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VEGANUARYEND OF CAMPAIGN REPORT 2021PAGE 2FOREWORDDEAR SUPPORTERSAND FRIENDS,When we were first confronted with thepossible consequences of an ongoingglobal pandemic in early 2020, we didn’tknow what to expect or how it would impactour work going forward, but we knewthat things would change drastically andchallenges would be put in our way.We knew that it would be difficult to cutthrough the noise and generate mediaattention for our cause and to drivecorporate change forward when countlessbusinesses were closed or unable to plantheir marketing activations or productlaunches in an unstable climate dominatedby lockdowns all over the world.That is why it fills me with immense prideand joy to report that the Veganuary teamhas been able to navigate through thesechallenging times with a huge amount ofdedication, vision and hard work. By findingalternate strategies and creative solutionswe ended up inspiring record numbersof people to chose a vegan diet and wesurpassed our objectives for the 2021campaign by far!This year, more than ever, I feel that anotherworld is possible. A world where plantbased food is the mainstream choice,where the word ”vegan“ is associated withsomething positive and desirable, wheremajor food companies are investing millionsto switch to more sustainable animal-freeoptions and are telling the world that thisis the food of the future – and the food oftoday. A world where vegan products areeasily accessible to everyone everywhere,omnipresent in supermarkets, restaurantsand in cafeterias.This January gave us a glimpse of whatis possible.During this campaign we have seenVeganuary activations in almost all majorUK and German retailers and discounters.We were trending on Twitter and TikTokwith the hashtag #Veganuary receiving over170 million views on the latter by the endof January 2021. Hundreds of media articleswere published about our work in all ofour official Veganuary countries and therewere at least 20 TV reports about us inGermany alone.I am immensely grateful to everyonewho has supported us to make all ofthis possible. Our incredible donors,hardworking partners, committedvolunteers, inspiring celebrities andinfluencers and everyone who has helpedus spread the word through social mediaand beyond.We’ve had food giants such as Subway,IKEA, Unilever, McDonalds, Papa Johns,Burger King and Costco launch new veganproducts with Veganuary or promote theidea of eating plant-based for a month withus. More than 50 major companies took partin our workplace challenge and encouragedtheir staff to eat vegan for January, oftenjoined by their senior management or CEOstaking part in the challenge themselves.And last but not least, we ended up witha record sign-up number of over 580,000participants for this campaign. Knowing thataround 10 times as many people usuallytake part in Veganuary than actually sign-upthrough our website, that means over5 million people gave vegan eating a go!I hope you will enjoy reading this reviewand will celebrate with us the amazingprogress we were able to achieve forveganism this campaign.In gratitude,Ria RehbergCEO VEGANUARY

VEGANUARYEND OF CAMPAIGN REPORT 2021PAGE 3THE 2021 CAMPAIGN IN NUMBERSMore than 582,000 PEOPLEworldwide registered to tryvegan with usThe hashtag Veganuary hadover 170 MILLION VIEWS onTikTok at the end of January566 NEW VEGAN PRODUCTSwere launched for Veganuary259 NEW VEGAN MENUSMore thanwere added to (chain-)restaurants for Veganuary1500 MEDIA STORIES werepublished about Veganuary57 MAJOR COMPANIES17.6 MILLION SUPPORT EMAILStook the Veganuaryworkplace challengewere sent to participantsduring the campaign period224 MILLION PEOPLE werereached through Veganuary’ssocial media channels in the2021 campaign year

VEGANUARYEND OF CAMPAIGN REPORT 2021PAGE 4THE ‘VEGANUARY EFFECT’OUR VALUESIMPACTWe are committed to a vegan world; we willutilise research to evaluate how the highestnumber of lives can be spared and directresources to that end.WHY WE EXISTOUR VISIONis simple;we want a vegan world.A world without animal farmsand slaughterhouses. A worldwhere food production does notdecimate forests, pollute riversand oceans, exacerbate climatechange and drive wild animalpopulations to extinction.OUR MISSIONis to inspireand support people to try vegan,drive corporate change, andcreate a global mass movementchampioning compassionate foodchoices with the aim of endinganimal farming, protecting theplanet and improvinghuman health.Industrial scale animal farming is a leadingdriver of climate change, deforestation andspecies loss, as well as being a significantcause of pollution. It drastically increasesthe risk of global pandemics and antibioticresistance while being responsible for thedeaths of billions of sentient animals eachyear. The current way we produce foodis highly inefficient, unsustainable andwon’t allow us to feed a growing globalpopulation. That is why we advocatea change towards more plant-basedalternatives and ultimately, a vegan world.HOW WE CHANGE THE STATUS QUOWe are convinced that things need tochange, and they need to change fast.To get closer to our vision of a veganworld we will need to break down themain barriers to vegan eating and makeplant-based foods more visible, tasty andaccessible to the population. We want to seethe benefits of veganism widely discussedon TV and social media every day, we wantto see it in workplaces, on banners on thestreets, in every supermarket, restaurant,cafeteria and petrol station.To help vegan eating reach the mainstream,we focus on three main areas of work: Encouraging and supporting millions ofpeople to try veganCreating the necessary media and socialmedia buzz to raise awareness of thetopic and the benefits of a vegan lifestyleEncouraging companies to promote andlaunch more delicious vegan optionsto increase the quality, availability andvisibility of vegan foodWith this approach we have contributedto the increase in popularity of veganismin several countries across the world,spared millions of animals’ lives throughthe choices of our participants and havemade Veganuary a bigger feature in theretail calendar than Christmas for many UKsupermarkets. We’re especially proud ofthe fact that many of the newly introducedvegan products and options are set tostay on the shelves and on the menusafter January as businesses are recordingrecord sales of their vegan offerings aftersuccessful Veganuary launches. We haveseen that the ‘Veganuary Effect’ works andwe’re ready to spread it across the world.EMPOWERMENTWe will optimise our outreach to supportand encourage people on their veganjourney in a non-judgmental, positive,constructive and easily accessible way.COLLABORATIONBy partnering with other mission-drivenorganisations and working closelywith businesses, we will make a biggerdifference.DIVERSITY AND INCLUSIONWe know that it takes people with differentideas, strengths, interests and backgroundsto achieve our vision; we appreciate thevalue of this and how it brings us closer toachieving our mission.RESPECT AND INTEGRITYIn all internal and external relationships,we will strive for genuine, honest andtransparent communication.RESILIENCEWe will continue to create a professionaland sustainable (human, social, economicand environmental) organisation.

VEGANUARYEND OF CAMPAIGN REPORT 2021PAGE 5A GROWING MOVEMENTOUR TOP 15 COUNTRIES600,000NUMBER OF SIGN-UPS500,000582 18201920202021CAMPAIGN YEARData from Kantar suggests that each year ten times more people actually participateand try vegan in January than register through the Veganuary website. That would meanmore than five million people took part in the 2021 campaign year.#COUNTRY1United Kingdom2United a9Mexico10Brazil11France12Switzerland13South Africa14Venezuela15Sweden

VEGANUARYEND OF CAMPAIGN REPORT 2021PAGE 6VEGANUARY AROUND THE WORLDVEGANUARY HAS SIX OFFICIALCOUNTRY CHAPTERSWORLDWIDEWe run official Veganuarycampaigns in the UK, US, Germany,Argentina, Chile and Brazil andhave partner organisations runningadditional Veganuary campaignsin Sweden, Italy, India, France,Switzerland, Singapore, Australiaand South Africa.Our countriesPartner countries

VEGANUARYEND OF CAMPAIGN REPORT 2021VEGANUARYWORKPLACECHALLENGEThis January over 50 major businesses including financial and banking, global media,beauty and tech giants as well as foodserviceand contract caterers - encouraged theiremployees and workforce to participate inVeganuary through our Workplace Challenge.In many cases their senior leadership or CEOswere leading by example and also taking part.Among the companies that joined were leadingaccountancy firms PwC and EY, as well asmedia giant Bloomberg, Kings College London,Docusign, Deliveroo, O2, VeggieGrill and Tesco.They were joined by Nestle, M&S and Quorn,whose UK senior leadership also took part,as well as Unilever (Germany, Austria andSwitzerland) with their Vice President settinga positive example and joining the challenge.Germany’s famous discount supermarket Aldiofficially took part as well as Germany’s biggestfood delivery service Lieferando, with theirManaging Director spearheading theVeganuary challenge.PAGE 7AVEDA – BARBARA DE LAERE,GLOBAL BRAND PRESIDENT:NESTLE – MARCO SETTEMBRI,CEO OF NESTLÉ ZONE EMENA (EUROPE,MIDDLE EAST AND NORTH AFRICA):“This January, more than 1,000 people in theAveda network – in addition to many of theirfamily members who inadvertently took part inthe challenge – transitioned to a plant-based dietas part of a celebration around our brand’s recentnews: 100% of our products are now 100% vegan,now and forever! The announcement that the brandhas fully transitioned to a vegan portfolio has beenincredibly well-received by consumers, our networkof professional stylists, and our partner salonsaround the world. Achieving this milestone alongsideour participation in the Veganuary challenge hasbeen particularly rewarding for us as a team – notto mention it has opened many eyes to the impactindividual diet and lifestyle changes can have on ourcollective environmental footprint.”“As someone who stepped up to the Veganuarychallenge this year, I am happy to be part of thismovement as it grows across Europe and beyond.For me, now, behind Veganuary there’s a biggerpicture – and one which induces long-term action.It’s about really feeling the need of the consumer.That is why, this year I am promoting Veganuaryacross many of our categories and initiatives.Afterall, a well-planned plant-based diet can meetthe nutritional needs during all stages of life. Andthere are the environmental and health benefits too.This year I am passing the baton and encouragingall employees to participate in Veganuary andsign-up to the challenge. We will inspire themwith delicious recipes from our Garden Gourmetcolleagues, vegan options in the restaurant, tipsfrom experts, and dietary advice.”EY (ERNST & YOUNG) – HARRY GASKELL,PURPOSE AND SUSTAINABILITY LEADER:LIEFERANDO – KATHARINA HAUKE,MANAGING DIRECTOR:“We’re on board with Veganuary! What a great wayto inspire, support and encourage EY people toconsider a plant-based diet considering meat anddairy free is one of the ways our individual choicescan help in Building a Better Working World. I’mlooking forward to the challenge!”“I am excited to see how I will master the VeganChallenge and am already looking forward tothe delicious dishes from our partners, which willcertainly make the 31 days easier for me. And whoknows, maybe I will give up animal products beyondJanuary as well.”

VEGANUARYEND OF CAMPAIGN REPORT 2021PAGE 8THE BUZZ AROUNDTHE CAMPAIGNONCE AGAIN VEGANUARYGRABBED GLOBAL MEDIAATTENTIONVeganuary received widespreadmedia coverage in the UK this yearUK ANDADDITIONALCOUNTRIESMINIMUMOF195 MEDIASTORIESMINIMUMOF735 MEDIASTORIESVeganuary published researchrevealing that plant-based meals onaverage cost less and take less time toprepare than meat/fish based mealsLatin America Campaign ManagerMauricio Serrano being interviewedlive on CNN Argentina about thesuccess of Veganuary in Latin AmericaVeganuary making headlines inAdweek USLATINAMERICAUSAMINIMUMOF401 MEDIASTORIESGERMANYMINIMUMOF217 MEDIASTORIESVeganuary was discussed on theGerman main evening news program“heute” on national media channelZDF with an estimated viewership of3.7 million peopleGerman Business Insider title Veganuary: Why the Vegan Januarycould be the new Black Friday of retailThe Voice, Britain’s only nationalblack newspaper, reporting onVeganuary’s video advert with TikTokstar Tabitha Brown

VEGANUARYEND OF CAMPAIGN REPORT 2021PAGE 9CELEBRITY SUPPORTERS AND INFLUENCERSHELPED SPREAD THE MESSAGEActor JAMES MOORE joined Veganuaryas an ambassador last year and his‘talking head’ video became one of themost watched videos on our channelActor and Veganuary supporterDANIELLA MONET was the face ofa new Veganuary video titled ‘Why myfamily will never eat dairy’TikTok superstar TABITHA BROWNencouraged millions to try veganin January by starring in the officialVeganuary TV adHollywood star ALEC BALDWINsupported Veganuary for the first timethis year stating that his entire familyhas moved to a plant-based diet wheneating at homeLong-time supporter CHRIS PACKHAMencourages people to try vegan for theenvironmentBritish actor SUSAN WOKOMAencouraged people to join the challengeduring a Veganuary photoshoot at a localsanctuaryBrazilian superstar XUXA supported ourcampaign for the first time this yearActor EMILY DESCHANEL describedVeganuary as a „win win win“ andencouraged everyone to give it a go

VEGANUARYEND OF CAMPAIGN REPORT 2021PAGE 10Chilean television personalityMATÍAS VEGA supported us inLatin AmericaWe also gained support of Argentinianinfluencer CONNIE ISLAVeganuary’s open letter addressing the link between climate breakdown, future globalpandemics and industrial animal farming was signed by OVER 100 INDIVIDUALS ANDORGANISATIONS, including Dr Jane Goodall, Ricky Gervais and Bryan AdamsOMARI MCQUEEN,Britain’s youngestTV chef & restauranteur, filmed apassionate “talking head” video about hismission to bring vegan food to the worldVegan activist BRUNNA SACH is askingpeople in Brazil to join Veganuary forthe animalsMusician PAUL MCCARTNEY also signed Veganuary’s open letter urging everyone tomake 2021 the year for positive change

VEGANUARYEND OF CAMPAIGN REPORT 2021PAGE 11TAKING TO THE STREETSHUNDREDS OF BILLBOARDS,POSTERS AND BANNERS MADESURE VEGANUARY COULD NOTBE MISSED THIS YEARVeganuary placed ads all overSANTIAGO (CHILE) to reach a wideraudienceOur campaign banners in metrostations in ARGENTINAAdtower Veganuary ads inGERMANYTens of thousands have seen theseads on the highway betweenOur Swiss partner organisationVegane Gesellschaft Schweiz ran asuccessful out of home campaignwith adverts and billboards all overFRANKFURT AND KÖLNSWITZERLANDOur partners, Centre for ResponsibleFuture and Green Monday joinedefforts to place the Veganuary ads onthe streets of SINGAPORE

VEGANUARYEND OF CAMPAIGN REPORT 2021PAGE 12CORPORATE ENGAGEMENTIN THE UKHUNDREDS OF NEW PLANT-BASED PRODUCTSAND MENU ITEMS WERE LAUNCHED FORVEGANUARY WITH SALES OF MANY EXCEEDINGALL EXPECTATIONS.Just a week after launching, Leon’s new VeganSweet Carolina BBQ Burger swept up the title ofits bestselling burger. M&S sold one of its new NoSalt Beef Pretzel Roll every 30 seconds and its PlantKitchen Vegan Chocolate Cookie was its mostpopular single cookie. Pret’s new Meatless MeatballHot Wrap was the first new product to become atop five best seller in launch week in Pret’s history.Deliveroo confirmed they also saw a huge increasein demand for vegan food and thousands of newcustomers looking for it. Order volume from veganrestaurants was up 146% and vegan options fromother restaurants up 114% year-on-year, whilenew customers purchasing vegan were up 163%year-on-year.Other restaurant product launches included Subway’splant-based T.L.C. Sub, Papa John’s and Domino’snew vegan pizzas, Starbucks’ Winter Menu Launch,Burger Kings’ Vegan Bean Burger and Taco Belllaunching Pulled Oats for Veganuary. TGI Fridays,KFC, Greggs and McDonalds delighted Veganuaryparticipants with vegan comebacks of their ranges.439 NEW VEGANPRODUCTLAUNCHES FORVEGANUARY154 NEW VEGANMENU OPTIONSIN (CHAIN-)RESTAURANTSGUY MEAKIN, UK TRADING DIRECTORAT PRET:“I’m thrilled that we have been able to add a hotvegan item to our already robust vegan range whichcustomers have gone crazy for this Veganuary.At Pret we’ve never seen a new product come inand shift our best sellers list, and to see it during alockdown and in less than three weeks says a lot.”MICHAEL HUNTER, MANAGING DIRECTOROF MEATLESS FARM:“It’s been an incredible month for us and the plantbased category as a whole. We know that duringthe first two weeks of January our sales were up111% year-on-year and we’re expecting to haveseen this grow further towards the end of the month.Not to mention, our partnerships with major brands,Pret, Leon and itsu which have seen a phenomenalresponse and are really testament to howmainstream plant-based eating has become. Thishas really set the tone for 2021 and we’re lookingforward to an even bigger Veganuary next year.”Restaurant chain WAGAMAMA launched new vegandishes for Veganuary and pledges to have 50% of themain menu meat-free by the end of 2021!

VEGANUARYEND OF CAMPAIGN REPORT 2021PAGE 13VEGANUARY BOOMS AT UK RETAILERSA HUGE LANDMARK OF THISYEAR’S CAMPAIGN WAS THEINVOLVEMENT OF ALL OF BRITAIN’SMAJOR SUPERMARKETS INPROMOTING VEGANUARY WITHSOME EVEN ADVOCATING THEREASONS TO TRY A VEGAN DIET.TESCOlaunched its first VeganuaryTV and radio ads in January. It also hada dedicated webpage with recipes,product highlights and tips on makingvegan swaps. The retailer - whichhas over 3700 stores across the UK launched the “Veganuary Your Way”theme as well as more than 30 newvegan own-label products.JULIE ASHFIELD, MANAGINGDIRECTOR OF BUYING AT ALDI:ALDIhad a Veganuary webpagethat not only highlighted its plantbased products but also set out themain reasons to try vegan: caringfor animals, staying healthy, beinggreener and more sustainability. It alsofeatured dozens of vegan recipes,tips on vegan swaps and a link toVeganuary’s website.“This year has seen Aldi add morevegan products to its shelves thanever before and expects to see salesof vegan food double as a result.We want to show that opting to goplant-based – or simply reducingthe amount of meat in your diet– can be exciting and deliciouswithout breaking the bank. Theresponse to our range so far hasbeen incredible.”TESCO:‘’Brits have made this Veganuary thebiggest ever at Tesco with demandfor plant-based foods up by morethan a third on the previous year’sevent. Tesco Own-Brand PlantBased products were 38% in thefirst 3 weeks of Veganuary withover 700,000 shoppers buying PlantChef or Wicked Kitchen (an 81%increase).’’ASDAhad a dedicated Veganuarywebpage that explained what a vegandiet is and highlighted three of thereasons to try vegan: it’s better forthe environment, it could improveyour health and it’s delicious! It alsofeatured their top vegan product picksand encouraged people to sign-up forVeganuary with a link to Veganuary’swebsite. Asda also included a VeganButcher section in one of theirstores and added 22 new meat-freealternatives to its plant-based rangein January.All major UK retailers engaged with theVeganuary 2021 Campaign either throughsocial media and digital advertising, instoreactivations or 360 campaigns includingbillboards, out of home campaigns,TV and radio adverts, print campaignsand instore signage.

VEGANUARYEND OF CAMPAIGN REPORT 2021PAGE 14VEGANUARY IN UK SUPERMARKETSTHE RETAIL TIMES:“UK sees record sales of plant-basedfoods as Veganuary proves morepopular than everDunnhumby, the global leader in customer datascience, has released UK shopper data from thelast week which shows a boom in plant-based foodsales, as many consumers switch to meat and dairyalternatives for January. The data, taken from thepast week’s shopper receipts across the top nineUK grocery retailers, shows a significant increase insales of meat and dairy alternatives with shoppersembracing Veganuary and reducing their meat anddairy consumption. Sales of plant-based meat anddairy alternatives have increased 50% year-on-yearin the first week of January, representing a record 12m in sales for the plant-based food and drinkcategory. The increase has been largely driven byshoppers exploring new ranges, with nearly 31%more shoppers buying foods from the ‘meat anddairy alternatives’ category for the first time.”

VEGANUARYEND OF CAMPAIGN REPORT 2021PAGE 15CORPORATE ENGAGEMENT IN GERMANY116 NEW VEGANPRODUCTLAUNCHES FORVEGANUARY40 NEW VEGANMENU OPTIONSIN (CHAIN-)RESTAURANTSHIGHLIGHTSLIEFERANDO,More than 170 companies inGermany, including leadingdiscounter and supermarketchains, delivery services, fastfood giants, gastronomy andmanufacturing companies joinedVeganuary this year and promotedveganism through their campaigns.the biggest Germanfood delivery service promotedVeganuary, encouraged their partnerrestaurants to take part and joined theworkplace challengeMCDONALD’Sjoined Veganuarywith promotions around the BigVegan TS burger and even launcheda Veganuary hoodie as part of theircampaignIKEAlaunched two new veganmenus as part of their VeganuarycampaignDiscount supermarket chainsALDI NORD, ALDI SÜD, LIDLAND PENNY all ran major VeganuarySUBWAYtook part in Veganuary withtheir vegan chicken sub and a newlylaunched vegan cookiecampaigns including distributingmillions of leaflets, new productlaunches and even a Lidl TV advertFRANKFURT AIRPORTjoined theworkplace challenge by offering dailyvegan meals in their staff cafeteria aspart of Veganuary

VEGANUARYEND OF CAMPAIGN REPORT 2021PAGE 16DR ANNETT WERNY, CORPORATERESPONSIBILITY MANAGER AT ALDI SÜD:“With our variety in vegan offerings andextensive promotion around vegan eating andnutrition, we were able to reach and inspiremany customers and employees in January.”MARCUS HAUS, HEAD OF MARKETINGAT PENNY:“Veganuary 2021 was a great success. We hada real run on our Food for Future products inseveral Penny stores.”ANJA GRUNEFELD, GENERAL MANAGER OFLIVEKINDLY COLLECTIVE DACH:“We at LikeMeat supported this year’sVeganuary with our own branded campaign.The focus was on a video ad with Rammsteinsinger Till Lindemann, which was verysuccessful with over 1.1 million views onYouTube. The campaign also had a positiveimpact on sales of our products in Germany.Compared to the same period last year, wewere able to record double-digit growth.This shows that the Veganuary messagehas reached the awareness of Germans andpeople are starting to eat more and morepurely plant-based.”

VEGANUARYEND OF CAMPAIGN REPORT 2021PAGE 17CORPORATE ENGAGEMENTIN THE USCOSTCO CONNECTION:HIGHLIGHTS9 NEW VEGANPRODUCTLAUNCHES FORVEGANUARY65 NEWVEGAN MENUOPTIONS INRESTAURANTSYELPNESTLE PROFESSIONAL USAt least 131 brands, restaurantsand retailers promoted Veganuarythrough special offers, onlinepromotions, social media, emailmarketing, product launches, ormenu items in the US, more thantripling 2020 participation.encouraged brands and food serviceto get involved in Veganuary. Nestlealso offered Toolkits for foodserviceoutlets looking to promote Veganuaryvia specials on their Sweet Earth line.created a “Vegan Voyage” inpartnership with Veganuary, featuringplant-based restaurants around thecountry, hosting virtual events, andencouraging followers to sign-up forVeganuary.“The introduction of Veganuary—where you take a pledge to giveup meat, dairy and eggs duringJanuary—provides one way to makea significant change that not onlybenefits your health but also has apositive impact on animal welfareand the environment.”JOI BROZEK, SENIORREGIONAL MANAGERCOMMUNITY, YELP:AVEDAannounced that they officiallywent 100% vegan this year in honourof Veganuary. Their staff around theglobe also took part in Veganuary’sWorkplace Challenge.“We chose Veganuary as ourpartner for this promo becausethey are an authentic force in thevegan movement! We appreciateVeganuary’s dedication to inspiringpeople all over the world to getstarted on their vegan journeyby providing an array of free andvaluable resources.”COSTCOpromoted Veganuary ina two-page spread in their CostcoConnection magazine in January,mailed to 15 million Costco members.The article highlighted the benefitsof trying vegan, offered easy recipesfeaturing ingredients from their stores,and cited excellent tips to maketransitioning to a plant-based dieteasy.

VEGANUARYEND OF CAMPAIGN REPORT 2021PAGE 18CORPORATE ENGAGEMENTIN LATIN AMERICA2 NEW VEGANPRODUCTLAUNCHES FORVEGANUARY38 BUSINESSESJOINING ANDPROMOTINGVEGANUARYOur team in Latin America worked with38 companies in Chile, Argentina, Mexico,Panama, Costa Rica and Brazil on theirVeganuary campaigns and promotions. Pizzagiant Papa John’s joined Veganuary withspecial promotions around two vegan pizzasin Chile and reported an increase in sales ofthe Veganuary promotion by 42% comparedto a normal week. Other companies joiningVeganuary this year included beauty brandAveda in Brazil, Argetinian ice cream companyEl Piave, who launched two new vegan icecream flavors for Veganuary and vegan poineerVegusta in Chile, who joined with a successfulVeganuary product pack.First ever vegan company in Chile, VEGUSTA,launched a Veganuary product pack to make thetransition to a vegan diet as easy as possibleArgentinian ice cream company EL PIAVE createdtwo new flavours especially for VeganuaryPizza giant PAPA JOHN’S joined Veganuary withspecial promotions around two vegan pizzas in Chile,Panama and Costa Rica

VEGANUARYEND OF CAMPAIGN REPORT 2021PAGE 19OUR PARTNERS FOR VEGANUARY 2021We worked with 18 official partnerorganisations all over the world in orderto launch or amplify the Veganuarymovement. Thanks to their amazingefforts we were able to extend thereach and impact of the campaign tosix continents.VEGANEGESELLSCHAFT SCHWEIZ workedOur Swiss partnerOur partner GREENPEACE UKpromoted Veganuary to their millionsof supporters via email, social mediaand blogwith supermarket chain Lidl whojoined the campaign and promotedtheir vegan range in SwitzerlandWe now also offer all of our resourcesin French, including our OfficialVeganuary Starter KitOur partner organisation ESSEREANIMALI organised a Veganuarystreet action in RomeA Veganuary branded escalator bythe vegan food brand FRY’S inSouth AfricaWe were also able to improve andextend our free support resources forVeganuary participants around theworld. Now we offer localised andtranslated programs for the followingcountries: Chile, Argentina, Brasil,France, Switzerland, Australia, India,Italy, Singapore, the UK, South Africa,Germany, Sweden and the United States.


VEGANUARY END OF CAMPAIGN REPORT 2021 PAGE 3 THE 2021 CAMPAIGN IN NUMBERS More than 582,000 PEOPLE worldwide registered to try vegan with us The hashtag Veganuary had over 170 MILLION VIEWS on TikTok at the end of January 566 NEW VEGAN PRODUCTS were launched for Veganuary 259 NEW VEGAN MENUS were added to (chain-) restaurants for Veganuary More .

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Restaurants around the world added vegan options to their menus in 2020 to meet Veganuary participant demand. 400K PEOPLE Signed up to participate in Veganuary in 2020 through our campaign. 600 BUSINESSES During our 2020 campaign, over 600 large and medium-sized companies promoted Veganuary along with

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stillen möchtest, das Promi-Kochbuch hat sicher etwas Passendes für dich parat. Tauche ein, probiere und genieße! P.S. Wie alle guten Dinge im Leben macht auch Veganuary mehr Spaß, wenn man’s zu zweit macht. Ermutige doch einen Freund oder eine Freundin dazu, sich ebenfalls a

Kantar research shows that around 10 times as many people usually take part in Veganuary than officially sign-up through our website, which means over 5 million people gave vegan eating a try! We drive large-scale change through our targeted campaigns in the US, UK, Germany and Latin America, as well as working with

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