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FUNCTIONAL DOCUMENTATIONSAP S/4 HANA Finance, localization extension for the Republic of Belarus by EPAMDocument is relevant to SAP S/4HANA Finance, localization extension 1.0 for the Republic of Belarus byEPAM, SAP S/4HANA Finance, localization extension 2.0 for the Republic of Belarus by EPAM, SAPS/4HANA Finance, localization extension 3.0 for the Republic of Belarus by EPAMReleased to customers: 01.02.2018Language: English

SAP S/4 HANA Finance, localization extensionfor the Republic of Belarus by EPAMFunctional 12.2021Transactions that can be executed via web interface were flagged2

SAP S/4 HANA Finance, localization extensionfor the Republic of Belarus by EPAMFunctional SpecificationContents1.Introduction . Structure . Centers . 8Storage Locations. 8Sales Area. 8Master Data .93.1.4.Project Goals . 4Project Scope . 4Chart of Accounts. 9Business Processes ash Journal .15Payment Transactions.15Revaluation of Open Items in Foreign Currency .16Reconciliation Statements .17Reclassification of Accounts Receivable and Payable.17Fixed Assets and Intangible Assets Accounting .17Precious Metals Accounting .19FA Inventory .20FA Revaluation by Index Method.21Offsetting Account Determination .21VAT Accounting .22Profit Tax Accounting .24Accounting Reports.25Material Accounting .26Sales of goods (works, services) .27Inventory Audit .28Uninstalled Equipment Revaluation by Index Method .28Forms of Strict Accounting.29Alternative chart of accounts .29Electronic VAT invoice .30Displaying of a short/long Company code description in printing forms .323

SAP S/4 HANA Finance, localization extensionfor the Republic of Belarus by EPAMFunctional Specification1.Introduction1.1. Project GoalsThe goal of this project is to implement the typical business processes supported by the output formsaccording to the legal requirements of the Republic of Belarus.1.2. Project ScopeSAP S/4 HANA Finance, localization extension for the Republic of Belarus by EPAM, hereinafterreferred to as Belarus localization package, is a set of solutions that enables you to use the standard FIand LO SAP S/4 HANA functionality in Belarus. The project scope includes the following businessprocesses:Business ProcessOutput FormsCommentsFI, LO: CustomizingSample of Belarusian CompanySamples ofCompany Code,Purchasing andSalesOrganizations,Plant with typicalBelarusian settingsMinistry of Financeof BelarusRegulation of29.06.2011 50VAT: Tax Code ofthe Republic ofBelarus (Chapter12)Chart of Accounts with automatic postingsTax related settings (tax scheme TAXBY,condition types, operation keys, tax codes,T007K, T007L tables settings, RVAABYpricing procedure for SD module and etc.)FI: AccountingCash Journal business transactionsBank TransactionsКО-1 "Cash Receipt Voucher"КО-1в "Cash Receipt Voucher"КО-2 "Cash Expense Voucher"КО-2в "Cash ExpenseVoucher"Cash Voucher RegisterCash JournalPayment Order, Form0401600036Payment Request, Form0401890033Revaluation of open items in foreign currencyReclassification of accounts receivable andaccounts payable4National Bank ofBelarus decision of29.03.2011 107National Bank ofBelarus decision of29.03.2011 107National Bank ofBelarus decision of19.11.2012 583

SAP S/4 HANA Finance, localization extensionfor the Republic of Belarus by EPAMFunctional SpecificationReconciliation StatementsFA (Fixed Assets), IA (Intangible Assets)accountingCustomer ReconciliationStatementVendor ReconciliationStatementForm HA-1. Capitalization andRetirement Record ofIntangible AssetsForm HA-2. Intangible AssetsInventory CardForm OC-1. Capitalization andRetirement Record of FixedAssetsForm OC-2. Internal TransferRecord of Fixed AssetsForm OC-3. Repairs andImprovements Record of FixedAssetsForm OC-4. Scrapping Recordof Fixed AssetsForm OC-6. Fixed AssetsInventory CardFixed Asset Turnover BalanceSheetFA Precious Metals AccountingFA InventoryStatement of the Fixed AssetTurnoverForm OС-1. Capitalization andRetirement Record of FixedAssetsForm OС-4. Scrapping Recordof Fixed AssetsForm OС-6. Fixed AssetsInventory CardPhysical Inventory List of FixedAssetsDifference List of AssetsFA RevaluationFA Revaluation RecordFA Revaluation ListAppendix to FA RevaluationlistOffsetting Accounts DeterminationVAT AccountingTax Accounting and ReportingPurchase LedgerVAT ReturnInvestment Bonus Accrual inTax Accounting5Ministry of Financeof BelarusRegulation of24.12.2014 42

SAP S/4 HANA Finance, localization extensionfor the Republic of Belarus by EPAMFunctional SpecificationAccounting ReportingVAT electronic invoicesInvestment Bonus Recovery inTax AccountingBalance Sheet (Form 1)Profit and Loss Statement(Form 2)Statement of Changes inStockholders' Equity (Form 3)Cash Flow Statement (Form 4)Generation of outgoing EINVfor operations with legalentities and individualsIncoming EINV processingIntegration with AVESTcompany’s libraries ofelectronic digital signaturePossibility of invoicesadministration: status filtration,error messages on sendingoverview, recurring sendingAutomatic comparison ofincoming E-invoices and FIdocuments in the systemAutomatic VAT taking overafter comparison of incomingE-invoice and document in thesystemMinistry of Financeof BelarusRegulation of31.10.2011 111LO: LogisticMaterial AccountingSales of goods and servicesMaterials InventoryUninstalled Equipment RevaluationReceipt Voucher (form M-4)Record of Material Acceptance(form M-7а)Record of Internal Transfer ofGoods (М-13п)Inventory Control Card(M-12п)Record of AcceptanceWork/ServiceDelivery Note (TН-2)Transport Delivery Note(TTН-1)Ministry of Financeof BelarusRegulation of30.06.2016 58Invoice for Advance PaymentsPhysical Inventory ListDifference list of stockUninstalled EquipmentRevaluation StatementUninstalled EquipmentRevaluation Results RecordForms of Strict AccountingReceipts and RetirementInvoice6Ministry of Financeof Belarus

SAP S/4 HANA Finance, localization extensionfor the Republic of Belarus by EPAMFunctional SpecificationCard-Statement of Used StrictAccounting FormsScrapping Record of UsedStrict Accounting FormsStrict Accounting Forms to beDestroyed RegisterScrapping Record ofSpoiled/Canceled StrictAccounting Forms7Regulation of18.12.2008 196

SAP S/4 HANA Finance, localization extensionfor the Republic of Belarus by EPAMFunctional Specification2.Enterprise StructureThe Belarus localization package includes Sample Organizational Units as example for a singlelegal entity - «Demo-Belarus» public limited companySample Organizational UnitsCompanyCompany CodeControlling AreaPurchasing organizationSales organizationPlantCodeBY01BY01BY01BY01BY01BY012.1. Cost CentersCost Department 1Equipment repair/check-out shopAdministrationSales department2.2. Storage LocationsStorage Location10002000NameStorage Minsk1Storage Minsk22.3. Sales Area Sales organizationSales organizationBY01 Name«Demo-Belarus» public limited companyDistribution channelDistribution Channel01NameDirect sales DivisionDivision00NameDifferent divisions8

SAP S/4 HANA Finance, localization extensionfor the Republic of Belarus by EPAMFunctional Specification3.Master Data3.1. Chart of AccountsThe Chart of Accounts is based on the Regulation of Ministry of Finance of Belarus of 29.06.2011 50 and contains a minimum list of basic accounts sufficient to provide a standard business processesincluded in the scope of the project. Chart of AccountsChart of accountsCABYNameChart of Accounts (Belarus) List of Accounts (minimum list of basic accounts)AccountName1010000Fixed assets2010000Depreciation of Fixed assets2020000Depreciation of Fixed assets posted on 03 account3010000Investment property3020000Financial lease objects (leasing)3030000Other income-bearing investments in tangible assets4010000Intangible assets4020000Intangible assets, taken for a fee / free5010000Depreciation of Intangible assets6010000Long-term financial investments in capital issues6020000Long-term loans6030000Contributions by the joint activity agreement7010000Equipment to be installed in stock7020000Equipment to be installed passed in assembling7030000Construction materials7810000Technical account of uninstalled equipment revaluation8010000Acquisition and creation of fixed assets8020000Acquisition and creation of investment property8030000Acquisition of financial rent objects (leasing)8040000Acquisition and creation of intangible assets8050000Acquisition and creation of other long-term assets10010000Raw materials10020000Purchased semi-finished products and components10030000Fuel10040000Containers and packing materials10050000Spare parts10060000Other materials9

SAP S/4 HANA Finance, localization extensionfor the Republic of Belarus by EPAMFunctional Specification10070000Materials transferred in processing on side10080000Temporary constructions10090000Household equipment and housewares, tools10100000Special rigging and working clothes in stock10110000Special rigging and working clothes in operation10120000Waste and scrap containing precious metals15010000Inward movement / invoice receipt clearing account – materials15020000Inward movement / invoice receipt clearing account – goods18010000VAT on purchased goods, works and services20000000Production21000000Semi-finished products of own production22000000Insurance payments23000000Auxiliary production23080000Capital investment25000000Production overheads26000000Non-production (administrative) overheads28000000Spoilt production29000000Service plants and facilities31070000Equipment for installation34000200Depreciation of buildings and equipment34000800Depreciation of intangible assets34000900Unplanned depreciation (adjust amounts)35000900Rental payment35140100Cost of construction and installation works on capital construction in progress35140200Cost revaluation amounts of construction in progress35999999Transfer posting CO- FI41010000Goods in warehouses41020000Retail goods41030000Containers for goods and empties41040000Purchased items41050000Goods transferred to prepare on side41060000Rental items42000000Trading margin43000000Finished goods44000000Commercial expenses45000000Delivered goods50010100Cash account (national currency of the Republic of Belarus)50010200Cash account (EUR currency)50010300Cash account (USD currency)50010400Cash account (RUB currency)10

SAP S/4 HANA Finance, localization extensionfor the Republic of Belarus by EPAMFunctional Specification51010000Current bank account 151010001Current bank account 1: outgoing payments51010009Current bank account 1: receipts52010000Foreign currency account 1(USD)52010001Foreign currency account 1: outgoing payment52010009Foreign currency account 1: receipts52011000Foreign currency account 2(EUR)52011100Foreign currency account 3(RUB)55010000Deposit account55020000Account in precious metals55030000Special Account of earmarked funds55030100Letter of credit55030200Other Special Accounts57010000Collected funds57020000Funds for foreign currency acquisition57030000Funds in foreign currencies for realization57040000Cash in transit58010000Short-term investments in securities58020000Provided short-term loans59000000Reserves for short-term investments devaluation60001100Settlements with suppliers and contractors60001110Receiving account for vendor with debit balance60001111Receiving account for vendor with debit balance and remaining maturity 12m60001199Correcting account for vendor62001100Settlements with purchasers and clients62001110Receiving account for customer with credit balance62001111Receiving account for customer with credit balance and remaining maturity 12m62001199Correcting account for customer63000000Reserves on doubtful debts65000000Deferred tax liability66010000Settlements of short-term credits66020000Settlements of short-term loans66030000Settlements of interest on short-term credits and loans67010000Settlements of long-term credits67020000Settlements of long-term loans67030000Settlements of interest on long-term credits and loans68010100Property tax68010200Land tax68020100VAT payable68020200VAT receivable11

SAP S/4 HANA Finance, localization extensionfor the Republic of Belarus by EPAMFunctional Specification68020300VAT to be paid to the budget68020400Output VAT 0% on Goods/Services Sold68030100Income tax68040100Income tax settlements68050100Other payments to the budget settlements68058000VAT due to country of consumption69010000Social insurance settlements70000000Staff salary settlements70010000Salary70020000Wage deduction71010000Business trip settlements with employees71020000Administrative expenses settlements with employees73010000Settlements in respect of loans granted73020000Damages awarded settlements73030000Goods sold on credit settlements75010000Payments under capital stock deposit75020000Payment of dividends and other income settlements76010000Executive documents settlements76020000Property and personal insurance settlements76030000Settlements of claims76040000Settlements in respect of dividends and other income due76050000Settlements in respect of deposited amounts76060000Settlements under agreement on the fiduciary management of assets76070000Disposal group settlements76080000VAT on services from non-residence juridical person77000000Settlements of direct insurance and reinsurance79000000Intra-organizational settlements80000000Joint stock80010000Joint stock (ordinary stock)80020000Increase in joint stock – others80030000Increase in joint stock – additional offering80040000Change in joint stock: company reorganization81000000Common stocks (equity stake in capital stock)82000000Reserved funds83000000Additional funds83010100Additional fund in the part of contributed capital from fixed assets costs83010800Additional fund in the part of contributed capital from assets & constructions costs84000000Retained earnings (Net Loss)84030100Retained earnings Net Loss - Net Profit86000000Public funding12

SAP S/4 HANA Finance, localization extensionfor the Republic of Belarus by EPAMFunctional Specification90010000Sales90010001VAT revenue90020000Output VAT90030000Other taxes and fees from revenue90040000Cost of goods/services sold90050000Administrative overhead90060000Selling Expenses90070000Other incomes from current activity90080000VAT on other incomes from current activities90090000Other taxes and fees from current activities90100000Other expenses from current activity90110000Profit/loss from current activity91010000Other incomes91010100Income from Fixed Asset sales91010108Change in value of investment assets - revaluation, depreciation91010200Exchange rate differences. Income91020000VAT from other income91030000Other taxes and fees from other income91040000Other expenses91040100Costs of sales and other fixed assets and intangible assets retirement91040108Change in value of investment assets - revaluation, depreciation91040113Profit/loss of last years, elicited in reporting period91040200Exchange rate differences. Expense91050000Balance of other income and expenses91080100Inventory differentials(positive difference)93000000Insurance amounts (premiums)94020000Inventory shrinkage96000000Reserves for payments97000000Prepayments and accrued income98000000Accrued expense and deferred income98020000Uncompensated receipts99000000Profit and loss99010100Profit taxZ0000000Technical non-balance sheet account (Z-accounts)Z0010000Fixed assets in rentZ0020000Goods in SafekeepingZ0030000Materials received for processingZ0040000Materials on commissionZ0050000Equipment received for assemblyZ0060000Strict accounting forms13

SAP S/4 HANA Finance, localization extensionfor the Republic of Belarus by EPAMFunctional SpecificationZ0070000Written-off bad debt from customersZ0080000Securities for liabilities and payments receivedZ0090000Securities for liabilities and payments received madeZ0110000Leased-out fixed assetsZ0140000Loss of fixed assets valueZ0160000Immovable property situated in a joint houseZ0170000Personalized privatization vouchers "Property"14

SAP S/4 HANA Finance, localization extensionfor the Republic of Belarus by EPAMFunctional Specification4.Business ProcessesThe following section describes the business processes involved in the preparation of output formsaccording to the Belarusian legislation.4.1. Cash JournalThe cash journal functionality used to control cash payments and receipts. Cash accounting is basedon standard SAP S/4 HANA.With this functionality, you can: Create a separate cash journal in every currencyKeep several cash journals for every company codeDefine cash journal business transactionsPost documents on General Ledger accounts, Accounts receivable and Accounts payable(entry, saving and posting cash journal entries);The following output forms are delivered in accordance with the Republic of Belarus legislation, aspart of the standard Cash Journal process on the basis of standard documents input tool (transaction FBCJor relevant FIORI-application):Form nameApproved byКО-1 "Cash Receipt Voucher" according toAppendix 1Ministry of Finance ofBelarus Regulation of29.03.2010 38КО-1в "Cash Receipt Voucher" according toAppendix 2Form typeSmart-formSmart-formКО-2 "Cash Expense Voucher" according toAppendix 3Smart-formКО-2в "Cash Expense Voucher" accordingto Appendix 4Smart-formCash Voucher RegisterCash JournalNational bank ofBelarus decision of29.03.2011 107PDF-documentPDF-documentYou can customize currency names in the maintenance transaction /CBY/SPELL CURR to havecorrect amounts in words in cash forms.The transaction allows you to specify currency names in singular and plural for definite cases, bothfor basic unit and for fractional part of the currency (decimal unit).4.2. Payment TransactionsPayment transactions functionality is used to process local and international payments withcustomers and vendors. It’s based on Automatic Payment Transaction (standard transaction F110 orrelevant FIORI- application).In the localization package, you can find the following output forms developed according toBelarusian legislation to support outgoing payments and payment requests processes:15

SAP S/4 HANA Finance, localization extensionfor the Republic of Belarus by EPAMFunctional SpecificationForm nameApproved byPayment Order,National bank of Belarusdecision of 19.11.2012 583Form 0401600036Payment Request,Form typePDF-documentPDF-documentForm 0401890033These forms are created by the Automatic Payment Transaction with spool-request printing. Thisprogram allows users to specify for each country, special payment methods, payment forms or data mediumexchange payment specifications. You must make the relevant settings in the system for running AutomaticPayment Transaction correctly.The Belarus localization package includes standard Automatic Payment Transaction customizingwith the following three payment methods:Payment methodDescriptionPPayment order in local currencyTPayment requestUPayment order in foreign currency4.3. Revaluation of Open Items in Foreign CurrencyIf you post liabilities in foreign currency, it is necessary that you evaluate them in local currency(Belarusian rubles) at the end of the posting period.You can use the standard transaction FAGL FCV «Foreign currency valuation» or relevant FIORIapplication for currency revaluation. With this transaction, you can reevaluate the following: Balances of GL accounts in foreign currency; Open items of customers, vendors and GL accounts in foreign currency (line items arevaluated).Transaction FAGL FCV allows you to run revaluation with exchange rates on the given date. Theprogram calculates exchange rate differences for all vendor/customer and foreign currency balance sheetaccount open items posted before the valuation date. It also generates a document with postings of positiveor negative exchange rate differences on accounts (91) on one side and for correcting account - on theother. Correcting account is technical and is used only to valuate liabilities in foreign currency.The following accounts are customized in Belarus localization package for exchange ratedifferences:GL accountCorrecting accountExpense accountRevenue 01199910402009101020016

SAP S/4 HANA Finance, localization extensionfor the Republic of Belarus by EPAMFunctional Specification4.4. Reconciliation StatementsCustomer Reconciliation Statement and Vendor Reconciliation Statement are developed inLocalization package for Belarus for confirmation debts or its absence in settlement of accounts betweenpartners at specified date (transactions /CBY/ASK, /CBY/ASD).Form nameForm typeApproved byCustomer Reconciliation Statement(transaction /CBY/ASD)Vendor Reconciliation Statement(transaction /CBY/ASK)Ministry of Finance of BelarusRegulation of 24.03.2011 360EXCEL-formMinistry of Finance of BelarusRegulation of 24.03.2011 360EXCEL-formBADI: /CBY/BADI ASD is activated in transactions CBY/ASK, /CBY/ASD for changing data outputin forms.Transactions /CBY/ASK and /CBY/ASD are FIORI sensitive.4.5. Reclassification of Accounts Receivable and PayableFor accounts receivable and accounts payable, you can use the standard transaction FAGLF101or relevant FIORI-application for reclassification on maturity as well as receivables of vendors (payables ofcustomers)For standard SAP period split, the following adjustment accounts are customized:Period SplitsReconciliation Account Correcting AccountTarget AccountReceivable less than 1year600011006000119960001110Receivable more than 111Payable less than ing maturity 1-5years and Liabilitieswith remaining maturitymore than 5 11114.6. Fixed Assets and Intangible Assets AccountingFixed assets and intangible assets accounting functionality is a part of the standard Asset Accounting(FI-AA) component. It covers the most important laws and business practices specific to Belarus. Inaccordance with the Republic of Belarus legislation, the following output forms were developed: Form OC-1:Capitalization and Retirement Record of Fixed AssetsForm OC-2:Internal Transfer Record of Fixed AssetsForm OC-4:Scrapping Record of Fixed AssetsForm OC-6:Fixed Assets Inventory CardForm OC-3:Repairs and Improvements Record of Fixed AssetsForm HA-1:Capitalization and Retirement Record of Intangible AssetsForm HA-2:Intangible Assets Inventory Card17

SAP S/4 HANA Finance, localization extensionfor the Republic of Belarus by EPAMFunctional Specification Fixed Asset turnover balance sheetStatement of the Fixed Asset turnoverThe following processes are covered with the localization package: FA acquisitionIf in case when the purchased assets are Fixed Asset objects, the accountant prepares thefollowing output form (transaction /CBY/INCOME FOS):Form nameApproved byForm typeForm OC-1. Capitalization andRetirement Record of FixedAssetsMinistry of Finance of BelarusRegulationof22.04.2011 23PDF-documentBADI: /CBY/BADI FOS INCOME is activated in transaction /CBY/INCOME FOS for changingdata output in forms. IA accounting and inventoryFor intangible asset acquisition and inventory, you can use specific legal output forms (transaction/CBY/IA ACQUISITION), such as the following:Form nameApproved byForm HA-1. Capitalization andRetirementRecordofIntangible AssetsMinistry of Finance of BelarusRegulationof22.04.2011 23Form HA-2. Intangible AssetsInventory CardForm typePDF-documentPDF-documentBADI: /CBY/BADI ACQUISITION is activated in transaction /CBY/IA ACQUISITION for changingdata output in forms.Transactions /CBY/IA ACQUISITION is FIORI sensitive. FA transferIn case of FA intercompany transfer, the accountant does changes in time-dependent data in asset masterrecord and then creates the following output form (transaction /CBY/MOVE FOS):Form nameApproved byForm OC-2. Internal TransferRecord of Fixed Assets Form typePDF-documentFA scrappingIn case of FA scrapping, the accountant posts accounting document and creates the followingoutput form (transaction /CBY/LEAVE FOS):Form nameApproved byForm OC-4. Scrapping Recordof Fixed AssetsMinistry of Finance of BelarusRegulationof22.04.2011 2318Form typePDF-document

SAP S/4 HANA Finance, localization extensionfor the Republic of Belarus by EPAMFunctional SpecificationBADI: /CBY/BADI LEAVE FOS is activated in transaction /CBY/LEAVE FOS for changing dataoutput in forms. FA inventory cardYou can show all the necessary information about FA object at all times in the following output form(transaction /CBY/OS6):Form nameForm OC-6. FixedInventory CardApproved byAssetsForm typePDF-documentBADI: /CBY/BADI OS6 is activated in transaction /CBY/OS6 for changing data output in forms. FA modernization and reconstructionIn case of FA modernization and reconstruction, the accountant makes settlements with investmentorder and then can create the following output form (transaction /CBY/REPAIR FOS):Form nameApproved byForm OC-3. Repairs andImprovements Record of FixedAssetsMinistry of Finance of BelarusRegulation of08.12.2003 168Form typePDF-documentPrerequisites for Form OC-3 generation is internal order processed in SAP.Transaction /CBY/REPAIR FOS is FIORI sensitive.Fixed Asset turnover balance sheet: This report displays asset acquisition value, posteddepreciation, net book value of fixed assets at the beginning and at the end of the posting period, debit andcredit turnovers and other values (transaction /CBY/FIAA TURNOVER N).Transaction /CBY/FIAA TURNOVER N is FIORI sensitive.Statement of the Fixed Asset turnover. This report displays object movements for the posting period.Movements are classified by operations (acquisition/expenditure) and by transaction types. The reportdisplays data from time-dependent tab (materially-responsible person, cost center, location, etc.) on thedate of movement. Also, it is possible to obtain information such as document movement number, initialfixed asset, and other additional information from the FA master data record (transaction/CBY/FIAA MOVE).Transaction /CBY/FIAA MOVE is FIORI sensitive.4.7. Precious Metals AccountingPrecious metals accounting functionality is a part of the standard SAP S/4 HANA Asset Accounting(FI-AA) component. It covers legal requirements regarding precious metals specific to Belarus.Based on SAP note 1871038, perform the following tasks for field activation:Step 1: Add data maintenance tables for Belarus (BY):In the view V GLOFAACNTRL, add the tablesGLO S RUS GNRLTD and GLO S RUS GNRLTI.Step 2: Activate the table data for Belarus.Once you activate the data, you can access the fields of precious metals and codes of All-RussianClassifier of Fixed Assets maintenance.19

SAP S/4 HANA Finance, localization extensionfor the R

Jan 02, 2018 · Intangible Assets Form HA-2. Intangible Assets Inventory Card Form OC-1. Capitalization and Retirement Record of Fixed Assets Form OC-2. Internal Transfer Record of Fixed Assets Form OC-3. Repairs and Improvements Record of Fixed Assets Form OC-4. Scrapping Record of Fixed Assets Form OC-6. Fixed Asse

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