGypframe Extra Deep Flange Floor &Ceiling Channel (EDC) should be used athead and base (subject to deflectionhead).569

GypWall CLASSIC andGypWall GypWall CLASSICROBUSTwww.british-gypsum.com3 Cut studs to a neat fit (maximumpossible entry into head and basechannel).NB Cut studs to size using a chopsaw, hacksaw or snips.NB For deflection heads, the methodwill vary to suit requirement.5704 Locate the first stud, twist into positionand fix to the abutting wall at 600mmcentres.5 Locate further studs at 600mmcentres to a friction fit within thechannel sections - this allows foradjustment during boarding. Positionthe studs so all face the same way.

6Crimping 146mm stud to channel Where studs are used at heights greaterthan 4m, consider locking into the floorchannels using a Gyproc Crimping Tool, orGyproc Wafer Head Screws.7 Apply Gyproc Sealant to both sides ofthe frame perimeters to provide optimumacoustic performance.8GypWall CLASSICGypLyner and GypWallUNIVERSALROBUSTTechnical support: T 0844 800 1991 F 0844 561 8816 E bgtechnical.enquiries@bpb.comLight and Medium Duty dooropenings Locate full height studs each side of thedoor opening. Fix to the Gypframe Floor &Ceiling Channel at base using GyprocWafer Head Drywall Screws or GyprocWafer Head Jack-Point Screws, orcrimping tool (dependant on the studtype and gauge).571

GypWall CLASSIC andGypWall GypWall CLASSICROBUSTwww.british-gypsum.comDoorDoorDoor9 Form the door head from channelsection, cut and bend to fit.572Standard door frame to satisfy BS 5234:Parts 1 & 2: 1982, Light and Medium Duty1011 Line the opening with timber - 38mmdeep x width of stud, and fix through themetal frame into the timber. Fix the door casing to the timberground.NB Advice should be sought fromthe door manufacturer prior to theconstruction of these details.

300mmAASection A-A150mmHeavy Duty and Severe Duty dooropenings Sleeve the studs either side of theopening with channel section, stopping300mm short of the floor channel.1213 Allow for extension of floor channel.This is then cut, bent, and interleaved asshown in section A-A, and then fixedtwice to each side. At the head, cut and bend channel toextend 150mm down the face of thestuds, and fix twice to each side of eachstud.GypWall CLASSICGypLyner and GypWallUNIVERSALROBUSTTechnical support: T 0844 800 1991 F 0844 561 8816 E bgtechnical.enquiries@bpb.com573

GypWall CLASSIC andGypWall GypWall CLASSICROBUSTwww.british-gypsum.com1415Fixtures Install Gypframe 150 FC 90 FixingChannel to accommodate heavyweightfixtures. If a plywood pattress is required,Gypframe Service Support Plates shouldbe used. Install Gypframe 99 FC 50 FixingChannel to accommodate mediumweight fixtures.57416Services Install services (by appropriate trades),normally after one side is boarded. Passhorizontal runs through cut-outs in thestuds and install Gypframe 99 FC 50Fixing Channel or Gypframe Floor &Ceiling Channel between studs to providesupport for recessed switch boxes.

Stud92mmAcouStud146mmAcouStud1718 Where plastic clip in socket boxes arebeing used in fire-rated systems, HiltiCP617 Putty Pads can be used. ContactHilti for full details, tel: 0800 886 100. Fig 18 showing position of GypframeAcouStud cut-out. All performance substantiation has to beprovided by the fire-stopping manufactureras is the case for any fire-stopping material. The position of cut-outs is the same foreach Gypframe 'C' Stud and Gypframe 'I'Stud.19GypWall CLASSICGypLyner and GypWallUNIVERSALROBUSTTechnical support: T 0844 800 1991 F 0844 561 8816 E bgtechnical.enquiries@bpb.comBoard fixing - single layer Fix boards to all framing members at300mm centres using the appropriatelength Gyproc screws. Reduce centres to 200mm at externalangles.575

GypWall CLASSIC andGypWall GypWall CLASSICROBUSTwww.british-gypsum.com202122 Lightly butt boards, inserting screws notcloser than 10mm from bound edges and13mm from cut edges. Install Isover insulation or stone wool(as required) progressively as boardingproceeds. Where door openings occur, cut boards Isover insulation can be hung within thepartition by trapping at the partition headusing Gypframe Steel Angle.576around the opening to avoid a jointdirectly in line with door jambs.

Gypframe GFS1Fixing StrapBoard this way232425 Adjust studs as boarding proceeds andstagger board joints relative to theopposite side.Board fixing - multi-layer Typical double layer boardconfiguration is as above. Board partition in the direction of studflanges as shown above. Under-layer boards do not requirecentre fixings. Cut and fix the initialsecond layer board as appropriate so thatsubsequent board joints are staggered. Fix outer layer boards to all framingmembers at 300mm centres usingappropriate length Gyproc screws.Reduce centres to 200mm at externalangles.GypWall CLASSICGypLyner and GypWallUNIVERSALROBUSTTechnical support: T 0844 800 1991 F 0844 561 8816 E bgtechnical.enquiries@bpb.com If Gyproc Plank forms the base layer, fixhorizontally with two 32mm GyprocDrywall Screws to each stud position,including each cut end. Half stagger endjoints in alternate layers.577

GypWall CLASSIC andGypWall GypWall CLASSICROBUSTwww.british-gypsum.com26 Seal any gaps at the base of linings toboth sides with Gyproc Sealant (inconjunction with Gyproc Joint Filler)where the partition is required to meet itsoptimum acoustic performance.5782728Horizontal joint support - single layerNB It is important that boards are levelledon their top edge. Position the top screwinto the stud nominally 30mm down toallow the Gypframe GFT1 Fixing ‘T’ to beinstalled. Lightly butt and lift boards to theGypframe GFT1 Fixing ‘T’ as workprogresses. Position the next lift of boardsto sit on the Gypframe GFT1 Fixing ‘T’. Where the partition height exceeds theboard length, install Gypframe GFT1 Fixing‘T’ progressively across studs to coincidewith board end joints, to maintain boardalignment and to ensure systemperformance. Fix boards progressively tosupports using Gyproc Drywall Screws ofappropriate length.

293031Horizontal joint support - multi-layerSplicing studsBoxing studs Where the partition height exceeds the To extend studs, overlap by 600mm Nest studs with minimum half overlap,board length, install Gypframe GFS1Fixing Strap progressively between boardlayers, to coincide with outer layerhorizontal board end joints, to maintainboard alignment and to ensure systemperformance. Fix boards progressively to supportsusing Gyproc Drywall Screws ofappropriate length.(minimum). Fix together using GyprocWafer Head Drywall Screws or steel poprivets (two to each flange), or by using theGyproc Stud Interlocking Tool twice toeach flange.GypWall CLASSICGypLyner and GypWallUNIVERSALROBUSTTechnical support: T 0844 800 1991 F 0844 561 8816 E bgtechnical.enquiries@bpb.comallowing for an off-set at head and baseto facilitate normal engagement intochannels. Lock together at 600mmcentres using a Gyproc Stud InterlockingTool or Gyproc Wafer Head DrywallScrews, at 600mm centres on eachflange.NB Gyproc Stud Interlocking tool isnot recommended for partition heightsabove 6 metres.579

GypWall CLASSIC andGypWall GypWall 3Large service openingsDeflection head Construct a framed opening, as shown Form the firestop at the head usingabove.NB In fire-rated partitions, the servicepenetration should be fire-stopped, asspecified by the appropriate contractor.58015mm deflection head detail (downwarddeflection) providing up to 60 minutesfire resistanceGyproc Plank with continuous line of GyprocFireStrip. Gypframe Deep Flange Floor &Ceiling Channel is fixed through firestop tosoffit at 600mm centres using suitablefixings. No fixings should be made throughthe boards into the flanges of the headchannel. The arrow () denotes theposition of the uppermost board fixing,which should be made into Gypframe GFS1Fixing Strap or Gypframe stud nogging,ensuring the downward movement of thehead channel is not impaired. Alternative deflection head details areavailable. Contact British Gypsum DrywallAcademy Technical Advice Centre.

16mm12mm 12mm34Control joints Install as specified to relievestress / movement and to coincide withmovement joints in the external structure. Gyproc Control Joint may be cut with afine-tooth saw. Butt-end joints should bealigned accurately to provide a neat fit.Place the Gyproc Control Joint intoposition and secure to the Gyprocplasterboard with 13mm corrosionresistant staples at 150mm maximumcentres through both flanges.GypWall CLASSICGypLyner and GypWallUNIVERSALROBUSTTechnical support: T 0844 800 1991 F 0844 561 8816 E bgtechnical.enquiries@bpb.comEnsure the Gyproc Control Joint is cut to aneat fit at the structural floor and soffit orceiling perimeters and the ends sealedwith Gyproc Sealant.581

GypWall CLASSIC andGypWall GypWall CLASSICROBUSTwww.british-gypsum.comJunction details35 Abutment to external wall lined with Gyproc ThermaLine boards58236 Corner detail - double layer

Junction details1GypWall CLASSICGypLyner and GypWallUNIVERSALROBUSTTechnical support: T 0844 800 1991 F 0844 561 8816 E bgtechnical.enquiries@bpb.com137 Corner detail - single layer38 Splayed corner1 Gypframe GA6 Splayed Angle583

GypWall CLASSIC andGypWall GypWall CLASSICROBUSTwww.british-gypsum.com139 ‘T’ junction - standard double layer40 ‘T’ junction - where acoustic performance is a key consideration1584Gypframe GA5 Internal Fixing Angle

12345GypWall CLASSICGypLyner and GypWallUNIVERSALROBUSTTechnical support: T 0844 800 1991 F 0844 561 8816 E bgtechnical.enquiries@bpb.com6741 Socket box installation - up to 120 minutes fire resistance1 Gyproc plasterboard2 Gypframe 70 S 50 'C' Studs at 600mm centres3 Plasterboard cut to allow a close fitting entry for thesocket box4 Gyproc Sealant at switch box perimeter for improvedacoustics5 Electrical socket with metal back box6 Stone mineral wool (minimum 80kg/m3) backing to socket box7 Gypframe 72 C 50 Standard Floor & Ceiling Channel receivingfixing of socket box - channel legs tabbed, bent and fixed tometal studs with Gyproc Wafer Head Drywall Screws585

CLASSIC and GypWall ROBUST GypWall CLASSIC and GypWall ROBUST The definative metal stud and partition system GypWall CLASSIC partitions are cost-effective, multi-purpose partitions, which have provided the industry standard for many years. They are suitable for all types of buildings, including residential, healthcare and commercial. GypWall ROBUST is a high impact-resistant partition system .