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Mfr’d by Filtration Technologies, L.L.C.Fox Filtration a division of Filtration Technologies L.L.C. specializes in one business, providing high quality liquid, gas and air filtration and separation products to industry.Fox brand filters are utilized in the manufacturing or treatment ofChemicals, Oils, Fluids, Air and Gases as well as all plant support equipment including Compressors, Lubrication systems,Instrumentation, Pneumatic systems and Cooling towers. We areproud to offer the broadest range of filtration and separation products and equipment in the industry.

Mrf’d by Filtration Technologies, L.L.C.ReplacementFilter ElementsForOver 500,000From providing you with the finest quality stock filters tohelping you find solutions to your most demanding needs,there is no filtration problem that we can not help yousolve. Whether one of our stock filters will fill your need ora custom filter is required, you can be assured of promptdelivery and the highest quality product at the bestpossible costWe can customize order processing and subsequentlabeling, Invoicing and related documentation to meet yourspecific needs.DifferentOrders can be placed by e-mail, phone, mail, fax, Internetor EDI. Mastercard, Visa and American Express are alsoaccepted.ModelWith Fox Filtration you can be assured of getting,Numbers.The Right FilterAt The Right TimeEvery Time!We export all over the world.Our export experience allows us to providesuperior service, quality and a competitive price.

Fox Filtration Offers The Broadest Range of FiltrationProducts and Equipment In The industry.Markets Served:Custom Filter Design and ManufactureWe design and manufacture cartridges for manyOriginal Equipment Manufacturers and for a widenumber of industrial applications. Our years ofexperience enable us to offer a custom designedfilter to meet your most stringent requirements.ChemicalPetrochemicalMedical / BiopharmaceuticalFood and BeverageMicroelectronicsPower Plants/ PowerGenerationMetalworkingMiningMarinePlastics manufacturingAutomotiveConstructionProcess ControlOil & Gas PipelinePulp and PaperPaints, Inks, & CoatingsMachine ToolsSemiconductor manufacturingManufacturingIndustrial MachineryFuel DispensingEnginesMobil EquipmentPolymer manufacturingEnvironmentalDistributor Inquiries Welcome.We are looking for distributors for selectsegments of our product line.Please contact us if your company is interestedin developing a business relationship.

Mrf’d by Filtration Technologies, L.L.C.Chemical ProcessMeeting The Filtration Needs ofthe Most Demanding IndustriesLIQUID FILTERSFood & BeverageMicroelectronicsWater PurificationWound CartridgesFilter BagsResin Bonded Fiber FiltersPleated FiltersMelt Blown PolypropyleneMetal FiltersMembrane FiltersWater FiltersMICROFILTRATIONCARTRIDGES ANDCAPSULESPolypropylene FiltersPTFE MembranePolyethersulfone MembranePolypropylene MembraneCapsules, all configurationsHigh Purity Gas FiltersTo place an order or receive technical assistance, call 1-314-432-2896Petro-ChemicalVisit us on the Internet at: http;//

INDUSTRIAL AIR ANDGAS FILTERSPneumatic FiltersCompressor filtersAir/Oil Air Water SeparatorsVacuum FiltersDust Collector Cartridgesand BagsAir DryersSilencersAir PurificationEmission ControlOIL AND HYDRAULICFILTERSHydraulic FiltersPleated Oil FiltersEDM FiltersWater Absorbent FiltersDepth Filter ElementsPower GenerationPowerTransmissionFUEL FILTERS ANDSEPARATORSCoalescersSeparatorsClay FiltersPre-FiltersWater Absorbent FiltersNatural Gas Pipeline Filters andSeparatorsRefiningTo place an order or receive technical assistance, call 1-314-432-2896Visit us on the Internet at: http;//www.foxfiltration.comTransportation

Fox Filtration offers replacements for the following brands3L Filters, Ltd.3M FiltersAC DelcoAdamsAdvance MachineAIAG/FORD/GMAir GuardAir ManAir RefinerAirconAirkonAir-MazeAirsanAllen FilterAllied EquipmentAllied SystemsAllison Transmission DivAlsopAlup KompressorAmbac InternationalAmerican Felt & FilterCo.American LinclonAmerican PlumbingAmetekAPS WaterArbor Technologies, IncArrow PneumaticAsea Brown BoveriAtlas CopcoAtlas FilterATSABaldwinBalstonBamfordBannerBaron USA Inc.BEA FiltriBeachBehringer Fluid SystemsBendiniBendixBetafineBetapureBlackwood HodgeBomag USABoschBoston GearBowen CarolinaBowmanBros Inc.BrownBrown BoveriBroytBruningBucyrus Erie RustonBuffalo SpringfieldBulldog FabricatingBurgess-ManningBusch, Inc.C. P. EnvironmentalC.A.V.CabotCampbell HausfeldCanfloCardinal FilterCaseCaterpillarCavelCeco EnvironmentalCessnaChain BeltChampion PneumaticCharles MachineChar-LynnCharmille - RoboChicago PneumaticCimtekClaasClark EquipmentCompair-KellogComplete FiltrationConflowConsler/GraverConsolidated DieselCooper BessemerCooper EnergyCorning SeparationsCrane CarrierCroslandCrosleyCulligan Div of USFilterCunoCurtis-WrightDavco Div of US FilterDavey CompressorDaytonDCE Inc.DE SmithDelparkDeltechDeluxeDemagDes-Case Corp.DixonDollingerDomnick HunterDonaldsonDresser-RandDrieriteDynamicEBBCOEDM SalesEdmasEimco Div of TamrockElectrodes Inc.Elliott CompanyElox EDMEndustraEngineered FilterEPE / EppensteinerEuclidEverpure Inc.Fairey ArlonFarr / TenkayFendtFesto SilencerFilmaxFilpro CorporationFilter DynamicsFilter MartFilter ProductsFilter Specialists, on PlusFiltration ProductsCorp.Filtration Systems, IncFiltrecFiltrexFinite Filter DivFinn -LineFlow EzyFluid AirFluid ControlFluid Power SystemsFluidfloFluidtechFramFranklinFuchsGAF IndustriesGardner DenverGas Drying Inc.Gast Co.General ElectricGeneral FiltersGeneral PneumaticsGestoGMCGradallGrainger, WWGresenGuardian FilterGulfgate EngineeringHahnHankinson InternationalHarmsco Ind. FiltersHarnschfeger Corp.Harvard coHollandHonan CraneHycon/HydacHydraulic SpecialistsHydrecoHyproHytrexIndufilIndustrial Filter Mfg.Ingersoll-Rand Co.InternormenJelliffJohns-ManvilleJohnson FiltrationJonell Inc.Joy CompressorKaeser CompressorKahnKaiserKaydon Corp.KellyKeltec, Inc.Kelvin MarineKeystone Filter Div.King EngineeringKing ToolKinney VacuumKleen-PlusKnight Corp.KobelcoKoby FiltersKomatsu AmericaKralinatorKrystil Klear FiltrationKubotaKysor ByronLenroc Filter Corp.Lenz Co.Leybold VacuumLHA Products Inc.LiquifineLockheadLockwood & McCloreLoeffler Filtration GroupLube Corp.LuberfinerMahleMakino Machine ToolCo.ManitowocMann-HummelMarine PowerMarkMarmon-HerringtonMarvelMaster PneumaticMatbroMatheson Gas ProductsMatrix Separations, LLCMcMaster CarrMcMasters FiltrationMeissner FiltrationMelroeMemtec AmericaMGD PneumaticsMichianaMichigan Fluid PowerMicro-Air

Fox Filtration offers replacements for the following brandsMicrodyne ProductsCo.MicroguardMicron Separations Inc.MicroporeMillipore Corp.Minneapolis-MolineMobile MexicoModina FiltriMorebarkMotion Industires Inc.Mott MetalurgicalMP FiltrationMueller SteamMykrolisNafcoNational FilterNavseaNefcoNelson WinslowNew IdeaNipponNorcoNordson FinishingSystemsNorgrenNorthern HydraulicsNorthwest EngineeringNowataNP NelsonNSUNucleporeNugentNuproNu-TechOBACOhio Filter CoOilwell SupplyOMTOsmonicsOwatonna Mfg.Palfinger Inc.Pall CorporationPall Hydraulics Div.Parker HannifinPeerless Mfg.PerkinsPerry Equipment Co.Pettibone - MullikenPioneer AirPleatcoPlenty FiltersPlenty StrainersPlymouth ProductsPneumafil Co.Pneumatech Inc.Pneumatic Prod Co.(PPC)Poclain HydraulicsInc.Porous MediaPPCPremier PneumaticsPTI Technologies Inc.PurafilPure FlowPure GasPuritexPurolatorPX FiltrationQuincy/ Colt Ind.R P Adams Co.RacineRacor DivRANDRefilcoREPCOREVLEYRexroth Corp.RichierRickel MfgRipleyRoilineRol-PakRonninger PetterRosaen Div.Rosedale ProductsInc.Rotary AireRotary PowerRoyal FilterSchluterSchroeder BrothersSemcoSeparationTechnologiesSerfilco, Ltd.ServolifeSethco Div.Shelco FiltersSidco FilterSintered MetalKrebsogeSMC PneumaticsSmith FiltersSodickSofima HydraulicsSolberg Mfg.SolfiltraSoparisSouthwest FiltersSparks FiltersSpeco MarineSperrySpicer (Div of Dana)SRSStauff Corp.Stoddard Silencer Co.Stokes Vacuum Inc.Stolper IndStrainrite FiltersSullairSunshine FiltersSwiftT.E.M. Filter Co.T.L. SmithTaisei Kogyo Co.TDC Filter Mfg.TecafiltresTecalemit TJTechnolabTecmefilterTexas Filtration Inc.TextronTitanTopekaTorit Div.ToroTriboguardTyler Power ProU. S. FilterUCC ProductsUCDUFI HydraulicsUltrafilter Int'l Inc.United Air SpecialistsUnited Engine LifeUnited FiltersUniversalUniversal DynamicsUniversal Silencer DivVan Air Systems, Inc.Velcon Filters Inc.VickersVokesWagner MiningWaldonWallaceWarner & SwaseyWatermanWatts Fluidair Inc.Western FiltersWestern StarrHydraulicsWestern Tool CoWestinghouseWETWhatmanWilkerson Corp.WirtgenWIXYuken KogyoZander Filter SystemsZinga Industries Inc.

Distributed By:Filtration Technologies LLC1255 Research Blvd. Bldg. BSt. Louis, MO 63132 USAPh 1-314-432-2896Fax 1-800-584-1233Web www.foxfiltration .com

Hydraulic Filters Pleated Oil Filters EDM Filters Water Absorbent Filters Depth Filter Elements FUEL FILTERS AND SEPARATORS Coalescers Separators Clay Filters . Gresen Guardian Filter Gulfgate Engineering Hahn Hankinson International Harmsco Ind. Filters

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