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FAITH ON FACEBOOK TOOLKITFaith on Facebook ToolkitKeep your faith community connected with these resources.Tools to build your house of worship online:1. Pages2. Facebook Live3. Groups4. Learning Units5. Watch Party6. Additional ResourcesIntroductionAs you navigate reaching your membersvirtually, it will be important to combine a focuson your Facebook Page with Facebook Liveand Facebook Groups. If you think of yourFacebook presence like a digital house, yourPage is your front porch, Facebook Live is youopening the front door, and Facebook Groups islike you inviting people into your living room for aconversation.Our ultimate goal is to equip you with the toolsto help you continue the faith conversations youhave during the week on our platform.

FAITH ON FACEBOOK TOOLKITFacebook PagesIncrease your reach and awareness aboutyour faith community with an onlinepresence.Creating a Facebook Page allows you to reacha wider audience to discover your faithcommunity - think of your Page as your onlinehouse of worship.Build an active and engaged audience foryour faith community.Grow your Page by inviting congregants andfriends.Start by inviting current members or otherinterested people to like your Facebook Page.They can support you by interacting with yourposts and sharing your content. This initialaudience helps to establish credibility, build yourreputation and spread the word about yourinstitution right away.Manage many aspects of your faithcommunity through Facebook.Keep your members updated.Posting on your Page is a great way to let yourmembers and followers know what yourcommunity is up to. Keep members interestedand engaged with information, updates, eventnotifications and more.Build community.Create a Facebook Group to deepen yourrelationship with your community. Invitemembers to join, start discussions to yourcommunity, create online events, and share acalendar to stay organized.Learn more about building your community inthe Facebook Community Hub.Promote a virtual event.If you’re hosting a virtual event, use FacebookEvents to spread the world. Share key detailsand increase attendance.Tips and TricksThink mobile first.Before using a photograph or video on yourPage, look at the image one your mobile deviceand ensure the main subject is clear.Engage with your membersAs a Page admin, you are able to assign roles,edit the Page, create posts, and send messagesas the Page. This means admins should: Comment on other posts and in Groups asyour Facebook Page. Engage with contentacross Facebook to make you more visible tonew and existing Pages. Share more content. Make sure the contentyou share on your Facebook Page is relevantto your audience so that people who follow orlike your Page find it meaningful. Focus onposting ideas that increase engagement. Manage communication through Messenger.Whether your members want to learn aboutan upcoming program or need to resolve anissue, you can communicate with themprivately in Messenger. You can also make 1:1and group audio and video calls withmembers to communicate updates or checkin on each other. You can also communicatepublicly through Facebook comments.

FAITH ON FACEBOOK TOOLKITFacebook LiveFacebook Live lets you live stream events, performances and gatherings on Facebook.Viewers can watch from a phone, computer or connected TV. Reactions, shares, comments,and other interactive features enable you to engage with your audience.Decide whether to go live to a Page, Group,or EventYou can go live on a Page, in a Group, or to anEvent on Facebook. Going live on a Page willgive you access to more tools and capabilitiesthan going live to a Group or event.Live streams to Pages have the followingfeatures which are not available for Group andEvent live streams: Crosspost to other Pages. Only livebroadcasts to a Page can be crossposted. Access detailed insights in Creator Studio.Restrict access to your live stream to aspecific geography or age demographic onFacebook using age and geographic gating.If you only want members of a particular groupto have access to your video, go live in a Group.Learn more about creating a private Group.If you post your live stream to a Page, you canshare it to a Group or Event.Go live on a PageDecide whether to use a phone or camera there are two ways to go live on Facebook. Youcan use a phone with the Facebook appinstalled or connect a camera with streamingsoftware to Facebook.Use a phone to go live on Facebook if you: Are on the go Don’t need to add on-screen graphics orswitch between cameras.Don’t have access to extra equipment like acomputer, camera, or microphone.Use a separate camera and streamingsoftware to go live if you: Want to maximize video and audio quality. Have access to extra equipmentWish to include graphics or other advancefeatures (extra software may be required)Go live from a phoneYou can go live using the Facebook app for iOSor Android. Learn how to go live on Facebook.The quality of your stream depends on yourinternet connection speed. Go live when youhave a strong connection (use Wi-Fi instead ofyour phone’s cellular data whenever possible).For a more stable video stream, you can use atripod or camera stabilizer.

FAITH ON FACEBOOK TOOLKITGo live with a camera and streamingsoftwareTo go live with a camera, you’ll need streamingsoftware (also referred to as encoding softwareor an encoder). The encoder that’s best for youmay depend on the type of content you plan tostream. There are several programs to choosefrom including free open-source software.Learn more about encoding software optionsand going live with streaming software.Once you have your encoding software andcamera installed, you’re ready to go live usingLive Producer on Facebook. Live Producer isthe new way to go live on Facebook usinghigher-end production equipment andstreaming software. You can access LiveProducer on a desktop or laptop computer.Promote your live streamShare on Facebook in Groups or on Pages andprofiles you manage. Your viewers can sharethe live video with their friends too, but shouldbe cautious when encouraging them to do so.Crosspost the same live stream to multiplePages simultaneously. To crosspost your livevideo, establish a crossposting relationship withanother Page. Learn more.Watch Parties enable people to watch a videotogether. Consider encouraging relevant Groupsor people associated with your Page to host aWatch Party for your live broadcast. Learnmore.Embed the live stream to your website or blog.You can find the embed code under FacebookLive Producer settings.Schedule your live streamIf you are using a connected camera andencoder, you can schedule a live stream up toone week in advance. We recommendscheduling live broadcasts ahead of time tomake your audience aware of upcomingbroadcasts and to more easily connect whenyour stream begins.When you schedule a live broadcasts, two postsare automatically created:1) Announcement post: When you scheduleyour live broadcast, an announcement postis published to your Page, letting yourfollowers know there’s an upcomingbroadcast. People who see theannouncement post can click “GetReminder” to receive a one-time remindernotification shortly before the cast begins.2) Live broadcast post: At the schedule time ofthe live broadcast, a post containing yourlive stream is automatically published.People who expressed interest via theannouncement post get a notificationdirecting them to the broadcast. Learnmore about scheduling live broadcasts.

FAITH ON FACEBOOK TOOLKITJoin Group button on LiveThe Join Group button on Facebook Live allowsyou to highlight your organization’s Groupclearly during a Live from your Page. It becomesyour digital invitation to join your organization.How to add a Join Group buttonThis feature must be enabled on a desktop orlaptop internet browser.1) Link a Group or Groups to your Page From your News Feed, click Pages in theleft menu and select your Page Click the Groups tab in the left column, if it’svisible. If it’s not visible, manage yourPage’s tab and sections and then go backto your Page and click the Groups tab. Click Link your Group Click Link Group to confirmClick Link next to the Group you want tolink your Page to2) After the Group(s) is/are linked, select the Livebutton at the top of the News Feed3) Tap the Groups icon beneath the Livedescription box to select one of the linkedGroups4) Complete the Live description, including thetitle and any relevant tags5) Select Go LiveBest Practices1) Include an encouragement to join the Groupin the Live description and reference howpeople can do it by clicking “Join Now”2) Encourage people to join the linked Groupperiodically during the Live3) Have a comment moderator encouragepeople to join the Group in the comments4) After the live stream ends, reply to individualcomments by thanking them for joining andincluding a link to join the Group5) In the Group, make a post welcoming peoplewho joined from the live stream and askthem to introduce themselvesLearn more about building your faithcommunity through Facebook Groups.Use Watch Party to kick off easy, fun, onlineget togethersHosting casual Watch Parties for your Groupevery few months can create greatengagement. Watch Party allows you to choosevideos relevant to your community and invitemembers to join and discuss. When creating aWatch Party, find videos that make sense foryour community, then set up an event and inviteGroup members.You can find talks related to your Group’smission or save other fun content you findacross Facebook. Getting together to watchvideos and chat about them is a great way toget members connecting with each other.

FAITH ON FACEBOOK TOOLKITHost interviews with Facebook LiveSet up a Live where you host an interview orcoffee chat with someone your communitywould be excited to hear from. You can alsohost your own “Ask Me Anything” wheremembers can ask you questions about yourselfand the community.Invite your members to join in by commentingwith questions that you can ask or answer inreal time. This gives people the chance to learnabout something that matters to them, get toknow you better, and contribute and be heard inthe Group.Crowdsource your online events with PollsA great way to get ideas for online events is byusing Polls. You can set up a poll asking “Whatwould you like to do for our next online event?”Opening this up to your community will getthem excited and give you ideas. After you’vehosted a few online events, encourage trustedmembers to set up their own online events inthe Group.Raising money for a causeYou can add a donate button to your live videousing the Facebook app (iOS and Android) froma Facebook profile or verified Page. Learn howto add a donate button.Avoid copyrighted materialFacebook’s Terms of Service do not allowpeople to post content that violates someoneelse’s intellectual property rights, includingcopyright and trademark.Use of commercial music without appropriateclearances could result in the stream beingremoved from Facebook. This can happenaccidentally if your stream includes backgroundmusic. Feel free to use our free globallylicensed library of music and sound effects.Our policiesOur Community Standards apply to live video,just as they do with other types of content onFacebook. Content that violates our policies willbe removed. If you are broadcasting from aPage, Group or Event, our Pages, Groups andEvents policies apply to you. If you are postingbranded content, you must comply with ourBranded Content policies. We define brandedcontent as a creator or publisher’s content thatfeatures or is influenced by a business partnerfor an exchange of value.TroubleshootingIf issues arise when you are going live from yourPage, there are a few steps you can take toresolve them. Learn more about commonissues.

FAITH ON FACEBOOK TOOLKITFacebook GroupsGetting started with your new Group takes just a few steps.Add a descriptionYour Group description is a great chance to setthe first impression for new members. Adminstell us that your Group description should statethe intent of your Group clearly to help newmembers understand how to best contributeand engage.Upload a cover photoYour Group cover photo can help shape yourGroup’s identity. Use this as an opportunity tobrand the Group as the official onlinecommunity for your organization by includingimages of members and/or your physicallocation.Add people to your GroupAdd your staff or a trusted friend as your firstmember who can give you initial feedbackabout the Group. When you’re ready, addmembers who you think would enjoy being partof your Group. You can start with members ofyour institution by uploading their emailaddresses or adding their names if you areFacebook friends. Encourage them to also addother members.Make your first postYour first post can be about anything, fromwelcoming people to the Group, to uploading arelevant photo or video. Consider the kind oftone you want to set for your Group. Admins tellus that asking open-ended questions generatesdiscussions and models the types of interactionsyou want in your Group.Experienced admins tell us that when a Group isjust getting started, regular admin participationis essential. Members might not know how toparticipate, so leading by example helps peoplefeel more confident.Set Group rulesAs an admin you can decide on the types ofrules you want to set for your Group. Examplesof rules include the kinds of posts that areencouraged, the types of behavior that arediscouraged and your member approvalprocess. Experienced admins tell us thatwriting clear rules from day one help establishyour group’s culture and prevent conflict.Group privacy settings allow you to control whocan see or join your Group and whether it canbe found through Facebook search. For detailson which parts of a Group are visible (and towhom) under each privacy setting, click here.Admins tell us that choosing the right privacysetting for your Group can depend on the typeof Group you have and the sensitivity of what’sdiscussed in your Group.You can change the privacy settings of yourGroup. Click here to learn more.For more information about how to grow andengage your Group, check out theCommunity Hub.

FAITH ON FACEBOOK TOOLKITLearning UnitsUse Units to help onboard new members, train your moderation team, hold group studies,and keep content organized.What are Units and how can I find them inmy Group?Units are a way for Group admins to organizeand share content and resources with theirmembers. They work like an education moduleand are a great tool to help onboard newmembers.Members can also mark their completion ofeach unit and this completion rate is trackedwithin your Group Insights.To set up units for your Group, head over to“Edit Group Settings” on desktop and changethe Group type to Social Learning. This will adda units tab to your Group. After setting up atleast one unit, you can change your Group typeat any time and still access this feature.Why is this important for my Group?Using Units, you can create modules forreligious studies, devotionals, your Group rules,important posts, or other relevant content youwould like to easily find and organize. This willhelp your members find what they need!With Units, you can organize posts and choosethe order in which they appear.You can track member completion. For example,if you have rules or training guides, you cantrack who has completed them. Members c anclick “I’m done,” which tells admins that theyhave completed the unit. This will be visible tothe admin in their Insights.Admins can then review their Group Insightsand see details on each members’ unit and postcompletion.How can I use Units in my Group?Units can be used in a variety of ways in yourGroup.Admins use Units to organize content for thingslike religious studies, devotionals, sermon notes,training their moderation team, and more.For more on how admins are using Units in theirGroup, check out: Organizing contentGrowing and training your moderationteam

FAITH ON FACEBOOK TOOLKITWatch PartyWatch Party is a great way to bring Group members together and spark conversationsaround a shared experience.What is Watch Party and how can I find it inmy Group?Watch Party is a co-watching experience insideFacebook Groups that brings people togetheraround video.Similar to the experience of Facebook Live,everyone in a Watch Party is watching thesame moment in the video at the same time,connecting Group members in a uniquely socialway. Group members can watch, comment on,and react to the same videos at the same time.You can find Watch Party as an option in yourGroup composer. To get started, head to yourGroup composer and select Watch Party, thenclick “Add Videos” from your post and addvideos to your queue from there.Currently, only admins can host a Watch Party(and onl.y from your desktop), but we hope toexpand this soon. As a host, you can add videosto the queue, invite as many members as youlike and control how videos are played.Why is this important for my Group?Watch Party is a great way to engage with yourcommunity, especially around topics you careabout. You can upload videos to sparkconversation for your Group and help membersconnect over a shared interest.How can I use Watch Party in my Group?Watch Party is a great resource for creatingonline events for your Group and sharing videosyou create.For more on hosting events online, click here.Learn more about creating captivating videoshere.

FAITH ON FACEBOOK TOOLKITAdditional ResourcesBusiness Resilience ToolkitBusiness Resilience ChecklistCommunity Hub

2. Facebook Live 3. Groups 4. Learning Units 5. Watch Party 6. Additional Resources Introduction As you navigate reaching your members virtually, it will be important to combine a focus on your Facebook Page with Facebook Live and Facebook Groups. If you think of your

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Faith Communities is one of the many tools we have developed to assist faith communities. This toolkit is designed to help you and your faith community develop spiritual care with individuals and families facing mental health issues. We encourage you to adapt these general resources to your particular faith and local community.

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