Human Resources & Payroll Process Flowchart

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Human Resources & Payroll Process Flowchart

Human Resources & Payroll Process Flowchart 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. HR & Payroll – Staffing L6 to L11 HR & Payroll – Hire Personnel HR & Payroll – Terminate Employees HR & Payroll – Time Recording Performance Management PMP – Salary Increase PMP – Bonus C&B Process – Job Evaluations (JE) Vacation Processing HR & Payroll – Payroll Data Maintenance HR & Payroll – Payroll and Payment Accounting and General Ledger

1 – HR & Payroll – Staffing L6 to L11 Process Flowchart A Hiring Manager No Start Headcount Planning in AOP or People Planning (ad hoc hiring are also in place ) Yes Hiring Manager completes a “Job Evaluation Form”, which outlines in detail the job and the candidate skill requirements and sends It to FHR Manager Job Evaluation process L10 & L11 external candidates will be required to complete SHL Online Assessment TA Team Is it new position or current role change? FHR receives the list of eligible applicants for interviewing and forwards accepted candidates to the hiring Manager. FHR sends LOR to rejected internal candidates and Staffing sends LOR to rejected external candidates FHR Manager informs TA of accepted candidate (For Internal and external candidates) NO Is candidate suitable for The job? TA Team initiates LOU request to C&B Team (For Internal & external candidates). FHR Sends the job description and sends it to TA to post the vacancy on “My Possibilities” FHR Sends to TA team every Tuesday HC Authorization Spreadsheet to get the Region/ Sector approval to Post the job HC Authorization Spreadsheet Job assessment is done by C&B if it does not exist in grid. TA Team review the applicant eligibility with C&B Team and the employee’s (internal applicant) FHR Manager. Further screening is conducted prior to communicating the final list to FHR Manager. LOR is sent to rejected candidates at this stage Yes NO Yes TA Manager gets the approval of the jobs from Region/Sector Were there any internal applicants? The open position is posted for 10 calendar days on My Possibilities for Level 6 To L11 after ensuring that all necessary documents were received from FHR Manager TA team starts/resumes external search TA team will conduct phone screening for external candidates C&B Manager NO NEA Compensation Asst. Manager prepares LOU according to Compensation guidelines and NEA Compensation Manager reviews LOU before sending it to FHR Did selected candidate accept LOU? Yes Is this an internal candidate? NO FHR informs C&B and TA to close the vacancy Yes NEA Compensation Asst. Manager sends LOU as PDF format to responsible FHR 011EGHRPHRSTMS (Supporting) FHR Signs LOU from responsible HR Director and Communicates LOU to candidate Selected candidate signs LOU and FHR infroms personnel to update the employee’s personal file and system file 1

2 – HR & Payroll – Hire Personnel Process Flowchart A Payroll Specalist HR Director/FHR/ Personnel Specialist Personnel Specialist New Hire Start 1 All new hires are required to sign an employment contract and Code of Conduct within two weeks from starting date. The employment contract is also signed by HR after the employee completes the mandatory hiring documents. Employment Contract and Code of Conduct are kept in employee’s personnel file. 001EGHRPHRHPMK Candidate is required to pass a preemployment medical check-up and submit hiring documents and experience certificates for issuing an employment contract Personnel Specialist prepares a contract of three copies, assigns an employee number to the new hire and initiates the “CRT Form” including job details, salary, level and date of employment CRT Form Social Insurance & Labor Office documents including a copy of the employment contract are prepared by the Specialists and sent to Social Insurance Authority/ Labor Office after signing Specialists record new hire data except salary (All employee data except payroll) INTERCOM (*2) Payroll Specialist records the new hire salary on INTERCOM (Payroll and Benefits data) INTERCOM (*2) END Approved LOU form is attached to the CRT form (*1) END (*1) - On-boarding schedule is prepared and HR policies are accessible to all relevant employees. (*2) - Access to the payroll master file is restricted And only authorized users have access to Payroll master file based on on management authorization with proper SOD (002EGHRPHRHPMK)

3 – HR & Payroll – Terminate Employees Process Flowchart C&B/Payroll Specialist FHR/Personnel Departments/Employee A Start Employee or company request the termination Has the employee left at his own will? Is dismissal based on legal investigation? NO Yes Yes NO Employee writes termination request and signs Monthly Notification is sent to IT, Administration and Security teams to revoke system and physical access rights from resigned, terminated and dismissed employees 012EGHRPHRTEMS (Supporting) Personnel Manager notifies labor court with management decision and investigation results to avoid any future financial obligation Termination Request Personnel Manager notifies the employee in writing that contract will not be renewed Personnel Manager initiates “Discharge Memo” indicating the effective date of employee’s dismissal from the company FHR conducts exit interviews for employees leaving voluntarily FHR Manager informs Payroll Manager & Personnel manager Related Personnel Team coordinates the approval process of “Clearance Form” & Social Insurance documents NEA Compensation Manager sends To FHR Manager and informs MU Financial Controller of the calculation NEA Compensation Manager calculates the severence pay, if any, and any other payments, if applicable and gets the approval of the responsible HR Director Financial Controller reviews calculation and the supporting documents before issuing the cheque to the employee and sends approval by email to NEA Compensation Manager Payments are made to the terminated employee separately not during monthly payroll payments Personnel controls the form and sends it to employee to take it to relevant departments (Finance, IT & Administration) END END END Clearance Form The terminated employee is deactivated from the payroll system (termination date is entered to the system) Social Insurance Specialist informs the Social Insurance Authority to terminatE employee’s social insurance duration

4 – HR & Payroll – Time Recording Process Flowchart Scope: Non-sales Staff Start Employees swipe timecard at the beginning & end of their work day Employee Did employee forget to bring or swipe the card? Leave Request Form Employee fills out the “ Leave Request Form” NO Yes Employee signs at the security and notifies the supervisor who confirms employee’s attendance Time keeping data is extracted to an excel sheet Vacation process END Employee’s Supervisor Personnel Specialist END Personnel Specialist receives daily attendance records and exceptions and update the monthly follow-up excel sheet Checks the attendance record data against approved Shift attendance Sheets, and forms Does attendance record need to be corrected or edited? NO Payroll Process Monthly followup “Form2” Yes Personnel specialist corrects or edits the attendance record indicating cause of change based on approved documents Overtime Sheets Shift Attendance Sheet including hours worked At the end of the month, overtime sheets are approved by department manager and immediate manager “Shift attendance sheet” including absent employees is prepared by Supervisor and sent to Personnel Specialist with all forms (overtime forms etc.) No “Start” Once all aproved edits have been keyed into the monthly follow-up excel sheet “Form2” and open exceptions items have been resolved, the monthly follow-up sheet “Form2”is ready to be processed to Central Payroll

5 – Performance Management Process Flowchart YEAR-END PERFORMANCE DEVELOPMENT & FOCAL POINT MID YEAR REVIEW (MYR) REVIEWREVIEW OBJECTIVE SETTING Top-down-approach Employee / Employee’s manager / FHRs Start Each director cascades Department objectives to his/ her direct reports and agree on their objectives L6 managers cascade Dept. objectives to their direct reports and agree on their objectives Payroll Processing Manager reviews employee self input, provides comments and proposes ratings END After getting alignment of Manager, employee reflects the changes on doc. and Manager adds his/her comments where necessary. FHR Manager reviews PDRs and Ratings and -if required- meets with Employee’s direct manager on PDR quality and calibration of performance ratings Signed Comp. Letter Manager and Employee meet to discuss YTD performance and any changes to objectives taking place during MYR FHR Sends Comp. Letters to Personnel to be kept in employees’ files Employee Adds self input of progress against each objective Super FHR Manager reviews PDRs and Ratings and meets with Function Director on PDR quality and calibration of performance ratings Compensation Manager calculates the merit and other salary increases/adjustments, reviews the data with NEA C&B Manager, obtains the approval of BU HRD for the changes and any exceptions and issues the Comp. Letters and then sends them to FHR Managers After PDR discussion with direct manager, English Speaking L6 employee, signs PDR Form on My Access system Final Salary List OMD monitor if focal point review process is complete and signed PDRs are sent back to HR 004EGHRPHRPMMK OMD ensure that ALL English Speaking L6 employees have completed their objectives on the system. FHR Managers ensure that all Arabic Speaking L6 have completed their objectives. FHR Managers ensure that All L6 English Speaking employees who were hired after the deadline of objective setting were added to MyAccess and OMD ensure that they have completed their Objective 004EGHRPHRPMMK L10 managers cascade Dept. objectives to their direct reports and agree on their objectives English speaking L6 employees submit MYR on system (MY Access) and Arabic Speaking L6 employees complete their comments on Word Doc and send PDR to direct managers & FHR Managers Employee adds YE self input, reviews with direct Manager and submits it on MY Access System English Speaking L6 Employees upload PDR on myAccess while L6 Arabic Speaking employees send PDRs (word doc) to FHR Managers via email and manager sends PDR to FHRs Executive Committee (OMD, Super FHR, Function Heads, and GMs) meet to calibrate a selected sample of PDRs as per OMD criteria OMD Sends final list of PDR ratings to C&B team to prepare Comp. Letters Final list of PDR ratings Manager & Employee Signs Comp. Letter and sends signed original to FHR Manager Second level Manager reviews ratings and confirms PDR to be routed to direct manager for final rating confirmation and submission to the employee OMD communicates to Direct Managers to confirm YE Manager Review to be routed for second level manager for approval Manager and employee meet for PDR discussion. For Arabic Speaking L6 employees, FHRs provide Managers with Compensation Letters with final ratings including a disclaimer confirming that employee has reviewed manager’s comments

6 – PMP – Salary Increase Process Flowchart A Start Salary Analysis including expected inflation rate for current and next year, company and market data is performed by NEA C&B Manager Salary structure / Merit matrix (Level Ranges, principles of C&B) is approved by region and sector Marketing & Planning Teams Final list of PDR ratings & Merit Matrix Compensation & Benefits Manager ensures alignment with set budget for merit increase and present final outcome to Mgmt team for approval Compensation & Benefits Manager checks requests for promo and equity and ensures alignment with set guidelines Compensation & Benefits Manager sends final salaries To Payroll team ccing MUs GM to reflect changes to the Payroll System Payroll enters the newly approved salaries to the system and sends the final version to Compensation & Benefits Manager ccing NEA C&B Manager and MUs HR Directors Is increase for L6 NO FHR Managers review the file including the titles, levels, increases, etc. to ensure that all changes are made as per set guidelines Compensation & Benefits manager prepares the merit increase, promo and equity tool and NEA C&B manager reviews it. Merit Increase percentage is determined by either government special increase and/or merit matrix; whichever is higher Merit increase as well as guidelines are passed on to FHR Managers for completion of promo and equity in accordance with set guidelines Compensation & Benefits Manager reviews the Payroll report versus the merit file to ensure that all changes were reflected accurately and sends approval to Payroll ccing MUs HR Directors and NEA Compensation & Benefits Manager Payroll obtains the approval of MU HR Director to transfer the salaries to the banks Compensation & Benefits Manager obtains the salary change audit report in March (L6 ) and July (L5-) and compares it to the final approved updated increases 005EGHRPHRPMMK Compensation & Benefits Manager issues Comp. Letters with the new salary changes Marketing Team Yes Salary Ranges/ Merit Matrix New Compensation Letters Letters are delivered to FHR Managers to deliver them to employees Individual merit payments are processed. END

7 – PMP – Bonus Process Flowchart Bonus C&B Department Final list of PDR ratings Compensation & Benefits Manager calculates the bonus amount for Level 6 employees in line with management bonus policy Start Compensation & Benefits Manager prepares the Final bonus list for all L6 employees NEA C&B Manager reviews the final bonus list and BU HR Director approves it Bonus Guidelines END Compensation & Benefits Manager approves the final file and confirms to Payroll to send to the bank Payroll Payroll sends the final list to NEA Compensation Manager for review before sending the file bank Payroll sends the final approved file to the bank NEA C&B Manager sends the final bonus list to Payroll to update the system Payroll Updates the system with the final approved bonus and sends the file to C&B for review Payment Process

8 – C&B Process – Job Evaluations (JE) Process Flowchart Line Manager completes a “Job Evaluation Form” which outlines in detail the job and candidate skill requirements and sends it to FHRs Review job evaluation format to ensure that all job accountabilities & job dimensions are covered Compensation & Benefits Manager conducts individual job interviews/ assessment with the FHRs Region/BU FHRs Start Identify need to evaluate existing Job and/or newly created job C&B Departments A Communicate final approved job level to the FHR END finalize JE Job will remain at same level Yes JE is approved No Evaluate jobs using the Hay tool L9- JE is approved by the BU, L10 / L11 are only sent to Region for review and approval. Band1 jobs are sent to Region to complete JE process and approval Compensation & Benefits Manager ensures in Q2 & Q4 that proper approvals have been obtained for job evaluations 006EGHRPHRJEMK

9 – Vacation Processing Flowchart Payroll Deparment Personnel Specialist Employee/ Employee’s Manager A Start Employee fills out the vacation form manually Vacation Form Time recording process Start Employee Manager approves the form manually Time records show absence of employee At the year end, Personnel specialist Adhere to the year end closing date (10Jan) and all received vacations related to last year must be recorded to HR System before the closing date. Personnel specialist In each location enters vacations to The HR System (INTERCOM) for each employee manually By end of the month On a monthly basis the location (HO, Plant or DC) Personnel Head/Manager checks accuracy of vacation records and ensures that they are accurately reflected in the HR System 007EGHRPHRVPMK Personnel Specialist generates vacation report Based on updated vacation balance for each employee, accrued vacations are calculated quarterly and do not include future vacations END Accounting and General Ledger Employee delivers approved form to the Personnel Specialist Based on labor law, vacation balance is settled every 3 years or according to company rules On a quarterly basis, Payroll Specialist/ Manager sends accrued vacations by cost center to GL On a monthly basis, the HRSS Payroll Quality Assurance Manager checks the calculation of vacation days. Quarterly, the related accruals are calculated automatically by the system and sent to Finance 016EGHRPHRVPMK

10 – HR & Payroll – Payroll Data Maintenance Process Flowchart Is it salary related ? NO Yes C&B updates/approves the personnel salary data in accordance with position level and salary scale C&B / FHRs / IT Employee Mng. HR Mng. HR Director Start Need identified to change employee data C&B/Personnel/ Payroll Specialist Departments/HR A On monthly basis Compensation & Benefits Manager extracts Salary Changes Audit report from the system and reviews changes for L6 and L5- employees against the related supporting documents 008EGHRPHRPDMK Requestor or HR department initiates the related form for the change of employee data ( e.g promotion, termination, new hire, transfer etc.) Personnel Change of Status Form Management review and approval of personnel data change request in line with policies and procedures Personnel Specialist enter/ update the records based on the personnel change request in INTERCOM Payroll Specialist updates the employee Salary Data 002EGHRPHRHPMK Master File edit change report is printed and reviewed INTERCOM (Payroll and benefits data) Comply with NEA confidentiality guidelines On annual basis, BU HO Personnel Manager reviews employee master file against most recent time records and approved attendance to ensure employee existence 014EGHRPHRPDMS

11 – HR & Payroll – Payroll and Payment Process Flowchart Central Payroll A Start Payroll receives files for time records and payroll deductions/additions from locations Payroll enters the time records and additions/ deductions to INTERCOM Payroll Analysts review data entered to the system and payroll manager opens wrong entries only for correction 003EGHRPHRPPMK Start PMP- Salary Increase Salary increase report is entered manually to INTERCOM Payroll Manager runs the payroll calculation. The payroll system automatically calculates payroll Finance Management review and sign off by Payroll Quality Assurance Manager of gross to gross reconciliations in addition to review of gross to net reconciliation and comparing it to the final bank transfer 009EGHRPHRPPMK Biannually checks are performed by the tax consultant to make sure that the salary tax is properly calculated and deducted from employees 010EGHRPHRPPMK Payroll slips are generated from the system by the Payroll Operations Manager and provided to all employees to support pay receipt Bank net payment list is generated by the system Payment is executed MU Finance Controller and second authorized signatory’s approval of bank net payment list before the transfer is made to bank INTERCOM (Payroll and Benefits Data)

Personnel (Commission Payments) Finance and Payroll & GL Team C&B Manager (Unused Vacation (Annual Bonus Accrual) Accrual) GL Team Payroll Specialist 12 – Accounting and General Ledger Process Flowchart Start Payroll Journal is generated by the system per cost centers Payroll and Payment Process GL Payroll Journal SAP GL END Management review and approval by GL Manager of INTERCOM Payroll Journal, and Payroll Summary against GL Start Vacation Processing Annual Bonus accrual is calculated whenever a change in the bonus matrix occurs Sales Objectives are sent on a monthly basis to the Commission Specialist in CFI and PCE INTERCOM (Payroll and Benefits Data) Payroll Journal Payroll Data is uploaded to SAP and journal is created in GL Payroll Journal Payroll Operations Manager sends the Payroll Journal to IBM Management review and approval by GL Manager of manual journal entries of accruals relating Employment Payroll (unused vacation, bonus, commissions) Manual Journal entry is processed for vacation accrual by GL Manager Manual Journal Entry is processed monthly for Bonus accrual by GL Manager Bonus accrual calculation is prepared by finance based on planned % and C&B is notified Calculation is sent to GL Department via e-mail (MS Excel format on the basis of cost centers) Commission Specialist calculates commission based on actual results received from Finance Salesperson commissions calculation is approved by Regional Sales Director in PCE and in CFI by Sales Director END Manual Journal Entry is processed monthly for Commissions Accrual by GL Manager Payroll and Payment Process

HR & Payroll - Staffing L6 to L11 2. HR & Payroll - Hire Personnel 3. HR & Payroll - Terminate Employees 4. HR & Payroll - Time Recording 5. Performance Management 6. PMP - Salary Increase 7. PMP - Bonus 8. C&B Process - Job Evaluations (JE) 9. Vacation Processing 10. HR & Payroll - Payroll Data Maintenance 11.

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