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Table of ContentsGENERAL STUDIES -I 61. Mount Soputan, Pacific ring of fire 182. Winter solstice 2018 20Topic: Indian culture will cover the salient aspects ofArt Forms, Literature and Architecture from ancient tomodern times. 6GENERAL STUDIES -II 21Topic: Indian Constitution- historical underpinnings,evolution, features, amendments, significantprovisions and basic structure. 211. Hornbill Festival 62. MAYURBHANJ CHHAU 63. Kamsale dance 74. Heritage Park for Hindus, Buddhists inElum Valley in Pak 75. Karmapa now a Dominican citizen 76. Prayagraj Kumbh Mela 2019 87. ‘Adopt a Heritage’ project 88. Buddhist site museum at Lalitgiri in Odisha109. Tansen Samman 1010. Year End Review – 2018: Ministry ofTourism 11Concurrent List of the Indian Constitution 21Topic: Separation of powers between various organsdispute redressal mechanisms and institutions. 22National Judicial Appointments Commission(NJAC) Act 22Topic: Functions and responsibilities of the Union andthe States, issues and challenges pertaining to thefederal structure, devolution of powers and financesup to local levels and challenges therein. 221. Goa Liberation Day 131. Amendments to the Citizenship Rules,2009 222. Jammu and Kashmir Criminal Laws(Amendment) Bill, 2018 233. Review Of Aadhaar Verdict 244. Government rejects separate time zone forNE States 255. New High Court for Andhra Pradesh 276. National Register of Citizens (NRC) 277. Rajasthan government scraps minimumeducation criteria for civic poll candidates 28Topic: Salient features of Indian Society, Diversity ofIndia, Social empowerment. 13Topic: Statutory, regulatory and various quasi-judicialbodies. 29No religious minority tag toLingayat/Veerashaiva community 131. Central Information Commission 292. Telecom Disputes Settlement & AppellateTribunal (TDSAT) 30Topic: Modern Indian history from about the middleof the eighteenth century until the present- significantevents, personalities, issues. 121. Commemorative Postage Stamp onRajkumar Shukla 122. Paika Rebellion 12Topic: Post-independence consolidation andreorganization within the country. 13Topic: Role of women and women’s organization,population and associated issues, poverty anddevelopmental issues. 14Topic: Government policies and interventions fordevelopment in various sectors and issues arising outof their design and implementation. 311. Gender gap index 2018 142. Beti Bachao Beti Padhao 153. Triple Talaq Bill 2018 154. Capacity Building Programme for ElectedWomen Representatives (EWRs) ofPanchayati Raj Institutions. 175. Mahila Police Volunteers 176. Ujjwala Sanitary Napkins initiative 18Topic: Important Geophysical phenomena such asearthquakes, Tsunami, Volcanic activity, cyclone etc.,geographical features and their location- changes incritical geographical features (including water-bodiesand ice-caps) and in flora and fauna and the effects ofsuch changes. 18www.insightsonindia.com1. Guidelines for crèches at workplaces 312. Guidelines to ensure safety of children inhostels 323. Restricted Area Permit (RAP) system 334. Witness Protection Scheme 335. National Integration tour 356. Freight Village in Varanasi 357. Cabinet approves Agriculture ExportPolicy, 2018 358. Khelo India Youth Games 369. Dam Safety Bill 2018 3610. Shyama Prasad Mukherji Rurban Mission371InsightsIAS

11. National Mission on Government eMarket (GeM) portal 3812. India Post ventures into new arena of emarket place. 3813. Transgender Rights Bill 3914. National e-Vidhan Application (NeVA)Project 405. Guidelines issued to ensure transparencyin Selection of Sportspersons 56Topic: Important aspects of governance, transparency& accountability and institutional and othermeasures. 571. Fake news affects voting behaviour 572. Right to know 58Topic: Issues relating to development andmanagement of Social Sector/Services relating toHealth, Education, Human Resources. 41Topic: India and its neighbourhood- relations. 581. Rohingya refugees 582. India-Nepal-Bhutan plan joint task force toprotect wildlife 591. Trans fats 412. Oxytocin 423. Asbestos in Baby Powder 434. Global Nutrition Report (GNR) 435. Fixed Dose Combinations (FDCs) 456. Health Ministry notifies four more devicesunder Drugs and Cosmetics Act 457. Central Drugs Standard ControlOrganisation (CDSCO) 468. Eklavya Model Residential Schools 479. IMPRESS scheme to promote SocialScience Research 4710. Zika warning: India rebuts CDC Zika alert48Topic: Bilateral, regional and global groupings andagreements involving India and/or affecting India’sinterests. 591. What Are Britain’s ‘Golden Visas’? 592. Trans Regional Maritime Network (T-RMN)60Topic: Effect of policies and politics of developed anddeveloping countries on India’s interests, Indiandiaspora. 611. Organization of the Petroleum ExportingCountries (OPEC) 612. Australia Recognizes West Jerusalem asCapital of Israel 613. 7th round of India – South Koreanegotiations held 624. New peace agreement on Yemen 635. NABCB Accreditation Secures Recognitionin Asia-Pacific Region 636. Chabahar port 647. China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC)65Topic: Welfare schemes for vulnerable sections of thepopulation by the Centre and States and theperformance of these schemes; mechanisms, laws,institutions and bodies constituted for the protectionand betterment of these vulnerable sections. 491. Swachhta Pakhwada 492. Mukhyamantri Tirth Yatra Yojana 493. Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana – Urban 494. National Pension Scheme 505. FAME-India Scheme 516. Socially Oriented Insurance Schemes 517. Draft National Child Protection Policy 528. Deendayal upadhyaya grameen kaushalyayojana (Ddu-Gky) 53Topic: Important International institutions, agenciesand fora, their structure, mandate. 661. Kimberley Process 662. World Customs Organization 663. Indian Pavillion at COP-24 674. World Intellectual Property Organisation(WIPO) 675. Organisation for the Prohibition ofChemical Weapons (OPCW) 686. UN’s Committee on Economic, Social andCultural Rights 697. UN framework to combat internationalterrorism 698. 39th GCC summit and Riyadh declaration 709. Maldives has applied to rejoinCommonwealth 7110. UN Panel of Auditors 7111. Global Compact for Migration 72Topic: Development processes and the developmentindustry the role of NGOs, SHGs, various groups andassociations, donors, charities, institutional and otherstakeholders. 541. Ministry of New and Renewable Energyconferred Skoch Award for NationalSignificance. 542. National Mission for Clean Ganga (NMCG)543. NITI Aayog releases second Delta Rankingof Aspirational districts 554. DIPP Swachch Bharat Grand ChallengeAwards 56www.insightsonindia.com2InsightsIAS

12. Society for Worldwide InterbankFinancial Telecommunication (SWIFT) 7313. Partners’ Forum 7314. Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF)Treaty 7415. International Whaling Commission (IWC)7516. International Rice Research Institute(IRRI) 752. Food and Agriculture organization (FAO)Council approves India’s proposal to observean International Year of Millets in 2023 91Topic: Issues related to direct and indirect farmsubsidies and minimum support prices; PublicDistribution System objectives, functioning,limitations, revamping; issues of buffer stocks andfood security; Technology missions; economics ofanimal-rearing. 911. Swaminathan calls GM crops a failure 912. Online portal “ENSURE” 923. Farm loan waiver 934. Krushak Assistance for Livelihood andIncome Augmentation (KALIA) scheme 945. Rythu Bandhu scheme 956. Minimum Support Prices (MSPs) 95GENERAL STUDIES -III 77Topic: Indian Economy and issues relating toplanning, mobilization of resources, growth,development and employment. 771. Vision of a New India – USD 5 TrillionEconomy 772. Govt seeks 41,000 crore more for bankrecapitalisation 783. Public Credit Registry 784. ‘Angel Tax’ Controversy 795. RBI Panel on Economic Capital Framework80Topic: Types of irrigation and irrigation systemsstorage. 961. Polavaram multi-purpose project 962. Mekedatu dam project 96Topic: Transport and marketing of agriculturalproduce and issues and related constraints; etechnology in the aid of farmers. 97Topic: Effects of liberalization on the economy,changes in industrial policy and their effects onindustrial growth. 81State of Maharashtra’s Agribusiness andRural Transformation (SMART) Project 971. Right to Fair Compensation andTransparency in Land AcquisitionRehabilitation and Resettlement Act (LandAcquisition Act), 2013 812. PCS 1x System 823. National Medical Devices PromotionCouncil 824. States’ Start-up Ranking 2018 835. Governing council for MSME exports 846. Establishment of NIMZs 857. FDI in e-commerce 85Topic: Infrastructure, Investment Models; 981. Floating solar plant 982. Regulatory Indicators for SustainableEnergy (RISE) 2018 983. Saubhagya scheme 994. Flight and Maritime Connectivity Rules,2018 1005. Bullet Train Project 1006. India’s Longest Railroad Bridge 102Topic: Science and Technology- developments andtheir applications and effects in everyday lifeAchievements of Indians in science & technology;indigenization of technology and developing newtechnology. 102Topic: Inclusive growth and issues arising from it,Sustainable development 861. Norms for payment apps 862. Guidelines for ground water extraction 873. SDG India Index 2018 884. One District, One Product Regional Summit891. Digital Sky Platform 1022. National Mathematics Day 2018 1033. Amendments to the InformationTechnology (IT) Act 1034. Achievements of Indian Scientists in 20181045. Children’s Science Congress 1056. 106th Indian Science Congress (ISC)-2019106Topic: Major crops cropping patterns in various partsof the country, different types of irrigation andirrigation systems storage, transport and marketingof agricultural produce and issues and relatedconstraints; e-technology in the aid of farmers.; 901. Distribution of Soil Health Cards (SHC) foroptimal utilization of fertilizers 90Topic: Indigenization and development of newtechnology. 1061. India’s heaviest satellite GSAT-11 106www.insightsonindia.com3InsightsIAS

2. GSAT-7A 1073. ExseedSAT 1, India’s 1st private satellite1084. Navic powered gadgets to TamilNadufishermen 108Advanced Towed Artillery Gun System(ATAGS) 1095. Agni-V Missile 1108. Bioplastics not an eco-friendly alternativeto plastic- Study 1289. 1st International Conference onSustainable Water Management at Mohali12910. Eco-sensitive zones 12911. UN ‘Momentum for Change’ climateaction award 13012. ECO Niwas Samhita 2018 13013. Campaign to save the Great IndianBustard from extinction 13114. National Tiger Conservation Authority(NTCA) 13215. Outcomes of COP24 in Poland 13216. Indian Forest Act 1927 13417. India’s second Biennial Update Report(BUR) to UNFCCC 13418. River Dolphins go missing in Sunderbans13519. REDD 136Topic: Awareness in space. 1101. Nasa’s Osiris-Rex 1102. NASA’s Kepler Space telescope 1113. NASA’s Voyager 2 spacecraft 1124. Nasa’s ICESat-2 1135. NASA’s 1st flight to moon, Apollo 8, marks50th anniversary 1136. NASA Confirms Saturns Rings Will Be Gonein 100 Million Years 1137. Seismic Experiment for Interior Structure(SEIS) 1148. Ultima Thule 1159. Soyuz 11510. Method to simulate, predict solar activityover ten years developed 11611. Chang’e-4 mission 11612 Atacama Large Millimeter Array (ALMA)11813. High Resolution Imaging ScienceExperiment (HiRISE) 11814. ‘Super-Earth’ in constellation Cassiopeia11915. Hongyun project 11916. BeiDou Navigation Satellite System (BDS)119Topic: Disaster and disaster management. 137Subhash Chandra Bose Aapda PrabandhanPuraskaar 137Topic: Various Security forces and agencies and theirmandate. 1371. Permanent Chairman of the Chiefs of StaffCommittee 1372. Sino-India Joint Exercise Hand-in-Hand2018 1383. Ex Aviaindra 2018 138Topic: Cybersecurity related issues. 139MHA authorises 10 central agencies to accessany computer resource 139Topic: Computers, IT, Robotics, Biotechnology. etc 120Topic: Security challenges and their management inborder areas; linkages of organized crime withterrorism. 1401. Graphene 1202. National Supercomputing Mission (NSM)1213. Mobile towers are harmless: CPCB 1221. Information Fusion Centre (IFC) for theIndian Ocean Region (IOR) 140Topic: IPR related issues. 122Topics: Basics of Money Laundering. 140Kandhamal Haldi 122India’s 9-point agenda against fugitiveeconomic offenders 140Topic: Conservation, Environment related issues. 1231. Accounting methods of climate fundquestioned 1232. Dual-Fuel Usage for Agricultural andConstruction Equipment Vehicles 1243. World Soil Day 1244. India Water Impact Summit 2018 1255. Global Carbon Project (GCP) 1266. Beach pollution in India 1267. Study on air pollution and its effects 127www.insightsonindia.comFacts for Prelims 1421. India to host G20 summit in 2022 1422. ‘Farout’ Dwarf Planet 1423. CIMON, the 1st Robot with ArtificialIntelligence to Fly in Space 1424. Korolev Crater 1425. Rajiv Kumar Committee 1426. Train 18 1434InsightsIAS

7. India’s tallest bridge pier built in Noney,Manipur 1438. Kerala becomes first state to have fourinternational airports 1439. Kaiga power station-1 creates a world recordyet again 14310. Hand-in-Hand Military exercise 14311. Clean Sea- 2018 14312. Admiral Cup Sailing Regatta 2018 14413. Vijay Diwas 14414. Anti-ship cruise missile BrahMos 14415. Successful Flight Test of Agni – IV 14416. Indian Navy- Deep Submergence RescueVehicle 14417. India’s first Jean Monnet CoE opened atMAHE 14518. Universal Health Coverage Day- December12 14519. International Day of Persons with Disabilities14520. World’s first floating nuclear plant in Russia14521. Jnanpith Award 14622. Shram Awards 14623. National Unity award 14624. Sahitya Akademi Award 146www.insightsonindia.com25. Georgia’s first female president sworn in 14626. Avangard system 14627. UAE to double women’s representation inFederal National Council to 50 per cent 14728. Shiksha Setu 14729. National cancer Institute 14730. India’s first railway university 14731. Cell-by-cell DNA science is ‘Breakthrough of2018’ 14732. Mount Anak Krakatau 14733. Jagannatha Ashrams 14734. Kochi-Muziris Biennale 14735. India’s first music museum to be set up inThiruvaiyaru 14836. Bahuda rookery 14837. Mount Etna 14838. Dwijing Festival 14839. Dal lake 14940. Madhya Pradesh to get ‘spiritualdepartment’ 14941. Postal Stamp dedicated to Nabin ChandraDas, inventor of Rosogolla launched in WestBengal 14942. 3 Andaman & Nicobar islands renamed astribute to Netaji 14943. Public Enterprises Survey 2017-18 1495InsightsIAS

GENERAL STUDIES -ITopic: Indian culture will cover the salient aspects of Art Forms, Literature and Architecturefrom ancient to modern times.1. HORNBILL FESTIVAL The Union Home Minister inaugurated the hugely popular Hornbill Festival 2018 in Kohima, coincidingwith the Formation Day of Nagaland. Hornbill Festival offers unique opportunity for states to interact and exhibit their cultural heritage in thetrue spirit of “Ek Bharat, Shrestha Bharat”.Significance of Nagaland Geographically: Nagaland is geographically located at the vantage point. It is the gateway to the South-East Asia. North-East is the pivot of our Government’s ‘Act East’ Policy.Hornbill Festival: Nagas celebrate this festival to revive, protect, sustain and promote the richness of the Naga heritageand traditions. It occurs during 1 – 10 December on an annual basis. It is also called the “Festival of Festivals”. The festival pays tribute to Hornbill, the most admired and revered bird for the Nagas for its qualities ofalertnes

CURRENT AFFAIRS DECEMBER 2018 . 1 InsightsIAS Table of Contents GENERAL STUDIES -I _ 6 Topic: Indian culture will cover the salient aspects of Art Forms, Literature and Architecture from ancient to . Prayagraj Kumbh Mela 2019_8 7.

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YEARLONG MAINS TEST SERIES 2020-2021 EARLONG MAINS Test series is a MAINS component of IPM program of INSIGHTSIAS targeted towards Coveted Civil services Examination that guarantees leaps and bounds of your progress. The Yearlong MAINS Test series consists of a total of 52 Tests.

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