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Carb Counter Covers:Layout 111/21/121:01 PMPage 1CARBCOUNTERAND ACCEPTABLEFOODS 2013 Atkins Nutritionals, Inc. (1211)

Carb Counter Covers:Layout 111/21/121:01 PMPage 2CARB COUNTERAND ACCEPTABLE FOODS LISTS1 How to Use theAtkins Carb Counter3 Acceptable Foods Lists6 Atkins & OtherLow-Carb Specialty Foods8 Baking Ingredients9 Beef, Lamb,Pork & Other Meats12 Beverages &Alcoholic Beverages16 Breads, Crackers,Tortillas & Wraps18 Candy & Chewing Gum20 Cereals22 Condiments & Seasonings23 Dairy, Eggs & Dairy Substitutes27 Desserts293134363840424446495154596164Fish & ShellfishFruitGrains, Noodles & PastaLegumesNuts & SeedsOils, Fats, Vinegar &Salad DressingsPoultrySauces & MarinadesSnacksSoupsSweeteners, Spreads & SyrupsVegetablesVegetarian ProductsChain RestaurantsNotes

HOW TO USETHE ATKINS CARB COUNTERTHE CARB COUNTER is an invaluable tool to help track your daily carb intake andplan meals. In concert with the Acceptable Foods Lists that precede it, the CarbCounter also assists you in reintroducing foods as you move from one phase to thenext or increase your carb intake within a phase. In fact, before you delve into the CarbCounter, check out the lists of Acceptable (and Unacceptable) Foods for each phase of theprogram, which start on page 3.Tuck this booklet into your purse or pocket when you go shopping to look for certainbrands or compare others with the ones listed in the following pages. The Carb Counter isthe perfect partner to the new free Atkins Mobile App, which includes a robust food search,daily meal planner and progress tracker, as well as an overview of each phase of the AtkinsDiet. For more on the app, see Chain Restaurants on page 61.Organizing PrinciplesCategories are listed alphabetically, as are items within each of the 24 categories. Brandnames of processed foods are provided when necessary for clarity. Items such as fruit andvegetables are listed generically. The amount listed for each item is the one indicated on thepackage as a single serving. However, it’s not necessarily an appropriate portion for Atkins,which is why the first column for each food is labeled “amount” instead. Sometimes theamounts are provided in cups, tablespoons or teaspoons; in other cases, they’re in ounces.We’ve used the measurements provided by ESHA, a nutritional database compiled from thelatest U.S. Department of Agriculture data. (Abbreviations appear on page 3.)ESHA is also the primary source of the per-serving content of carbohydrate and fiber,as well as sugar alcohols, including glycerin (noncaloric sweeteners), from which Net Carbsare calculated. (See “Counting Carbs?”on page 2.) The numbers under the Net Carbs column refer to grams of Net Carbs. For products not listed in ESHA, we’ve used serving sizesand other data provided by the manufacturer.1

The Right ChoicesAbbreviations and SymbolsAccording to Progressive Grocer magazine, the typical well-stocked supermarket containsalmost 39,000 items, encompassing thousands of brands. Although the Atkins Carb Counterprovides an extensive list of low-carb foods, it clearly cannot include all of them. Nonetheless, the selection that follows, as well as offerings from major chain restaurants, providesa myriad of Atkins-friendly foods.Also included are a number of foods that are unacceptable for one or more reasonsand others that are best avoided. Some are just outrageously high in carbs. In other cases,two brands of a certain item may initially seem the same but one of them contains ingredients you’re better off not consuming. Footnotes at the bottom of each page clarify suchinformation.We have abbreviated a number of terms that occur with frequency, as listed below.C cuplg largepkg packageT tablespoondia diameterlb poundsl slicew/ withea eachmed mediumsm smallw/o withoutenv envelopeoz ouncesq square" inch less thang grampkt packett teaspoonWhat to AvoidFor example, manufactured trans fats, which are hydrogenated or partially hydrogenatedoils, have no place in a healthy diet. Even if you stay away from sugary treats, added sugar(under numerous aliases) turns up in bread, sauces, marinades and salad dressings, to namejust a few products. We also alert you to the presence of white flour, cornstarch and otherrefined grains, as well as certain fats. Most ofus get up to 40 times as much omega-6 fats asomega-3 fats in our diet because the formerare used in most processed foods. Ideally, theratio should be 1 to 1.That’s why we recommend you not cookwith certain oils or eat products that containthem. Specifically, steer clear of soybean, regular safflower—the high-oleic type is fine—corn and peanut oil, as well as “vegetable” oil,which can contain any of the above.In addition to relying on the Carb Counter,it’s a good idea to become a careful reader ofNutritional Facts panels on processed foods,which allow you to calculate grams of NetCarbs. Be sure to also scan the list of ingredients to make sure that hidden sugars and otherproblematic ingredients discussed above aren’t included.Note: Again, just because a food is listed doesn’t mean that it’s acceptable on theAtkins Diet. Some foods are included to allow you to compare those high in carbs withmore appropriate foods.2ACCEPTABLE FOODS LISTSWhen you’re just starting out on Atkins, this “cheat sheet” can help you remember whatyou can and cannot eat in each phase. More extensive lists appear in the categories in theCarb Counter, as noted below. All Atkins brand products are coded on the package forappropriate phases.Acceptable Foods in Phase 1, Induction All fish and shellfish, but no pickled orcreamed herring with added sugar, artificial crab (surimi or “sea legs”) or otherprocessed, battered or breaded products.Also, limit clams, oysters and mussels toabout 2 ounces a day. See page 29. All chicken, turkey and other poultry,but no breaded, battered or processedproducts. See page 42. Beef, lamb, pork and other meat, butno bologna, kielbasa, hot dogs, meatballs,meatloaf or other products made withfillers. Also, no ham or bacon cured withsugar. See page 9. Eggs cooked any way. Soy and other vegetarian products.Almond or soymilk (plain and unsweetened), Quorn products (unbreaded), seitan, shirataki soy noodles, veggie or vegan“cheese,” tempeh (without grains), tofuand tofu meat analogs, some veggie burgers. See page 59. Cheese. All firm or aged cheese, but nocottage, ricotta or other fresh cheeses,cheese spreads with other ingredients orcheese “products.” See page 23. Foundation vegetables, which includeall leafy greens and other salad vegetables, and many others that are often orusually cooked, but excluding most starchyvegetables. Some foundation vegetables,such as celery root, leeks, mushrooms,onions and pumpkin, are higher in carbsthan others, so keep portions small. Seepage 54. Salad dressings with no more than 2grams of Net Carbs per 2 tablespoons andthat contain no sugar, honey, maple syrupor other caloric sweeteners. Look for products made with canola or olive oil.3

Fats and oils. Butter and canola, coconut,flaxseed, grape seed, olive, high-oleic safflower, sesame and walnut oils, preferably cold pressed or expeller pressed. Avoid “low fat” products and all margarines and shortening products, whichmay contain small amounts of trans fats. Avoid corn, soybean, sunflower seed andother “vegetable” oils discussed above. Noncaloric sweeteners, including sucralose, stevia, saccharin and xylitol areacceptable in moderation. A more complete list, including brand names, appearson page 51. All condiments, herbs and spices, aslong as they have no added sugar, flour,cornstarch or other carb-filled thickeners.They include dozens of foods you’ll findon pages 22–23 and 44–46. Beverages. Broth/bouillon (not lowsodium and no added sugars, hydrogenated oils or MSG), club soda; heavyor light cream or half-and-half (1–1.5ounces a day); caffeinated or decaffeinated coffee and tea; diet soda withnoncaloric sweeteners; lemon juice orlime juice (2–3 tablespoons a day); plainor flavored seltzer (must say “no calories”); herb tea (no added barley or fruitsugars); unsweetened, unflavored milksubstitutes.Other Unacceptable Phase 1 FoodsIn addition to any foods cited above, avoidthe following: Fruits other than avocado, olives andtomatoes, which are actually fruits, but4 are listed with foundation vegetables. Seepage 54.Any fruit or vegetable juice other thanlemon and lime juiceRegular sodas sweetened with sugar orcorn syrupGrains, even whole grains, and any foodmade with flour or other grain productsAny food with added sugar, such as evaporated cane juice, glucose, dextrose,honey or corn syrupAlcohol of any sortNuts and seedsKidney beans, chickpeas, lentils and otherlegumesStarchy vegetables such as parsnips, carrots, pod peas, potatoes, sweet potatoes,winter squash and yams. See page 58.Dairy products other than hard or agedcheese, cream, sour cream and butterCow or goat milk of any sortYogurt, cottage cheese or ricotta“Low-fat” products“Diet” products, unless they have no morethan 3 grams of Net Carbs per servingAdditional Foods Acceptable inPhase 2, Ongoing Weight Loss Nuts and seeds, including nut and seedbutters and meals (flours). For a completelist, see page 38. Avoid chestnuts (very high in carbs) andhoney-roasted or smoked products. Avoid products, such as Nutella, thatcontain added sugar. Berries and other fruits. All fresh orfrozen berries (without added sugar) andcherries and cantaloupe, Crenshaw andhoneydew melon (but not watermelon).Also, 1-tablespoon portions of preservesmade without added sugar. Fresh cheese and other dairy products,including ricotta and cottage cheese, andplain, unsweetened, whole milk yogurtor Greek yogurt and kefir; also 2-ounceportions of whole milk. Avoid yogurt made with fruit or otherflavorings or with any added sugar. Avoid low-fat and no-fat cottage cheeseor yogurt products. Legumes, including lentils, chickpeas andother dried beans, and edamame, hummusand refried beans. For a complete list, seepage 36. Avoid jarred or canned baked beans,which are full of sugar, beans in tomatosauce with added sugar or starches andbean dips and other products with addedsugar or starch. Vegetable and fruit juices. Up to 6 tablespoons a day of lemon and/or lime juiceand 4-ounce portions of tomato juice ortomato juice cocktail. Atkins All Purpose Baking Mix Alcohol, in moderation, including “lite”or low-carb beer, red or white wine andspirits such as bourbon, gin, rum, Scotchand vodka. Avoid flavored brandy and cordials. Avoid regular beer. Avoid fruit juice, tonic water and othermixers high in carbs.Other Unacceptable Foodsin Phase 2 Fruits other than those previously listed Starchy vegetables Grains, including whole grainsAdditional Foods Acceptable inPhase 3, Pre-MaintenanceThe following foods are acceptable in thisphase and in Phase 4, Lifetime Maintenance. Fruit other than berries and melon,including apples, grapes, grapefruit,peaches and pears. For a complete list, seepage 31. Avoid canned fruit packed in juice concentrate or syrup, including “lite” avoid fruit juice, other than Continuelemon and lime juice. Avoid dried fruit. Starchy vegetables, including beets, carrots, corn, parsnips, peas in pods, potato,sweet potato and winter squash. For acomplete list, see page 58. Whole grains, including couscous (wholewheat), cracked wheat, kasha (buckwheatgroats), oatmeal (rolled or steel cut),quinoa, brown rice and wild rice. For acomplete list, see page 34. (Atkins Cuisine Penne Pasta is acceptable only inPhase 4, Lifetime Maintenance.)refined grains, such as white flour, Avoid“enriched flour” and white rice.goods should be made with 100 Bakedpercent whole grains. Continue to avoid products with addedsugar. Dairy products. 4-ounce portions ofwhole milk or buttermilk—but continueto avoid skim, nonfat or low-fat milk.5

ATKINS & OTHERLOW-CARB SPECIALTYFOODSThe full array of Atkins Nutritionals products appears below, including a newline of frozen meals. Also listed is a sprinkling of choices from other companies thatspecialize in low-carb products. Many websites that sell such products provide moreextensive lists. There are no guidelines onwhat makes a food low carb. Most Atkinsproducts have been tested on people togauge their glycemic impact. We cannotvouch for the carb counts provided by othermanufacturers. Some products marketedas low carb contain added sugars and whiteflour, so read ingredient lists carefully. We’venoted when products contain sugar alcohols, as excessive consumption can resultin gastric distress. Again, to calculate NetCarbs, subtract not just fiber but also sugaralcohols from grams of total carbs. Otherlow-carb products appear in Breads, Crackers, Tortillas & Wraps, Baking Ingredients, Candy, Desserts and Snacks.NetAmount CarbsAtkins Nutritionals ProductsAtkins Advantage Meal BarsChocolate Chip1 bar 3.0Cookie Dough 11 bar 3.0Chocolate Chip Granola 11 bar 2.0Chocolate Peanut Butter 112NetAmount CarbsCinnamon Bun 11 bar1 barCookies ‘n Crème 11 barMudslide 11 barPeanut Butter Granola 11 barPeanut Fudge Granola 11 barStrawberry Almond 1Atkins Advantage Snack BarsCaramel Chocolate1 barPeanut Nougat 1Caramel Double1 barChocolate Crunch 1Caramel Chocolate Nut Roll 1 1 bar1 barCaramel Fudge Brownie 11 barCashew Trail Mix 11 barCoconut Almond Delight 1Dark Chocolate Almond1 barCoconut Crunch 1Dark Chocolate Decadence 1 1 bar1 barTriple Chocolate 1Atkins AdvantageReady-to-Drink ShakesCafé CaramelDark Chocolate RoyaleFrench VanillaMilk Chocolate DelightMocha LatteStrawberryAtkins Day Break BarsApple Crisp 1Cherry Pecan 131 shake1 shake1 shake1 shake1 shake1 bar 4.01 bar 6.04Contains: sugar alcohol cornstarch and/or white or rice flour added sugar soybean oil6NetAmount CarbsChocolate Chip Crisp 11 bar1 barChocolate Hazelnut 11 barChocolate Oatmeal Fiber 11 barCranberry Almond 1Oatmeal Cinnamon1 barBaked Square 1Peanut Butter Fudge Crisp 1 1 bar1 barVanilla Fruit & Nut 1Atkins Day BreakReady-to-Drink ShakesCreamy Chocolate1 shakeStrawberry Banana1 shakeWild Berry1 shakeAtkins Endulge Bars1 barCaramel Nut Chew 1Chocolate Caramel Mousse 1 1 bar1 barChocolate Coconut 11 barNutty Fudge Brownie 11 barPeanut Butter Cups 11 barPeanut Caramel Cluster 1Atkins CuisineAll Purpose Baking Mix1/3 CPenne Pasta, dry1/2 CAtkins Breakast Frozen MealsFarmhouse-StyleSausage Scramble1 trayTex-Mex Scramble1 trayAtkins Entrée Frozen MealsBeef Merlot1 trayChicken & Broccoli Alfredo 1 CarbsChile Con CarneCrustless Chicken Pot PieItalian Sausage PrimaveraMeatloaf w/ PortobelloMushroom GravyRoasted Turkey w/ HerbPan Gravy1 tray 4.01 tray 5.01 tray 5.01 tray 7.01 tray 6.0Other Low Carb ProductsBaking & Cooking ProductsBetter Bowls Sugar FreeGelatin Mix, all flavors,1/2 CpreparedPudding Mix, Chocolate 2,prepared w/ whole milk 1/2 CPudding Mix, Vanilla 2,prepared w/ whole milk 1/2 CBig Train Low Carb1TBreading & Batter Mix 21 eaBrownie Mix, baked 1, 2, 3Chocolate Chip Cookie1 eaMix 2, 3, preparedPeanut Butter Cookie1 eaMix 2, 3, preparedBob’s Red Mill Low Carb1 slBread Mix 3, preparedCarLO CARBiano Low CarbReady to Heat Pizza Crust 1 eaDixie Diners’ Carb CountersAngel Food Cake Mix,5.2 : sugar alcohol cornstarch and/or white or rice flour added sugar soybean oil7

ATKINS & OTHER LOW-CARBSPECIALTY FOODSNetcontinuedAmount CarbsDixie Diners’ Carb CountersBrownie Mix, prepared2" sqInstant Mashers,Cheddar & Bacon 4,1/2 CpreparedMuffin Mix, Apple1 eaCinnamon 2, preparedSnackin’ Cake Mix,Carrot, prepared2.3" sqThick It Up Thickener1tLC Foods Low Carb MixesBanana Bread, prepared1 slFrosting, Chocolate orVanilla, prepared1TMuffin Mix, prepared1 eaBreakfast CerealsDixie Diners’ Carb CountersApple Cinnamon1 pktSmaps Sweet Maple, dry 1/2 CKay’s Naturals ProteinApple Cinnamon 2,3, dry 1.2 ozLC Foods Cereal,1/4 CRaspberry, dry1/2 CNutlettes, dryNutritious Living Hi-Lo,1/2 COriginal,2, 3 drySensato High Fiber1/2 CButter Pecan, preparedNut & Flax Granola,1/2 CCinnamon, dry15.0Prepared MealsDixie Diners’ Carb CountersMeal in a CupChiliMac & CheeseSpaghettiTeriyaki NTSL1.54.0ow-carb baking requires ingredients suchas nut meals, unsweetened chocolateand coconut flakes, and other ingredientswithout added sugar or refined grains. Thefollowing list includes both ingredients thatare acceptable in some or all phases of theAtkins Diet, as well as some that should beavoided, including granulated and otherforms of sugar and white flour provided forcomparison purposes. Also see Nuts &Seeds, Grains and Dairy, Eggs & DairySubstitutes. A more extensive list of sweeteners appears in Sweeteners, Jams &Syrups. Low-carb bake mixes are in Atkins& Other Low-Carb Specialty Foods.7.0NetAmount Carbs1. Meal/FlourArrowrootBaking Soda1/2 C1T1/2 t6.06.80.0Contains: sugar alcohol cornstarch and/or white or rice flour 3added sugar 4soybean oil821.0NetAmount CarbsNetAmount CarbsBaking Chocolate,Unsweetened1 oz1/2 tBaking PowderChocolate Chips,2TSemisweet 3Cinnamon, ground1tCocoa Powder, Unsweetened 2 TCoconut, Shredded1/4 CUnsweetened1/4 CSweetened 3Coconut Milk,1/2 CCanned, RegularCornmeal2TCream of Tartar1tDried Egg Whites2TEgg Replacement1 oz1/4 CFlaxseed Meal1/4 CFlour, White, All PurposeFlour, Whole Wheat1/4 CAll Purpose1/4 CPastryGelatin, Unflavored forBaking & Canning1 envMolasses1TNutmeg, ground1t1/4 COat Flour1/4 CRice Flour, White1/4 CRice Flour, Brown1/4 CRye Flour, Medium1/4 CSoy 18.419. CarbsSucralose-Brown SugarBlend for Baking 3Sucralose-SugarBlend for Baking 3Sugar, Brown, packedSugar, ConfectionersSugar, WhiteSugar & Stevia Blend 3Truvia Baking Blend 3Pure Vanilla & Other Extracts1/4 C50.11/4 C57.754.229.950.448.048.00.01/4 C1/4 C1/4 C1/4 C1/4 C1tBEEF, LAMB, PORK& OTHER MEATSMost meat is composed completely ofprotein and fat, with calf’s liver beinga notable exception. However, ham, baconor other pork products cured with sugar inany form, do contain carbs. Dependingupon how these products were cured andhow thick the slices are, the Net Carb gramcount can vary significantly, so check boththe Nutritional Facts panel and the list ofingredients. Pepperoni, salami and the likeare also often cured with sugar. Sausagesand frankfurters may contain fillers that addto the carb count. Any dish that is stuffed,breaded or deep-fried, including many precooked frozen convenience products, alsocontains carbs. So do items such as meatloaf or rolled stuffed pork loin prepared bya butcher. A number of sandwich and deliContains 3added sugar9

BEEF, LAMB, PORK & OTHER MEATScontinuedmeats also contain added sugar. Theamounts listed below reflect the weightafter cooking and minus bones. Note thatthe Atkins Frozen meals listed on page 7contain no added sugar or fillers.NetAmount CarbsBeefBrisketCorned BeefChuckChuck Eye SteakCorned BrisketCubed SteakEye RoundFlank SteakGround Chuck/RoundLiver, CalfLondon BroilPrime RibRib Eye Roast/SteakShell SteakShort RibsSirloin SteakSkirt SteakTenderloinTop Loin6 oz6 oz6 oz6 oz6 oz6 oz6 oz6 oz6 oz6 oz6 oz6 oz6 oz6 oz6 oz6 oz6 oz6 oz6, Loin or Rib6 oz6 oz0.00.0Contains/may contain: 1fillers 2added sugar10NetAmount CarbsCutletGroundLoinRound SteakScallopsShankShoulderStew Meat6 oz6 oz6 oz6 oz6 oz6 oz6 oz6 oz0. oz0.0LambChop, Loin or RibGroundLegRoastShoulderStew Meat6 oz6 oz6 oz6 oz6 oz6 oz0., Slab, Sliced 2Canadian Bacon 2Chop, Center CutChop, LoinGroundHamLoin RoastScrapple1Spam 1Spare Ribs3 sl 0.53 sl 1.46 oz 0.06 oz 0.06 oz 0.06 oz 0.06 oz 0.04 oz 15.62 oz 1.76 oz 0.0NetAmount CarbsStew MeatTenderloin6 oz6 oz0.00.0Game MeatsBeefaloBuffalo (Bison)RabbitVenison6 oz6 oz6 oz6 oz0. frank1 frank1 frank1 frank1. 1Beef & Pork 1Hebrew National 1PorkSausagesAndouille, PorkBeefBeef & PorkBratwurst 1Breakfast, PorkBulk, PorkCheddarwurst 1Cheese Dog 1Chicken w/ AppleChicken w/ Dried TomatoChicken & Turkey w/ GruyèreChorizo 1Italian, Hot 1Italian, Sweet 1Kielbasa, Beef 11 link2 oz1 link1 link1 link3 oz1 link1 link2 oz2 oz2 oz2 oz2 oz2 oz2 Amount CarbsKielbasa, Beef & Pork 1Kielbasa, Pork & Turkey 1Knockwurst 1Linguica 1Smoked, BeefSmoked, Hot2 oz2 oz1 link2 oz4 oz4 oz1., Luncheon and Cured MeatsBologna3 sl 2.1Beef 13 sl 2.2Beef & Pork 1Ham, Deli Style6 oz 3.2Baked, sliced 26 oz 3.0Boiled, sliced 24 oz 1.9Deviled 26 oz 3.8Honey Cured, sliced 24 sl 5.8Liverwurst 16 oz 5.2Mortadella 23 sl 5.9Olive Loaf 2Pancetta3 oz 0.0Pastrami, Beef1 sl 0.6Pepperoni6 oz 0.0Pork Roll5 sl 0.6Prosciutto6 oz 0.01 oz 3.0Roast Beef, Sliced 2Salami3 sl 1.5Beef 23 sl 1.0Beef & Pork 23 sl 0.5Pork 21 oz 1.0Sopressata (dry salami) 2Contains/may contain: 1fillers 2added sugar11

BEEF, LAMB, PORK& OTHER MEATScontinuedNetAmount CarbsFrozen Heat & Eat Meals(Also see Atkins & Other Low-CarbSpecialty Foods)Family Buffet1 servSalisbury Steaks 2, 3Harris Ranch Beef5 ozSwiss Steak Dinner 2Steak Umm Sliced Steaks1 eaStouffer’s DinnersBeef Pot Roast w/Roasted Potatoes &1 servVegetables 2Creamed Chipped Beef 2 1 servHomestyle Beef Skillet1 servDinner 2, 3Green Peppers Stuffed w/Beef & Tomato Sauce 2 1 servLasagna w/1 servMeat & Sauce 21 servMeatball Rotini 2Oven Roasted Beefw/ Broccoli & CheeseSauce1 serv1 servSalisbury Steak 2, 3Skillet Beef1 servStroganoff 1, 2, 31 pkgVeal Parmigianino 2, 31 servYankee Pot Roast 2Contains: 1fillers 2added sugar123BEVERAGES& ALCOHOLICBEVERAGESNetAmount .055.038.0trans fats.ost of the entries below are acceptable on the Atkins Diet. However, afew unacceptable ones are included to compare, for example, cola sweetened withhigh-fructose corn syrup versus sucralose.In this case, the difference is more than 35grams of Net Carbs (carb counts may varyby brand). We’ve also listed some fruit juicesto make it clear that you’re always betteroff eating whole fruit, which contains thefiber that when subtracted from the number of total carbs, results in the Net Carbcount. Avoid most energy drinks, which arefull of sugar and opt for sugar-free alternatives. There are numerous iced tea andlemonade choices made with a variety ofsweeteners. Check the Nutritional Factspanel on herb teas to make sure they contain no added sugar. Spirits contain no carbsand most wines relatively few, but avoidwine coolers and conventional mixers.Instead, opt for sugar-free mixers.NetAmount CarbsChocolate DrinksCanfield’s Diet ChocolateFudge SodaHot Cocoa 2Hot Cocoaw/ Marshmallows 212 oz 0.01 pkt 22.41 pkt 14.3Nestlé Carb SelectHot Cocoa MixNo-Mu Hot ChocolatePowderSwiss Miss, Diet,Hot Cocoa MixSwiss Miss Hot Cocoa,No Sugar AddedCoffee & Coffee DrinksCappuccinoInstant PowderInstant Powder, DecafSugar Free MixSugar Free Mix, DecafCoffeeBlack, BrewedBlack, Decaf, BrewedDecaf, InstantWith 1 T CreamWith 1 T Whole MilkIced, w/ 1 T Whole MilkStarbucksCaffè AmericanoCaffè Lattew/ Whole MilkCappuccinow/ Whole MilkEspresso, BlackEspresso w/ Whole MilkFrappuccino, Bottled 221 pkt4.06g2.01 pkt3.01 pkt0.01t1t3T3T2. oz0. oz2.012 oz 14.012 oz 9.012 oz 0.012 oz 9.09.5 oz 37.0NetAmount CarbsLatte, Iced,w/ Whole MilkMocha w/ Whole Milk 2Mocha Frappuccino 2Carbonated Beverages,Soda, MixersCherry Cola 2Cherry Cola, DietClub SodaCola 2Cola, DietDiet Sodas, all flavorsFruit Refreshers,Sugar Free, all flavorsGinger Ale 2Ginger Ale, DietGrape Soda 2Grape Soda, DietLemon/Lime Soda 2Lemon/Lime Soda, DietRoot Beer/Birch Beer 2Root Beer/Birch Beer, DietSeltzerSeltzer, Essence FlavoredTonic Water 2Tonic Water, Sugar FreeEnergy Sports DrinksAmp Energy 2Amp Energy, Sugar Free12 oz 10.012 oz 30.012 oz 38.312 oz 39.012 oz 0.012 oz 0.012 oz 35.212 oz 0.012 oz 0.012 oz12 oz12 oz12 oz12 oz12 oz12 oz12 oz12 oz12 oz12 oz12 oz12 oz0. oz 29.08 oz 0.0Contains added sugar13

BEVERAGES & ALCOHOLICBEVERAGES continuedNetAmount CarbsCoconut Water, FreshGatorade 2Monster 2Monster, Sugar FreeRed Bull 2Red Bull, Sugar Free8 oz 6.38 oz 15.78 oz 27.08 oz 1.08.4 oz 28.08.4 oz 3.0Fruit JuicesApple, unsweetenedApricot NectarCranberry Juice Cocktail,Frozen Concentrate 2Cranberry Juice Cocktail,Light 2Cranberry Juice Cocktail 2Fruitables MixedFruit & VegetableFruit Punch 2Grape, unsweetenedGrapefruit, sweetened 2Grapefruit, unsweetenedGuava Nectar 2LemonLimeMango NectarOrange, freshOrange, from anaPassion Fruit, fresh1Sweetened with stevia1424 oz 13.84 oz 17.32 T 18.64 oz 5.54 oz 17.14 oz 16-184 oz 15.04 oz 18.44 oz 13.84 oz 10.94 oz 17.42 T 2.02 T 2.44 oz 16.14 oz 12.74 oz 12.04 oz 14.04 oz 14.24 oz 16.63NetAmount CarbsNetAmount CarbsPeach Nectar, cannedPear Nectar, cannedPineapple, unsweetenedPruneTangerine-Orange4 oz4 oz4 oz4 oz4 oz16.619.015.821.112.5Kool-Aid, Sugar Free Mix,all flavors1 pkt0.0Lemonade / LimeadeCanned, No Added SugarCrystal LightBottled, DietBottled, sweetened 2Minute Maid Light, bottledPrepared from concentrate 2Prepared from powder 2True Lemon Mix 1True Lime Mix 1True Grapefruit Mix 1True Orange Mix 18 oz 0.08 oz 0.08 oz 1.38 oz 29.08 oz 2.08 oz 25.88 oz 17.61 pkt 0.01 pkt 0.01 pkt 0.01 pkt 0.0Tea & Tea DrinksBottled Iced TeaGreen, unsweetenedLemon Flavored 2Lemon Flavored, DietRaspberry, DietBrewed TeaBlackWith 1 T MilkWith 1 T CreamAdded sugar Sweetened with stevia and sugar.Chamomille8 oz 0.5Peppermint8 oz 0.0Iced TeaDiet8 oz 0.0Lipton Pureleaf,8 oz 0.0Unsweetened 18 oz 21.0Sweetened 21/8 pkt 1.0True Lemon Mix 3Unsweetened, from instant 8 oz 0.4With Stevia8 oz 0.0Vegetable JuicesCarrotClam & TomatoTomatoVegetable Juice Cocktail4 oz 10.04 oz 14.04 oz 4.04 oz 4.5Vitamin WaterGlaceau 2Glaceau Zero, Sugar FreeNestlé, Sugar FreeSkinny Water, Sugar Free12 oz 13.012 oz 0.012 oz 0.012 oz 0.08 oz 0.08 oz 22.08 oz 0.08 oz 1.0WaterBottledSparking MineralSpringTap8 oz8 oz8 ozAlcoholic BeveragesBeer“Lite” with stevia8 oz8 oz8 oz8 oz12 oz20. CarbsLow CarbNear ( 0.5% erry, DryVodkaWine, RedWine, RoséWine, White, SauvignonCocktail MixesBloody MaryMargarita 2Margarita, Baja Bob’sLow CarbMargarita,Master of Mixes, LiteMojito, Baja Bob'sLow CarbPiña Colada 2Screwdriver 2Strawberry Daiquiri,Lt. Blender's Sugar FreeStrawberry Daiquiri,Master of Mixes, LiteSweet ‘N Sour,Master of Mixes, Lite12 oz 2.512 oz 13.712 oz 14.11 oz 0.01 oz 2-31 oz 0.01 oz 0.01 oz 0.01 oz 4.71 oz 0.03.5 oz 2.63.5 oz 0.43.5 oz 2.03.5 oz 3.33.5 oz 13.84 oz0.04 oz3.04 oz 0.03.5 oz 22.23.5 oz 8.54 oz5.04 oz5.64 oz8.03Added sugar Sweetened with stevia and sugar.15

BREADS, CRACKERS,TORTILLAS & WRAPSThe Net Carb counts provided for different types of bread are averages becauseboth carb counts and ingredients can varysignificantly from one brand to another.Always check the Nutritional Facts panel aswell as the list of ingredients. Omitted arebagels, rolls, pastries and other conventionalbaked goods, which are almost always veryhigh in carbs and full of refined white flourand/or added sugar. For example, a cinnamon raisin English muffin, a blueberry muffin and a croissant contain, respectively,26.1, 25.8 and 19 grams of Net Carbs.Instead, baked goods that are within acceptable carb counts are listed, although someof these do contain white flour or addedsugar, as noted. Be aware, as well, that some“whole grain” products also contain refinedgrains. Brand names appear when carbcounts for similar products differ. Also, seeSnacks and Atkins and Other Low-CarbSpecialty Foods.NetAmount CarbsBreadsBranEzekielFrench 1Italian 1Oatmeal 1Pumpernickel 11Contains white flour161 sl1 sl1 sl1 sl1 sl1 sl210.612.015.313.412.011.6NetAmount CarbsPumpernickel,100% Rye MealPumpernickel, Thin SlicedRaisin 1Rye 1Rye, 100%Sourdough 1Sprouted Whole Wheat 2Sunflower SeedWhite 1Whole Grain 1100% Whole Grain 2Whole Wheat 1100% Whole Wheat 2BreadsticksDelallo Thin100% Whole WheatGranforno Whole WheatPepperidge Farm SnackSticks, Toasted Sesame 1Racconto Thin,100% Whole Wheat1 sl1 sl1 sl1 sl1 sl1 sl1 sl1 sl1 sl1 sl1 sl1 sl1 1 oz 21.05 ea 7.06 ea9.04 ea8.0CrackersAmy Lyn’s Original Flax Thins 5 ea 2.0Blue DiamondAlmond Nut Thins17 ea 22.02 ea 10.0Carr’s Whole Wheat 212 ea 7.8Cheez-It 1FlatOut Multigrain Crisps1 ea 9.0Contains/may contain added sugarNetAmount CarbsJJ Flats 21 ea1 eaMatzoh, Plain 1Matzoh, Whole Wheat1 ea1 eaMelba Toast 11 eaMelba Toast, Rye 1, 2Melba Toast, Whole Wheat 1, 21 eaSan-J Brown Ricew/ Sesame Seeds3 ea5 eaStone-Ground Wheat 1100% Stone-Ground Wheat 3 eaTriscuit3 ea8 eaWheat Thins 1, 2CrispbreadsAk-Mak 2Finn CrispCarawayMultigrainOriginalGG ScandinavianBran CrispbreadKavliCrispy ThinFive-GrainHeart ThinNejaimes Lavash CrispsFlatbread 1Flatbread, Sesame 1RyvitaDark Rye1Contains white flour22.822.618. ea 16.02 sl2 sl2 sl8.08.08.01 ea2.03 sl 11.01 sl 7.01 sl 6.01 ea 10.01 ea 9.02 sl 10.0NetAmount CarbsFlavorful FiberLight RyeRye & Oat BranSesame RyeWasaFiberHearty RyeLight RyeMultigrainSesameSourdough100% Whole Grain2 sl 11.02 sl 10.02 sl 8.02 sl 8.01 sl 6.01 sl 9.01 sl 11.01 sl 9.01 sl 9.01 sl 7.01 sl 8.0Flatbreads & WrapsFlatOutsFoldIt 5-Grain Flax1 eaHungry Girl 100%Whole Wheat1 eaLight1 eaTraditional1 eaJoseph’s LavashFlax, Oat Bran &Whole Wheat1/2 ea1/2 eaRoll-Ups 1, 2Sandwich Wrap, Flax, OatBran & Whole Wheat1 eaWhole Wheat Roll-Ups 2 1/2 eaPita6.5"White 1Whole ns/may conta

1 How to Use the Atkins Carb Counter 3 Acceptable Foods Lists 6 Atkins & Other Low-Carb Specialty Foods 8 Baking Ingredients 9 Beef, Lamb, Pork & Other Meats 12 Beverages & Alcoholic Beverages 16 Breads, Crackers, Tortillas & Wraps 18 Candy & Chewing Gum 20 Cereals 22 Condiments & Seasonings 23 Dairy, Eggs & Dairy Substitutes 27 Desserts 29 Fis

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pers that have been published about the Atkins Diet. The ones that have received most public attention are those directly comparing the Atkins Diet to a “low-fat” diet. Of the nine research papers1-9 I was able to obtain and review that directly compare the Atkins Diet with a “low-fat” diet, four4,6-8 were funded by the Robert C. Atkins .

Robert Atkins, M.D.: Dr. Atkins Diet Revolution Dr. Atkins New Diet Revolution Dr. Robert Atkins held fast to the notion that hyperinsulinism brought on by excess carbohydrate consumption was at the root of obesity and other risk factors for coronary heart disease in spite of a torrent of criticisms and claims of quackery heaped on by the .

e modied Atkins diet is modied from the Atkins diet as the induction phase of the diet limiting carbohydrates is maintained indenitely, fat is encouraged (not just allowed), and seizure control is the goal rather than weight loss [ ]. In contrast to the ketogenic diet, it does not restrict protein intake or daily calories. e Atkins diet allows .

The Smoke and Mirrors behind Wheat Belly and Grain Brain The Atkins Diet lives on in the current bestselling books Wheat Belly by William Davis, MD and Grain Brain by David Perlmutter, MD. Robert Atkins, MD, creator of the Atkins Diet, was upfront with his recommendations to eat a diet

(Atkins 20 14 16 17 19 27 32 35 37 38 “serving sizes” ridiculously unrealistic in order to make their numbers look less bad. 43 g CARB COUNTER 3 How to Use the Atkins C

Although popular for some time, the Atkins Diet comes with certain risks. Individuals considering the Atkins Diet should speak with their doctor. A detailed look at the Atkins diet here. The Zone diet The Zone diet aims for a nutritional balance of 40 percent carbohydrates, 30 percent fats, and 30 percent protein in each meal.

Atkins Carb Counter if you’re unsure Dairy products other than cream, soured cream, single cream and aged cheeses. No cow’s or goat’s milk, yoghurt, cottage cheese, or ricotta for now ‘Low-fat’ foods, which are usually higher i