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02/2021FACULTY OF &ngineerinH UIF #VJMU &OWJSPONFOUc re a t i ng f u t u re s

1CONTACT DETAILSTABLE OF CONTENTSSECTIONPAGEFaculty Office-Bearers & contact details2List of Programmes5Faculty Staff Awards7Faculty Student Awards9Academic Progressions and Exclusions13Faculty Exclusion Rules and Procedures14Department of Chemical Engineering17Department of Civil Engineering and Surveying46Department of Clothing & Textile Technology108Department of Construction Management & Quantity Surveying125Department of Electrical, Electronic & Computer Engineering155Department of Industrial & Systems Engineering221Department of Maritime Studies246Department of Mechanical Engineering271Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information in this handbook,however the University reserves the right at any time, if circumstances require, to makechanges to any of the published details.Note: This Faculty Handbook applies to the 2021 cohort of registered students

2CONTACT DETAILSSTAFF MEMBERSPOSITIONNAMETELEPHONEE-MAILDean of the FacultyProf M Sheldon021 959 6217SheldonM@cput.ac.zaSecretaryMs N Didiza021 959 6612DidizaN@cput.ac.zaAssistant Dean: Teaching and LearningProf S Ramsuroop021 959 6629RamsuroopS@cput.ac.zaSecretaryMs S Yaphi021 959 6642DingileS@cput.ac.zaAssistant Dean: Research and InnovationProf V Fester021 953 6897FesterV@cput.ac.zaSecretaryMs T Green021 953 6666GreenT@cput.ac.zaFaculty ManagerMr N Cloete021 959 6632CloeteN@cput.ac.zaSecretariatMs N Hanning021 959 5606Hanningn@cput.ac.zaAcademic Departments* HoP indicates Head of ProgrammeCHEMICAL ENGINEERINGHeads ofDepartment (Acting)Dr Mujahid Aziz and021 460 4292AzizM@cput.ac.zaDr Buntu Godongwana021 460 3170GodongwanaB@cput.ac.zaHoP: Post GraduateDr M Aziz021 460 4292AzizM@cput.ac.zaHoP: Under GraduateDr B Godongwana021 460 3170GodongwanaB@cput.ac.zaDept. ECP Co-ordinatorDr D de Jager021 959 6516deJagerD@cput.ac.zaMs A Kamalie021 959 6619KamalieA@cput.ac.zaDept. ECP Co-ordinatorMr N Armien021 959 6678ArmienM@cput.ac.zaHoP: National Diploma CivilMr M Habets021 953 8755HabetsM@cput.ac.zaHoP: Diploma CivilDr P Kumar021 959 8762KumarP@cput.ac.zaHoP: Advanced Diploma CivilMr C Mutsvangwa021 959 8782MutsvangwaC@cput.ac.zaHoP: Bachelors CivilDr Y Owusu-Asante021 959 6680Owusu-AsanteY@cput.ac.zaHoP: BTech CivilMr M Phillips021 959 6673PhillipsM@cput.ac.zaHoP: Geomatics (previously Surveying & GiSc)Mr K Musungu021 959 8769MusunguK@cput.ac.zaHoP: PostgraduateMrs M Khahledi021 959 6598ThamaeMC@cput.ac.zaDr A Patnaik021 959 5542PatnaikA@cput.ac.zaCIVIL ENGINEERING AND SURVEYINGHead of DepartmentCLOTHING AND TEXTILE TECHNOLOGYHead of Department

3CONTACT DETAILSCONSTRUCTION MANAGEMENT AND QUANTITY SURVEYINGHead of DepartmentMs T Stringer021 959 6629StringerT@cput.ac.zaMr R Fisher021 953 8736FisherR@cput.ac.zaDr ML Adonis021 959 6859AdonisMA@cput.ac.zaHoP: UndergraduateDr ZT Nkosi021 959 6859NkoziZ@cput.ac.zaHoP: PostgraduateDr A Raji021 959 6246RajiA@cput.ac.zaDept. ECP Co-ordinatorMs N Tshemese-Mvandaba021 959 4360TshemeseN@cput.ac.zaProf B Yan021 969 6225YanB@cput.ac.zaHoP: Industrial EngineeringMr B Morar021 953 8474MorarB@cput.ac.zaHoP: QualityMs L Valentine021 959 6709ValentineL@cput.ac.zaMs T Williams021 440 5755WilliamsTH@cput.ac.zaMs E Rzyankina021 440 5758RzyankinaE@cput.ac.zaMr S Nqabisa (Acting)021 953 8642NqabisaS@cput.ac.zaDept. ECP Co-ordinatorMr L Meyers021 953 8719MeyersL@cput.ac.zaHoP: DiplomaMr S Nqabisa021 959 6982NqabisaS@cput.ac.zaHoP: Advanced Diploma / BTechMr W Kohlhofer /Mr HT Fawkes021 959 6051021 959 6582KohlhoferW@cput.ac.za /FawkesH@cput.ac.zaHoP: MechatronicsMr O Ayodele021 953 8732AyodeleO@cput.ac.zaDept. ECP Co-ordinatorELECTRICAL, ELECTRONIC AND COMPUTER ENGINEERINGHead of DepartmentINDUSTRIAL AND SYSTEMS ENGINEERINGHead of DepartmentMARITIME STUDIES AND SURVIVAL CENTREHead of DepartmentDept. ECP Co-ordinatorMECHANICAL ENGINEERINGHead of DepartmentFACULTY COORDINATORS AND SUPPORT STAFFPOSITIONNAMETELEPHONEE-MAILExtended Curriculum Programme (ECP)Co-ordinatorMr J M John021 959 5856JohnJ@cput.ac.zaCommunity Engagement and Work IntegratedLearning Co-ordinatorMr W Kohlhofer021 959 6051KohlhoferW@cput.ac.zaI.T. Co-ordinatorMr D Evans021 959 6713EvansD@cput.ac.zaLanguage Co-ordinatorMs A Reiners021 953 8720ReinersA@cput.ac.zaStudent Engagement Co-ordinatorMr L Kakaza021 959 6814KakazaL@cput.ac.zaTeaching and Learning Co-ordinatorDr T Joseph021 953 8720JosephT@cput.ac.zaHuman Resources Business PartnerMr T Mokgwasa021 959 6911MokgwasaK@cput.ac.za

4CONTACT DETAILSDEPARTMENT WORK INTEGRATED LEARNING CO-ORDINATORSPOSITIONNAMETELEPHONEE-MAILAdmin AssistantMs F Ismail021 953 6642IsmailFE@cput.ac.zaChemical EngineeringMs N Mti021 959 6822MtiN@cput.ac.zaCivil Engineering and SurveyingMs P Overmeyer021 959 6682OvermeyerP@cput.ac.zaMr B Fortuin021 959 6681FortuinB@cput.ac.zaClothing and Textile TechnologyMs N Drotskie021 959 6571DrotskieN@cput.ac.zaConstruction Management and Quantity SurveyingMs A Fisher021 959 6648FisherA@cput.ac.zaElectrical, Electronic and Computer EngineeringMr R Tjale021 959 5850TjalePR@cput.ac.zaDr P Lazanas021 959 4363LazanasP@cput.ac.zaIndustrial and Systems EngineeringMr D Adams021 959 4305AdamsDQ@cput.ac.zaMaritime Studies and Marine EngineeringMs T Williams021 440 5755WilliamsTH@cput.ac.zaMs N Nkani021 440 5752NkaniN@cput.ac.zaMr G Morris021 959 6293MorrisG@cput.ac.zaMr P Tebele021 959 6732TebeleP@cput.ac.zaMr M Mazibuko021 959 LFaculty OfficerMr B Cassiem (Acting)021 959 5819CassiemB@cput.ac.zaAssistant Faculty OfficerMr B Cassiem021 959 6653CassiemB@cput.ac.zaAssistant Faculty OfficerMs N Booysen021 959 4433BooysenN@cput.ac.zaChemical EngineeringMs E Festus021 959 5852FestusE@cput.ac.zaCivil Engineering and SurveyingMs Z Rawoot021 953 8729RawootZ@cput.ac.zaClothing and Textile TechnologyMr A Burt021 953 8484BurtA@cput.ac.zaConstruction Management and Quantity SurveyingMr A Burt021 953 8484BurtA@cput.ac.zaElectrical, Electronic and Computer EngineeringMs W Stoffels021 959 6773StoffelsW@cput.ac.zaIndustrial and Systems EngineeringMr A Burt021 953 8484BurtA@cput.ac.zaMaritime StudiesMs Z Rawoot021 953 8729RawootZ@cput.ac.zaMechanical Engineering, and MechatronicsMr N Madonsela021 959 ULTY OFFICE STAFFFACULTY ASSISTANTS

GENERAL INFORMATION5LIST OF UNDERGRADUATE & POSTGRADUATE ONDiploma in Chemical Engineering Replacing: ND Chemical EngineeringDiploma in Chemical Engineering (Extended) Replacing: ND Chemical Engineering (Extended)Advanced Diploma in Chemical Engineering: Replacing: BTech Chemical EngineeringBachelor of Engineering Technology in Chemical Engineering *New Qualification*Master of Engineering in Chemical EngineeringDoctor of Engineering in Chemical EngineeringCIVIL ENGINEERINGAND SURVEYINGDiploma in Civil Engineering Replacing: ND Civil EngineeringDiploma in Civil Engineering (Extended) Replacing: ND Civil Engineering (Extended)Advanced Diploma in Civil Engineering Replacing:BTech: Engineering: Civil (Construction Management),BTech: Engineering: Civil (Transport),BTech: Engineering: Civil (Urban Engineering),BTech: Engineering: Civil (Water)Bachelor of Engineering Technology in Civil Engineering *New Qualification*Master of Engineering in Civil EngineeringDoctor of Engineering in Civil EngineeringDiploma in Geomatics Replacing: ND: Surveying, ND: CartographyBachelor of Geomatics *New Qualification*MTech: Cartography (Phasing out)CLOTHING ANDTEXTILETECHNOLOGYDiploma in Clothing and Textile Technology, Replacing: ND: Clothing ManagementDiploma in Clothing and Textile Technology (Extended), Replacing:ND: Clothing Management (Extended)Advanced Diploma in Clothing and Textile Technology, Replacing: BTech: Clothing ManagementCONSTRUCTIONMANAGEMENT ANDQUANTITY SURVEYINGDiploma in Construction Replacing: ND: BuildingDiploma in Construction (Extended) Replacing: ND: Building (Extended)Advanced Diploma in Construction ManagementReplacing: BTech: Construction ManagementAdvanced Diploma in Construction Health & SafetyReplacing: BTech: Construction Management (Health and Safety)Advanced Diploma in Facility ManagementReplacing: BTech: Construction Management (Facility Management)Advanced Diploma in Quantity SurveyingReplacing: BTech: Quantity SurveyingMaster of Construction

GENERAL INFORMATIONDEPARTMENTELECTRICAL,ELECTRONICAND COMPUTERENGINEERINGQUALIFICATIONDiploma in Engineering Technology in Electrical Engineering,Replacing: ND: Engineering: ElectricalDiploma in Engineering Technology in Electrical Engineering (Extended),Replacing: ND: Engineering: Electrical (Extended)Diploma in Engineering Technology in Computer Engineering,Replacing: ND: Engineering: Computer SystemsBachelor of Engineering Technology in Electrical Engineering *New Qualification*Bachelor of Engineering Technology in Computer Engineering *New Qualification*Master of Engineering in Electrical Engineering (Full Thesis)Master of Engineering in Electrical Engineering Smart Grid (Coursework) *New Qualification*Master of Engineering in Electrical Engineering Energy (Coursework) *New Qualification*Master of Engineering in Electrical Engineering Satellite Systems& Applications (Coursework) *New Qualification*Doctor of Engineering in Electrical EngineeringINDUSTRIAL ANDSYSTEMSENGINEERINGDiploma in Industrial Engineering, Replacing: ND: Engineering: IndustrialDiploma in Industrial Engineering (Extended), Replacing: ND: Engineering: Industrial (Extended)Advanced Diploma in Industrial Engineering, Replacing: BTech: Engineering: IndustrialAdvanced Diploma in Quality, Replacing: BTech: QualityMaster of Engineering in QualityMaster of Engineering in Engineering Management *New Qualification*MARITIME STUDIESBachelor of Marine Engineering Replacing: ND: Engineering: Mechanical: MarineBachelor of Marine Engineering (Extended) Replacing: ND: Engineering: Mechanical:Marine (Extended)Bachelor of Nautical Science Replacing: ND: Maritime StudiesBachelor of Nautical Science (Extended) Replacing: ND: Maritime Studies (Extended)MECHANICALENGINEERINGDiploma in Mechanical Engineering, Replacing: ND: Engineering: MechanicalDiploma in Mechanical Engineering (Extended), Replacing: ND: Engineering:echanical (Extended)Advanced Diploma in Mechanical Engineering, Replacing: BTech: Engineering: MechanicalMaster of Engineering in Mechanical EngineeringDoctor of Engineering in Mechanical EngineeringDiploma in Mechanical Engineering in Mechatronics, Replacing: ND: Engineering:Mechanical (Mechatronics)Advanced Diploma in Mechanical Engineering in Mechatronics, Replacing: BTech: Engineering:Mechanical (Mechatronics)6

7GENERAL INFORMATIONSTAFF AWARDSAwards recognising excellence at the faculty and department level.FACULTY TEACHING EXCELLENCE AWARDS2020No Awards made2019Assoc Prof Oluwaseun OyekolaDr Bronwyn SwartzChemical EngineeringIndustrial & Systems Engineering2018Ms Cheryl BelfordCivil Engineering & Surveying2017Dr Aysha AbrahamsElectrical, Electronic and Computer Engineering2016Mr Siddique MotalaCivil Engineering & Surveying2015Dr Panagiotis LazanasElectrical, Electronic and Computer Engineering2014Mr Moses BasitereChemical Engineering2013Ms Philomina AziakponoElectrical, Electronic and Computer EngineeringDEPARTMENTAL TEACHING EXCELLENCE AWARDS2020No Awards made2019Industrial & Systems EngineeringClothing and Textile TechnologyDr Mncedisi DewaDr Sweta Patnaik2018Mechanical EngineeringIndustrial & Systems EngineeringMs Felicity HarrisMs Bronwyn Swartz2017Chemical EngineeringConstruction Management & Quantity SurveyingChemical EngineeringDr Oluwaseun OyekolaDr Ruben NdihokubwayoMr Joe John2016Civil Engineering & SurveyingElectrical, Electronic and Computer EngineeringMs Cheryl BelfordDr Atanda Raji2015Clothing ManagementConstruction Management & Quantity SurveyingMaritime StudiesMs Nina DrotskieMs Laura PinfoldCaptain Lauren Lawson2014Chemical EngineeringClothing and TextilesDr Joy AlexanderDr Bernadette MillarOUTSTANDING COMMUNITY PROJECT/COMMUNITY OUTREACH AWARD2015Mechanical EngineeringMr Fareed Ismail

8GENERAL INFORMATIONCPUT RESEARCH AWARDSPOSTGRADUATE SUPERVISION2017Silver AwardProf J Gryzagoridis2016Gold AwardProf MTE Kahn2015Platinum AwardPlatinum AwardGold AwardProf I MasalovaProf MTE KahnProf R Tzoneva2014Silver AwardProf RR van ZylPUBLICATIONS2018Platinum AwardProf B Sun2015Platinum AwardBronze AwardDr J FapohundaDr A Raji2014Silver AwardSilver AwardProf R TzonevaProf I MasalovaRESEARCH FUNDING2018Gold AwardSilver AwardBronze AwardProf VG FesterProf R TzonevaProf I Masalova2017Gold AwardProf I Masalova2015Silver AwardProf R Tzoneva2014Platinum AwardGold AwardProf RR van ZylDr EM Hovgaard

9GENERAL INFORMATIONSTUDENT AWARDSVICE CHANCELLOR’S MEDALThe Vice Chancellor’s Medal is awarded to the top Advanced Diploma or BTech graduate across all faculties, taking all four years ofstudy into account.YEARWINNERDISCIPLINE2018Ms Sumone Febe HerholdtND Building & BTech Quantity Surveying2016Mr Jean - Pierre Francois MostertND & BTech Electrical Engineering2015 *Mr Jonathan Kabamba KatendeND & BTech Chemical Engineering2014 *Ms Sipiwe ShokoND & BTech Chemical Engineering2013 *Mr Alexander Ebben-Esser ChristianND & BTech Electrical Engineering2012Ms Marguerite Ester StoffbergND & BTech Clothing Management* The criteria were changed between 2013 and 2015, from one medal for the university (across all faculties), to one for all faculties.DEAN’S TOP STUDENTThe Dean’s Top Student is awarded to the top student in the faculty for all four years of study, for years where a student from thefaculty is not the Vice-Chancellors Medal winner.YEARWINNERDISCIPLINE2020Mr Andro Riaan BotesND & BTech Civil Engineering2019Ms Michaela LockleyND & BTech Clothing Management2017Mr Sandro Duarte CesarND & BTech Chemical EngineeringDEAN’S MEDALThe Dean’s Medal is awarded to the top Diploma or National Diploma graduate in the Faculty.YEARWINNERDISCIPLINE2020Mr Pascal ConinxND Maritime Studies2019Mr Kniekeal RajpaulND Maritime Studies2018Mr Daniel Norman StuckND Maritime Studies2017Mr George Valerievich FatnevND Maritime Studies2016Mr Nhlanhla Aubrey SosiboND Maritime Studies2015*Mr Jean-Pierre MostertND Electrical EngineeringMr Sandro Duarte CesarND Chemical EngineeringMr Anton van der LindeND Maritime StudiesMr Albert van NiekerkND Electrical EngineeringMs Sipiwe ShokoND Chemical Engineering2014*2013*Capt Zetta GousND Maritime Studies2012Mr Alexander Ebben-Esser ChristianND Electrical Engineering2011Ms Marguerite Ester StoffbergND Clothing Management2010Mr Vaughan PillayND: Maritime Studies* The criteria were changed between 2013 and 2015, from one to two medals for each faculty.

10GENERAL INFORMATIONDEAN’S EXCELLENCE AWARDSThe Dean’s Excellence Award is given to the best student at the Diploma and BTech level (or equivalent) in each department. Wherethe top student in a department is the winner of the VC’s or Dean’s Medal, then the award is given to the runner-up in each category.CHEMICAL ENGINEERINGNational DiplomaBTech2018Ms Keshrie ReddyMs Zaylia Marolize Henneta Vollenhoven2017Mr Reinford MapfumoMr Tsepelang Mahlasane2016Mr Tsepelang MahlasaneMs Micaela Lisa Harry2015Mr Wiseman Chipo RuwonaMs Thonya Otsengue2014Mr Jonathan Kabamba KatendeMr James Philip BrassellCIVIL ENGINEERING AND SURVEYINGNational DiplomaBTech2018Mr Christopher Peter De WetMr Gerhard Rheeder2017Mr Jan-Hendrik BothmaMs Whidaad Nazier2016Mr Khumbulani Andreas NtuliMr Jaim Spear2015Mr Kyle Andrew GrantMr Timothy James Milner2014Mr Francois Neal JordaanMr Gareth Alistair HoltmanCLOTHING & TEXTILE TECHNOLOGYNational DiplomaBTech2018Ms Zeenat DavidsMs Lara Viljoen2017Ms Michaela LockleyMs Larnique Olivia La Gorce2016Ms Lindsay SwartMs Kayla Kim Arendse2015Ms Ashlee Smith--Ms Mieke Margaretha du Plessis--Ms Marcelle Carlin van CollerMs Liesel Schliemann2014CONSTRUCTION MANAGEMENT AND QUANTITY SURVEYINGNational DiplomaBTech2018Ms Faatimah SalieMs Nelago Ndaziminua AmutenyaMr Luke Cotterell2017Ms Sumone Febe HerholdtMs Nicole Scheepers2016Ms Nicole ScheepersMs Sivenathi Lamati2015Ms Irma Christine ClarenceMr Blaine Jude Amon2014Mr Zubayr AnwaryMs Camerin Ashley Coxson

11GENERAL INFORMATIONELECTRICAL, ELECTRONIC AND COMPUTER ENGINEERINGNational DiplomaBTech2018Mr Randy Matuka KabalaMr Elie Ndjung Ului OmatukuMr Willem Johannes Conradie2017Mr Willem Johannes ConradieMr Ian Basson2016Mr Litheko Legapa NkabitiMr David Gavin Osterloh2015Ms Jennifer Florencia NsumboMr David Stephen Berliner2014Mr David Gavin OsterlohMr Muammar SlamdienINDUSTRIAL & SYSTEMS ENGINEERINGNational DiplomaBTech2018Mr Janco Andre EngelbrechtMs Azile Aza Ncumisa Madikizela2017Mr Mogamat Junaid SamaaiMrs Tharwa Tape2016Mr Oliver Mukuna MuraraMs Olivia Leshia Parbhu Nath2015Mr Sizwe NdlovuMr Moos Deon Koopman2014Mr Mark le GrangeMrs Busiswa KekanaMARITIME STUDIESNational Diploma - (No BTech offered)2018Mr Clemento Rejino Jansen2017Mr Vickus CoetzeeMr Vito Marco Rickerts2016Mr Abel De Oliveira DanielMr Leslie Thomas Moss2015Mr Francois ConradieMs Dermonique Mische' Cloete2014Mr Rolf Adrian Henry Sieboldt-BerryMr Paulus Eita KanyangelaMECHANICAL ENGINEERINGNational DiplomaBTech2018Mr Vusi Given MsizaMr Ludwigh Andre Le Grange2017Mr Motheo MolamoMr Rowan Earp-Jones2016Mr Jared EvansMr Duval Labuschagne2015Mr Walter Stephen HarmseMr Parfait Dongmo Yemele2014Mr Gerhard Johan SteenkampMr Jeffrey Craig Ball

12GENERAL INFORMATIONTHE INSTITUTE OF PROFESSIONALENGINEERING TECHNOLOGISTS (IPET) MEDALThe IPET Medal is awarded to the best male and female BTech (or equivalent) engineering student at eachUniversity of Technology, as well as the best student country-wide on the basis of academic achievement.CPUT WINNERS OF THE NATIONAL AWARD2016Mr Jean - Pierre Francois MostertMs Micaela Lisa HarryElectrical EngineeringChemical EngineeringCPUT WINNERS2019Mr Deswill Jumat WillemseMs Keshrie ReddyElectrical EngineeringChemical Engineering2018Mr Willem Johannes ConradieMs Zaylia Marolize Henneta VollenhovenElectrical EngineeringChemical Engineering2017Mr Sandro Duarte CesarMs Whidaad NazierChemical EngineeringCivil Engineering2016Mr Jean - Pierre Francois MostertMs Micaela Lisa HarryElectrical EngineeringChemical Engineering2015Mr Rocco KirstenMs Shirzade OsmanElectrical EngineeringIndustrial Engineering2014Ms Sipiwe ShokoMr James StubbsChemical EngineeringElectrical Engineering2013Ms Taimi NashidengoMr Alexander ChristianIndustrial EngineeringElectrical Engineering2012Ms Angela Tafadzwa ShumbaMr Yves TshimangaElectrical EngineeringChemical Engineering2011Ms Dineo KadiMr Haltor MataifaChemical EngineeringElectrical Engineering

GENERAL INFORMATION13ACADEMIC PROGRESSIONS AND EXCLUSIONS1.The maximum time allowed to complete a programme shall be double the minimum completion duration, for example, six yearsfor a three-year qualification. In addition, students shall be given a maximum of one chance to repeat a semester, year, subject,course or module. In other words, repeaters are limited to one repeat.2.Students shall pass at least 50% of their subjects, including at least two of three major subjects that they are registered for in anysemester or year of study, in order to proceed to the next level of their studies, unless otherwise prescribed by statutory bodies,such as professional bodies. Students shall carry over repeated subjects to the next level that they are promoted to, pendingtimetabling. Students shall not be allowed to carry over more than two subjects per semester/year or at any one time.3.When a student does not fulfil the above requirements for progression, s/he will be notified in writing of his/ her exclusion from theprogramme or from progression.4.Where a student fails to meet rule 2 above s/he shall be permitted to repeat the repeated level a maximum of one time.5.These prescribed requirements will be stated in subject requirements and all efforts shall be made by the department concernedto familiarise students with these additional requirements.6.If a student fails the level or subjects more than once, s/he shall be excluded from the programme.7.If a student obtains an overall mark of less than 30%, s/he shall be excluded from registering for any programme in the faculty.8.If a student obtains an overall mark ranging from 30% to 40%, s/he shall be excluded from the programme. Such a student mayapply for admission to any other programme within the faculty, subject to meeting the Admission requirements.9.If a student obtains an overall mark ranging from 40 to 50%, s/he shall be allowed to repeat the level, subject to rules 1 and 2 ofthis section.10. When a student does not fulfil the above requirements for progression, s/he shall be notified in writing of his/ her exclusion fromthe programme or from progression.11. Where a student has only one or two subjects remaining before completion and is nearing the maximum number of years forregistration, s/he may apply, with appropriate motivation, to the Dean’s office for extension of the period of registration for anadditional year.Normal appeal procedures will apply1.Credits: Credit transfers require CPUT to validate prior formal learning through evaluation of the quality of an accredited provider.2.Subject exemptions as practised in the past are regarded as recognition of prior learning (RPL) and are dealt with in theappropriate RPL policy.3.In the interests of student access, mobility and articulation, and to avoid unnecessary repetition of studies, consideration may begiven to extending to the student:3.1 Recognition by granting credits for any subjects passed at CPUT, but in another programme, whether complete orincomplete, with a view to studying for a University programme.3.2 Recognition by granting credits whereby credits obtained at one institution maybe recognised by another as meeting part of the requirements for graduation, and credits for a completed qualification maybe recognised as meeting part of the requirements for another qualification.4.The mark obtained at higher education institutions from which the credit is transferred, shall be confirmed by the SenateExecutive (SENEX). The purpose of this requirement is to ensure that students who were granted credits can also be consideredfor cum laude awards by the University.5.Credits will only be recorded on the student’s academic history by the Assessment and Graduation Centre (AGC) once approvedby SENEX.6.In all instances the total number of credits awarded shall not exceed 50% of the number of subjects in the programme.7.All credits accumulated in respect of incomplete qualifications shall only be valid for a maximum of ten years.

GENERAL INFORMATION14FACULTY EXCLUSION RULES AND PROCEDURESDiploma / National Diploma exclusionsA Diploma / National Diploma candidate shall not be permitted to renew his or her registration except by permission of the Head ofDepartment and/or the Dean if he or she fails to complete the subjects prescribed:where applicable, for first semester within two semesters after his/her first registration for the Diploma; andwhere applicable, for first year within two years after his/her first registration for the Diploma; Students who fail more than 50% of their subjects/modules in any level of study or who fail any subject twice will not be re-admittedto the qualification. These students shall be referred to a FET college, or will have to work for six months in an engineeringcompany (doing engineering related work) before being eligible for re-admission to the qualification.A student may also upon application to the department enrol for an accredited equivalent subject/ module at e.g. UNISA and applyfor recognition of credits on successful completion of the subject/ module.Students who fail all the core subjects (where applicable) will not be re-admitted to the qualification.Students have to pass specific subjects/modules (pre-requisites) in order to continue with their qualification to the next level. Seedepartmental rules pertaining to the qualification you are registered for.For the second semester within four semesters after his/her first registration for the Diploma; and for the second year within four yearsafter his/her first registration for the Diploma; Students who fail any of the S2 subjects more than once will be excluded from the qualification.For the third semester within six semesters after his/her first registration for the Diploma; and for the third year within six years afterhis/her first registration for the Diploma; Students will be promoted to the third year or semester provided they have passed all first year subjects/modules, pre-requisites, allcore subjects/modules at second year level and where prescribed; the experiential learning should be completed.For the fourth semester within eight semesters after his/her first registration for the Diploma. Students will be promoted to the fourth semester provided they have passed all first and second year subjects, pre-requisites andall core subjects at third semester level.Notwithstanding the above, departments have an application for re-admission process, which affords excluded candidates anopportunity to submit such an application and present mitigating factors.Furthermore, each department has a unique set of criteria used to determine re-admission. Such departmental criteria are takencognisance of at the time of the exclusion of the candidate based on the faculty’s policy.An excluded student may, after having been unsuccessful in his/her application for re-admission, appeal to the Dean forreconsideration.A student, who is excluded twice in any programme, or the same programme, will not have recourse to appeal.BTech / Advanced Diploma exclusionsStudents at this level will be excluded from the programme if they have not completed the qualification within two years full-time, or fouryears part-time.Extended Curriculum ExclusionsThe Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET) does not recognise repeating students on the Extended CurriculumProgramme (ECP) for statistical or funding purposes. The full ECP or significant sections of it cannot be repeated and, where possible,

GENERAL INFORMATION15only a limited number of subjects should be repeated. The same exclusion rules as applied to regular subjects cannot be applied to theECP. Bearing this in mind, each department needs to inform students of their exclusion rules at the start of the programme.Process for appeals against exclusions A student who had been excluded must submit an application to the HoD/department applying for re-admission, along with ALLrelevant information (and any other supporting documents).If the application is approved the student continues with the registration process.If the application is not approved, the student may submit an appeal to the Dean. All information (letter of appeal, outcome ofapplication to the department and any other supporting documents) must be submitted to the relevant Faculty Office (Bellville orCape Town) for the attention of the Faculty Officer.The Faculty Officer will list all applications and provide to the Dean for consideration.The Dean makes the decision and provides feedback to the Faculty Officer about the outcome of the appeal.The Faculty Officer will inform the student, department and ARC respectively.


DEPARTMENT OFCHEMICAL ENGINEERING17DEPARTMENT OFFICE-BEARERSPOSITIONNAMETELEPHONEE-MAILHeads ofDepartment (Acting)Dr M Aziz and021 460 4292AzizM@cput.ac.zaDr B Godongwana021 460 3170GodongwanaB@cput.ac.zaSecretaryMs E Alberts021 460 3159VanWykE@cput.ac.zaAdmin AssistantMs S Nqwazi021 959 6083NqwaziS@cput.ac.zaHead of Programme:Post GraduateDr M Aziz021 460 4292AzizM@cput.ac.zaHead of Programme:Under GraduateDr B Godongwana021 460 3170GodongwanaB@cput.ac.zaDEPARTMENTAL STAFFPOSITIONNAMEQUALIFICATIONSProfessorProf TV OjumuPhD (Chemical)Associate ProfessorDr OO OyekolaPhD (Chemical)Senior LecturerDr M ChowdhuryDTech (Chemical)Senior Lecturer /ECP Co-ordinatorDr D de JagerDTech (Chemical)Senior LecturerMr GE HangoneMSc (Chemical)Senior LecturerDr U NarsinghPhD (Chemical)LecturerDr M AzizDEng (Chemical)LecturerMs I ErdoganMTech (Chemical)LecturerDr B GodongwanaDTech (Chemical)LecturerMr JM JohnMTech (Chemical), HED (Diploma)LecturerMr B LemineMTech (Environmental Management)LecturerMr TF MadzimbamutoMSc (Chemical)LecturerMs AB MarshallMTech (Chemical)LecturerDr M NomnqaDEng (Chemical)LecturerMs A ReinersMEd (Applied language and literacy)LecturerMr A TholeMTech (Chemical)Co-op Co-ordinatorMs N MtiBTech (Chemical)Senior TechnicianMr A BesterNHD (Electrical)Laboratory TechnicianMs H SmallMTech (Chemical)Laboratory TechnicianMs M BingoBTech (Chemical)Laboratory TechnicianMr ND DlaminiBTech (Chemical)

DEPARTMENT OFCHEMICAL imumDurationMaximumDurationWork IntegratedLearningQUALIFICATIONS OFFEREDDiploma in Chemical EngineeringD3CHME3 years6 years6 monthsDiploma in Chemical Engineering (Extended)D3CHMX4 years8 years6 monthsAdvanced Diploma in Chemical EngineeringADCHME1 year (full-time)2 years (full-time)--Bachelor of Engineering Technology inChemical EngineeringBPETCE3 years6 years--Master of Engineering in ChemicalEngineeringMGCHMR1 Year (full-time)2 Years (part-time)3 Years (full-time)4 Years (part-time)---Doctor of Engineering in ChemicalEngineeringDGCHMR2 Years (full-time)4 Years (part-time)4 Years (full-time)6 Years (part-time)---

DEPARTMENT OFCHEMICAL ENGINEERING19DIPLOMA IN CHEMICAL ENGINEERINGCOURSE AIMThe aim of the course is to provide excellent theoretical as well as practical chemical engineering knowledge and skills, relevant to theneeds of the chemical industry and society at large. Graduates of this programme will have the competence to apply engineering skillsto chemical engineering problems and plant operations.PURPOSE AND RATIONALE O

Replacing: ND: Engineering: Electrical Diploma in Engineering Technology in Electrical Engineering (Extended), Replacing: ND: Engineering: Electrical (Extended) Diploma in Engineering Technology in Computer Engineering, Replacing: ND: Engineering: Computer Systems Bachelor of Engineering Technology in Electrical Engineering *New Qualification*

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www.peavey.com xr 8300 & xr 8600d powered mixers operating manual. 2 *oufoefe up bmfsu uif vtfs up uif qsftfodf pg vojotvmbufe ²ebohfspvt wpmubhf³ xjuijo uif qspevduµt fodmptvsf uibu nbz cf pg tvggjdjfou nbhojuvef up dpotujuvuf b sjtl pg fmfdusjd tipdl up qfstpot

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