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C M YK01/09/10 CYCLO6000英文表紙The Available SolutionAccreditedby the RvAISO-14001 REGISTERED FIRMDNV Certification B.V., THE NETHERLANDS Strictly observe the safety rules for the installation site and equipment. (Industrial Safety and Health Law, TechnicalStandard for Electric Facilities, Extension Rules, Plant Explosion Guidelines, Building Standards Law, etc.)distributor from which you purchased the product or our sales Department. The maintenance manual should be sent tothe actual user. Select an appropriate product that matches the operating environment and usage. Install protective equipment on the machine side when the machine is used for transportation of passengers or forelevators, escalators, and dumbwaiters. Use an explosion-proof type motor in an explosive environment.Select an explosion-proof type motor whose specifications are best suited for the danger zone. When a 400V-class inverter is used to drive the motor, mount a control filter or reactor on the inverter side, or use asufficiently insulated motor. When the machine is used for food processing equipment or other applications that are susceptible to oil, install an oilpan or other preventive devices in case of oil leakage due to failure or termination of service life.http://www.shi.co.jp/ptc/POWER TRANSMISSION & CONTROLS GROUP5-9-11, KITA-SHINAGAWA SHINAGAWA-KU, TOKYO 141-8686, JAPANPHONE: (03)5488-8363 FAX: (03)5488-8355Specifications, dimensions and other items in the catalog are subject to changewithout notice.C2001E-2.0Printed in Japan2001.11 Carefully read the maintenance manual before use. If the maintenance manual is not on hand, request one from theCYCLO DRIVE 6000 SeriesSAFETY PRECAUTIONSISO9001PTC NAGOYA PLANT CYCLODRIVEGearmotors & Speed Reducers6000SeriesISO14001PTC NAGOYA PLANT

WHAT DO YOU THINK OF THIS?THESE ARE THE ADVANTAGES OF THE NEWEST CYCLO,6000 SERIES:More frame sizes, gear ratios and motor capacities.New 0.25kW, 0.55kW, 1.1kW and 3.0kW selections.A full line of motor capabilities suitable for applications all over the world.See the available combinations shown on the next page.Compared to previous models of the same power and ratio, the new Cyclo 6000 Series has : Higher rated load capacity Decreased weight-up to 40% lighter50#Series(1969〜)Our technical support includes many information technology innovations.Drawings and other technical data, as well as fast responses to questions,can be obtained at our Web site )http://www.shi.co.jp/ptc/Compare Models of same capacity / ratioRedesigned teeth reduce noise, provide smoother operation.13

A UNIQUE CONCEPT IN GEARMOTORS AND SPEED REDUCERSAVAILABLE COMBINATIONCombinations with 4P motor ons with 6P motor Ratio11〜877187119RatioO/p Speed 50Hz 242 181 132 112 96.7 85.3 69.0 58.0 50.0 41.4 33.7 28.4 24.6 20.4 16.7 12.2r/min 60Hz 292 219 159 135 117 103 83.3 70.0 60.3 50.0 40.7 34.3 29.7 24.6 20.1 14.711152129435987 15 60.2 4 18.5 6 0.25 4 22 6 0.55 4 0.75 4 1.1 4 1.5 4 M2.2 4 O3.0 4 T3.7 4 132 6O5.5 4 R7.5 4 (kW P)11 4 15 4 18.5 4 22 4 30 4 37 4 45 4 55 4 75 4 Ring gear housingSlow speed shaftO/p Speed 50Hz 89.1 65.3 46.7 33.8 22.8 16.6 11.3r/min 60Hz 106 77.7 55.5 40.2 27.1 19.7 13.40.1 40.4 4Ring gear rollerM30 6OTOR(kW P) 37 6 45 6 55 6 75 6 90 6 110 6 Ring gear pinSlow speed shaft rollerSlow speed shaft pinHigh speed shaftThe Name CYCLOCasingderived from Kyklos the Greek word for circle,refers to the CYCLO disc, whose outer profileresembles a cycloidal curve.Cycloid disc(2 disc system)Worldwide Product SupportAdded combinations are marked by color.Eccentric camand bearing High speed end shield Many PossibilitiesCycloid disc(2 disc system)Ring gear housingRing gear rollerCombinations with 4P motor Ratio104〜7569RatioO/p Speedr/min50Hz13.9 12.0 10.1 8.79 7.44 6.28 5.31 4.55 3.85 3,07 2.59 2.23 1.98 1.72 1.45 1.16 0.980 0.784 0.702 0.572 0.476 0.417 0.327 0.282 0.235 0.19260Hz16.8 14.5 12.2 10.6 8.97 7.58 6.41 5.49 4.64 3.70 3.13 2.70 2.39 2.08 1.74 1.40 1.18 0.946 0.847 0.690 0.575 0.503 0.394 0.341 0.283 0.2310.1 4 0.2 4 0.25 4 0.4 4 0.55 4 0.75 4 1.1 4 M1.5 4 O2.2 4 T3.0 4 O3.7 4 R5.5 4 (kW P)7.5 4 11 4 15 4 18.5 4 22 4 30 4 37 4 45 4 N・m24 24 24〜 〜 〜7350 31300 763024〜43700Motor flangebracket70 Years of Product DevelopmentThe unique CYCLO operating principle wasinvented by the German engineer LorenzBraren in 19 31. His ingenious design hascontinued its progressive development up tothe present day.More than 7,000,000 Units SoldEccentric camand bearingSlow speedshaft pinSlow speed shaftSumitomo Heavy Industries,Ltd. PowerTransmission & Controls Group, a world leaderin power transmission control, has producedmore than 7,000,000 CYCLO DRIVES, CYCLODRIVE Gearmotors, and Speed Reducers.They are used daily in industries throughoutthe world, replacing the more conventionalhelical, worm, and spur gear units.In addition to a wide range of application knowledge, we can offer 70 years of advanced power transmission driveexperience. 24〜46000Casingof mechanical and electrical power transmissionand control are available in the completeCYCLO product range. CYCLO means theavailable solution. Get in touch with us, we willbe happy to provide whatever information youneed.Power Transmission ExperienceQuality System Certification24〜6820045〜6820024〜6820045 24 150 24〜 〜 〜 〜68200 68200 68200 6820045〜68200150〜68200525〜68200Added combinations are marked by color.4Ring gear pin104 121 143 165 195 231 273 319 377 473 559 649 731 841 1003 1247 1479 1849 2065 2537 3045 3481 4437 5133 6177 7569Output TorqueFast, competent technical advice and assistancewith design, application selection, installation,and after sales service is available fromproduction and distribution centers in over 30countries throughout the world.Sumitomo Heavy Industries, Ltd. Nagoya Plant, Power Transmission & Controls Group has achieved the Quality SystemCertification according to ISO 9001, EN29001, BS5750 Part 1:1987, JIS Z9901:1991 Standard for design and manufactureof mechanical speed reducers, mechanical speed variators, electric motors, and gearmotors.5

FEATURES AND BENEFITSOverload Capacity - 500%Because the CYCLO's external gear has an epitrochoidal toothprofile, which provides a high contact ratio, the teeth can't be shearedoff. It has the strength to withstand overload shocks that break theteeth of ordinary reducers.Outstanding Reliability-2 Year WarrantyCYCLO SPEED REDUCERMany teeth share the shock ofoverload.CYCLO speed reducers are known for outstanding reliability andextended operating lifetime. With proper care, 20 years of problemfree operation is not unusual. This reliabilty is not only due to highmaterial specifications, component quality controls and carefulassembly procedures, but also due to the complete absence ofsliding friction. Correctly sized and selected CYCLO gearmotors andspeed reducers are covered by a two-year warranty.Robust ConstructionCONVENTIONAL HELICAL GEAR.1 or 2 teeth absorb the entireshock of overload.CYCLO housings are made of gray cast iron, except for the twosmallest sizes, which are aluminium. All the power transmittingcomponents are made from 52100 bearing grade steel that ishardened and ground.Ideal for Dynamic ApplicationsSince inertia is very low, the CYCLO speed reducer is ideally suitedfor frequent start-stop-reversing duties in combination with anadjustable frequency inverter.CYCLO SPEED REDUCERCONVENTIONAL HELICAL GEARCompact SizeSingle stage reduction ratios are available from 6:1 to 119:1, double stage up to 7,569:1 and triple stage upto almost 1,000,000:1. Fewer stages provide a much smaller footprint and envelope.Overall EconomyCompetitive initial cost, high reliability, long life and minimal maintenance give CYCLO speed reducerssuperior overall economy when compared to conventional gearboxes.Motor Integral to the CYCLOStandard gearmotors have directly fitted three-phase motors that meet JIS. Brakemotors are available uponrequest. Consult the factory when a two-speed motor is required.Very Compact SizeA compact precision design motor has been developed for integral coupling with the CYCLO DRIVE.Low NoiseWhen compared with the sliding tooth contact of conventionalgearing, the rolling contact of the CYCLO system reduces noiselevels.Extruded Aluminium Alloy Motor Frame50% stronger than die cast aluminium.Low InertiaCONVENTIONAL HELICAL REDUCERTorque transmitting parts grind,wear,andcan break off.CYCLO SPEED REDUCERAll torque transmitting parts roll,don't grind.The compact motor design keeps inertia low and makes this motor an ideal match for the low inertia CYCLOspeed reducer.Excellent Heat DissipationOutstanding heat dissipation makes the CYCLOgearmotor ideal for adjustable frequency inverterapplications.67

BASIC INFORMATION & RECOMMENDATIONDrive RatingsMounting ConsiderationsStandard CYCLO speed reducers are designed and built for long, maintenance-free, 10-hour daily serviceunder conditions of uniform load. When your application involves more severe conditions, catalog ratingsmust be divided by the proper service factor, or the actual load must be multiplied by this factor.Horizontal and vertical oil-lubricated units should be mounted in exact planes whenever possible. When theyare mounted on inclined surfaces, minor modifications are necessary since inclined mounting could lowerthe oil level. However, overfilling the unit with oil may cause leakage through the air vent, foaming, churningand consequently overheating. Please contact the factory.Shaft RotationFor single and triple reduction units, the slow speed shaft turns in the direction opposite to that of the highspeed shaft. For double reduction units, the slow speed and high speed shafts turn in the same direction.The slow and high speed shafts are coaxial for all reductions.Lubrication InformationShaft ConnectionsGrease LubricatedA pulley, sprocket or pinion should be mounted as close to the shaft bearing as possible and ideally, in orderto avoid undue bearing load and shaft deflection, not with the point of radial load beyond the midpoint of theprotruding shaft. Never over tighten belts or chains. Careful and accurate installation is essential for efficientand trouble-free operation. Before installing, the shafts should be checked to make sure that they areparallel and level. Accuracy of alignment after mounting can be checked with a string or straight edge heldagainst the faces of the sprocket or pulley hubs.Couplings should be properly aligned the limits specified by the manufacturer and checked carefully prior toinitial startup. In order for it to give the required fit, the coupling bore diameter and tolerance should beappropriate to the gearbox shaft diameter and tolerance.All grease lubricated units are filled with grease at our factory and arrive ready for use.Control of Shaft LoadWhen power is transmitted through spur gear, belts, pulleys, or chains, radial forces are applied to theshafts. The radial capacities are calculated from load centering and compared to the allowable radial load.InstallationThe smaller CYCLO units up to size 6125 and some multiple reduction units are grease lubricated. All otherunits are oil lubricated as standard.a)Lifetime Grease LubricationCYCLO units up to size 6125 are grease lubricated for life and suitable for any mounting posit i o n .These sizes are filled with SHELL ALVANIA RA grease at our factory and are maintenance-free for 20,000operating hours or 4 to 5 years.b)Other Grease LubricationGrease lubricated units larger than size 6125 are usually filled with SHELL ALVANIA R2 grease at ourfactory. These units are quipped with grease nipples and vent plugs to allow for periodic regreasing.Oil Lubricated UnitsOil lubricated units must be filled to the correct level with oil before operating. Choose an appropriate oilviscosity that suits the installation ambient temperature. For recommended oil types and viscosity grades,please refer to our current Operating and maintenance manual.Be sure to install and operate CYCLO drives in compliance with applicable local and national safety codes.Appropriate guards for rotating shafts should always be used.INCORRECTCORRECTSQUARE AND PARALLELCORRECT METHODINCORRECT METHODPULLEYPULLEYREDUCER WALL8REDUCER WALL9

HOW IT WORKSThe unique CYCLO speed reducing system is based on an ingeniously simple principle that offers manybenefits to the designer and user of power transmission drives. Basically, the speed reducer has only threemajor moving parts:Ring gear pins androllersSlow speed shaftCycloid discHigh speed shaftExcentric camSlow speed shaftpins* High speed input shaft withintegrally mounted eccentriccam and roller bearingassembly* Cycloid discs* Slow speed shaft assemblyAs the eccentric cam rotates, it rolls the cycloid discs around the internal circumference of the stationaryring gear.The resulting action is similar to that of a wheel rolling around the inside of a ring. As the wheel (cycloiddisc) travels in a clockwise path around the ring (ring gear housing), the wheel itself turns slowly on its ownaxis in a counter-clockwise direction. In the CYCLO system the cycloidal profile around the outer edge ofthe disc engages progressively with the rollers of the fixed ring gear housing to produce a reverse rotation atreduced speed. For each complete revolution of the high speed shaft, the cycloid disc turns one cycloidaltooth pitch in the opposite direction. In general, there is one less cycloidal tooth around the disc than thereare pins in the fixed ring gear housing, which results in reduction ratios equal to the number of cycloidalteeth on the disc. (Note: For some ratios, there are two less teeth per cycloid disc than there are pins in thering gear housing.)The reduced rotation of the cycloid discs is transmitted to the slow speed shaft by means of drive pins androllers that engage with holes located around the middle of each disc.Typically, a two disc system is used with a double eccentric cam which increases the torque capacity andoffers an exceptionally smooth, vibration-free drive.Ring gear pins and rollersSlow speed shaft pins and rollersRing gearhousingCasingSlow speed shaft10Cycloid discsHigh speedshaftEccenttric cam and bearingHogh speed endshield

CONTENTS MotorBasic Specifications �‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥12 Nomenclature Availableand Mounting ‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥14Ratio CLO ��‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥A-1 StandardSpecifications �‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥A-2 Nomenclatureof gearmotors �‥‥‥‥‥‥A-3 Selection �‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥A-4 LoadFactor �‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥A-6 SelectionTables �‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥A-10 SelectionTables for Torque Rated Gearmotors ‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥A-89 DimensionTables �‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥A-124CYCLO SPEED REDUCERS �‥‥‥‥‥B-1 StandardSpecification �‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥B-2 Nomenclatureof Speed Reducers �‥‥‥B-3 Selection �‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥B-4 LoadFactor �‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥B-6 SelectionTables �‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥B-8 DimensionTables �‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥B-54CYCLO GEARMOTORS(AF MOTORS FOR INVERTER) ‥‥‥‥‥C-1 StandardSpecifications �‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥C-2 Nomenclatureof gearmotors �‥‥‥‥‥‥C-3 Selection �‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥C-4 Precautions Selectionfor Inverter Driving �‥‥‥‥‥C-6Tables �‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥C-8 DimensionTables �‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥C-16HIGH EFFICIENCY MOTORS �‥‥‥‥‥D-1GEAR MOTOR E SERIES-LOW REDUCTION RATIO1/3〜1/10 ‥‥‥D-5TECHNICAL DATA �‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥‥E-1 Reducer ‥E-31 ��E-5511

BASIC MOTOR SPECIFICATIONS :Standard InsulationTable 1. 3-Phase Induction Motors. :Manufactured ModelsSpecification Indoor Type Outdoor Type CorrosionProof(JP44) (JPW44)Class 2Capacity(kW) 5223037455546 4 6 4 6E4 Insulation ClassBF4646 Two Speed Inverter Motors(Constant Torque)MotorsH4(Constant Torque)6 4/8Indoor Type Outdoor Type4646 Continuous Rating & Applicable Voltage : 200V 50/60Hz・220V 60Hz(400V 50/60Hz・440V 60Hz)Applicable Voltage.RemarksProvided that the base frequency for driving an inverter is 60Hz. :Standard InsulationTable 2. 3-Phase Induction Motors with Built-in Brakes.Specification Indoor Type Outdoor Type CorrosionProof(JP44) (JPW44)Class 2Capacity(kW) 5223037Remarks46 4 6 4 6E4 :Manufactured ModelsInsulation ClassBF4646 Two Speed Inverter Motors(Constant Torque)MotorsH4 (Constant Torque)64/8Indoor Type Outdoor Type4646 Continuous Rating & Applicable Voltage : 200V 50/60Hz・220V 60Hz(400V 50/60Hz・440V 60Hz)Brake Insulation : B typeProvided that the base frequency for driving an inverter is 60Hz.Notes : 1. Motors with output kW specifications other than as listed in Tables 1〜4 are also manufactured .Consult factory.Examples : Special voltage, dust-proof, humidity proof, tropical treatment high temperature, ship use, dual shaft(round & square shaft),CSA Standard , NEMA Standard, etc. For other corresponding Standards, refer to Comparison of Sumitomo Standards withInternational Standards on Page E50〜53 of Technical Information.2. Standard protection type : Indoor Type JP44, JP54, Outdoor Type JPW44, JPW54.3. Using an inverter drive, start-up lubrication properties and thermal rating must be reviewed for selection of the proper Cyclo reducer fromsize combination. Advise us of ambient temperature, input r/min, mounting method, load characteristics and other conditions of use.4. When the standard electric motor is driven by an inverter, the dielectric withstand voltage of the electric motor may have to be taken intoaccount if the inverter has a high carrier frequency(typical in IGBT)with high input voltage(400V or more), or if it has a long wiringdistance. Consult factory in such a case.12

:Standard InsulationTable 3. Safety Increased Explosion-proof(eG3)3-Phase Induction MotorSpecificationCapacity(kW) arksIndoor Type(JP44)4 Outdoor Type(JPW44)64 Insulation ClassCorrosion ProofClass 264 B64 Capacity(kW) P0. Continuous Rating.Applicable Voltage : 200V、220V、350V、380V、400V、440V、50/60Hz :Standard InsulationTable 4. Pressure-tight Explosion-proof(d2G4)3-Phase MotorSpecification :Manufactured ModelsIndoor Type(JP44)Outdoor Type(JPW44)464 Corrosion ProofClass 264 6 :Manufactured ModelsInsulation ClassBF446 Inverter Motors(Constant Torque)Indoor Type Outdoor Type46 Continuous Rating.Applicable Voltage : amarks(For inverter drive)200V 60Hz 220V 60Hz400V 60Hz 440V 60HzApplicable inverter : Applicable only to Sumitomo inverters.(Refer to Inverter catalogue.)13

NOMENCLATURECCYCLO DRIVE ReferInput capacity symbolto Page 16 for mounting position examples.(Motor capacity of gearmotors)Refer Table 5, Page 15Special specification symbol(S)With or Without BrakeRefer Table 9, Page 15C H H M3613043Reduction ratio.Refer Table 10, Page 17SuffixSlow Speed Shaft DirectionMounting StyleType of InputH(Horizontal, slow speed shaft level) H(Foot)M(Gearmotors)V(Vertical, slow speed shaft down) V(V Flange)No symbol(Reducers)W(Vertical, slow speed shaft up) F(Flange)J,JM(With adaptor)N(Maintenance-free Universal direction)Refer Table 7, Page 15 for details.Refer Table 8, Page 15Shaft Spec. SymbolMetric JISHHMInch SizeAGMA ⅠVYYAAGMA ⅡYBAGMA ⅢYCMetric DINVNo symbolGNo symbolCyclo Reducer Frame SizeRefer Table 6, Page 15WFJNNoteNote : N : Universal Mounting Maintenance-free is for Frame Size up to 6125(Single stage), 6125DB(Double stage)14

Table 5. Input Capacity Symbol(Motor capacity of gearmotors).4PCapacity symbol010203050811H2345(1/8) 0.2(1/4)0.25(1/3)0.4(1/2)0.55(3/4) 0.75(1) 1.1(1.5) 1.5(2) 2.2(3) 3.0(4) 3.7(5)kW(HP) 0.18101520253040506075100Capacity symbol(7.5) 7.5(10) 11(15) 15(20) 18.5(25) 22(30) 30(40) 37(50) 45(60) 55(75) 75(100)kW(HP) 5.56PCapacity � 18.5(25) 22(30) 30(40) 37(50) 45(60) 55(75) 75(100) 90(125)110(150)132kW(HP) 15(175)Table 6 Cyclo Reducer Frame on (Output side Input side)DoubleReduction (Output side Input 275DA6060 60606065 60656070 60656075 60656090 60756095 60756100 60756105 60756120 60756120 60956125 60756125 60956130 60756130 60956130 61056135 60756135 60956135 61056140 60756140 60956140 61056145 60756145 60956145 61056160 60956160 61056160 61256165 60956165 61056165 61256170 60956170 61056170 61256175 60956175 61056175 61256180 61056180 61356185 61056185 61356190 61256190 61356195 61256195 61356205 61256205 61356215 61356215 61656225 61356225 61756235 61656235 61856245 61656245 61856255 61756255 61956265 61956275 6195H type is option.Table 7. Type of Motor ConnectionType of Motor ConnectionIntegral MotorFree ShaftW/C-Face AdaptorW/Quill I/P AdaptorBeierWith Clutch BrakeWith Fluid CouplingWithoutMotor JXBWithMotorMJMXMBMCMRMTable 8. Suffix DesignationReducer SpecificationTorque LimiterLight Heavy RadialHigh Cap. Brg. Ductile CasingBaseplateHH Type CeilingModification Left WallModification Right WallLow BacklashSymbolTLR1R2BPH1H2H3LBMotor SpecificationAF MotorServo MotorDC MotorHigh Efficency MotorSymbolAVSVDVESTable 9. Brake(Integral Only)BrakeNOYESSymbolB15

MOUNTING POSITIONSN : Universal Mounting Maintenance-free is for Frame Size up to 6125(Single stage), 6125DB(Double CHHM(CNHX)CHFX(CNFX)CVVX(CNVX)Input side Hollow shaftCHHJM(CNHJM)With AdaptprCHHPMTop Mount TypeCHHBMBeier Cyclo VariatorCHHCMCyclo Pack with ClutchBrakeC10CMCyclo wheel16Speed ReducersInput side Hollow shaftCHFJM(CNFJM)With AdaptprCVVPMSide Mount TypeCHFBMBeier Cyclo VariatorC11WMCyclo capstanCPCCenter post typeInput side Hollow shaftCVVJM(CNVJM)With AdaptprInput side Hollow shaftInput side Hollow shaftInput side Hollow shaftCHHJCHFJCVVJWith AdaptprWith AdaptprWith AdaptprCPMCyclo motor pullyCVVBMBeier Cyclo VariatorC14VMC15VMVertical special base mountC17VMC18VMVertical special base mountBecause we constantly strive to satisfy individual userrequirements, we can provide a wide variety of otherspecial models in addition to those shown above.Please contact us for additional information.

Table 10. Available Reduction Ratios.Single Reduction6811131517214351597187119252935Double Reduction104121143165195231273319377473(13 8) (11 11) (13 11) (15 11) (15 13) (21 11) (21 13) (29 11) (29 13) (43 11)559649731841100312471479184920652537(43 13) (59 11) (43 17) (29 29) (59 17) (43 29) (87 17) (43 43) (59 35) (59 43)Note 1304534814437513361777569(87 35) (59 59) (87 51) (87 59) (87 71) (87 87)Note1 : Frame size 6205#〜6265# are(59 87).Table 11. Other Reduction Ratios.Under certain conditions, the following reduction ratios may also be available, please consult us.(The following output shaftr/min, is an example when coupled with a 4-pole motor)Reduction RatioOutput 678.638.588.337.757.256.906.566.4460Hz 85408(29 8)(17 15)(43 6)(25 11)(35 8)(17 17)(51 6)(21 15)(25 13)(43 8)(59 6)(21 17)(25 15)(35 11)(51 8)50Hz 873.773.5560Hz 25645(25 17)(71 6)(29 15)(21 21)(35 13)(59 8)(29 17)(87 6)(35 15)(51 11)(71 8)(35 17)(29 21)(25 25)(43 15)50Hz 382.322.2560Hz 015 1065(51 13)(87 8)(29 25)(35 21)(51 15)(59 13)(71 11)(51 17)(35 25)(59 15)(43 21)(71 13)(87 11)(35 29)(71 15)50Hz 521.431.3660Hz 831.721.641071 1075 1131 1207 1225 1239 1275 1305 1475 1491 1505 1711 1775 1785 1827(51 21)(43 25)(87 13)(71 17)(35 35)(59 21)(51 25)(87 15)(59 25)(71 21)(43 35)(59 29)(71 25)(51 35)(87 21)50Hz 820.810.7960Hz 990.980.96Reduction RatioOutput speedr/min12612.1Reduction RatioOutput speedr/min12014.2Reduction RatioOutput speedr/min10216.1Reduction RatioOutput speedr/min9050Hz 16.5Reduction RatioOutput speedr/min88(11 8)(15 6)(17 6)(15 8)(21 6)(17 8)(25 6)(21 8)(13 13)(29 6)(17 11)(25 8)(35 6)(17 13)(15 15)2059 2175 2193 2485 2523 2601 3009 3053 3621 3741 4189 5041(71 29)(87 25)(51 43)(71 35)(87 29)(51 51)(59 51)(71 43)(71 51)(87 43)(71 59)(71 71)50Hz Hz put speed50Hz:1450r/min60Hz:1750r/min17


STANDARD SPECIFICATIONSGearmotorsItemStandard SpecificationStandard Specification with Built-in BrakeRange0.1kW 4P〜55kW 4P15kW 6P〜55kW 6P0.1kW 4P〜30kW 4P・FB Brake(Non Asbestos)37kW 4P ESB BrakeEnclosureTotally enclosed fan cooled type(0.1kW 4P totally enclosed non ventilated)Totally enclosed fan cooled type(0.1kW 4P totally enclosed non ventilated)Power Source55kW and smaller 200V 50/60Hz 220V 60Hz37kW and smaller 200V 50/60Hz 220V 60HzCapacityInsulationP4PClass E0.1〜0.4kWClass B0.55〜22kWClass F30〜55kW6PInsulationP4PClass E0.1〜0.4kW15kWClass B0.55〜22kW18.5〜55kWClass F30〜37kWMotorInsulationTime RatingTerminal box position& lead wire directionContinuous ratingContinuous ratingOn the left side viewed from the load side.Regarding the draw out hole direction, refer to Table A-1.P4P6PLead wiresOn the left side viewed from the load side.Regarding the draw out hole direction, refer to Table A-1.P4PLead wiresLead wiring0.1〜7.5kW3(Lug type)Note: 26Ambient ConditionsCyclo DriveStandardsLubricationMethodSpeed reductionmethodDirection ofoutput eAmbienthumidityElevationAtmosphereMethod ofMountingMethod of couplingwith driven machinePainting(11〜55kW0.1〜7.5kW5(Direct starting)Note: 215〜55kW-Δstarting available)( -Δstarting available)(Direct starting)Note: 2811〜37kW( -Δstarting available)According to JISGrease lubricated and oil lubricated models available.Internal planetary gear mechanism with trochoidal curved tooth profile.Single reductionClockwise rotationDouble reductionCounter-clockwise rotationAs observed from the load when connected to R-U, S-V, T-W motors.Indoors(Minimal dust and humidity) 10 〜40 Under 85%Under 1,000 metersWell ventilated location, free of corrosive gases, explosive gases, vapors and dust.CHHM type-with slow speed shaft in horizontal direction and with legs. CVVM type-with slow speed shaft down in vertical direction andwith mount.(No restrictions in mounting position of maintenance-free grease lubricatied models, and the 2nd digit of type symbolprovides N )Coupling, gears, chain sprocket or belt.Type : Acrylic modified phtalicColour : Equivalent to mancel 6.5PB 3.6/8.2.Notes : 1. Refer to the technical section(Page E-31〜54)for motor specification other than standard one.2. -Δ start is also available. Please consult us.Table A-1. Direction of Withdrawing Lead Wire.Main frame mounting directionIndoors(Standard)Horizontal Type(Slow speedshaft in horizontal direction).Vertical Type(Slow speedshaft in vertical direction).Note: Whenever not specified, the above direction shall be used. When the direction of withdrawal from the terminal box is other thanspecified above, refer to Page E-34.A-2

NOMENCLATURE & MOUNTING POSITIONSTable A-2. Motor Capacity SymbolCapacity4 SymbolP kW010203050811H0.10.2 0.25 0.4 0.

Compared to previous models of the same power and ratio, the new Cyclo 6000 Series has : . The compact motor design keeps inertia low and makes this motor an ideal match for the low inertia CYCLO speed reducer. Excellent Heat Dissipation Outstanding heat dissipation makes the CYCLO gearmo

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Beat Mania 1998 2.98 Japan Fighting Games: Street Fighter series 23.00 World-Wide 11.00 Japan Street Fighter II (SNES) 1992 2.88 Japan Tekken series 4.60 Japan Tekken 3 1998 3.36 Outside Japan Tekken 2 1996 2.19 Outside Japan Tekken 1 1995 1.03 Outside Japan Soul Caliber II (PS2) 2003 1.50 Japan Soul Caliber II (GC) 2003 1.00 Japan

Japanese Occupation of the Philippines 1942-1945 81 V 1228 Murayama Kousuke Japan Japan Chrysanthemum Series 1899-1908 83 V 1229 Itoh Sumihide Japan Japan : Showa Series, 1937-46 88 LV 1230 Wada Teruhiro Japan Japan Showa Issues 1937-1947 83 V 1231 Ishizawa Tsukasa Japan Ryukyus Air Mail Stamps 1950-60 77 LS

The Japan Iron and Steel Federation Current Situation of Steel Supply and Demand in Japan 1. The Current Japanese Economy 1. Macroeconomic Overview 2. Japan's Additional Economic Measures for Fiscal 2009 3. Forecast for GDP Growth in Japan 2. Steel Supply and Demand 1. Steel Production in Japan 2. Major Steel-Consuming Industries in Japan 3.

Honda VTR1000 SP1 2001 Japan Honda VTR1000 SP2 2006 Japan Honda CBR1000RR Fireblade 2005 Japan. Honda CBR1000RR Fireblade 2014 Japan Honda CBR1000RR Fireblade 2015 Japan Honda CBR1000RR Fireblade SP 2014 Japan Honda CBR1000RR / Fir

ECSS-Q-ST-70-10C Qualification of Printed Circuit Boards ECSS-Q-ST-70-11C Procurement of Printed Circuit Boards J-STD-003 Solderability Tests for Printed Boards IPC-1601 Printed Board Handling and Storage Guidelines IPC-2221 Generic Standard on Printed Board Design IPC-2222 Sectional Design Standard for Rigid Organic Printed Boards

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Marine Vessel (Japan, Export)-10.8% The Shipbuilders' Association of Japan (Completion Vessels, Comparison 1H) Construction Machinery (Japan, Export)-20.7% Japan Construction Equipment Manufacturers Association Commercial Truck (Japan)-7.3% Japan Automobile Dealers Association (Japanese 4 manufactures, Registered) Construction Machinery .