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Men’s All-Americans Notes: All finishes, if available, are indicated in parentheses. The distance medley relay, one-mile run (after 1965), two-mile relay, 55 meters, 60 meters, 55-meter hurdles, 60-meter hurdles and 3,000-meter run are indoor events only. All other indoor events are indicated. If no indoor indication exists, the event is outdoor. (y – yards; m – meters) 1921 Greg Rice.Mile (4th), Two-Mile (1st) 1966 1994 Gus Desch. 220y Low Hurdles (1st) Billy Hayes.100y (2nd), 220y (4th) Johnny Murphy.High Jump (1st) Eugene Oberst.Javelin (1st) Chet Wynne.120y High Hurdles (4th) 1941 Ed Dean.Mile (3rd) Pete Farrell.880y (6th), Indoor 1,000y (4th) Randy Kinder. Indoor 200m (10th) 1942 Pete Farrell.Indoor 880y (6th) 1922 Frank Conforti. Mile (4th) Jim Delaney.Shot Put (3rd) Oliver Hunter. Two-Mile (2nd) 1968 Billy Hayes.100y (2nd), 220y (2nd) Eddie Hogan.Pole Vault (t-3rd) Johnny Murphy.High Jump (1st) Jim Delaney.Shot Put (4th) John O’Rourke.High Jump (3rd) 1943 1923 Jim Delaney.Shot Put (3rd), Discus (3rd) Tom Lieb.Discus (1st) David Weeks.High Jump (2nd) 1944 1924 Tom Lieb.Discus (1st) 1926 Paul Harrington.Pole Vault (1st) Charles Judge.Mile (1st) 1927 Phil Anderson. Pole Vault (t-1st) Frank Burke.100y (4th) Mike Keily. Two-Mile (6th). Joe Kelly.Shot Put (6th), Discus (2nd). Frank Martin.Mile (3rd), Two-Mile (1st) George Sullivan.Shot Put (3rd) 1945 Jack Elder.100y (5th) Joe Kelly.Shot Put (3rd), Discus (n/a) Dave Murphy.220y (3rd) Bill O’Neil.120y High Hurdles (6th) Ray Struble.Pole Vault (4th) Bill Tully. Mile (6th) 1930 1967 Ed Broderick.High Jump (t-4th) Pete Farrell.Indoor 880y (6th) .Distance Medley Relay (n/a) Bill Hurd.55m (6th) .100m (4th) .200m (3rd) Kevin O’Brien.Distance Medley Relay (n/a) Bob Timm.Distance Medley Relay (n/a). Chuck Vehorn.Distance Medley Relay (n/a) 1995 John Cowan.Steeplechase (11th) Mike McWilliams.10,000m (14th) Allen Rossum.55m (7th) 1996 Jason Rexing.10,000m (13th) 1997 Jeff Hojnacki.Distance Medley Relay (8th) Danny Payton.Distance Medley Relay (8th) Jason Rexing.Distance Medley Relay (8th) Allen Rossum.55m (7th) Derek Seiling.Distance Medley Relay (8th) 1969 1998 Joe Brady.Two-Mile Relay (2nd). Bill Hurd.100y (5th), 220y (2nd) Mike McCann.Two-Mile Relay (2nd). Joe Quigley.Two-Mile Relay (2nd) Rick Wohlhuter.Two-Mile Relay (2nd) Errol Williams.55m Hurdles (8th) Errol Williams.110m Hurdles (3rd) 1999 Rick Wohlhuter.Indoor 600y (1st) Antonio Arce. Mile (10th) Michael Brown.Indoor Pole Vault (6th) Ryan Shay.10,000m (7th) Marshaun West.Indoor Long Jump (6th) 1946 1972 2000 Brant Little.880y (3rd) Alex Wilson.400m (4th) Bud Gartiser.220y Low Hurdles (4th) Tom McMannon. 55m Hurdles (1st) 1948 1979 1931 Jim Kittell. Steeplechase (3rd) Bill Leonard.1,500m (5th) Bob Smith.200m (6th) Chuck Aragon.Two-Mile Relay (6th) Pete Burger.Two-Mile Relay (6th) Tim MacAuley.Two-Mile Relay (6th). Jay Miranda.Two-Mile Relay (6th) Chris Cochran.Distance Medley Relay (6th) Tim Kober.Distance Medley Relay (6th) Phil Mishka.Distance Medley Relay (6th) Ryan Shay.10,000m (7th). Luke Watson.Distance Medley Relay (6th) Marshaun West.Long Jump (7th) Joe Della Maria.220y (3rd) 1929 Alex Wilson.400m (1st), 880y (2nd) 1933 Vincent Murphy.High Jump (1st) 1934 George Meagher.Long Jump (5th) Vincent Murphy.High Jump (t-4th) 1935 Don Elser.Shot Put (2nd) Vincent Murphy. High Jump (t-2nd) 1950 1970 1981 1953 1982 Ryan Shay. Indoor 5,000m (9th) .5,000m (6th) . 10,000m (1st) Joe Springer.Pole Vault (t-3rd) Steve Dziabis.Indoor 600y (6th) 2002 1954 1986 Jim Harrington.Pole Vault (t-5th) John McNelis.Indoor 4x800m Relay (3rd). Robert Nobles. Indoor 4x800m Relay (3rd) Jim Tyler. Indoor 4x800m Relay (3rd) .1,500m (8th) Jeff Van Wie. Indoor 4x800m Relay (3rd) Bill Fleming.120y High Hurdles (2nd) .220y Low Hurdles (3rd) 1936 1955 Don Elser.Shot Put (5th) .220y Low Hurdles (2nd) Joe McGrath.800m (4th) Bernie Allard. High Jump (t-2nd) 1956 Chuck Aragon.1,500m (5th) 1988 1937 Bernie Allard.High Jump (t-4th) Aubrey Lewis. 400m Hurdles (1st) Bill Faymonville. Discus (6th) Greg Rice.Two-Mile (1st) 1957 1990 Aubrey Lewis.400m Hurdles (3rd) Mike O’Connor. Indoor 5,000m (5th) .5,000m (12th) 1938 William Clifford.100y (5th) Bill Faymonville. Discus (3rd) John Francis.880y (2nd) Greg Rice. Two-Mile (2nd) 1939 Bill Faymonville. Discus (5th) 2001 1964 Bill Boyle.400m (5th) Pete Whitehouse.110m Hurdles (2nd) Dan Garrett.5,000m (10th) 1991 Raghib Ismail. 55m (2nd) 1965 1992 Bill Clark. Two-Mile (2nd) Ed Dean.Indoor Mile (4th), Mile (4th) John Coyle. Indoor 3,000m (8th) Ryan Shay. Indoor 5,000m (7th) .10,000m (2nd) Luke Watson.3,000m (3rd) .3,000m Steeplechase (7th) 2003 Luke Watson.Mile (3rd) .3,000 Meters (11th) . 5,000 Meters (9th) 2005 Kurt Benninger. Mile (4th) .Distance Medley Relay (6th) Adam Currie.Distance Medley Relay (6th) Trevor McClain-Duer.Distance Medley .Relay (6th) Eric Morrison.Distance Medley Relay (6th) Selim Nurudeen.60m Hurdles (6th) .110m Hurdles (7th)

2006 2009 Kurt Benninger.Distance Medley Relay (6th) John Cavanaugh.Distance Medley Relay (6th) Thomas Chamney. Indoor 800m (6th) .800m (6th) Adam Currie.Distance Medley Relay (6th) Ryan Postel.Distance Medley Relay (6th) Patrick Smyth.Indoor 3,000m (8th) . 10,000m (4th) 2010 Jack Howard.Indoor 800 (7th) Kevin Schipper.Outdoor Pole Vault (8th) 2007 Kurt Benninger.1,500m (5th) Thomas Chamney. Indoor 800m (8th) Todd Ptacek.3,000m Steeplechase (13th) Patrick Smyth.5,000m (9th) Jake Watson. Mile (10th) 2008 Kurt Benninger.Indoor 3,000m (5th) Patrick Smyth. 5,000m (8th) Jake Watson.Mile (6th) 2011 Johnathan Shawel.Distance Medley Relay (4th) . 1,500m (13th) Patrick Feeney. Distance Medley Relay (4th) Jack Howard. Distance Medley Relay (4th) Jeremy Rae. Distance Medley Relay (4th) . 1,500m (9th) Jack Howard.Outdoor 800m (18th) 2012 1994 Johnathan Shawel.Distance Medley Relay (1st) . 1,500m (20th) Chris Giesting. Distance Medley Relay (1st) .Outdoor 4x400m Relay (23rd) Randall Babb.Distance Medley Relay (1st) Jeremy Rae.Distance Medley Relay (1st) Kevin Schipper. Indoor Pole Vault (4th) .Outdoor Pole Vault (20th) Patrick Feeney.Outdoor 400m (19th) .Outdoor 4x400m Relay (23rd) Brendan Dougherty. Outdoor 4x400m Relay (23rd) Mitch Lorenz .Outdoor 4x400m Relay (23rd) Martin Grady .10,000m (20th) 2013 Jeremy Rae. 1,500m (5th) Patrick Feeney.Indoor 400m (4th) . Outdoor 400m (22nd) .4x400m (23rd) Women’s All-Americans 2006 Erica Peterson.400m Hurdles (7th) Molly Huddle.5,000m (2nd) Emily Loomis.High Jump (t-8th) 1997 Stephanie Madia. Indoor 5,000m (4th) Dominqué Calloway.55m Hurdles (11th) .100m Hurdles (8th) 2007 Jennifer Engelhardt. Indoor High Jump (9th) Molly Huddle.5,000m (3rd) 1998 2008 Alison Klemmer.10,000m (8th) Alyissa Hasan. Pentathlon (9th) Chris Giesting.Indoor 400m (8th) .4x400m (23rd) Jarrod Buchanon.4x400m (23rd) Brendan Dougherty.4x400m (23rd) 2014 Jarrod Buchanon.Indoor 4x400m (8th) Jacob Dumford. Distance Medley Relay (4th) Patrick Feeney.Indoor 4x400m (8th), .DMR (4th), Indoor 400m (7th) Chris Giesting.Indoor 4x400m (8th), .Indoor 400m (5th), Outdoor 400m (7th) Nick Happe. Distance Medley Relay (4th) J.P. Malette. Distance Medley Relay (4th) Harvey Smith.Indoor 4x400m (8th) 2016 Nate Richartz. Indoor Pole Vault (8th) 2017 Nate Richartz. Indoor Pole Vault (T6th) .400m Hurdles (19th) Margaret Bamgbose. Indoor 4x400m Relay (11th) .Outdoor 4x400m Relay (19th) .Outdoor 400m (18th) Carly Loeffel.Heptathlon (15th) 2014 Alexa Aragon.Distance Medley Relay (3rd) .3,000m Steeplechase (8th) Danielle Aragon. Distance Medley Relay (3rd) Margaret Bamgbose.Outdoor 400m (6th) Jade Barber.Indoor 60m Hurdles (7th) Michelle Brown. Distance Medley Relay (3rd) .Outdoor 400m (5th) Kelly Curran. Distance Medley Relay (3rd) 1999 2009 JoAnna Deeter. Indoor 5,000m (6th) .5,000m (4th) .10,000m (3rd) Jennifer Engelhardt.Indoor High Jump (12th) Alison Klemmer.10,000m (7th) Jaclyn Espinoza. Discus (3rd) Mary Saxer.Indoor Pole Vault (9th) .Pole Vault (3rd) Joanna Schultz. Indoor 400m (8th) 2015 2010 Danielle Aragon.Distance Medley Relay (8th) Jessica Rydberg.10,000m (10th) Margaret Bamgbose. Indoor 400m (6th) .Outdoor 400m (4th) 2011 .Distance Medley Relay (8th) Maddie Buttinger.Heptathlon (12th) Jade Barber.100m Hurdles (4th) Jessica Harris.Distance Medley Relay (8th) 2012 Samantha Murray.Distance Medley Relay (8th) Maddie Buttinger.Pentathlon (3rd) Molly Seidel. Indoor 5,000m (6th) Rebecca Tracy.1,500m (12th) .Outdoor 10,000m (1st) Jade Barber.Outdoor 4x400m Relay (19th) 2016 Michelle Brown.Outdoor 4x400m Relay (19th) Natalie Geiger.Outdoor 4x400m Relay (19th) Danielle Aragon.Distance Medley Relay (6th) Megan Yanik.Outdoor 4x400m Relay (19th) Margaret Bamgbose.Indoor 400m (5th) .400m Hurdles (20th) .Outdoor 400m (4th) Kalia Barber.400m Hurdles (22nd) .Outdoor 4x400m Relay (8th) Jessica Rydberg.10,000m (24th) Kaila Barber.60m Hurdles (6th) .400m Hurdles (8th) 2013 Parker English.Distance Medley Relay (6th) Jade Barber.60m Hurdles (7th) .Outdoor 4x400m Relay (8th) .Indoor 4x400m Relay (11th) Jessica Harris.Distance Medley Relay (6th) .100m Hurdles (11th) Jamie Marvil.Distance Medley Relay (6th) .Outdoor 4x400m Relay (19th) Payton Miller.Outdoor 4x400m Relay (8th) Rebecca Tracy . Mile (8th) Anna Rohrer. Indoor 5,000m (4th) .1,500m (4th) Molly Seidel.Indoor 3,000m (1st) Kelly Curran.Distance Medley Relay (7th) .Indoor 5,000m (1st) .1,500m (22nd) Jordan Shead.Outdoor 4x400m Relay (8th) Michelle Brown.Distance Medley R elay (7th) 2017 .Indoor 4x400m Relay (11th) .Outdoor 400m (14th) Jessica Harris.Distance Medley Relay (8th) .Outdoor 4x400m Relay (19th) Kelly Hart.Distance Medley Relay (8th) Danielle Aragon.Distance Medley Relay (7th) Jamie Marvil.Distance Medley Relay (8th) Alexa Aragon.Distance Medley Relay (7th) Payton Miller.Distance Medley Relay (8th) .3,000 Steeplechase (8th) Anna Rohrer. Indoor 5,000m (3rd) Megan Yanik.Indoor 4x400m Relay (11th) .Outdoor 4x400m Relay (19th) 2000 Jennifer Engelhardt.High Jump (7th) Tameisha King. Long Jump (9th) 2001 Liz Grow. Indoor 400m (8th) 2002 Ayesha Boyd. 4x400m Relay (5th) Kristen Dodd. 4x400m Relay (5th) Liz Grow. Indoor 400m (4th) .400m (10th) . 4x400m Relay (5th) Lauren King.1,500m (6th) Tameisha King. Long Jump (7th) Kymia Love. 4x400m Relay (5th) 2003 Molly Huddle. Indoor 3,000m (9th) .5,000m (4th) Lauren King. Mile (7th) Tameisha King.Indoor Long Jump (6th) .Long Jump (3rd) 2004 Stacey Cowan.Indoor High Jump (10th) Molly Huddle.3,000m (7th) . Indoor 5,000m (3rd) .5,000m (3rd) Kerry Meagher. Mile (7th) .1,500m (9th) 2005 Stephanie Madia.5,000m (5th) Kerry Meagher.1,500m (10th)

Academic All-Americans Voted on by the College Sports Information Directors of America (CoSIDA), the Academic All-America program honors student-athletes who excel both on the track, field or cross country course as well as the classroom. (Note: cross country and track were separate teams prior to 2002; all recipients were track honorees unless noted) Men Tom Mick 1988 (Third Team) Mike McWilliams 1995 (Second Team) Jeff Hojnacki 1997 (Third Team) Jason Rexing 1997 (Third Team) 1998 (Second Team) Errol Williams 1998 (First Team) Mike Brown 1999 (Second Team) Ryan Shay 2002 (Second Team) Luke Watson 2002 (Second Team) 2003 (First Team) Todd Mobley 2004 (First Team) 2005 (First Team) Sean O’Donnell 2005 (Third Team) 2006 (Second Team) Thomas Chamney 2006 (Third Team) 2007 (First Team) Tim Moore 2006 (Third Team) Todd Ptacek 2007 (Second Team) Patrick Smyth 2009 (First Team) Andrew Hills 2012 (Third Team) Logan Renwick 2013 (Second Team) 2014 (First Team) Women Theresa Rice 1989 (First Team - XC) Alison Klemmer 1999 (Third Team) 2000 (Second Team) Lauren King 2004 (Second Team) Stacey Cowan 2005 (Third Team) 2006 (First Team) Stephanie Madia 2006 (Second Team) Maryann Erigha 2007 (Second Team) Sunni Olding 2007 (Second Team) Rebecca Tracy 2013 (Second Team) NCAA Champions Indoor Men 1970 Rick Wohlhuter 1972 Tom McMannon 2012 Johnathan Shawel Chris Giesting Randall Babb Jeremy Rae Women 2016 Molly Seidel Outdoor 1921 Gus Desch 1921 Johnny Murphy 1921 Eugene Oberst 1922 Johnny Murphy 1923 Tom Lieb 1924 Tom Lieb 1926 Charles Judge 1926 Paul Harrington 1931 Alex Wilson 1937 Greg Rice 1939 Greg Rice 1944 Frank Martin 1944 Phil Anderson 1956 Aubrey Lewis 2001 Ryan Shay Women 2015 Molly Seidel 600 Yards 55-meter Hurdles Distance Medley Relay 3,000 Meters 5,000 Meters 220-yard LH High Jump Javelin High Jump Discus Discus 1,500 Meters Pole Vault 400 Meters Two Miles Two Miles Two Miles Pole Vault 400-meter IH 10,000 Meters 10,000 Meters MEN’S MULTIPLE ALL-AMERICANS Nine Times Patrick Feeney. 2014 - Indoor 400m Distance Medley Relay Indoor 4x400m Relay 2013 - 400m, Indoor 400m, 4x400m 2012 - 400m, 4x400m 2011- Distance Medley Relay Seven Times Ryan Shay.1999 - 10,000m 2000 - 10,000m 2001 - Indoor 5,000m, 5,000m, 10,000m 2002 - Indoor 5,000m, 10,000m Chris Giesting.2012 - Distance Medley Relay 4x400m Relay 2013 - Indoor 400m 4x400m Relay 2014 - Indoor 400m Indoor 4x400m Relay, 400m Six Times Luke Watson.2000 - Distance Medley Relay 2002 - 3,000m, 3,000m Steeplechase 2003 - Mile, 3,000m, 5,000m Five Times Pete Farrell. 1966 - 880y, Indoor 1000y 1967 - Indoor 880y 1968 - Indoor 880y, Distance Medley Relay Bill Hurd. 1968 - 55m, 100m, 200m 1969 - 100m, 220y Kurt Benninger.2005 - Mile, DMR 2006 - Distance Medley Relay 2007 - 1,500m 2008 - Indoor 3,000m Four Times Jim Delaney.1941-42-43 - Shot Put 1943 - Discus Billy Hayes.1921-22 - 100y 1921-22 - 220y Joe Kelly.1944-45 - Shot Put 1944-45 - Discus Patrick Smyth.2007 - 5,000m 2008 - 5,000m 2009 - 3,000m, 10,000m Jeremy Rae.2011 - Distance Medley Relay 1,500m 2012 - Distance Medley Relay 2013 - 1,500m Johnathan Shawel.2011 - 1,500m Distance Medley Relay 2012 - 1,500m Distance Medley Relay Three Times Alex Wilson.1930 - 400m 1931 - 400m, 880y Vincent Murphy. 1933-34-35 - High Jump Don Elser.1935 - Shot Put 1936 - Shot Put, 220y Hurdles Bill Faymonville.1937-38-39 - Discus Greg Rice.1938 - Two-Mile 1939 - Mile, Two-Mile Ed Dean. 1965 - Indoor Mile, Mile 1966 - Indoor Mile Thomas Chamney 2006-07 - Indoor 800m 2006 - 800m Two Times Johnny Murphy.1921-22 - High Jump Tom Lieb. 1923-24 - Discus Berine Allard.1955 - High Jump 1956 - High Jump Aubrey Lewis.1956-57 - 400m Hurdles Rick Wohlhuter. 1969 - Two-Mile Relay 1970 - Indoor 600y Chuck Aragon. 1979 - Two-Mile Relay 1981 - 1,500m Jason Rexing. 1996 - 10,000m 1997 - Distance Medley Relay Errol Williams. 1998 - 55m Hurdles 1998 - 110m Hurdles Marshaun West. 1999 - Indoor Long Jump 2000 - Long Jump Selim Nurudeen. 2005 - 60m Hurdles 2005 - 110m Hurdles Jake Watson. 2007 - Indoor Mile 2008 - Indoor Mile Jack Howard.2010 - Indoor 800m 2011 - Indoor Distance Medley Relay Kevin Schipper.2010 - Outdoor Pole Vault 2012 - Indoor Pole Vault Brendan Doughtery.2012 - 4x400m Relay 2013 - 4x400m Relay Nathan Richartz. 2016 - Indoor Pole Vault 2017 - Indoor Pole Vault WOMEN’S MULTIPLE ALL-AMERICANS Eleven Times Margaret Bamgbose.2013 - Indoor 4x400m Relay, 4x400m Relay, 400m 2014 - 400m 2015 - Indoor 400m, DMR, Outdoor 400m, Outdoor 4x400m Relay 2016 - -Indoor 400m, Outdoor 400m, 4x400m Relay Seven Times Molly Huddle.2003 - 3,000m, 5,000m 2004 - 3,000m, Indoor 5,000m, 5,000m 2006 - 5,000m 2007 - 5,000m Michelle Brown. 2012 - 4x400m Relay 2013 - Indoor 4x400m Relay, 4x400m Relay, 400m, Distance Medley Relay 2014 - DMR, 400m Six Times Jade Barber.2012 - 4x400m Relay 2013 - 60m Hurdles, Indoor 4x400m Relay, 4x400m Relay, 100m Hurdles 2014 - 60m Hurdles Five Times Megan Yanik.2012 - 4x400m Relay 400m Hurdles 2013 - Indoor 4x400m Relay 4x400m Relay, 400m Hurdles Four Times Alexa Aragon. 2013 - Distance Medley Relay, 3,000m Steeplechase 2014 - Distance Medley Relay, 3,000m Steeplechase Danielle Aragon.2013 - Distance Medley Relay 2014 - Distance Medley Relay 2015 Distance Medley Relay 2016 Distance Medley Relay Tameisha King.2000 - Long Jump 2002 - Indoor Long Jump 2003 - Indoor Long Jump, Long Jump Liz Grow. 2001 - Indoor 400m 2002 - Indoor 400m, 400m, 4x400m Relay Molly Seidel. 2015 - Indoor 5,000m, 10,000m 2016 - Indoor 3,000m, Indoor 5,000m Three Times Jennifer Engelhardt.1997 - Indoor High Jump 1999 - Indoor High Jump 2000 - High Jump JoAnna Deeter.1999 - Indoor 5,000m 1999 - 5,000m 1999 - 10,000m Kerry Meagher.2004 - Mile 2004 - 1,500m 2005 - 1,500m Rebecca Tracy.2012 - 1,500m 2013 - 1,500m, mile Kelly Curran 2013 - Distance Medley Relay, 1,500m 2014 - Distance Medley Relay Jessica Harris 2015 - Distance Medley Relay 2016 - Distance Medley Relay 2017 - Distance Medley Relay Two Times Kaila Barber. 2016 - 60m Hurdles 2016 - 400m Hurdles Dominque Calloway. 1997 - 55m Hurdles 1997 - 100m Hurdles Lauren King 2002 - 1,500m 2003 - Mile Alison Klemmer.1998-99 - 10,000m Stephanie Madia.2005 - 5,000m 2006 - Indoor 5,000m Mary Saxer. 2009 - Indoor Pole Vault 2009 - Outdoor Pole Vault Jamie Marvil.2016 - Distance Medley Relay 2017 - Distance Medley Relay Payton Miller.2016 - Outdoor 4x400m Relay 2017 - Distance Medley Relay Anna Rohrer.2016 - Indoor 5,000m 2017 - Indoor 5,000m MEN COMBINED ALL-AMERICA ANALYSIS All-America honors combined with cross country. Ryan Shay Nine Times Track & Field.1999 - 10,000m 2000 - 10,000m 2001 - Indoor 5,000m, 5,000m, 10,000m 2002 - Indoor 5,000m, 10,000m Cross Country. 1999 - (12th place) 2001 - (6th place) Eight Times Luke Watson Track & Field. 2000 - Distance Medley Relay 2001 - 3,000m, Steeplechase 2002 - Mile, 3,000m, 5,000m Cross Country.2001 - (7th) 2002 - (5th) Seven Times Patrick Smyth Track & Field.2007 - Outdoor 5,000m 2008 - Outdoor 5,000m 2009 - 3,000m, 10,000m Cross Country.2006 - (36th) 2007 - (13th)

Tim Moore 2006 (Third Team) Todd Ptacek 2007 (Second Team) Patrick Smyth 2009 (First Team) Andrew Hills 2012 (Third Team) Logan Renwick 2013 (Second Team) 2013 - 60m Hurdles, Indoor 4x400m Relay, 2014 (First Team) Women Theresa Rice 2009 - 3,000m, 10,000m1989 (First Team - XC) Alison Klemmer 1999 (Third Team) 2000 (Second Team)

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