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Oxford Cambridge and RSATuesday 19 May 2015 – AfternoonGCSE GEOGRAPHY BB561/01/02/RB Sustainable Decision Making Exercise (SDME)(Foundation and Higher Tier)RESOURCE BOOKLET* 5 0 9 7 7 6 2 8 9 0 *Duration: 1 hour 30 minutesINSTRUCTIONS TO CANDIDATES This Resource Booklet contains resources for B561/01 and B561/02. The questions tellyou which resource(s) you need to use.INFORMATION FOR CANDIDATES The following abbreviations may be used:MEDC – More Economically Developed CountryLEDC – Less Economically Developed CountryEU– European Union.This document consists of 12 pages. Any blank pages are indicated.INSTRUCTION TO EXAMS OFFICER / INVIGILATOR Do not send this Resource Booklet for marking; it should be retained in the centre orrecycled. Please contact OCR Copyright should you wish to re-use this document.CONTENTS OF THE RESOURCE BOOKLETResource 1 – Employment structureResource 2 – Different types of economic activity across the globeResource 3 – Changing economic activity in Tyne & Wear, North East England (FoundationTier only)Resource 4 – Changing economic activity in WalesResource 5 – UK employment structureResource 6 – Matford Park business areaResource 7 – Stakeholders affected by the development of Matford ParkResource 8 – Map of Exeter and South Devon showing three sites for possible developmentResource 9 – Ware Barton development site, KingsteigntonResource 10 – Broadmeadow Industrial Estate, Teignmouth OCR 2015 [M/501/5662]DC (ST/SW) 111778/4 ROCR is an exempt CharityTurn over

OCR 2015B561/01/02/RB Jun15Country ACountry BCountry CCountry DCountry EEmployment structureRESOURCE 10%50%75%100%Percentage of people employed in different sectors of the economy for 5 countries25%tertiarysecondaryprimary2

3RESOURCE 2Different types of economic activity across the globeFishing in the GangesCar manufacture in BeijingCatering in New York OCR 2015B561/01/02/RB Jun15Turn over

4RESOURCE 3(Foundation Tier only)Changing economic activity in Tyne & Wear, North East EnglandLaunch of HMS Ark Royal, built in the Swan Hunter shipyard, Tyne & Wear, 1981Leisure cruise on the River Tyne, 2013 OCR 2015B561/01/02/RB Jun15

5RESOURCE 4Changing economic activity in WalesMarine Colliery, Cwm, Ebbw Vale, South Wales, 1981YearNumber employed1945124 000197533 0002011less than 2000Number of people employed in the mining industry in WalesConstruction of the Ebbw Vale Learning Zone, part of ‘The Works’, a new developmentalso containing a leisure centre, offices and an arts centre, 2011 OCR 2015B561/01/02/RB Jun15Turn over

6RESOURCE 5UK employment structure70Percentage of employment in quaternaryLine graph to show the UK employment structure from 1800–2010 OCR 2015B561/01/02/RB Jun15

7RESOURCE 6Matford Park business areaMatford Park on the edge of Exeter with an area for expansion (shown by a pink line)MATFORD PARK FACTFILE OCR 2015Exeter is the regional centre with a university and major shops and businessesMatford Park has a wide range of businesses including:– car showrooms (BMW, Jaguar, Aston Martin, Mercedes, Ferrari, Volvo, Mini,Porsche, Land Rover, Citroën, Audi)– cash & carry (Makro, Best Way)– trade suppliers (Buildbase, Bradfords, City Plumbing)– distribution centres (CityLink, Calendar Club, Unichem)– industrial/engineering (Volvo – Scania)– offices (Barratt Homes, Basepoint, Matford Court).B561/01/02/RB Jun15Turn over

8RESOURCE 7Stakeholders affected by the development of Matford NINGOFFICIAL OCR B Jun15

9RESOURCE 8Map of Exeter and South Devonshowing three sites forpossible developmentExtract No 2105/200k OCR 2015B561/01/02/RB Jun15Turn over

10RESOURCE 9Ware Barton development site, KingsteigntonImage removed due to third party restrictionsWARE BARTON FACTFILE OCR 2015Ware Barton is currently used for arable farming.Surrounding the A380 dual carriageway are other suggested sites for leisure andhousing development.Other small industrial estates are situated about a kilometre to the west in NewtonAbbot and Kingsteignton.There is no industrial development close to the site.The development was included in Teignbridge District Council’s 2013–2033 proposalsfor the local economy.Plans include the building of industrial units, a park-and-ride and a small freightdistribution centre.B561/01/02/RB Jun15

11RESOURCE 10Broadmeadow Industrial Estate, TeignmouthEntrance to Broadmeadow from the A381The centre of Broadmeadow Industrial EstateBROADMEADOW FACTFILE Broadmeadow Industrial Estate is a business area on the western outskirts of Teignmouth.Teignmouth is a residential and seaside tourist town with central shopping and services.The A381 is used by heavy lorries going to the docks in Teignmouth.There is a shortage of modern industrial and commercial units close to Teignmouth.A Morrisons supermarket and fuel station opened at Broadmeadow in 2013.Businesses include: Travis Perkins building supplies, Teign MOT testing station, H&S machine& plant hire, Steve Dale builders, Hannon Young civil engineers, Broadmeadow Tyres, WilsonServices steel fabrication, Windows of Distinction, Gary Bennett motor body works and Morris& McGinn builders’ merchants. OCR 2015B561/01/02/RB Jun15

12Oxford Cambridge and RSACopyright InformationOCR is committed to seeking permission to reproduce all third-party content that it uses in its assessment materials. OCR has attempted to identify and contact all copyright holderswhose work is used in this paper. To avoid the issue of disclosure of answer-related information to candidates, all copyright acknowledgements are reproduced in the OCR CopyrightAcknowledgements Booklet. This is produced for each series of examinations and is freely available to download from our public website (www.ocr.org.uk) after the live examination series.If OCR has unwittingly failed to correctly acknowledge or clear any third-party content in this assessment material, OCR will be happy to correct its mistake at the earliest possibleopportunity.For queries or further information please contact the Copyright Team, First Floor, 9 Hills Road, Cambridge CB2 1GE.OCR is part of the Cambridge Assessment Group; Cambridge Assessment is the brand name of University of Cambridge Local Examinations Syndicate (UCLES), which is itself adepartment of the University of Cambridge. OCR 2015B561/01/02/RB Jun15

GCSE GEOGRAPHY B B561/01/02/RB Sustainable Decision Making Exercise (SDME) (Foundation and Higher Tier) RESOURCE BOOKLET *5097762890* INSTRUCTIONS TO CANDIDATES † This Resource Booklet contains resources for B561/01 and B561/02. The questions tell you which resource(s) you need to use. INFORMATION FOR CANDIDATES

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