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Your car insurancepolicy booklet

Welcome to ChurchillThis booklet tells you about your car insuranceAbout the policyWords in bold typeThe policy is made up of:Some of the words and phrases we use inthis booklet have a specific meaning – forexample, your car or modifications. This booklet. Your car insurance details. Your certificate (or certificates)of motor insurance.If the policy includes Green Flag breakdown cover: Your breakdown cover and your carinsurance are part of the same policy.We’ve highlighted these words using boldtype. You can find the exact meanings ofthese words in the ‘Glossary’ on page 4,or at the start of each section.Comprehensive with DriveSureIf you have a Comprehensive withDriveSure policy: The policy also includes the Green Flagpolicy booklet we’ve given you.If you have a policy that includes DriveSure: The policy also includes the DriveSure termsand conditions we’ve given you.Please read all these documents carefullyand keep them safe in case you need them. Your cover is the same as aComprehensive policy. Wherever Comprehensive ismentioned in this policy booklet,this also applies to you.ContentsFAQs3Where you can drive28Glossary4Losses we don’t cover30Making a claim6Other conditions you need to know about32What your cover includes8How the policy works33Section 1: Liability10Everything else37Section 2: Fire and theft14If you have a complaint38Section 3: Courtesy car15If you’re in an accident39Section 4: Accidental damage16How to get in touchSection 5: Windscreen damage17Section 6: Personal benefits18Section 7: Motor Legal Cover20Section 8: Guaranteed Hire Car Plus25Section 9: Protected No Claim Discount27Page 2Back cover

FAQsFAQsHow much will you pay if my car is damaged?What is DriveSure?Where damage to your car is covered underyour policy, we’ll pay the cost of repairing orreplacing your car up to its UK market value.This is the current value of your car at the timeof the claim. It may be different to the amountyou paid or any amount you provided when youinsured your car with us.DriveSure is our telematics insurance product.It’s designed to capture how, when and whereyour car is driven, based on driver-monitoringtechnology. We use it to understand yourdriving style and give you feedback. Thismeans we can base your premium on yourdriving record.Who is covered to drive other cars?What’s the difference between commutingand business use?Your certificate of motor insurance will showwho has cover to drive other cars. We’ll onlycover injury to third parties, or damage causedto their property, not to the car being driven. See‘Section 1: Liability’ on page 10.Am I covered if I leave my car unlocked or thekeys in the car?We won’t pay a claim for theft or attempted theftif your car is left: Unlocked. With keys or key fobs in, on, or attached tothe car. With the engine running. With a window or roof open.What’s not included in my cover?We don’t cover things like: Mechanical or electrical failure. Wear and tear. Damage to tyres caused by braking,punctures, cuts or bursts. Breakdowns.If your policy includes Green Flag breakdown,this may cover getting your car going again.We won’t provide cover if your car is being used: By someone who’s not insured on the policy. By someone who’s disqualified from driving. For a purpose that’s not allowed on the policy(as shown on your certificate of motor insurance).You can find full details of what’s not covered bythe policy in each cover section, and in ‘Losseswe don’t cover’ on page 30.Does Churchill have approved repairers?Churchill customers have access to a nationalnetwork of approved repairers. If your car isrepaired by one of these, they’ll deal with allaspects of your repair.Business use provides cover for driving inconnection with a business or employment.Your certificate of motor insurance will show ifyour policy includes business use and the typeof business use you have.Commuting is driving to and from a permanentplace of work, for either part of the journey, or forthe whole journey. This includes driving to andfrom a car park, railway station or bus stop aspart of your journey to and from a permanentplace of work.Can I use my car abroad?If you want to use your car abroad, your coverdepends on the type of policy you have andwhere you’re driving. You can find full detailsin ‘Where you can drive’ on page 28.You may need a Green Card if you’re travellingabroad. If you need one, please get in touchbefore you travel. We also recommend you takea European Accident Statement with you. You canget one at my electric car’s charging cables covered?Your home charger and charging cables areconsidered an accessory to your car. This meansthey’re covered under ‘Section 2: Fire and theft’ or‘Section 4: Accidental damage’ of your policy.You’re also covered for any accidents to othersinvolving your charging cables when they areattached to your car. For example, someonetripping over your cable, as long as you havetaken due care to prevent such an accident.See ‘Section 1: Liability’ on page 10.Is my electric car battery covered?Your car’s battery is covered if it’s damaged asa result of an insured incident. This cover applieswhether your battery is owned or leased.Page 3

GlossaryAbout the glossaryWhen we use these words or terms in thepolicy they have these specific meanings(unless we say differently). These apply toyour car insurance.Please note: Section 7: Motor Legal Cover,Section 8: Guaranteed Hire Car Plus and‘Liability for automated cars in Great Britain’in Section 1: Liability also include additionalwords or terms that have specific meanings– you can find these at the start of therelevant sections.If your policy includes Green Flag breakdowncover, please see your Green Flag policybooklet for details of the words and termsthat apply to your breakdown cover.Accessories Parts or products specificallydesigned to be fitted to your car, including yourelectric car’s charging cables and the chargerinstalled at your home. We may treat someaccessories as modifications, so please tell usabout any changes to your car.Approved repairer A repairer in our network ofcontracted repairers who’s approved by us tocarry out repairs to your car following a claimunder this policy.Car insurance details The document that: Identifies the policyholder. Sets out details of the cover chosen. Records the information the policyholderhas given us.Car keys Physical key or device forsmart access provided with your car bya manufacturer that allows you to accessand/or move your car.Certificate of motor insurance This documentprovides evidence that you have taken out theinsurance you must have by law. It shows whocan drive your car and the purposes that it canbe used for.Convertible A motor car with a removable orretractable roof. These may be referred to ascabriolets, roadsters, soft-tops or hard-tops.Courtesy car A small hatchback car, or similarcar, that an approved repairer supplies to youtemporarily on our behalf.Excess The amount that you may have to paytowards a claim. Details of the excessescan be found in your car insurance details.Loss of any limb A limb severed at or above thewrist or ankle, or the total and irrecoverable lossof use of a hand, arm, foot or leg.Approved windscreen supplier A repairerapproved and authorised to repair or replaceyour car’s windscreen.Main driver The person you declared was themain user of your car, and who’s shown as themain driver on your car insurance details.Automated car Your car where it is lawfullydriving itself on roads or other public placesin Great Britain. Please note that your carmust be identified on the Secretary of State’slist of motor vehicles that may safely drivethemselves. This identification may be bytype, information recorded in a registrationdocument or in some other way.Market value The cost of replacing your carwith another of the same make and model, andof a similar age and condition at the time of theaccident or loss.Page 4

GlossaryModifications Any changes to your car’sstandard specification, including optionalextras.Road Traffic Act The Acts, laws and regulationsthat cover driving or using cars in:Modifications include changes to theappearance or the performance of your car,including wheels, suspension, bodywork andengine. Please note this is not a complete list.Modifications include changes made to yourcar by a previous owner. Northern Ireland. Great Britain. the Channel Islands. the Isle of Man.Terms The terms, exclusions, conditions andlimits that apply to the policy.NCD owner The person who has earned theNo Claim Discount (NCD) that is in use on thispolicy.Territorial limitsPartner Your husband, wife, or civil partner, orsomeone you’re living with as if you’re marriedto them. the Channel Islands.Period of Insurance The length of time youhave insurance cover under this policy. You canfind this on your certificate of motor insuranceand car insurance details.Policy The policy is made up of: This booklet. Your car insurance details. Your certificate (or certificates) of motorinsurance. The Green Flag breakdown cover policybooklet – where this applies. The DriveSure terms and conditions– where they apply.Policyholder The person named as thepolicyholder on your car insurance details. Great Britain. Northern Ireland. the Isle of Man.Track day When your car is driven on a racingtrack, on an airfield or at an off-road event.Trailer A trailer that has been specially built tobe towed by a car.Vandalism Damage caused by a maliciousand deliberate act.Written off When your car is so badlydamaged that: it’s no longer roadworthy, or the cost to fix it would be uneconomical,based on its market value.Your car The car described in your carinsurance details. This includes your car’saccessories and spare parts if they are: On your car or in it. In your locked private garage. Plugged into your car.Page 5

Making a claimIf you need to claimThese steps will help you and enable us toprocess your claim quickly.Here are some important numbersyou’ll need if you have an accidentNeed to claim?How it worksTo get the ball rolling, we’ll need to know things like: Your personal details. Your policy number. Your car registration number. A description of the loss or damage. If you’ve been in an accident, the otherdriver’s details.0345 878 6261Please have these handy when you get in touch.Windscreen claimsIf you get any communication such as any noticeor form from a court, any threat of legal actionor similar, please contact us straight away. We’lldeal with it or tell you what you need to do. Youmust also give us any other relevant information,documents or help we might need to processyour claim, and pay any charges for sendingsuch information. If you’re unsure if a documentis relevant, please give it to us anyway.0800 328 9150If you have Comprehensive orComprehensive Plus coverMotor legal helpline0345 246 2408If you have Motor Legal CoverHelp with anything else0345 877 6680Store these numbers in your phone so you havethem available if needed. Even if you don’tmake a claim on your car, it’s important to let usknow about the accident as quickly as possible.This will enable us to contact the other partyand resolve the entire claim, giving you thebest service and keep the costs down.Other information you need to send usAvoid increasing the amount claimedYou must not do, or refrain from doing, anythingthat would increase the amount of the claimwithout our written permission. For example,admit liability for, or negotiate to settle, any claim.Paying the excessFor some claims, you’ll need to pay an excess.You can find your excesses on your car insurancedetails. Each driver may have different excesses.We won’t charge an excess if: You’re in an accident that we believe is not yourfault. Sometimes you may have to pay the excesswhile we’re looking into the claim, but we’llrefund it once it’s proven you’re not to blame. Your car is stolen from a private locked garage.If you’re leasing your car or buying on hirepurchaseIf your car can’t be repaired and you’re leasingit, we’ll pay any claims to the lease company,because they are the legal owners of the car.If your car can’t be repaired and you’re buyingit on hire purchase or a similar agreement, we’llpay any claims to the legal owner. We’ll onlypay any remaining balance to you if you havethe option to become the full owner at the endof the agreement.Page 6

Making a claimHow repairs and replacements workThis page explains how we’ll repair your car.We’ll only do this if it makes financial sense forus to do so. For more details, see: Section 2: Fire and theft on page 14. Section 4: Accidental damage on page 16. Section 5: Windscreen damage on page 17.Repairs to your carIf our approved repairer carries out the repairs,you do not need an estimate, and you will benefitfrom our 5-year Guarantee. This means parts,materials and workmanship provided by ourapproved repairer are guaranteed for five years,unless you sell your car or end your lease. Yourcar will not qualify for repair under our 5-yearGuarantee if the cause is a lack ofmaintenance, wear and tear, or a subsequentincident.Where we have agreed this with you,reasonable and necessary repairs can becarried out at a repairer of your choice.However, you must give us full details of theincident and we must approve the repairer’sdetailed assessment of the repairs beforethe work begins. We may then make thearrangements for the repairs ourselves.Where the repairs are carried out at a repairerof your choice, those repairs will NOT beguaranteed by us even though we may pay forthem directly. For the purposes of this policy,those repairs will not be treated as beingcarried out by our approved repairer.If there is a problem with any aspect of therepair, your first port of call is the repairer whodid the original work. If you’re still unhappy withany aspect of the repairs, please let us know.Windscreen repairsIf you arrange windscreen repairs orreplacement with someone who isn’t anapproved windscreen supplier, you don’t needto get our approval beforehand. However, we’llonly cover a limited amount – see ‘Section 5:Windscreen damage’ on page 17.The excess amounts for windscreen repairsand replacement are shown on your carinsurance details.Replacing parts in your carWe may decide to repair your car withparts that haven’t been made by your car’smanufacturer, but that are of a similarstandard. This can include recycled parts. Ifany part or accessory is not available, the mostwe’ll pay for that part will be the cost shownin the manufacturer’s last UK price list (plusreasonable fitting costs).Removing, delivering and storing your carIf we’re dealing with your claim under sections 2or 4 of your policy and your car can’t be driven,we’ll cover reasonable costs to take it to thenearest suitable repairer.We’ll help you and your passengers makearrangements to get home, to your originaldestination or take you to a safe place.We’ll also cover the reasonable cost ofdelivering your car to you (at the address shownon your car insurance details) after it’s repaired.If we need to put your car into safe storage atany time, we’ll cover the reasonable cost ofstorage.If your car is written offIf your car is written off and we agree to settleyour claim on that basis, we will have met ourresponsibilities to you under the policy.We will not refund any of your premium if youpay annually. If you pay by instalments undera credit agreement you must pay to us (1) allinstalment payments that have already fallendue under the credit agreement and remainunpaid, and (2) the total remaining balanceunder the credit agreement. If we agree to payyour claim and you have not paid the amountsdue to us under (1) and (2) above, we mayreduce the amount that we pay in settlementof your claim by the amount that you owe us.Alternatively, we may write to you asking you forthe full payment.Once we settle your claim, your car will becomeour property and you must send us theregistration document. All cover will then endunless we agree differently.Page 7

What your cover includesWe’ll provide cover up to the amounts shown below, depending on the type of claim and the level of cover.Please see under each section for further details and any restrictions. If the section of your policy you arelooking to claim under includes an excess, we’ll pay you up to the amount shown in the table after yourexcess has been deducted.Third Party,Fire and TheftComprehensiveComprehensivePlusSection 1: Liability4 UnlimitedInjuries to other peopleProperty damage4 20,000,000 per accident (includes all costs and expenses)Section 2: Fire and theftFire damage to your car4 Market valueTheft or attempted theft of your car4 Market valueChild car seat replacement4 UnlimitedIn-car entertainment fitted in your carwhen it was made4 UnlimitedIn-car entertainment fitted in your carafter it was made4 5004 1,0004 2,000Removable electronic equipment4 5004 1,0004 2,000Theft of car keys4 1,0008Section 3: Courtesy carCourtesy car while your car is beingrepaired by an approved repairer4 Included if you4 IncludedAmount of time you can have the carExcess for accidental damage claimsrelated to the courtesy carhaven’t pickedGuaranteedHire Car PlusDuration of repair 250The excess in yourcar insurance detailsReplaced byGuaranteed HireCar Plus – seebelowSection 4: Accidental damage4 Market valueAccidental damage to your carChild car seat replacement4 UnlimitedIn-car entertainment fitted in your carwhen it was made4 UnlimitedIn-car entertainment fitted in your carafter it was madeRemovable electronic equipmentMisfuellingLost car keysPage 884 1,0004 2,0004 1,0004 2,0004 Market value4 1,000

What your cover includesThird Party,Fire and TheftComprehensiveComprehensivePlusSection 5: Windscreen damageIf you use an approved windscreensupplierIf you choose a different supplier forrepairs4 Market value4 408If you choose a different supplier forreplacement4 125Section 6: Personal benefits4 Market valueNew car replacementPersonal belongingsPersonal accidentMedical expenses8Hotel expenses4 2504 5004 5,0004 10,0004 2004 4004 2504 300Uninsured Driver Promise4 IncludedVandalism Promise4 IncludedSection 7: Motor Legal CoverCheck your car insurance details to seeif this cover is included4 IncludedOverall limit for all claims4 100,000 if this cover is included4 100,000Road traffic accident4 100,000 if this cover is included4 100,000Motor contract dispute4 100,000 if this cover is included4 100,000Motoring prosecution defence4 100,000 if this cover is included4 100,000Motor Legal CoverSection 8: Guaranteed Hire Car PlusOptional – checkyour car insurancedetailsGuaranteed Hire Car PlusAmount of time you can have the carfor if you use an approved repairerAmount of time you can have the carfor if you use a different repairerTravel costs84 IncludedDuration of repair21 days 50 per day, up to a total of 500 per claimSection 9: Protected No Claim DiscountProtected No Claim Discount (NCD)Optional – check your car insurance detailsMaximum number of claims allowed2 claims in 3 yearsPage 9

Section 1: LiabilityLiability to other people (third parties)We’ll cover you if you’re found to be legallyresponsible for an accident.What we’ll doWe’ll provide cover:If you cause an accidentWe’ll provide cover if you’re found to be legallyresponsible to other people for an accidentinvolving your car that: injures or kills someone, and/or damages someone else’s property.This includes accidents caused by: A trailer or vehicle you’re towing. Any electric charging cables when attachedto your car as long as you have taken duecare to prevent such an accident.We’ll provide cover up to the amounts shown in‘What your cover includes’ on page 8.If the main driver is driving another carThe main driver may be covered for liability toothers when driving another car. If they’re covered: You’ll see this on your certificate of motorinsurance. When the main driver drives any other car,we’ll provide the same cover as ‘If you causean accident’ above, as long as: They aren’t covered by another insurancepolicy.If someone needs emergency medical treatmentWe’ll cover emergency medical treatment if it’sour responsibility under the Road Traffic Act.If you claim for emergency medical treatmentonly, the NCD owner won’t lose the No ClaimDiscount on this policy.If you have to go to courtIf there’s an accident covered by this policy, wemay pay reasonable legal costs or expenses todefend or represent you or any driver coveredby this policy: At a coroner’s inquest or fatal accident inquiry. In criminal proceedings to do with theaccident.It’s up to us whether we do this. If we do,we must agree to all legal costs or expensesbeforehand in writing. If we agree to pay theselegal costs or expenses, we’ll tell you how muchwe’re willing to cover.If you’re deemed at fault for an incident and theother party have solicitors involved, we may needto pay the claimant’s costs as part of the claim.Cover for other peopleWe’ll also cover any of the following people fortheir liability to others: Anyone insured by this policy to driveyour car, if they have the policyholder’spermission. Anyone that the policyholder allows to use,but not drive, your car. Anyone getting into or out of your car. They don’t own the other car. The legal representative of anyone coveredif that person dies. The owner of the car they’re driving givestheir permission. The employer or business partner of anyonecovered while your car is being used forbusiness purposes, if your certificate ofmotor insurance includes business use. The other car isn’t hired to them under ahire-purchase or leasing agreement. The car they’re driving is registered andbeing driven within the territorial limits orin the Republic of Ireland. You still have your car and it hasn’t beenwritten off.Check your certificate of motor insurance tosee if the main driver is covered for liability toothers when driving another car.Page 10Payments made outside the terms of the policyIf we have to make a payment that isn’t coveredby this policy because we’re required to do sounder any country’s laws, we may ask you (orthe person who is legally responsible) to payus back any payment made that isn’t coveredby this policy. This includes any amount thatwe have to pay because you don’t provideaccurate and complete information.

Section 1: LiabilityYou’re not covered forLiability We won’t cover any liability for loss, damageor injury that’s: Covered by another insurance policy. The result of grinding, cutting, welding orsoldering operations, or using blow lampsor torches on or in your car. Due to an act of terrorism as defined bythe terrorism legislation applicable wherethe incident took place.Legal costs We won’t cover any legal costs or expensesfor: Speeding offences. Driving under the influence of alcoholor drugs. Parking offences.If you’re driving another car We don’t cover any damage, fire or theft tothe car you’re driving. We don’t provide Motor Legal cover if you’redriving another car. We’ll only cover you if you still have your carand it hasn’t been written off.Other exclusions We don’t cover: Damage caused by any driver insured onthis policy to any property they own or areresponsible for. Liability for loss of, or accidental damageto, any car you’re driving or any trailer orvehicle you’re towing. Death of, or injury to anyone working withor for the driver of the car (except as setout in the Road Traffic Act).Please note: if you have Motor Legal Cover,you may have cover for costs relating tospeeding offences. To find out more, see‘Section 7: Motor Legal Cover’ on page 20.Page 11

Section 1: Liability continuedLiability for automated carsin Great BritainWe’ll provide cover for accidents causedby your automated car when it is lawfullydriving itself on a road or other public placein Great Britain.Does this cover apply to my car?The cover in this sub-section will only applyto your car if it has been identified on theSecretary of State’s list of motor vehiclesthat may safely drive themselves.If your car isn’t identified on the list, the coverin this section won’t apply to your policy.You can find out more with a specific meaningWhen we use these words or terms in thissub-section they have these specificmeanings (unless we say differently).Insured person The policyholder and anyoneelse insured by this policy to drive yourautomated car with your permission.Where am I covered?We’ll only provide the cover in this sub-sectionin Great Britain, which is: England. Scotland. Wales.This is because this sub-section has beenwritten to comply with the laws of Great Britain.If your automated car is involved in an accidentwhen it is lawfully driving itself outside GreatBritain (including when it is lawfully driving itselfin Northern Ireland, the Channel Islands or theIsle of Man), the rest of your policy will apply.What we’ll doWe’ll provide cover:If your car causes an accidentWe’ll provide cover for an accident caused byyour automated car when it is lawfully drivingitself on a road or other public place in GreatBritain and: injures or kills any person (including theperson in charge of your automated car),and/or damages property.As long as you look after your car’s softwareYou must keep the software of your automatedcar up to date and you must not modify it otherthan in accordance with any manufacturer’sinstruction.Page 12

Section 1: LiabilityYou’re not covered under thissub-section for We won’t cover any loss, damage or injury: That takes place outside of Great Britain. Caused by your automated car drivingitself at any time or place that the use ofautomated functions is unlawful. To the extent that an accident was causedor contributed to by any party sufferingloss, damage or injury. To an insured person if the accident iscaused by a failure to install safety criticalupdates to your automated car or itssoftware has been altered without theapproval of the manufacturer. We mayalso require an insured person to repay usany amounts that we are required by lawto pay. To the person in charge of your automatedcar where the accident was wholly due tothat person’s negligence in allowing yourautomated car to begin driving itself whenit was not appropriate to do so. To property which an insured person ownsor is responsible for. That’s covered by another insurancepolicy. That’s due to an act of terrorism as definedby the terrorism legislation applicablewhere the incident took place. To your automated car or trailer. To goods carried for hire or reward. We won’t cover legal costs or expenses.You may be covered for some of theseexclusions under other sections of yourpolicy – please check your policy carefully.If you have any questions, please getin touch.Page 13

Section 2: Fire and theftFire and theftWe’ll put things right if your car is stolen,damaged by an attempted theft, ordamaged by fire.What we’ll doIf your car is Stolen. Damaged as a result of theft or attemptedtheft. Damaged by fire, lightning or an explosion.We can choose to Repair – we’ll repair the damage ourselves, orpay to repair it. Replace – we’ll replace whatever is lost ordamaged if that’s more cost-effective thanrepairing. Repay – we’ll settle your claim by sendinga payment.If any of these things happen, we’ll also cover:Child car seats If you have a child car seatfitted to your car and your car is damaged byfire or theft, or stolen and not recovered, we’llarrange a replacement, or cover you for thecost of replacing the child car seat with a newone of a similar standard, even if there is noapparent damage. You may be required toprovide proof of ownership as part of the claim.In-car entertainment equipment We’ll: Replace any damaged or stolenentertainment equipment that waspermanently fitted in your car when it wasmade (for example a car radio), as long aswe haven’t sent a payment to cover replacingyour car. Replace removable in-car entertainmentequipment.How much am I covered for?We’ll provide cover up to the amounts shown in‘What your cover includes’ on page 8.Page 14You’re not covered forIf your car isn’t kept secure We won’t cover loss or damage to your car ifthe person using it doesn’t take care to keepthe car secure. For example, if anyone whouses your car: Left the car keys unattended in or on the car. Left the car unattended and unlocked. Thisincludes leaving windows, roof panels orhoods open or unlocked. We won’t cover loss or damage to your car ifsomeone takes it by fraud or deception whilepretending to be a buyer. We won’t cover any loss or damage toproperty if anyone who uses your car: Left any removable in-car electronicequipment inside a locked car where itcould be seen. Left any property in an open or convertiblecar outside of a locked boot or lockedglove compartment. We won’t cover loss or damage caused bytheft or attempted theft of your car if anysecurity device fitted to your car by themanufacturer is not operational whenyour car is left unattended.Using tracking devices We won’t cover any loss or damage if werequired a tracking device to be installed onyour car and: It hasn’t been fitted. The policyholder, main driver or anyoneelse named on the policy is aware that it’snot working. The device is not connected to a networkbecause a subscription or service is notactive. The driver recognition device for anytracking device is left unattended inor on your car.If we need you to use a tracking device,you can see this under ‘Endorsements’ inyour car insurance details.

Section 3: Courtesy carSection 3: Courtesy carCourtesy carThe courtesy car will be a small hatchback,so may not be of a similar size or style toyour car.Please note: this section doesn’t apply ifyou have Guaranteed Hire Car Plus cover– see page 25 for details of this cover.What w

and/or move your car. Certificate of motor insurance This document provides evidence that you have taken out the . insurance you must have by law. It shows who . can drive . your car. and the purposes that it can be used for. Convertible. A motor car with a removable or retractable roof. These may be referred to as cabriolets, roadsters, soft .

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Your home insurance contract is made up of this policy booklet your schedule your proposal confirmation. What you need to do Please read this policy booklet and your schedule to make sure you know exactly what your insurance covers. Check your proposal confirmation and your schedule, which sets out the information you have given us .

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Car A passenger car, 4x4, SUV (sports utilityvehicle), bakkie, mini-bus, light delivery vehicle, panel van and motorised caravan with a gross vehicle mass not exceeding 3 500 kg. The specificcar that we cover is set out in the policy schedule. Total loss Total loss means either of the following: your car was stolen or hijacked and not found; or

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Foy Insurance of MA, LLC 198 Frank Consolati Insurance Agency, Inc. 198 County Insurance Agency, Inc. 198 Woodrow W Cross Agency 214 Woodland Insurance Agency, Inc. 214 Tegeler Insurance Services of CT, Inc. 214 Pantano/VonKahle Insurance Agency, Inc. 214 . Hanson Insurance Agency, Inc. 287 J.H. Slattery Insurance Agency, Inc. 287

consumer guide to auto insurance contents introduction to auto insurance 1 understanding your auto insurance policy 2 required auto insurance 3 optional types of auto insurance 4-5 getting the right coverage 6 accidents and violations 7 how to shop for auto insurance 8 shopping tips 9 frequently asked questions 10-11 insurance complaints/when you have a problem 12

Life Insurance uers uide Naional ssociaion of Insurance Commissioners Compare the Different Types of Insurance Policies There are many types of life insurance pol-icies. You should choose a policy with fea-tures that fit your individual needs. Some things to consider are: Term Insurance vs. Cash Value In-surance. Term insurance is intended to

Department of Insurance Replacement of Life Insurance and Annuities. Page 3. 04. Existing Life Insurance or Annuity. "Existing Life Insurance or Annuity" means any life insurance or annuity in force, including life insurance under a binding or conditional receipt or a lif e insurance policy or annuity that is within an unconditional refund period.

of tank wall, which would be required by each design method for this example tank. The API 650 method is a working stress method, so the coefficient shown in the figure includes a factor of 2.0 for the purposes of comparing it with the NZSEE ultimate limit state approach. For this example, the 1986 NZSEE method gave a significantly larger impulsive mode seismic coefficient and wall thickness .